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 Encyclopedia: National Labour Party (UK 1950s)
The National Labour Party was founded in 1957 by John Bean.
Throughout its existence the NLP retained close links with the White Defence League and merged with it in 1960 to form the British National Party.
The British National Party (BNP) is the largest political party of the far-right in the United Kingdom. /encyclopedia/National-Labour-Party-(UK-1950s)   (345 words)

 British National Party
The British National Party is a British party formed in 1959 by the union of two far-right organisations, the White Defence League and the National Labour Party.
In October 1990, The British National Party was described by the European Parliament's committee on racism and xenophobia as an "openly Nazi party...
The British National Party (BNP) is a United Kingdom political party, and is the largest political party of the far-right in the United Kingdom. /encyclopedia/b/br/british_national_party.html   (3969 words)

 Labour party. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The reversal of the party’s position on Britain& entry into the European Community (now the European Union), after having earlier supported it, and a renewed call for further nationalization of industry were indications of a greater left-wing militancy within the party.
The Labour party was founded in 1900 after several generations of preparatory trade union politics made possible by the Reform Bills of 1867 and 1884, which enfranchised urban workers.
In 1918, Labour withdrew completely from the coalition, and in 1922 it became the second largest party in the House of Commons and thus the official opposition. /65/la/Labourpa.html   (1220 words)

 Labour Party (UK)
The Labour Party is a member of the Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists (the social democrat bloc in the European Parliament).
The Labour Party was establish by the reformist capitalist Fabian Society at a Conference on "Labour Representation" at Memorial Hall, London on February 27, 1900 as the Labour Representation Committee to act as the parliamentary arm of the trade union movement.
The Labour Party is a centre- left or social democratic political party in Great Britain (see British politics), and one of the United Kingdom 's three main political parties. /en/wikipedia/l/la/labour_party__uk_.html   (1220 words)

 Labour Left Briefing - Greater London Labour Party
New Labour's trustees in the national media were primed with all types of smears and scurrilous allegations.
The government's decision to disregard the views of Londoners, the Greater London Labour Party and every independent expert, and press ahead with the partial privatisation of London Underground is a grave error.
This was Ken Kivingstone's first appearance on a London Labour Party platform since 1986, the year the GLC was abolished, and he was duly welcomed back by GLLP Director Hilary Perrin. /gllp.html   (1835 words)

 The Labour Party - Northern Ireland - - 'Councils need scale, capacity and political fairness' says Langhammer
Labour Party National Executive Member, Mark Langhammer has launched the Labour Party submission to the Review of Public Administration stating that, in the absence of political progress on other fronts, the RPA represents the most substantial political development in Northern Ireland in years.
Labour has suggested new Council powers in facilities management of library buildings, and - potentially - of some school buildings - opening up the prospect of extended schools in some areas.
Labour has proposed a significant reduction in councillor numbers - from 581 to 200 - as well as an end to "double jobbing" (where MPs and MLAs also act as councillors). /northernireland/june2005b.html   (348 words)

 Labour Party
The Labour Party is the expression of the revolt of men and women against a materialist system of society which condemns to a narrow and stinted life the majority of our citizens and gives rewards to the greedy and acquisitive.
After being narrowly defeated in the 1951 General Election, Attlee led the Labour Party until resigning in 1955.
MacDonald's moderate image was popular with the voters and in the 1929 General Election the Labour Party won 288 seats, making it the largest party in the House of Commons. /Plabour.htm   (8597 words)

 NEC report: Election campaign dominates NEC
Labour should show people what they would be paying on their mortgage if the Tories were still in, how many more people would be unemployed and what their pension would be.
Labour led on seven of the eight key issues, but were behind on immigration and asylum.
The pincer movement was happening again — being attacked by the Tories for being Labour, and attacked by the left for not being Labour enough, which he believed had caused Labour to lose in the past. /scgn/articles/0504/p12b.htm   (1023 words)

 Devolution has meant more producer-driven policies in Cardiff and Edinburgh
The national Labour party has given considerable freedom to the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties to develop distinctive policies in their devolved administrations, contrary to expectations that policy would be controlled from London.
However, the Labour parties in Scotland and Wales are no more powerful in the national party than English regional branches, and both depend on London for money and personnel.
"The potential also exists for the Labour party branches in Wales and Scotland to move more to the left, and this could strain the Labour party's own constitutional and political settlement." /pub_releases/2004-05/esr-dhm050704.php   (667 words)

 Articles - Scottish National Party
The SNP was formed in 1934 from the merger of the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party.
However, the party's MPs who in the main represented seats won from the Conservatives were less keen to have the SNP viewed as a left-of-centre alternative to Labour, for fear of losing their seats back to the Conservatives.
They tend to be on the left of the party, critical of both the gradualist approach to independence and what they perceive as a moderation of the party's socio-economic policy portfolio. /articles/Scottish_National_Party   (1753 words)

Mike Okoye, the facilitator of the unregistered National Democratic Labour Party during the Gen. Sani Abacha transition programme said that effort was on to relaunch the labour party.
At the summit of labour and human rights groups, the president said the party would be different in orientation from the existing parties.
Labour should define its stand on issues as sensitive as this, others, many believe it would face the same problem affecting the present parties. /archive/2002/03/27/20020327fea01.html   (1256 words)

 Labour Party election manifesto, February 1974
This Manifesto was published by the Labour Party National Executive Committee and Parliamentary Committee on 11 January last.
The Labour Party is proud of the contribution we made to the nation's salvation at critical times in our history, and it is in the same mood that we approach the interlocking crises of the 1970s.
That is the essence of the new social contract which the Labour Party has discussed at length and agreed with the TUC and which must take its place as a central feature of the new economic policy of a Labour Government. /area/uk/man/lab74feb.htm   (4315 words)

 The Kingdom - 2002/11/14: Boost for Killarney as 4,000 Labour delegates come calling next May
The Labour party national conference was last held in Killarney in 1991 and it took place in T alee just three years ago.
According to the Killarney TD, the county is a location much favoured by the party for its national gatherings and the new Labour leader, Pat Rabbitte, gave the decision his stamp of approval
She stressed that it was a major boost not only for the town but for the local party faithful. /thekingdom/2002/11/14/story7382.asp   (333 words)

 National Party of New Zealand
National Party Finance spokesman John Key says Treasury briefing papers released late today prove “how out of touch and out of date Labour really is”.
National Party Broadcasting spokeswoman Georgina te Heuheu is pleased that the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee has accepted the call for a review of TVNZ.
National Party Leader Don Brash today announced a reshuffled lineup of spokespeople that is designed "to take the attack to a tired, discredited, Government".   (368 words)

 Britain: SWP/RESPECT "lefts" oppose union disaffiliation from Labour Party
The decision of certain RMT branches to disaffiliate from the Labour Party was taken despite the continued loyalty of the RMT leadership.
At the February 7 conference expelled Labour MP George Galloway, who now heads RESPECT, declared, “Respect is not calling on unions to disaffiliate,” adding only that the unions must not be “wholly owned subsidiaries of Labour.” He urged the audience of trade union officials not to walk away from the Labour Party.
The decision of some RMT branches to affiliate to the SSP is a partial indication of the growing hostility felt by many workers within the trade unions to Labour’s pro-business agenda. /articles/2004/apr2004/rail-a03.shtml   (1542 words)

 Scottish National Party - dKosopedia
The Scottish National Party was formed in 1934 by the merger of the National Party of Scotland (a group of former Liberals and Labourites who favored Scottish independence) and the Scottish Party (a group of former Conservatives who favored Home Rule, ie autonomy within the UK).
The party only won five seats in the UK general election of 2001, and with the emergence of the Scottish Socialist Party and the Scottish Green Party, the SNP is no longer the sole advocate of Scottish independence.
Under Tony Blair's Labour Government, the Scottish Parliament was re-established, and in the first Scottish Parliamentary election of 1999 the SNP won 35 seats. /index.php/Scottish_National_Party   (333 words)

 National Labour Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title. /wiki/National_Labour_Party   (71 words)

 Ashton-in-Makerfield Labour Party Branch
We are a branch of the Makerfield Constituency Labour Party, and part of the national Labour Party and Labour movement.
The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party.
Members serve on local bodies such as School Governors and are active in assisting with the work of other local organisations such as Ashton and Bryn Township Forum, Captain's Lane Youth and Community Centre, the Friends of Three Sisters and Ashton Heath Residents' Association. /labourvoice   (245 words)

 Mwaboza win a blow for LDP
The national chairman of the Seafarers Union of Kenya (SUK), Mr Rishad Amana of the Federal Party of Kenya, was fourth with 497 votes while Mr Daniel Mwaila of Republican Party of Kenya got 470 votes.
Mwaboza, who enjoyed the backing of a National Alliance (Party) of Kenya (NAK) campaign team led by Office of the President Assistant minister Danson Mungatana, defected to NLP when he lost to Joho in the Narc nominations.
National Heritage minister Najib Balala, who belongs to the Raila camp, left the hall quietly after Mwaboza was declared the winner. /archives/cl/print/news.php?articleid=8636   (1672 words)

 The Labour Party - Northern Ireland - - Labour Party co-opts Langhammer to NEC
In a move which strongly indicates the Labour Party's openness to the evolution of new directions in Northern Ireland, Mark Langhammer (Chair of the Labour Forum, the party's Branch in Northern Ireland) has been selected to join the Labour governing body, the National Executive Committee.
Labour Party co-opts Langhammer to National Executive Committee
The Labour Party - Northern Ireland - - Labour Party co-opts Langhammer to NEC /northernireland/june2005a.html   (1672 words)

 Articles - Labour Party (Ireland)
However the party is not known to have contested an election in the province since Gerry Fitt, then the party's sole Stormont MP, left the party to form the Republican Labour Party in 1964, though the Democratic Left and its forbearer parties have contested elections in the north more recently.
The Labour Party ( Irish : Páirti an Lucht Oibre) is the third largest political party in the Republic of Ireland.
A disastrous performance in the subsequent election for President of Ireland led to Spring's resignation as party leader. /articles/Irish_Labour_Party   (1672 words)

 Socialist Party archives Ireland - the national question, a 1993 discussion article
It is the nationalism of the neo-fascist National Front in France, the right-wing racists in Germany and the British National Party.
National division between the Walloon (French speaking) population and the Flemish population of Belgium raises the prospect of the break up of eh country on the long-term basis of capitalism.
While standing against national oppression and the coercion of nations, and supporting the right of nations to self-determination, the Bolsheviks explained that the creation of new nation states would not be a solution to the problems of the working class and the peasantry of the oppressed nations. /socialistparty/Archive/1993NQu.htm   (1672 words)

 Dear Resident
We do not receive a single penny of the £millions which the national Labour Party receives, and it costs us £400 to deliver 3 leaflets to each of the 6500 homes in the Kent County constituency of Southborough.
This site is mainly for the residents of the areas covered by Southborough Branch Labour Party, i.e.
Your local Labour Party wants to play its part in contributing to policy making - and in electing people who will truly represent the local area. /SouthboroLabour/Southborough   (412 words)

 Mauritius Labour Party
The Mauritius Labour Party is a democratic socialist party.......
Le Parti travailliste a, dans un communiqué, diffusé à l'issue de la réunion de son bureau politique, hier, qualifié de " tricherie politique " les amendements constitutionnels proposés par le gouvernement pour augmenter les pouvoirs présidentiels.
Dr Navin Ramgoolam : They are taking the public for a ride. /mlp/mlpfr.htm   (104 words)

 English Labour Party
Today, each of the countries in the UK have their own parliaments as well as their own national labour party - both implemented by the Labour Party we elected.
The party also wants for the betterment of England but that does not mean breaking ties with the Union altogether to become a devolved province.
The most notable oversight of the English by the current Labour government was the rush to secure local parliaments to Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. /godolphin/elp/2.htm   (1142 words)

 St Ives Labour Party
The St Ives Labour Party exists to provide a formal link with the Labour Party nationally.
The Branch consists of the Members of the Labour Party resident in St Ives, Needingworth, Hemingford Grey, Hemingford Abbotts, Wyton, Houghton and Hilton.
(a Branch of the Huntingdon Constituency Labour Party)   (172 words)

 Progressive, The: The English lesson - Labor Party wins British election - Column
They have jettisoned "Clause Four" of the party constitution, which had always committed Labour to the goal of wresting control of the means of production from the private sector.
Still, like many "Old Labour" voters, Bragg stuck with what he knew -- even if it had, in Bragg's words, become a variation on the Conservative Tory Party: "the Tony Party."
Newly minted Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Oxford-educated lawyer who took the helm of Labour in 1994, has dragged the party of R.H. Tawney and H.G. Wells through the sort of transformation not seen since Dr. Jekyll became Mr. /p/articles/mi_m1295/is_n6_v61/ai_19482832   (1003 words)

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