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Topic: National Liberation Front (Algeria)

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 algeria and fln and other algeria related information
Algeria's primary political party, the National Liberation Front (FLN), has dominated politics ever since.
FLN Algeria Table of Contents The FLN uprising presented nationalist groups with the question of whether to adopt armed revolt as the main mode of action.
Ben Bella and the FLN Algeria Table of Contents Whereas Ben Bella could count on the support of an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly, an opposition group led by Ait Ahmed... /algeria/algeria-and-fln.html   (317 words)

 Zapatista Army of National Liberation --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia
With a combination of bravado and mystery, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) stormed onto the Mexican political scene during the first week of 1994.
The most radical Tamil group was the Liberation Tigers, who used guerrilla and terrorist methods to pursue their goal of an independent Tamil state to be called Eelam in northern and... /ebi/article-9314307   (801 words)

 The W.E.B.DuBois Virtual University
and the rise of the world communist and national liberation forces.
Symbolic of the identification of the Niagara Movement with the nation's
Extending, as it were, scientific foundations for working class and peoples unity and enhancing the ideological conditions for socialism. /~DuBois/tony.html   (7123 words)

 Encyclopedia: National Liberation Front (Algeria)
The National Liberation Front held the position of being the sole legal party in Algeria until the late 1980s, when the Algerian constitution was finally amended to allow a multiparty system.
The National Liberation Front (French: Front de libération nationale aka FLN, Arabic: Jabhah al-Taḩrīr al-Waţanī) is a socialist political party in Algeria.
The National Liberation Front is currently led by General Secretary and Algerian Prime Minister Ali Benflis. /encyclopedia/National-Liberation-Front-(Algeria)   (7123 words)

 Untitled Document
As a National Liberation Front's delegate to many Pan-African conferences in Africa, as the Algerian revolution's delegate in black Africa, and as the Provisional Government's ambassador to Ghana, Fanon worked tirelessly to link the Algerian Revolution to the upcoming African revolution, and to forge political and solidarity links between Arab Africa and Black Africa.
Since 1954 it has maintained the slogan of the national liberation of Algeria and the liberation of the African continent'.(17) It was in the context of these essays that Fanon write A Dying Colonialism to explain to African intellectuals and world public opinion the structural changes effected by the then on-going revolution in Algeria.
The Algerian people, in the great struggle that they lead against colonial oppression, bring to light their own national consciousness so that an Algerian nation, based on mass participation, can no longer be deferred. /masilela/general/essays/fanon2.htm   (5821 words)

 Historical Text Archive: Articles: Proclamation of the Algerian National Front, Libertation Front, (FL...
Proclamation of the Algerian National Front, Libertation Front, (FLN) November 1954
All French citizens desiring to remain in Algeria will be allowed to opt for their original nationality, in which case they will be considered as foreigners, or for Algerian nationality, in which case they will be considered as Algerians, equal both as to rights and as to duties.
Algerians: The F. is your front; its victory is your victory. /sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=10   (491 words)

 Algerian liberation front reconvenes 8th conference
The Algerian National Liberation Front is preparing to convene its conference next Saturday and Sunday with the aim to unify their ranks after the split that took place prior to the recent presidential elections took place in the country.
Worthy mentioning that the popularity of the Liberation Front has been greatly diminished following the acts of violence and unrest that took place in Algeria in October 1988, but restored back power in the parliamentary and local elections which took place in 2002.
O Yahya to re-form the Algerian government; Benflis resigned the liberation front /ansub/Daily/Day/050129/2005012909.html   (382 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - National Liberation Front (Vietnam)
National Liberation Front (Algeria) (Corbis)National Liberation Front (Algeria) (Corbis)
Get 109 more results for 'National Liberation Front (Vietnam)' with MSN Encarta Premium.
National Flags : Asia: Vietnam ( Microsoft Corporation. /gb/   (382 words)
Arabic, the national language, is spoken by about 82% of the population, but Berbers have historically resisted "Arabization" and are now the main victims of the islamic fundamentalist terrorists.
The bitter Algerian War (1954-62) that ended French colonial rule has significantly influenced Algeria's national identity.
South of the Saharan Atlas is the immense Sahara, with its gravel expanses, occasional plateaus, sand dunes (ergs), and the fantastic, lunarlike Ahaggar Mountains, where Mount Tahat, the nation's highest peak, rises to 3,003 m (9,852 ft).   (382 words)

 The national liberation front
23 – The FLN (National Liberation Front) is the single avant garde party in Algeria.
It shall control the action of the National Assembly and the Government.
24 – The FLN shall define the policy of the nation and shall inspire the action of the State. /Anglish/Constitution/1963/The%20national%20liberation%20front.htm   (382 words)

 Algerian National Liberation (1954-1962)
The National Liberation Army (Armée de Libération Nationale--ALN), the FLN's military arm, was to conduct the War of Independence within Algeria.
Nationalist leaders were resolving to mark the approaching liberation of Europe with demonstrations calling for their own liberation, and it was clear that a clash with the authorities was imminent.
The highest authority of the FLN was vested in the thirty-four-member National Council of the Algerian Revolution (Conseil National de la Révolution Algérienne--CNRA), within which the five-man Committee of Coordination and Enforcement (Comité de Coordination et d'Exécution--CCE) formed the executive. /military/world/war/algeria.htm   (382 words)

 Expected governmental reshuffle in Algeria
Worthy mentioning that Algeria is led by a governmental coalition composed of three main parties: the national liberation front (200 seats in the parliament), (the democratic national coalition (48 seats) and the Islamic Peace Society Movement (38 seats).
The source attributed the government reshuffle to the pressure from the national liberation front party which is headed by Balkhadem, that has the greatest majority in the parliament, in demanding its right to run the government, because it is the strongest political force in the country.
The source explained that the issue of quitting O Yahya, who presides over the democratic national coalition, is "a settled matter." The source expected the occurrence of the government reshuffle directly after the month of Ramadan or after the partial local elections in Kbyle area (composed of Berber majority) from where O Yahya descends. /ansub/Daily/Day/051013/2005101322.html   (382 words)

 Islam Online- News Section
ALGIERS, May 31 (IslamOnline and News Agencies) - The National Liberation Front (FLN), Algeria's former sole political party, won Friday, May 31, 199 seats in the 389-seat national assembly in legislative elections.
A member of the current ruling coalition alongside the National Democratic Rally (RND), founded in 1997 under then president Liamine Zeroual, and the Movement of Society for Peace (MSP), a moderate Islamic party, the FLN also won seven of the 11 seats in Bejaia, in the troubled Kabylie region, according to AFP.
The poll was marred by violence in Kabylie on Thursday, with one person killed and three injured during clashes between demonstrators and police, AFP reported. /english/News/2002-05/31/article18.shtml   (382 words)

 Algeria: Independence war (1954-1962)
The National Liberation Front held the position of being the sole legal party in Algeria until the late 1980s, when the Algerian Constitution was finally amended to allow a multiparty system.
A Committee for the Liberation of the Maghreb was created and later a National Committee of the Algerian Revolution.
During the years of the liberation struggle diverse variations of the nationalist flag were used, but the majority were similar to the present national flag, notwithstanding that there are photos and reports of other flags. /flags/dz_ind.html   (916 words)

 Algerian Crisis : A Backgroud
Ahmed Ben Bella, with the support of Colonel Houari Boumedienne, the National Liberation Army chief of staff, emerged as the winner and was elected the first president of Algeria in 1962.
On 26 December 1991, Algerians went to the polls in the first parliamentary elections to be held in the country thirty years after independence.
In a press conference held soon afterwards, the then Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali, said that the first round of the general elections had taken place "generally in an atmosphere of calm and reassurance." Independent sources confirmed that elections were free and clean. /colldev/mideast/algeria2.htm   (1351 words)

 The Militant - June 11, 2001 -- Lessons of the Algerian Revolution
The root causes of this national liberation struggle were the social consequences of the economic exploitation of Algeria.
The government aided other national liberation struggles in Africa, for example, assisting in the opening of a headquarters in Algiers of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola in February 1963.
Although this socialist perspective was frequently reaffirmed in the documents of the FLN, nearly half the seats on the National Committee and Political Bureau of the FLN were given to men opposed to the development of the nationalized sector of the economy, and opposed to the self-management committees. /2001/6523/652350.html   (4815 words)

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) welcomes the efforts of the OAU, Algeria and the United States aimed at securing a conclusion and settlement to the senseless two-year war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Recent engagements between our forces and Ethiopian occupation troops in Ogaden indicate that this is merely a temporary halt to focus attention on the ONLF and other liberation movements.
As such, the ONLF and the people of Ogaden will not be surprised if the Ethiopian regime once again reverts to its saber rattling against its neighbors once it's military budget is replenished and economic pressures have subsided. /PressRelease/onlf_dec21.htm   (4815 words)

 The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - Algeria's forgotten 'mudjaheedats'
On Nov. 1, 1954, 50 years ago, the Algerian National Liberation Front coordinated bomb attacks and assaults throughout Algeria; it was the start of the Algerian war of independence.
By unveiling events that happened 50 years ago, Algerian feminists today aim to stress that women who were active participants in the independence and birth of their country refuse to be ignored.
In 1984 Algerian women rebelled against a conservatism that resulted in a state of affairs where women who strayed outside the conservative norms dictating female dress and behavior risk anything from public censure to vigilante violence. /article.asp?edition_id=10&categ_id=5&article_id=9776   (858 words)

 Reader's Companion to Military History - - Algerian War
The United Nations rejected Paris's contention that Algeria was an internal French problem and voted to debate the issue.
Even France's "Anglo-Saxon" allies, concerned that the Algerian situation was pushing France to the brink of civil war, pressed Paris to end the conflict.
Outgunned on the battlefield, the FLN won the political and diplomatic war hands down as Arab states recognized the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic. /history/readerscomp/mil/html/mh_001500_algerianwar.htm   (449 words)

 Algiers - news and current events.
The Algerian National Liberation Front is preparing to convene its conference next Saturday and Sunday with the aim to unify their ranks aft...
ALGIERS - Algeria's main National Liberation Front (FLN) has elected the country's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as its leader in a bid to...
The Liberation Front party, the largest Algerian party, opened works of its 8th conference which is described as the reconciliation and sett... /2005/02/02/1400/algiers   (618 words)

 BBC NEWS Europe Ex-minister sued over Algeria war
Tens of thousands of them died in the brutal reprisals which followed at the hands of the victorious Algerian National Liberation Front.
A lawsuit being filed in Paris on Tuesday alleges that, in a deliberately racist policy, white settlers were evacuated and pro-French Algerians were abandoned to their fate as the independence war drew to a close.
Mr Messmer has said that Algerians who fought for France were offered the choice between integration into the French army or a small pay-off, and most took the latter. /2/low/europe/3239999.stm   (409 words)

 De Gaulle accused of abandoning the Harkis - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
Algerian women were massively manifesting without islamic veils during the war, something that would be damn impossible today.
Every algerian who is honest about the state of his country will tell you that Algeria was in a far better state, before 1962 than today.
We could have avoided the massive immigration of the less valuable elements of the algerian people, by controlling their demographics, and last but not least, have a direct access to oil, which would have made us as wealthy as Norway... /forum/showthread.php?p=710720   (2341 words)

 Leaflet: The ELF And The Spectacle -
As a "front", the ELF takes a bit of the Che Guevara image of third-world "national liberation" movements such as the Algerian "National Liberation Front" and extends it to a world scale.
We aren't surprised by the gulags and Chernobyls that activists of "real" liberations fronts have constructed in Russia, Algeria, Nicaragua, China and many other places.
The "decentralized cell organization" of the Earth Liberation Front is today often presented by the media and it's supporters as the most extreme, the most "heavy", and the most radical challenge of Radicals Greens to the dominant order. /fanarchismfrm6.showMessage?topicID=317.topic   (912 words)

 Movie Gurus - The Movie Review Community
“The Battle of Algiers” was filmed on location in Algeria a mere three years after the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) wrestled control of the country from France and the entaglements of 130 years of colonial occupation.
The story, loosely based on the recollections of Algerian revolutionary Saadi Yacef, documents the organization of an urban Guerilla army from the inside.
The FLN arranged for Pontevorco to have unprecedented access to locations in or near where the events depicted actually occurred, and was provided large crowds of extras. /content/reviews/t/1551   (664 words)

 La Bataille d'Alger / The Battle of Algiers / La Battaglia di Algeri / Gillo Pontecorvo / 1965 / film review / Algerian war
This leads to the creation of the FLN, the Algerian National Liberation Front, who decide that terrorist activity is the only way to achieve independence.
The Algerian war was a terrible period of history and this film relates just part of that conflict, centred on the town of Algiers, to coldly inform us, not to shock, not to entertain.
The film was commissioned by the Algerian government a short while after Algeria was granted its independence in 1962, and it was directed by a renowned Italian film director, Gillo Pontecorvo, with an Italian production company. /nf_La_bataille_d_Alger_rev.html   (499 words)

 BBC News MEDIA REPORTS Paris marks Algerian protest 'massacre'
The National Liberation Front's armed wing was fighting for Algerian independence from France, and the television said around 30 French policemen had been killed in attacks.
Up to 30,000 people attended the 1961 protest, organised by the Algerian National Liberation Front, against a curfew on Algerians in the city.
After the unveiling, some centre and right-wing deputies walked out of the National Assembly in protest, after the war veterans minister replied to a question by saying the curfew was applied on the basis of physical appearance. /1/low/world/monitoring/media_reports/1604970.stm   (611 words) - Gillo Pontecorvo - 1967 - Battaglia di Algeri, La (The Battle of Algiers) Movies Review
So this film was produced via Algerian and Italy and is about as definitive a record as you'll find, as it documents the origins and development of the Algerian National Liberation Front.
A believer in Algerian liberation, the former boxer is recruited to join the organization after passing their security checks.
Although the French do achieve their military objectives in 1957 by capturing or killing all the leaders of the National Liberation Organization, the French still lose the war three years later. /review.php?rid=10005461   (996 words)

 The Militant - December 15, 2003 -- Cuban doctors served in revolutionary Algeria
That same ship returned to Havana with wounded Algerian National Liberation Front combatants and children from refugee camps, most of whom were war orphans.
There are four million more Algerians than Cubans and they have been left a great many diseases by colonialism, but they have only a third—or even less—of the doctors we have.
It also provided weapons and troops to aid the young Algerian republic when it was threatened with military intervention by the imperialist-backed regime of King Hassan in Morocco. /2003/6744/674458.html   (1288 words)

 Torture Didn't Work for the French in Algeria Either
The main opposition to French rule, the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN), seized the initiative.
It was a reaction to a deepening crisis in which the French military, originally looking for suspect Algerians, came to see all Algerians as suspects.
Torture helped the French army win the Battle of Algiers; it also helped the country lose the Algerian War. /articles/5458.html   (926 words)

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