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Topic: National Mysticism

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 Mysticism - Wikipedia
In the context of epistemology, mysticism refers to using non-rational methods to arrive at belief and assuming that belief to be knowledge.
Mystics of different traditions report similar experiences of a world usually outside conventional perception, although not all forms of mysticism abandon knowledge perceived through normal means.
Planet Baha'i Mysticism Resources A look at mysticism in the Bahá'í Holy Writings, its relationship to mystical elements in other religions, and its impact on the lives of individual Bahá'ís. /wiki/Mysticism   (1255 words)

 National mysticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National mysticism is the use of occult, pseudoscientific, or pseudohistorical beliefs to back up nationalistic claims.
The connection with occultism and mysticism becomes evident when noticed that those ideas and claims are usually developed, propagated and promoted by people and organizations whose research, interests or work are related to the (usually highly criticized) areas of mysticism, occultism, ufology, astrology and so on.
For mysticism particular to Nazism or Fascism, see Nazi mysticism /wiki/National_mysticism   (363 words)

 Ultra-nationalist Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography
Nationalism is an ideology which holds that the nation, ethnicity or national identity is a fundamental unit of human social life, and makes certain political claims based on that belief, above all the claim that the nation is the only legitimate basis for the state and that each nation is entitled to its own state.
The nation state is intended to guarantee the existence of a nation, to preserve its distinct identity, and to provide a territory where the national culture and ethos are dominant.
Nations have national symbols, a national character, a national culture, a national music and national literature, national folklore, a national mythology and - in some cases - even a national religion. /encyclopedia/Ultra-nationalist   (6651 words)

The nationalism may mean both “racial purity” or “ethnic homogeneity” accentuating and the atomistic individuals` consolidation in order to achieve the optimum economic conditions in the limited social and geographical space.
The national intellect, being estranged in the individuals` multitude and collected in nation’s elite (in the conscious, “skimmed” form) during the certain eschatological history periods.
In traditional society the national angel used to have the personified expression, in “divine” kings, great heroes, pastors and saints. /public/eng-teor.htm   (6712 words)

 The Episcopal Church Welcomes You
lay and ordained, at the parish, diocesan, and national levels.   (57 words)

 National Socialism - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
Unlike the nebulous ravings of inane armchair philosophers and oriental mysticism, however, National Socialism is based on common sense, and it seeks its arguments in the real world, where the difference between truth and lie and between good and evil is determined by facts and not by wishful thinking and theoretic reveries.
National Socialism is able to solve all practical problems in society by applying the principles of its fundamental philosophy, and its followers do not need any foreign element to satisfy their spiritual needs.
National Socialism is really nothing but the application of physical and biological laws to the political, economic, social, and religious areas of human life in the same way as they are today applied to technology. /forum/showthread.php?t=42462   (7262 words)

On the positive side, group mysticism bonds the membership.
Invariably, every nation, and ethnic identity is fraught with mystic tales of destiny and global role.
A case for the negative side is the mass violence and world wide agony that were rooted in Nazi Germany's and the Japanese Empire mystic notions of superiority. /mystic/natldest.htm   (109 words)

There is an enormous incompatibility between mysticism and national uniqueness." Also "National uniqueness without conscience and reason is not possible.
The movement of 1848 became the ‘black sheep’ of the traditionalists and a national curse because it was ‘revolutionary’ and ‘atheistic’ and meant the exiting of the specifically ‘Romanian’ element in the ecumenical spirit.
The modernization of Romania was synonymous with the adoption of European capitalist civilization and the promise of national emancipation. /book/Series04/IVA-22/chapter_vi.htm   (6359 words)

 Commentary Magazine - Civil Religion in Israel, by Charles S. Liebman and Eliezer Don-Yehia
...The anxious, emotional response was a huge effort to reinject "Jewish consciousness" (hardly dis- tinguishable from religious knowledge) into the national school curriculum, and to reinterpret the history of the Jews so as to lighten as many of the shadows that lay upon it as possible...
...MEANWHILE, with national independence, and with the supremacy of that most powerful, original, and still in some ways enigmatic figure, David Ben-Gurion, there was ushered in the third set of beliefs and ritual, what Liebman and DonYehiya call "Statism" (a not very successful attempt to translate mamlakhtiyut...
...This occurred in some measure precisely because, in the aftermath of the 1967 war and the flood tide of religious nationalism released by that event, Bar-Ilan came close to epitomizing the new synthesis, the new civil religion... /Summaries/V77I5P72-1.htm   (2331 words)

Mystic premises are based on intuition, faith, and inner sense, and can not be shared with the same clarity that accompanies scientific observations.
Proponents claim it as knowledge of the insightful few. /mystic   (44 words)

 Rufus Jones and Mysticism for the Masses an article by Matthew S. Hedstrom in the Summer 2004 issue of CrossCurrents
This was the practical mysticism that Jones and Fosdick and Thurman each advocated, and that Merton's readers, the "sensible married women," evidently sought as well.
The Society of Friends, as Jones argued in his numerous histories of Quakerism and mysticism, had a deep heritage in mystical religion, and yet also was unquestionably American, unlike Roman Catholicism, which even in the middle of the twentieth century was still seen by many Americans as foreign.
For the affirmation mystic, the solitary, personal, inward, mystical experience, which for Jones always lay at the heart of spiritual life, was to be valued only insofar as it empowered the participant to service in the world. /Hedstrom0204.htm   (5041 words)

 Into Good and Evil, the Anti-Neitzschean Mind
Their movement is a part of the new nationalism and of a peculiar National Socialist mysticism.
Recall that the National Socialist movement was trying to take over the schools and any independent organizations for youth too, thus their attacks on the Catholics.
Priests and pastors were referred to in speeches to youthful audiences as "quarreling ape clergy." Finally, the German Faith Movement was permitted to hold a mass assembly in the Sport Palace in Berlin at a time when the established churches were forbidden to hold any public gatherings outside their church buildings. /2005/01/blog-post_26.html   (828 words)

 Latino News, June 1998
Nationally, Colon (Columbus) was a Spaniard, though born in Genoa; Werner Von Braun became an American national, though born in Germany.
Carlos Castaneda, champion of New Age, drug-induced mysticism, dies, (posted 6/26/98)
The books were critically praised-author Joyce Carol Oates called them "remarkable works of art"-and even debunkers liked his heady visions of mysticism. /commconn/latnews/jun98.html   (13369 words)

 IR // News // Water, water everywhere
Their trade is a mix of spirituality and mysticism, although most of the 40 people at this 28th annual meeting of the Big Sky Dowsers Association are quick to say there's nothing magical about finding water underground, and they look about as down to earth as a group you'd find at the church bake sale.
Her ability scared her and she pushed it away for a while, but the former school teacher from Decker eventually embraced her abilities, and for the past 50 years one way she's used her skills is to detect water underground.
At 73, with soft white hair framing her thoughtful face and mischievous blue eyes, Young looks more like somebody's favorite grandmother than a mystical conduit. /articles/2004/08/22/helena_top/a01082204_04.txt   (1211 words)

 John Horgan - Biography
His latest book is Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality, published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin in January 2003 and in paperback by Mariner Books in March 2004.
Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality
His awards include the 2005 Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowship in Science and Religion; the American Psychiatric Association Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Reporting on Psychiatric Issues (1997); the Science Journalism Award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1992 and 1994); and the National Association of Science Writers Science-in-Society Award (1993).   (901 words)

 Booksformind Books Books on India Indian Books Online Book Store
Sariska is a prominent national park not far from Delhi and Jaipur.
The book is a comprehensive document on the Sariska National Park.
Sariska is profiled for the first time, with a description of its geography, conservation history, tourism, flora and fauna. /books.php?id=22052   (290 words)

 [No title]
Scholem was the first library director of Israel's National Library and the world's leading authority on Jewish mysticism.
The Scholem Library is a combination of Gershom Scholem's personal collection and the National Library's special collection on Jewish mysticism.
To access the Gershom Scholem Library Catalog at the National and University Library follow these steps: Press the link below to Bar Ilan University's catalog which is linked to all the other universities in Israel, then continue through the levels of the menu listed below until you reach the Scholem Collection. /jec2/librarie.htm   (248 words)

 Hitler's Program
The whole historical philosophy of National Socialism proceeds from the supposedly fundamental inequality of nations and the right of the “superior” races to trample upon and to extirpate the “inferior” races.
Present-day Europe is decomposing economically and culturally not because its national frontiers are imperfect but because the old continent is cut up in every direction by customs prison walls, separated by the disorder of inflated monetary systems, and crushed by the militarism which Europe requires to insure its dismemberment and its decadence.
When Hitler asserts with indignation that the great German people has been transformed into a second-class nation, and that this conflicts with the interests of international solidarity and the principle of equal rights for all peoples he is simply talking for effect. /archive/trotsky/works/1934/1934-hitler.htm   (4505 words)

 Books Well com Compare Book Prices. Preview Books. Free shipping
Mystic Union An Essay in the Phenomenology of Mysticism Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religio
Nationalization of the Masses Political Symbolism and Mass Movements in Germany from the Napoleonic
Nationalism Liberalism and Progress The Rise and Decline of Nationalism Vol 1 Cornell Studies in Pol /books/E_39501_40000.htm   (1999 words)

 Sitemap #853
National Directory of Fire Chiefs and Ems Administrators 2001
National Directory of Fire Chiefs and Ems Administrators 2003
Mystical Poems of Rumi; First Selection, Poems 1-200 /sitemaps/sitemap853.html   (214 words)

 Israel National Radio
Afterwards, a caller from South Africa remarks on Kabalah - Jewish Mysticism, and Tovia and Tamar explain what Kabalah is, and isn't.
Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok shares the secrets of Jewish Mysticism on repentance and the Messiah!
This is last show with Tovia and Tamar together until next month after the High Holidays.   (1133 words)

 Booksformind Books Books on India Indian Books Online Book Store
In association with Indian Anthropological Society and National Museum of Mankind
The book is intended for wide range of readers including students and research scholars. /books.php?id=21507   (252 words)

 Encyclopedia: Nazi
Categories: Nazism The term National Socialism has been used in self-description by a number of different political groups and ideologies, some of which have no connection with the Nazis; see National socialism (disambiguation).
Feminazi is an invective neologism used predominantly in United States conservatives political rhetoric to characterize women whose ideas they disagree with as misandrous; that is, as having an irrational and extreme hatred of men. /encyclopedia/Nazi   (252 words)

 Encyclopedia: Political religion
Thule Society emblem Nazi mysticism is a term used to describe a quasi-religious undercurrent of Nazism; it denotes the combination of Nazism with occultism, esotericism, cryptohistory, and/or the paranormal.
The term National Socialism has been used in self-description by a number of different political groups and ideologies, some of which have no connection with the Nazis; see National socialism (disambiguation).
Quintessential examples are Marxism and Nazism, but totalitarianism is not a requirement (for example neo-liberalism can be analysed as a political religion). /encyclopedia/Political-religion   (252 words)

 Nazi Germany -
Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich, refers to Germany in the years 1933–1945, when it was under the control of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)), or Nazi Party, with the Führer Adolf Hitler as chancellor and head of state.
The Nazis were also staunchly anti-Communist and regarded the leftist movement and international capitalism as the work of conspirational Jewry.
Although Nazi hubris is often cited, Hitler presumably sought the further support of Japan and was convinced of the United States' aggressive intentions following the leaking of Rainbow Five and hearing the forboding anti-German content of Franklin Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech. /psypsych/Nazi_Germany   (4562 words)

 National mysticism: Encyclopedia topic
National mysticism is the use of occult (occult: Occult practices and techniques), pseudoscientific (pseudoscientific: more facts about this subject), or pseudohistorical (pseudohistorical: pseudohistory is the historical equivalent of pseudoscience....
The updated page can be found at: national mysticism
For mysticism particular to Nazism or Fascism, see Nazi mysticism (Nazi mysticism: nazi mysticism is a term used to describe a quasi-religious undercurrent of nazism; it... /reference/national_mysticism   (902 words)

 Anarchists Against Nationalism
Despite attempts by nationalists to make religion or mysticism speak for nationalism, this is simply manipulation of people's belief systems.
Nationalism is an extension of egotism and chauvinism that encompasses an arbitrary set of social "norms" and biological factors, and promotes them as the only permissible behavior, culture and biology within a given region of the earth.
Nationalism is an opportunistic way to prey on people's prejudices and stereotypes and fuse them into a social movement to achieve some goal. /antinat   (902 words)

 Ecofascism / Fascist Ideology: The Green Wing of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents by Peter Staudenmaier
The National Socialist "religion of nature," as one historian has described it, was a volatile admixture of primeval teutonic nature mysticism, pseudo-scientific ecology, irrationalist anti-humanism, and a mythology of racial salvation through a return to the land.
The mantra-like repetition of the word "German" and the mystical depiction of the sacred forest fuse together, once again, nationalism and naturalism.
Still, it was largely Darré's influence in the Nazi apparatus which yielded, in practice, a level of government support for ecologically sound farming methods and land use planning unmatched by any state before or since. /library/places/germany/sp001630/peter.html   (7905 words)

 Pravda.RU:Bill White Anti-Globalist Resistance Beyond Left And Right: An Emerging Trend That Is Defining A New Paradigm In Revolutionary Struggle
The National Front ( was founded in 1967 by a merger of the Racial Preservation Society, the British National Party, and the League of Empire Loyalists.
The remainder of the National Front began moving to Third Position, but after the leadership of the organization began apologizing to the Jewish community for "anti-Semitism" and promised to reform, another split occurred, and the group calling itself the "International Third Position" brought.
Finally, Islam presents a traditional completeness, since the shariah and the sunna, that is, the exoteric law and tradition, have their complement not in vague mysticism, but in full-fledged initiatory organizations (turuq) that are categorized by an esoteric teaching (tawil) and by the metaphysical doctrine of the Supreme Identity (tawhid). /main/2001/11/03/20022_.html   (3564 words)

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