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Topic: National Parks of Costa Rica

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 National Parks of Costa Rica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Costa Rica's progressive policies on environmental protection and sustainable eco-tourism in the National Parks System have been lauded as a model for other countries.
SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion) is the government agency in Costa Rica that deals with national parks and wildlife refuges.
The rainforests, tropical forests, marine areas and wetlands of Costa Rica are the subject of many university and scientific organization studies. /wiki/National_Parks_of_Costa_Rica   (259 words)

 National Parks in Costa Rica , Costa Rica National Parks and Nature Reserves
Santa Rosa National Park is located far in the North Pacific Coast, and it represents one of the last virgin Tropical Dry Forests in the country and Central America.
Most of the scuba diving in Costa Rica is done on the North Pacific Coast, where large schools of fishes, cooler waters, and unusual creatures are the norm.
Rio Oro de Santa Ana, San Jose de Costa Rica /travel/information_costa_rica/national_parks.htm   (1845 words)

 Costa Rica's National Parks
Braulio Carrillo National Park (Zurquí sector): Consisting of 44,099 hectares of virgin rain forest, this is one of Costa Rica's largest national parks.
Undisputedly one of Costa Rica's foremost tourist attractions, the highly eruptive Arenal Volcano is the centerpiece of this new national park declared in October of 1994.
National park status was given to the area in 1975 to protect both the paramo habitat (the largest extent of this vegetation type found in Costa Rica) and the oak forests below. /bc/gonebirding/crnps.html   (18825 words)

 National Parks of Costa Rica
National Parks of Costa Rica, tortuguero national park, arenal volcano, manuel antonio national park
We have many tours to the most famous National Parks of Costa Rica.
Costa Rica has been considered one of the most diverse regions and it is estimated that 4% of all living species are found here, even though this country comprises only 0,01% of the global territory. /nationalparksinfo.htm   (486 words)

 Costa Rica National Parks and Reserves encompass more than 26% of the country
The national parks of Costa Rica provide a refuge for various species of endangered plants and animals of Neotropical America that live in a restricted area or are endemic to the country.
The national parks and reserves of Costa Rica protect the best of the county’s natural and cultural heritage.
Costa Rica National Parks and Reserves encompass more than 26% of the country /travelInfo/nationalParks.asp   (285 words)

 Worldisround - Beautiful Costa Rica - National Parks in Costa Rica photos
National Parks in Costa Rica - travel photos - Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit and offers an incredibly wide range of things to...
Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit and offers an incredibly wide range of things to enjoy.
This lush cloud forest near the capital of San Jose in Costa Rica is... /articles/4753   (233 words)

 Guanacaste National Park, Costa Rica
This attitude is important, because although the National Parks of Costa Rica are part of the world's heritage, they are also an important part of Tico's everyday lives.
Guanacaste National Park was created in 1989 to connect Santa Rosa National Park with the high elevation cloud forest of Orosi and Cacao volcanoes and across the continental divide to the Caribbean rainforest of Northern Costa Rica.
You can cross the continental divide and climb down to rainforest typical of the Caribbean side of Northern Costa Rica. /parks/gcaste.htm   (763 words)

 [No title]
Costa Rica's bio-diversity is reflected in its many national parks ranging from cloud forests to tropical dry forest, volcanoes, beaches and turtle projects, depending on the time of the year.
Location of Placements: National Parks throughout Costa Rica
The park system is mainly interested in investigations which help with the management of the park area. /sub_page.cfm/title/.../section/home/editID/93   (237 words)

 Adventures Abroad: Learn Spanish and Explore National Parks of Costa Rica
Adventures Abroad: Learn Spanish and Explore National Parks of Costa Rica
With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve for future generations one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world.
These two towns are less than 100 miles from San José, on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. /articles/100653.jsp   (683 words)

 Costa Rica National Parks - MINAE and SINAC
The National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of Costa Rica are managed by MINAE, the Ministerio de Ambiental y Energia.
Costa Rica National Parks - MINAE and SINAC
Responding to the new policies of the MINAE, eleven Conservation Areas were established by this department in 1998 to oversee and manage the public lands of Costa Rica.   (136 words)

 National Parks of Costa Rica - Tauck
Explore a wonderland of natural treasures in Costa Rica's national parks, home to a remarkable variety of natural ecosystems and "life-zones." From dry tropical forests and lush rainforests to freshwater wetlands and pristine beach-lined coasts, Costa Rica entices with a myriad of fascinating wildlife and stunning scenic splendors.
Welcome to Costa Rica, where you will explore a natural wonderland of wildlife, beautiful "cloud forests," lush rainforests, and fascinating tropical jungles; the flagbearer for conservation, about one-quarter of the country has been designated as national parks and protected reserves.
Home to five distinctly separate forest habitats, Braulio Carrillo National Park abounds with hundreds of varieties of ferns and orchids, as well as the majority of Costa Rica's bird species. /tour.cfm?npid=2600&nhr=1   (1163 words)

 Costa Rica National Parks
The national parks and reserves of Costa Rica create the habitats of countless species of flora and fauna.
Approximately 12 percent of Costa Rica is made up of parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges.
Those who have survived a long period of time in the Costa Rican wilderness did so by nourishing themselves. /costa-rica-vacations/costa-rica-national-parks.html   (616 words)

 costa rica national parks reserves costa rica cano island reserve
costa rica cano island drake bay osa peninsula national parks reserves costa rica cano island reserve
costa rica national parks reserves costa rica cano island reserve
The Park is open from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., and the ranger station maintains an office, public bathroom, freshwater shower, and storage area. /cr/protected_areas/reserves/cano_island   (958 words)

 costa rica national parks reserves in costa rica
The 74 units, covering an area 1,154,945 hectares, represent 25% of the national territory (as of August, 1993), which means that Costa Rica has a larger percentage of its total area set aside in parks and preserves than any other country on Earth.
The protection of Costa Rica's natural heritage is managed by the respective national parks and reserves.
The Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT), as the entity in charge of tourist activities, has assumed the task of seeing that tourism directly contributes to conservation. /cr/protected_areas   (392 words)

 MavicaNET - Nature Reserves and National Parks: Costa Rica
Costa Rica is famous for it's National Park system, and rightly so, over 25% of the country is protected.
Catálogo / Regional / América Central / Nature Reserves and National Parks: Central America / Nature Reserves and National Parks: Costa Rica
Costa Rica tourism and travel bureau - Protected areas and National Parks /lite/por/38524.html   (206 words)

 Working with National Parks in Costa Rica - School for Field Studies
Also, it is not a priority just to increase the number of national parks here in Costa Rica, but we need to maintain and sustain the parks from an economic and ecological perspective as well.
Costa Rica has earned that reputation which is demonstrated through increased tourism.
Students conduct a wide variety of projects, including visitor surveys in the park every semester. /pages/2256_sfs_working_with_national_parks_in_costa_rica.cfm   (505 words)

 ¡CATCH! National Parks in Costa Rica - Discover the beauty!
Guayabo National Monument (218 hectares): Costa Rica never had a truly great pre-Columbian civilization on the scale of the Mayans or the Incas, but it did have a scattering of smaller tribes of its own.
Manuel Antonio National Park (683 hectares) is Costa Rica's most famous national park and one of its most visited.
Corcovado National Park (54,500 hectares) includes a huge range of habitats from wet, mainly impenetrable rain forest to dripping, steamy cloud forest, oak forest seashore and swamp. /CR_National_Parks.html   (1251 words)

 The National Parks of Costa Rica
There are approximately three dozen parks composed of national parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, monuments and recreational areas.
Costa Rica is famous for it's world class National Park system.
Location: Southern border of Costa Rica and Panama on the Caribbean coast. /places_to_go/national_parks   (1632 words)

 Costa Rica : Active Pursuits : National Parks
Costa Rica has 26 national parks, protecting more than 11% of the country.
The following section is not a complete listing of all of Costa Rica's national parks and protected areas, but rather a selective list of those parks that are of greatest interest and accessibility.
Most of the national parks charge a $6 or $7 per-person per-day fee for any foreigner, although some have begun charging slightly more and a few slightly less. /destinations/costarica/0219023282.html   (369 words)

 Costa Rica National Parks - Travelers Digest
Manuel Antonio National Park - Manuel Antonio National Park is perhaps the most visited park in Costa Rica.
Information, trail maps, facilities and driving directions for each of the 161 national parks and wildlife refuges.
Description of Cocos Island National Park, its history and ecology, with links for more information on the area. /costa_rica_national_parks.htm   (334 words)

Costa Rica's National Parks and Preserves: A Visitor's Guide
Unspoiled beaches, tropical jungles, volcanic mountains, exotic wildlife -- Costa Rica's natural areas and preserves offer remarkable geographical and biological diversity for adventure-loving travelers.
With complete profiles of 40 accessible parks and preserves, including five newly protected areas, this book guides visitors through the unique terrain, and discusses each area's climate, flora, and fauna. /op/aprod-p26207118   (242 words)

 Final: National Parks of Costa Rica
In 1970, the National Parks system was established to prevent destruction of wilderness areas ( and to preserve areas of particular beauty and ecological significance.
· Chirripo National Park (western portion of the La Amistad) has almost intact glacial forms, and the Chirripo Peak is the highest mountain in Costa Rica at 3,819 m
Costa Rica is about the same size as West Virginia with just over 51,000 km2 of land area ( /FieldCourses99/TropEcoCostaRicaArticles/Final.NationalParksofCost.html   (1795 words)

 Costa Rica Map and Travel
We've got Maps, photos, and descriptions of the beaches, rainforests, and National Parks in Costa Rica.
You'll find plenty of other tidbits here to help you plan your travels in Costa Rica right up to when you pack for your vacation.
Then get a good map of Costa Rica and start choosing specific destinations.   (131 words)

 The National Parks in Costa Rica
With the establishment of their National Parks, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve their beautiful and bio-diverse areas for future generations.
The National Park system of Costa Rica was created more than 30 years ago and today more than 25 percent of Costa Rica's territory has been designated either as National Park land or some kind of biological reserve, wildlife refuge or wildlife corridor.
Costa Rica's national park system claims some of the most complete ecosystems and biodiversity remaining in Central America. /national_parks.htm   (228 words)

 Costa Rica Parks, Reserves, National Parks, Private Parks, Conservation Areas, Marine Sanctuaries, Wildlife Refuges, Biological Reserves and Forest Preserves
Over a quarter of Costa Rica consists of protected areas that are composed of National Parks, National Reserves, Natural Refuges, Absolute National Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, Marine Sanctuaries, Conservation Areas and Biological Reserves.
It was in 1970 that Costa Rica developed the National Parks System.
Costa Rica Parks, Reserves, National Parks, Private Parks, Conservation Areas, Marine Sanctuaries, Wildlife Refuges, Biological Reserves and Forest Preserves /eng/web/parks-eng.htm   (312 words)

 Costa Rican National Parks Location Map
The Costa Rica Chamber of Tourism is ready to assist you with any questions or booking requirements you may have.
Rica one of the most admired territories on the planet when it comes to biodiversity.
Costa Rica possesses a rich and abundant fauna. /mapindex.htm   (243 words)

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Barra Honda National Park, Bosque de Paz, Butterfly Farms, Cabo Blanco Wildlife Reserve, Cafe - Coffee Tour, Cahuita National Park,Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve, Carara National Park, CATIE, Centro Neotropico, Chirripo National Park, Corcovado National Park, Corobici River, Costa Flores, Curu Wildlife Reserve, EARTH, Escuela Centroamericana de Ganaderia ECAG, Flamingo,   (564 words)

 Costa Rica tourism and travel bureau - tours, trips, hotels and reservations
Costa Rica Tourism and Travel Bureau has made it easy and convenient for you to plan and book your own great travel package by placing all of the information you will ever need in one place, making sure it is authoritative and up-to-date.
Have you been hunting down information and trying to confirm reservations on hundreds of different Costa Rica travel, tours, and hotel sites?
Costa Rica tourism and travel bureau - tours, trips, hotels and reservations   (227 words)

 Costa Rica's Natural Attractions
To see a National Geographic Society map of Costa Rica, CLICK HERE.
This small Central American nation has been my home since 1981 and now, through the technology of the Internet, I would like to share a little of the knowledge I have gained about this special place.
For a more detailed map, including many national parks, CLICK HERE. /bc/gonebirding/crhome.html   (130 words)

 National Parks of Costa Rica
This is one of Costa Rica's wilder parks, but relatively accessible by foot.
Besides the challenge of climbing Costa Rica's highest peak (Cerro Chirripó) there are miles of trails that wind through more ecological zones than you will find in most entire countries.
We are an International Member of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents /i/national_parks.php?mid=3   (561 words)

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