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 American comic book - Enpsychlopedia
In February 1935, National Periodical Publications published New Fun Comics, which contained original characters and stories.
National (colloquially called DC Comics by this time), Marvel, and Archie were the major players in the 1960s, though other, smaller companies sprang up.
Marvel was initially restricted in the number of titles they could produce in that their books were distributed by National, a situation not alleviated until the late 1960s. /wiki/American_comic_book

 Marvel Comics - A Brief History - Near-mint online auction for the collectables scene
National Periodical Publications, which would later become DC Comics, followed their success in early 1939 with Batman, starring in Detective Comics.
Marvel in the early fifties had another name change from Timely to Atlas after a restructuring in publication and distribution.
In 1961, Marvel Comics' publisher Martin Goodman approached Jack Kirby, who had come over from DC Comics, and Stan Lee to produce a super-hero team title that would compete with The Justice League of America. /encyclopedia/comics/marvel.htm

 Australian Periodical Publications Project, 1840—1845
Publications address everything from the arts to the economy, from history to sports.
For users with a specific research topic, there is a keyword search function for the tables of contents of all the publications and for the full text of two of them.
The breadth of publications also reflects Australia’s concern for global issues—two journals concern the affairs of the British Empire in Asia and India. /whm/w/179.html

 GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing Publications
Publication section brings you at one place, over 50 periodical publications (both print and electronic).
Magazine, journals, newsletters and other publications in the geospatial domain are enlisted here for easy access and update.
All the content of latest issues of these publication are send monthly to our subscribers. /publications

 National Library of Andorra - Publications
The exhibition catalogues and the current periodical publications that are issued by the Government are also included.
George's Day in 1996 marked the appearance of the Catalogue of Publications of the Government of Andorra (1981 - 1995), which was created with a twofold objective: to become a little reference work and to act as a sales catalogue.
Thus, the journal's structure and contents are based on the names of the rooms in the traditional Andorran houses and their correspondence to the various sections of the National Library. /ang/publicacions.asp

 Index to Comic Art Collection: "National Labor" to "National Periodical"
Showcase [microform] -- New York : National Periodical Publications, 1956-1978.
New Comics [microform] -- New York : National Periodical Publications, 1935-1936.
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen [microform] -- New York : National Periodical Publications, 1954-1974. /comics/rri/nrri/natilamp.htm

 National Periodical Database
National Periodical Database (NPA) edited by the National Széchényi Library is a union catalogue of foreign periodicals held by the Hungarian libraries.
There are simple and complex search panels for periodicals where you can search for different data using the Help screen.
The holdings and library data are from the start year of the periodicals. /db/npac/indexa.htm

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States (PWH); 16Jun75; R611411.
Epitome of the pharmacopeia of the United States and the national formulary, with comments.
The National Westminster Bank, Trustee Department (E); 6Aug75; R611032. /dirs/1/1/8/5/11852/11852-8.txt

Full-text of our periodical series dealing with a single topic of current interest.
Publication written for Pima County's Sonoran Desert Consercation Plan, describing the history of water conservation in Pima County and current water conservation activities in the county.
Water Resources in Pima County, by Barbara Tellman is an overview of water supplies throughout the Pima County and long term projections for availability for human uses and for riparian protection and restoration. /AZWATER/publications/pubs.html

 Articles - DC Comics
The first two companies merged in the 1930s to become National Comics (later National Periodical Publications) and the third shared offices until it was bought by the merged company in 1945.
The company was originally three companies, National Allied Publications, Detective Comics, and All-American Publications.
Nevertheless, the period was plagued by short-lived series that started out strong, but quickly petered out when the creators, not having strong financial reasons to stay, abandoned their creations. /articles/DC_comics

 African Studies Center Africa: Publications
The International Network for Scientific Publications (INASP) launched AJOL in 1998.
Ghana Review International (GRi) is a publication that aims to provide up to the minute news and reviews about Ghana, Ghanaians and their interaction with the international communities.
Published by the University Museum Publications of the University of Pennsylvania of Archaeology and Anthropology. /African_Studies/About_African/ww_publ.html

 Cary Bates and Elliot Maggin: The Men Behind the Super-Typewriter
The booming voice of Senior Editor Julius Schwartz is an indispensable part of the morning regiment at National Periodical Publications.
They take themselves much more seriously at National for some ridiculous reason that's beyond me. Where Marvel will call their magazine FOOM, spend six months trying to get people interested in what FOOM means, and it turns out to be "Friends of Ol' Marvel", with "old" spelled "o-l-apostrophe"...
I work for National because I'm not interested in writing for college students what should be read by kids. /Creators/men-behind-super-typewriter.php

 Czech/Slovak Monographic Bibliography
national bibliography, based on popular books, which are available at most local bookstores." In the first half of each volume the entries are arranged alphabetically by author with a numeric notation to indicate 1 of 39 different subject categories with 00 being the first.
Although much of the information is available in the national bibliographic sources for the time, this bibliography attempts to gather it all into one compilation covering 15 years.
It is organized by type of publication: periodicals and other continuing titles, monographs, methodological handbooks, and bibliographies. /spx/class/Bibliographies/Czech/czechmonobib.htm

 USC Health wins top national publications award
USC Health topped more than 170 entries in receiving the highest honor in periodical publications produced primarily for an external constituency.
USC Health is produced by the HSC Office of Public Relations and Marketing, designed by the Warren Group and printed by Colorgraphics, Inc. Carol Chaplin Varma, director of publications, is the editor.
According to the AAMC, the winning designs are models to encourage member institutions to develop and maintain high-quality institutional advancement programs, promote professionalism in alumni affairs, development, public relations and marketing to medical schools and teaching hospitals, procure resource materials for AAMC/GIA members and acknowledge and reward meritorious achievement. /uscnews/stories/8321.html

 Joel Hayward's Website: Joel Hayward, ZDaF, BA, MA Hons, PhD
Fresh from his very public victory over David Irving (a controversial figure in German historiography of the 1930s and 1940s) in a high profile London court case in April 2000 wherein Irving was found to have falsified historical evidence, Evans submitted a 71 page report trenchantly condemning the thesis.
There were people whose passions had evidently been aroused by the affair and the extensive publicity it had received, and these had recourse to informal and sinister methods of expressing their anger.
It submitted that the thesis was dishonest, the award of Hayward's MA should be revoked, and all University of Canterbury endorsement of Hayward's work towards the MA be withdrawn and by implication that the Hayward thesis be removed from the university library. /thehistorynowarticle.htm

 Captain Marvel (DC Comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Due to the alleged similarity of Captain Marvel to Superman, National Comics Publications (now DC Comics) sued Fawcett Comics for copyright infringement of intellectual property in 1941.
A spin-off character generally confined to his own series, the pink funny animal rabbit version of Captain Marvel periodically assisted the human Marvels in their adventures.
During the publication of the series, the Marvel Family also appeared in Mark Waid and Alex Ross's critically acclaimed miniseries Kingdom Come, with a brainwashed Captain Marvel playing a major role in the story. /wiki/Captain_Marvel_(DC_Comics)

 ISTE Publications
Our publications—books, periodicals, and classroom materials—provide practical solutions for informed decision making.
For more information on ISTE publications, call membership services at 1.800.336.5191 (1.541.302.3777, International).
Educators turn to ISTE publications, trusted resources for integrating technology across the curriculum. /Publications

 National Climatic Data Center CDROMs: Lindgren Library: MIT Libraries
Summary : ISCCP, designed to produce a 5 year global cloud climatology database by an international array of geostationary and polar orbiting meteorological satellites, has been extended twice to a collection period of 17 years.
Hourly data, including air/sea temperature, wind, pressure, wave height/period, are for the period of record through 1993.
It provides reduced resolution, infrared or visible, calibrated or normalized, radiance data from which cloud parameters can be derived; coordinates such techniques; and promotes research to improve understanding of earth's radiation budget and hydrological cycle /lindgren/cd-roms/cdncdc.html

 Aquaman (National Periodical Publications)
If this is a parent publication (e.g., edited book, journal, etc.), its ratings are the average of the ratings given to the publications it contains (e.g., book sections, journal articles, etc.).
To view the the latter's ratings, click on Chapters/Papers/Articles in the STATISTICS box, select a publication from the list that appears, and then click on either Quality or Interest in that publication's STATISTICS box. /?PUB=100854226&showStat=Ratings

 NIST Technical Publications Descriptions
In general, initial distribution is handled by the sponsor; public distribution is by the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161, in paper copy or microfiche form.
The standards establish nationally recognized requirements for products, and provide all concerned interests with a basis for common understanding of the characteristics of the products.
Reports NIST research and development in those disciplines of the physical and engineering sciences in which the Institute is active. /nistpubs/technipubs/series.htm

 Welcome to!
By 1964-1965, when the first comic book conventions were held, it was clear that comic fandom was an ongoing phenomenon with no end in sight...
The C.F.A. is a not-for-profit entity established by Bill Schelly in 1992, so collect and preserve fanzines, books, photographs, movies and other memorabilia from what he deemed "the Golden Age of Comic Fandom," the period from 1961 to 1972.
When I refer to comic fandom (some people prefer to call it comics fandom), I am speaking of the grassroots movement that began in 1961 with the publication of Alter Ego, the first amateur magazine devoted to costumed heroes. /pages/faq.html

 Camelot In Four Colors: Sources and Resources: A Brief History of the American Comic Book Industry
Both the majors and independents began producing comics in less ephemeral formats than the traditional newsprint periodicals, with hardcover and trade paperback "graphic novels" and reprints of earlier stories becoming commonplace.
Public concern over the effect of crime and horror comics on young readers came to a head in 1954 with the publication of Dr. Frederic Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent and an investigation of comic books by the U. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency.
This action may have saved the industry from immediate ruin, but it is also widely considered to have had a severely detrimental effect on the creative development of the comic book in America. /history.htm

he conclusions found in the 1947 Action were upheld in 1974 when Siegel and Shuster sued National Periodical Publications et al, again, over the copyright to Superman and Superboy.
In the course of the actual trial, it was found that Detective’s Superboy stories and series were based on Siegel’s November, 1938 letter, that Superboy was a work distinct from Superman, that publication of Superboy without Siegel’s permission was illegal, and that Siegel was the owner of Superboy.
As such, the Siegels ask for an injunction while the action is pending, in order to prevent DC from continuing to use and exploit the character of Superboy. /DC/Superman/SuperboyCompl.htm

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: DC Comics
The resulting company was officially named National Comics (later National Periodical Publications), but used "DC", which stood for "Detective Comics", in its logo.
In 1976, the name of the company, now just a division of the media empire, was officially changed from National Periodicals, which nobody ever called it anyway, to DC Comics.
In 1967, DC — by that time, America's largest comic book publisher — was itself acquired by Kinney National Services, which changed its name to Warner Communications a year later, when it later bought the Warner Bros. movie studio. /dc.htm

 Justice Society Profile: The Flash
National Periodical Publications revived his name and his superpowers for a new character who debuted in Showcase #4, September-October 1956.
This new Flash, Barry Allen, would lead to a rebirth of National Periodical Publications' superhero line, which in turn would lead to the rebirth of other superhero lines at other companies.
The third was Quicksilver (now called Max Mercury by DC Comics), a Quality Comics character who first appeared in November 1940 in National Comics #5. /~canote/flash.html

 Phobos Entertainment - Corporate Bios - James C. Shooter
In 1965, at age thirteen—a world record—James C. Shooter became a professional comic book writer, layout artist and cover designer for National Periodical Publications, Inc., publishers of Superman and other DC Comics titles.
He was trained on the job as a creator, editor and manager of creative organizations by chief editor and executive VP Mort Weisinger, who was responsible not only for the success of the comics, but also for the development of Superman, Batman and other properties for film, television and licensing. /corporate/bios/shooter.html

 Batman TV Show, Green Hornet, Mr. Terrific, Captain Nice
As 1964 rolled around, National Periodical Publications (also known as DC Comics) was poised to make a momentous decision.
By the fall of '66, Batman was the number-one show in the nation but adult ratings had dropped to half what they once were.
The key to Batman was in the lead actors playing outlandishly fantastic situations with a straight face, and the stunt-casting of hot TV personalities like Julie Newmar (as the Catwoman) along with aging movie icons like Cesar Romero (as the Joker) and Frank Gorshin (as the Riddler). /fallbatman.html

 Titans Tower Library: Teen Titans I Index
After foiling the efforts of the Deliverer, an international criminal, to levitate Earth's national monuments into orbit, they follow the disc jockey into space and defeat an alien being who bad been holding him captive while directing the actions of the Deliverer on the planet below.
After an initial period during which they devoted themselves mainly to tackling cases involving teenage concerns the Teen Titans entered the 1970s by beginning a second phase in which they became involved first with relevant social issues, and later with supernatural menaces, under the direction of an adult supervisor, wealthy philanthropist Loren Jupiter.
During this period, they added several new members to their roster, including the Hawk and the Dove, the precognitive Lilith, and Mal, their first black member. /source/index/indextt1.html

 Blogs: Online Periodical Publications Journalism Ethics - Law J-Log Journalism Blog
You'll realize quickly that this amendment may have been intended to institute a national principle for the future, but it also looked to the newborn nation's immediate future and fears concerning its ability to survive.
Not only did the Framers understand that Great Britain was not decisively defeated -- she still was uncontested on the seas and would prove, but too much later, her ability to mount another transoceanic offensive -- but factions were beginning to arise within the new government, thereby posing threats to freedom of thought and expression.
The people behind them collect information that is of interest to the public and publish it for the consumption, primarily, of a throng of avid Macintosh fans. /journalism/article.php?sid=1237

 The Golden Age of the Justice Society of America
All-American Comics Inc. was a separate company from National Periodical Publications Inc., with its own offices and its own staff.
In 1939 Jack Leibowitz, Harry Donenfield's partner at National Comics, wanted to expand their line; however, Donenfield felt that the four magazines they were currently publishing were enough.
Despite the high price tag, it would prove to be a very worthwhile investment for National, for it would be the revival of two All-American characters (The Flash and Green Lantern) that would spark the Silver Age. /~canote/ga.html

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