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Topic: National income

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 measures of national income and output
Measures of national income and output are used in economics to estimate the value of goods and services produced in an economy.
Some of the more common measures are Gross National Product (GNP), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Net National Product (NNP), and Net National Income (NNI).
Income is counted as part of GNP according to who owns the factors of production rather than where the production takes place. /Measures_of_national_income_and_output.html

 The Global Encyclopedia : Hotels : Travel
During the 19th century, many new states were added to the original thirteen as the nation expanded across the North American continent and acquired a number of overseas possessions.
After long debate, this was supplanted by the Constitution of a more centralized federal government in 1789.
Two of the major traumatic experiences in the nation's history were the American Civil War ( 1861 - 65) and the Great Depression of the 1930s. /american-encyclopedia/wikipedia/m/me/measure...

 Encyclopedia: Gross national income
GDP differs from gross national product in excluding inter-country income transfers, in effect attributing to a territory the product generated within it rather than the incomes received in it.
For more information see measures of national income.
Aggregate expenditures are calculated in a similar way, although the aggregate expenditures formula does not account for unplanned investment (left over inventory at the end of the reporting cycle) and is more commonly used by economic theorists. /encyclopedia/Gross-national-income

 The roaring gross national income -DAWN - Business; 08 November, 2004
And yet the national income in both cases be may be under- estimated by the failure of developing countries like Pakistan to update periodically their national accounts on the basis of structural changes in production and pricing of products.
According to the World Bank Development Report 2005, Pakistan's gross national income (GNI) was at $306 billion in fiscal year 2003 when calculated on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP).The GNI dropped sharply to $69 billion under the commonly used exchange rate related World Bank Atlas method.
With volatility in forex markets triggered by speculation, it is now realized that fluctuating exchange rates are not an appropriate device to arrive at realistic national income estimates. /2004/11/08/ebr4.htm

 National Income
national income accounting -- the study of the methods of measuring the aggregate output and aggregate income of an economy
Show how the discrepancy between output calculated by the expenditure approach (GDP) and output calculated by the income approach (national income) is reconciled
Outline the income approach for calculating output (national income). /employee/wheelerb/macro/ni/ni.htm

 national income accounting
Adding up these five categories give us National Income, the income that resources earn in the process of production.
Because it is difficult or impossible to separate the part of this income that is truly a wage to the owner from that which is actually a profit, the folks at the Commerce Department who collect the numbers keep it in the separate account of proprietors' income.
As the table indicates, compensation of employees has always been the largest type of income that is generated in production. /econ/Connections/Sources.html

 Swapping sales tax for income tax isn't likely soon - Aug. 11, 2004
With that, he echoed recent calls by conservative lawmakers, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and replace the national income tax with a flat tax, a tax on retail sales or a tax on all sales, called a value-added tax (VAT).
Still, Slivinski agreed that scrapping the income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax was probably a tall order, politically.
That means they'd be taxed at the 30-percent rate on their full income, while the wealthy would be taxed only on whatever part of their income they spend. /money/2004/08/11/news/economy/election_tax/index.htm?cnn=yes

 Tutor2u - measuring national income
National Income is a term used to measure the monetary value of the flow of output of goods and services produced within the economy over a period of time.
To measure how much output, spending and income has been generated we use national income accounts.
National Output = National Expenditure (Aggregate Demand) = National Income /economics/content/topics/macroeconomy/national_income.htm

 Bureau of Economic Analysis: National Economic Accounts
2003 Comprehensive Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts
2004 Annual Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts
Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments) decreased $27.6 billion in the third quarter. /bea/dn1.htm

 The National Housing Trust Fund Campaign
The National Housing Trust Fund Campaign is working to establish a National Housing Trust Fund that would build and preserve 1.5 million units of rental housing for the lowest income families over the next 10 years.
The National Low Income Housing Coalition is seeking interns to work on the NHTF Campaign as one of its Outreach Interns.
Find out where your representatives and senators stand on the National Housing Trust Fund, and what other organizations in your state have endorsed a National Housing Trust Fund.

 Keith Cameron ; more info books, Roman Szporluk, Us Dept Of Commerce, Larry J Reynolds, Asian Development Bank book
National Income and Product Accounts of the United States 1959 - 1988Stk No 003 - 010 - 00231 - 0
National Income and Nature Externalities Growth and Steady State Economy and Environment Vol 5
National Income, Expenditure and Output of the United Kingdom 1855-1965 /36090_national-income/s-rosen.html

 Main Features - 5206.0 - Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product
Real incomes payable and receivable are calculated by dividing the nominal income flows by the implicit price deflator for gross national expenditure (GNE).
INCOME APPROACH (I) GDP using the income approach is derived as the sum of factor incomes, consumption of fixed capital (depreciation) and taxes less subsidies on production and imports.
Usually there are differences in concept and scope between the national accounts series and the relevant partial indicator which means that the movements in the partial indicator will not always be identical to the national accounts series movement. /websitedbs/D3110122.NSF/mf/5206.0

 Measures of national income and output - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Measures of national income and output are used in economics to estimate the value of goods and services produced in an economy.
Net National Income (NNI) is NNP minus indirect taxes
Income is counted as part of GNP according to who owns the factors of production rather than where the production takes place. /wiki/Measures_of_national_income_and_output   (1397 words)

 More National Income Accounting
To get from National Income to Disposable Income (DI), which is the income that people can either spend or save, a number of adjustments must be made.
However, by deriving a series of other measurements, one can compute how much of GDP is left as spendable income in the private and government sectors, which allows one to construct a "budget constraint" for the economy as a whole.
Send him any comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. /econ/Connections/MoreAccounting.html   (1397 words)

 Tutor2u - the multiplier
This demand-management approach, meant to help overcome a shortage of business capital investment, measured the amount of government spending needed to reach a level of national income that would prevent unemployment.
If they in turn, collectively spend about 3/5 of that additional income, then £180m will be added to the incomes of others.
For example, a cut in the basic rate of income tax will increase the amount of extra income that can be spent on further goods and services. /economics/content/topics/macroeconomy/multiplier.htm   (1397 words)

 Chapter 5: National Income Accounting (Measuring Output)
For example, when my family goes out to eat, the meal we purchase represents income for the waiter, the restaurant owner, the suppliers, and the sales tax on the meal is income for the government.
But spending and income are related in a circular flow: spending by someone becomes income for someone else.
The flow between income and spending is demonstrated in figure 5.3 (page 101). /~edunne/200ch5.html   (1397 words)

 National Income
National Income, strictly, is a money measure of the incomes received or accruing to residents of a country as owners of the agents of production, during a specified period of time.
National income and related estimates are usually calculated first in the prices of the period (most commonly a year) to which they apply.
As it stands, this measure of national income is exactly equivalent to what the net production of goods and services would sell for on the market if there were nothing else added to the prices of goods and services; it is therefore a measure of the net value of products measured at factor cost. /PrinterFriendly.cfm?Params=A1ARTA0005625   (804 words)

 RRojas Databank: Global Consultancy and University Tuition .-national income - ingreso nacional - revenue national
RRojas Databank: Global Consultancy and University Tuition.-national income - ingreso nacional - revenue national
Engels, A. Galetovic and C. Raddatz: Taxes and income distribution in Chile: some unpleasant redistributive arithmetic. /dev0044.htm   (804 words)

 GDP Deflator Calculator
The difference between gross domestic product and national income ($1,892.00) is due to depreciation expense, indirect business taxes (sales and excise taxes), and business transfers to individuals (through donations to the United Way and the like).
Both the gross national product and national income measures are used to determine the rate of overall economic growth.
Historically, the percentage of national income allocated between labor and the other factors of production has remained relatively constant over the past century. /nia_4020.html   (804 words)

 Net National Income - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Net National Income (NNI) is an economics term used in National income accounting.
This formula uses the expediture method of national income accounting.
It can be defined as the Net National Product (NNP) minus indirect taxes. /wiki/Net_National_Income   (107 words)

 National income accounting
NATIONAL income is the (money) value of all the final goods and services produced by a country in a year.
For calculating the net product for an individual unit, from the value of its gross output, the value of the raw material and intermediate goods and services used by it, and so on, are subtracted and, from this, the amount of depreciation is subtracted to get the net product or value added by each unit.
Personal income, which is income of the household sector, should not be confused with national income. /2000/01/17/stories/211701ba.htm   (2213 words)

 The Labour Gazette, December 1947, pages: 1866-1870.
Personal income differs from national income in that it excludes all current earnings not paid out to persons, such as, undistributed profits and government trading profits, and includes receipts which have not been earned in the course of current production, that is, transfer payments.
Gross national expenditure is defined as the market value of all goods and services produced by the labour, capital, and enterprise of Canadian residents in a year, measured through a consolidated national accounting of the sales of these goods and services, including changes in inventories.
Gross national product at market prices is defined as the value of all goods and services produced by the labour, capital, and enterprise of Canadian residents in a year, measured through a consolidated national accounting of all costs involved in their production. /maclabour/RESOURCES/Labour_Gazette/Statistics/40s_Statistics/47-1866.htm   (1196 words)

 Preliminary estimates of national income and expenditure 1953 to 1958
Gives preliminary estimates of the national product, income and expenditure of the UK for the calendar year 1958 together with comparable estimates for each of the years 1953 to 1957.
7 tables: 'Gross national product'; 'Personal income and expenditure'; 'Corporate income appropriation account'; 'Revenue account of Central Government including national insurance funds'; 'Current account of local authorities'; 'Combined capital account'; 'Transactions with the rest of the world'
Preliminary estimates of national income and expenditure 1953 to 1958 /bop1955/ref1459.html   (1196 words)

Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance in the United States: 2003
Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)
The Changing Shape of the Nation's Income Distribution, 1947-98 (P60-204) /hhes/www/income.html   (1196 words)

 National Low Income Housing Coalition
Established in 1974, the National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to ending America’s affordable housing crisis.
NLIHC’s top priority is the establishment of a National Housing Trust Fund that would provide communities with funds to build, rehab and preserve 1.5 million affordable homes by the end of the decade.
The housing voucher program (Section 8) helps 2 million low income families make up the difference between 30% of their income and the cost of modest rent.   (1196 words)

 21. National Income - National income accounting
Home > Learning Materials > Economics > Question Bank > National Income Accounting
Suppose that in the country of Betania, the real gross national product in 1987 was £1483 billion (1972 equals 100).
In 1988, real gross national product is £1510 billion (1972 equals 100). /stafsup/options/qbank/page21.htm   (1196 words)

 NLIHC: Out of Reach, 2003
Media Contact: Kim Schaffer, National Low Income Housing Coalition, 202-662-1530,
Permission to reprint portions of this report or the data therein is granted, provided appropriate credit is given to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Established in 1974, the National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to ending America’s affordable housing crisis. /oor2003   (1196 words)

 The Daily, Thursday, December 16, 2004. Study: National output versus domestic output: A measure of economic maturity?
The rise in gross national income relative to GDP in Canada in recent years initially reflected a swing to a net inflow of dividends.
The sharp drop in gross national income relative to GDP in the 1970s and 1980s originated in the large build-up of Canada's foreign debt.
In Canada, gross national income was close to GDP until the 1970s. /Daily/English/041216/d041216d.htm   (466 words)

 Are We Sustaining Australia? Report Against Headline Sustainabilty Indicators: Value 1: Living Standards and Economic Well-being
Gross national disposable income is equivalent to gross national income plus all secondary income in cash or in kind receivable by resident institutional units from the rest of the world, less all secondary income in cash or in kind payable by resident institutional units to the rest of the world.
The data show that per capita disposable income and per capita national income are very similar suggesting that, in general, the impact of transactions with the rest of the world are negligible.
Gross national income (GNI), formerly called gross national product (GNP), is a widely recognised measure of the overall economic well-being of a society. /esd/national/indicators/report/value1.html   (499 words)

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