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Topic: National security

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 National security - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National security refers to the public policy of maintaining the integrity and survival of the nation-state through the use of economic, military and political power and the exercise of diplomacy, in times of peace and war.
The concern is that where the exercise of national security laws and powers is not subject to good governance, the rule of law, and strict checks and balances, there is a risk that "national security" may simply serve as a pretext for suppressing unfavorable political and social views.
The measures adopted to maintain national security in the face of threats to society has in turn led to ongoing dialectic, particularly in liberal democracies, on the appropriate scale and role of authority in matters of civil and human rights. /wiki/National_security   (554 words)

 National Security Agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visibly angry, he defended his actions as "crucial to our national security" and that the American people expected him to "do everything in my power, under our laws and Constitution, to protect them and their civil liberties" as long as there was a "continuing threat" from al-Qaida.
Headquarters for the National Security Agency is at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, approximately ten miles (16 km) northeast of Washington, DC.
The origins of the National Security Agency can be traced to an organization originally established within the Department of Defense, under the command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA), on May 20, 1949. /wiki/National_Security_Agency   (2718 words)

 Dennis Kucinich on National Security
National security must be defined in terms much broader than size of the defense budget, or number of carrier battle groups, fighter aircraft, or infantry divisions.
The current administration's national security doctrine, with its reliance on preventive war as a standard instrument of policy, is making the world more dangerous.
My vision of national security ties together not only military but diplomatic, economic, and human rights polices, and views the use of military force as a last resort. /issues/national_security.php   (574 words)

 National Security > Judicial > Public Administration Section > Open Directory > 1800miti.Com
National Security Studies Quarterly - The NSSQ is a publication of the National Security Studies Program of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
Business Executives for National Security - BENS is a national, nonpartisan organization of business leaders who apply the lessons of their successful businesses to making our country safer and more secure.
National Security Website - A clearinghouse for reporters, researchers, and concerned Americans interested in publications, policy experts, and weblinks on a wide spectrum of national security issues. /links/pub-admin/nat-sec.html   (588 words)

 Jamaica Information Service
The Ministry of National Security exercises overall responsibility for the security and defence of Jamaica.
The security of Jamaica is provided by the national forces – the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) offers military service, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), which has responsibility for the maintenance of law and order.
National Security Ministry Prioritises Maintenance of Police Stations /security/index.asp   (1561 words)

 Home -- NNSA
National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec) Awarded Nevada Test Site Management and Operating Contract
It is important to the security of the United States and the rest of the world that cargo shipped through seaports is screened for hazardous materials that could be used to make a "dirty bomb", or even worse, a nuclear weapon.
To his left is DOE Office of Security and Safety Performance Assurance Director Glenn Podonsky.   (393 words)

 Technorati Tag: national security
National Military Security - Win government contracts to double the size of your business in one year using our consulting contract.
National Security Degree Online Start a career protecting our country with a degree in National Security.
National Security: In-depth Company Info Go to Hoover's for in-depth, first-hand, company coverage provided by business experts. /tag/national+security   (576 words)

 National Safety Council - Making Our World a Safer Place
National Window Safety Week 2006 is observed to provide educational information and heighten safety awareness to help consumers take the necessary action to prevent the risk of window falls and to understand the vital role windows and doors play in fire safety.
The National Safety Council enthusiastically supports the president’s nomination of Nicole Nason, assistant secretary for governmental affairs in the U.S. Department of Transportation, as administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
National Safety Council supports Presidential nomination of Nicole Nason   (681 words)

 Los Alamos National Laboratory: National Security: Homepage
The mission of Los Alamos National Laboratory is national security.
Much of their work relates to Laboratory's work on national security and must be kept secret.
There is, however, a great deal about national security and the nuclear weapons work being done at Los Alamos that is unclassified. /natlsecurity/index.shtml   (210 words)

 The National Defense Strategy of The United States of America - Chapter
As the President's National Security Strategy states, "Today, the international community has the best chance since the rise of the nation state in the seventeenth century to build a world where great powers compete in peace instead of continually prepare for war."
Our strength as a nation state will continue to be challenged by those who employ a strategy of the weak using international fora, judicial processes, and terrorism.
Several key states face basic decisions about their roles in global and regional politics, economics, and security, and the pace and direction of their own internal evolution. /military/library/policy/dod/nds-usa_mar2005_ib.htm   (1720 words)

 Department of Energy - National Security
Managing security operations for DOE facilities in the national capitol area, as well as, developing policies designed to protect national security and other critical assets entrusted to the Department is an important responsibility.
The Department has four overriding National Security priorities: insuring the integrity and safety of the country's nuclear weapons; promoting international nuclear safety; advancing nuclear non-proliferation; and, continuing to provided safe, efficient, and effective nuclear power plants for the United States Navy.
Cyber Security programs protect the information and systems that the Department depends on as DOE increasingly relies on new technology. /nationalsecurity   (163 words)

 National Security
National Security even mines the same buddy cop/black guy and white guy motif that Lawrence used in more than a couple of his older movies.
National Security just goes through the motions, with director Dennis Dugan (Saving Silverman, Big Daddy).
All National Security requires of Zahn is to look constipated. /movies/national_security.html   (400 words)

 HD: National security
For decades after its birth in 1948 the National Health Service clung onto the Home Office assessment that for some reason, patients, staff and visitors alike seem to believe that because hospitals are caring places, they are somehow immune to the effects of local crime and the ills of society.
However by the 1990s, there were signs that the lack of adequate security throughout the Healthcare sector was beginning to be recognised as an issue that needed to be addressed.
Although Nicholls was referring principally to crime, it also rather proved that employing second-rate security officers or buying a cheap CCTV is a far cry from investing the time and resources needed to protect patients and staff, assets and information, while maintaining the reputation of the NHS. /p/articles/mi_qa4028/is_200502/ai_n13248234   (449 words)

 The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
PDF Version of The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
America will encourage the advancement of democracy and economic openness in both nations, because these are the best foundations for domestic stability and international order.We will strongly resist aggression from other great powers—even as we welcome their peaceful pursuit of prosperity, trade, and cultural advancement.
In the twenty-first century, only nations that share a commitment to protecting basic human rights and guaranteeing political and economic freedom will be able to unleash the potential of their people and assure their future prosperity. /article2320.htm   (11043 words)

 National Security Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In some nations with a history of coup d'etats, a National Security Council allows for the military to institutionally influence policy of a mostly civilian government.
The most famous NSC is the United States National Security Council, but they also exist in Russia, India, and the Republic of China on Taiwan.
The President of the United States chairs the United States National Security Council. /wiki/National_Security_Council   (319 words)

 National Security
It has had a significant impact on the debate about how to create a national security information system and was helpful to those involved in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.
The Oquirrh Institute's report on Olympic-Homeland Security touches on the seven lessons learned by federal, state, and local authorities in preparing and implementing the security plan for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games.
Editorials by Peter Ryan, Chief of Police for Whales, England, and Ibrahim Karawan, director of the University of Utah Middle-East Center, are included in the report giving perspective to security from the world viewpoint and understanding the militant Islamic mentality. /resources/reports_and_publications/national_security/index.php   (470 words)

 Grandfather National Security Report - defense spending - by MWHodges
Should we experience a national security challenge today, equivalent to the economic challenge the nation needed to meet World War II spending needs, the federal government would be consuming 65% of the entire economy - - if in fact the economy was able to make that transfer.
A reading of the Federalist Papers, in 'The Road Traveled', shows that our founding forefathers defined 4 core reasons for forming a federal government, which were: (1) national defense, (2) preservation of peace between states (civil wars, riots), (3) trade between states and nations, and (4) international relations.
During that war America was a creditor nation with the capacity to pay for all its import needs with export earnings (not today's largest debtor nation on earth with exploding trade deficits), and America's manufacturing base was a significant portion of the total economy, unlike today's declining base. /defense.htm   (5850 words)

 Objectives of the Program
The National Security Education Program Office is responsible for administering the Program and serves as the executive secretariat to the Board.
It is an alumni group organized for recipients of the National Security Education Program's (NSEP) David L. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships for international study.
Recipients of NSEP scholarships and fellowships incur an obligation to work either for an office or agency of the Federal Government involved in national security affairs (broadly defined) or in higher education. /nsep   (914 words)

 Center for International Policy
National Security Senior Fellow, Mel Goodman quoted and mentions the CIA Intelligence developments during the Cold War period.
Disaster Response Changes Promised (Feb. 14): Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff denied criticism today that his agency cares only about terrorist threats at the expense of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.
Some reports regarding Iraq never made it to Congress (Nov. 23): President Bush, in defense of his decision to use force in Iraq, contends that Congress supported the decision and that it had access to the same intelligence available to the White House. /nationalsecurity   (209 words)

 Communism and National Security
Part myth and part reality, the notion that domestic Communists threatened national security was based on a primarily ideological conception of the nature of the Communist movement.
Though the threat of espionage gained national attention, sabotage was the prime concern of policymakers.
Though there is no question about the horrendous repression Stalin imposed on his own people, his foreign policy may well have been motivated by a desire for security rather than conquest. /~afilreis/50s/menace-emerges.html   (1305 words)

 Cybertrust Home Page
Whether you are doing business or are in the business of government, your information security is too important to be left in the hands of a mere vendor.
For more than 15 years, we have been 100% focused on providing the most effective information security to combat the most critical threat, vulnerability, identity and compliance management challenges.
You need a specialist whose only focus is to make your organization more secure.   (100 words)

 School Safety and School Security Experts: National School Safety and Security Services
is a Cleveland (Ohio)-based, leading national consulting firm specializing in school security and school emergency / crisis preparedness training, school security assessments, and school safety consulting for K-12 schools and public safety providers.
provide proactive, practical, and cost-effective recommendations for school safety and crisis preparedness planning, heightened school security for terrorist threats, school security and school police staffing, school security and crisis procedures, physical security, special event management, school crime prevention and school crisis training, school-community collaboration, transportation security, linking security with prevention and intervention programs, and more.
, one of the nation's leading experts on K-12 school security and school emergency / crisis preparedness issues, school security assessments, and school safety consulting services.   (320 words)

 Y-12 National Security Complex
The Y‑12 National Security Complex is a premier manufacturing facility dedicated to making our nation and the world a safer place.
Operated by BWXT Y‑12 for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Y‑12 plays a vital role in the Department of Energy's Nuclear Weapons Complex.
We also retrieve and store nuclear materials, fuel the nation's naval reactors, and perform complementary work for other government and private-sector entities.   (115 words)

 National Security Systems Inc
No matter what your security need is National Security Systems Inc has the right service for you.
Copyright National Security Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
We understand how important security is, and make it our business to make sure you feel secure at all times.   (115 words)

 National Academies' Subject Hub for National Security
~ publications from the National Academies regarding the scientific and policy issues surrounding cybersecurity, computer security and the security of networked information systems.
~ oversees studies on safety, security, technical efficacy, and other policy and societal issues arising from the application of nuclear and radiation-based technologies.
~ reports from the Transportation Research Board that examine transportation security issues. /security   (592 words)

 RAND Research Areas National Security
RAND conducts a broad array of national security research for the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and key allied governments and ministries of defense, focusing in particular on five research categories:
Aerial refueling tankers play a critical role in U.S. military and national security strategy, but the KC-135 fleet is nearing 50 years of age and has exhibited some technical difficulties and increased costs.
This research is conducted primarily within three federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) sponsored by the Air Force, Army, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. /research_areas/national_security   (550 words)

 National Security Act of 1947
The National Security Act of 1947 mandated a major reorganization of the foreign policy and military establishments of the U.S. Government.
Michael H. Hogan, A Cross of Iron: Harry S Truman and the Origins of the National Security State, 1945-1954 (Cambridge, 1998).
Beginning in 1953 the President's Assistant for National Security Affairs directed this staff. /r/pa/ho/time/cwr/17603.htm   (485 words)

 Helping with National Security
National Security encompasses many aspects, and the National Oceanographic Data Center is ready to do it's part.
National Data Buoy Center - meteorlogocal and oceanographic data from coastal buoys.
Historic sea level data and wave data are also available, as well as satellite data from the NODC Satellite Oceanography Group. /General/Oceanthemes/natsecurity.html   (279 words)

 PNNL National Security
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's mission in national security supports the U.S. government's efforts to protect our homeland, ensure a strong and fast military, and fight proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
More than one half of PNNL's $725-million annual business volume reflects work in national security programs for the Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, Defense and other federal agencies.
PNNL is developing methods to screen for pathogens in the national blood supply. /main/sectors/national.html   (119 words)

 National Security
Today, U.S. national security interests can no longer be defined solely in terms of direct military threats to America and its allies.
The Coast Guard's national defense role to support U.S. military commanders-in-chiefs (CINCs) is more explicitly outlined in a memorandum of agreement signed by the Secretaries of Defense and Transportation in 1995.
Commercial, tanker, passenger, and merchant vessels have all been subject to increased security measures enforced by the Coast Guard. /hq/g-cp/comrel/factfile/Factcards/NationalSecurity.html   (641 words)

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