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Topic: National socialism

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 Wikinfo National Socialism
Nationalism and socialism as a political force was born in France and born in one man Jean Jacques Rousseau.
National Socialism is a revolutionary ideology, movement, phenomena that combines nationalist ideals with socialist ideals as a matter of social change for the re-organization and progress of a society.
National socialism of the Italian kind, which is called Fascism, developed along very different lines from the German form. /wiki.php?title=National_Socialism   (2519 words)

 National Socialism primer
National Socialism is dynamic and progressive, fostering all types of creative work which contribute to the health, happiness, or safety of the Race and Nation, and mandates proper compensation in living wages, prestige, and social services for farmers, artisans, and laborers.
National Socialism endorses the "leadership principle," or the idea that a Nation is best governed by those most capable of guiding his or her fellow citizens and providing for their common needs and wants.
National Socialism represents the most sound means of assuring the biological and cultural rejuvenation and progression of the White, or Aryan, race. /ns/nsprimer.html   (6776 words)

 MSN Encarta - National Socialism
The National Socialist Party was then in a state of virtual dissolution, in large part because improvement in the country's economic conditions had created an atmosphere more favorable to moderate political organizations.
The SD operated the concentration camps for victims of National Socialist terrorism (see Concentration Camp) and during the war played an important role in enabling Hitler to win control of the armed forces from the general staff.
The combined Social Democratic and Communist vote was more than 13 million, and together the Social Democrats and Communists won 221 seats; but as these parties were bitter opponents, the Nazis, despite their setback, were still the strongest party in the Reichstag. /encyclopedia_761560927_2/National_Socialism.html   (1414 words)

The banner of National Socialism was raised by upstarts from the lower and middle commanding ranks of the old army.
Hitler's nation is the mythological shadow of the petty bourgeoisie itself, a pathetic delirium of a thousand-year Reich.
Social Democracy, which aided the Hohenzollerns in bringing the war to its tragic conclusion, did not permit the proletariat to bring the revolution to its conclusion. /archive/trotsky/works/1930-ger/330610.htm   (3260 words)

If National Socialism is, in its essence, a left-wing movement, it is, of course, paradoxical that National Socialists should have devoted so much time and energy to catering toward traditional right-wing attitudes, whereas they have shunned all openings to the left.
One of the reasons why the experiment to create a National Socialist order right from the beginning could not be completed and a new state could not survive the pressure from the outside world was that Adolf Hitler had to rely on a large number of experts who had nothing but disdain for National Socialism.
The only common ground National Socialism seems to have with the right wing is the racial issue.. /forums/showthread.php?t=8089   (5672 words)

 National socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Socialism in one country, a thesis put forth by Stalin in 1924
Sinn Fein, a Nationalist and Socialist party in Ireland, but not to be confused with National Socialist parties.
National Socialist Party, a number of different parties /wiki/National_Socialism   (119 words)

 Nazism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ideological roots which became German "National Socialism" were based on numerous sources in European history, drawing especially from Romantic 19th Century idealism, and from a biological reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's thoughts on "breeding upwards" toward the goal of an Übermensch (Superhuman).
The three nations were united in their rabid opposition to Communism, as well as their militaristic, racist regimes, but they failed to coordinate their military efforts.
Hitler also claimed that a nation was the highest creation of a race, and great nations (literally large nations) were the creation of homogeneous populations of great races, working together. /wiki/Nazism   (4895 words)

 GI -- World War II Commemoration
National Socialism was an amalgam of such disparate doctrines as these rather than a well-articulated, coherent political philosophy.
National Socialism was not grounded in a well-formulated ideology.
The nation's anxieties and confusion were exacerbated by the vindictive terms of the Treaty of Versailles and by the fear that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia would spread to Germany. /wwii/wwii_national.html   (1820 words)

 Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism by Lawrence Birken, 2005.
Under National Socialism, it is my understanding then that the concept of eugenics was embraced and understood by the German medical establishment, while Hitler had little theoretical inclinations towards its implementation or even its objectives.
Nationalism thus demanded that the Jews either be absorbed into the social body or be rejected as parasites precisely because the ideal of fraternity demanded solidarity.
Yet we see the United States again engaged in belligerent nationalism, assuming the role of enforcing a vision of "the perfect Man" as one that embraces Western democratic secularism—an even less coherent doctrine than one based on one's kinship and racial fraternity. /~neoeugenics/Birken.htm   (5034 words)

 National Socialism on
NATIONAL SOCIALISM [National Socialism] or Nazism, doctrines and policies of the National Socialist German Workers' party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945.
National Socialism made its appeal not to an economic class but rather to the insecure and power-hungry elements of society.
First from right: Michel ROCARD, socialist deputy and former minister, mayor of the town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.Keywords:Western Europe National assembly Auvergne Caf?bar) Election campaign Local community Commune Body /html/N/NatlS1oci.asp   (1891 words)

 Why National-Socialism?
The concern of Labour has been, and is, a liberal internationalist socialism, irrespective of race or culture.
The concern of liberals has been, and is, for a mixture of Labour and Tory policies - a kind of liberal capitalism with bits of international socialism thrown in.
National-Socialism affirms that we, as individuals, are not isolated beings, concerned only with our own happiness and 'rights'. /myattns/whyns.html   (1116 words)

 National Socialism --  Encyclopædia Britannica
In its intense nationalism, mass appeal, and dictatorial rule, National Socialism shared many elements with Italian fascism.
Provides e-texts of primary sources on the Weimar Republic, national socialism, relation of the Nazis with the church, and communism.
At the Saguaro National Monument, you can see the largest species of cactus in the United States. /eb/article-9055014   (799 words)

 Alfred Rosenberg -The Forgotten Disciple
Just as National Socialism never absorbed any ideological motives without first inquiring into their value as aids to power, so its crucial manifestations of power are not to be understood without reference to an ideological motive, however fleeting and impalpable.
Put in a different way, National Socialism had room for every cynical contempt for ideology that was coupled with a will to power, but not for the ideological will that was coupled with contempt for power.
In a 'catechism' of the National Socialist ideology which summarized the views expressed in the book, Rosenberg did emphasize that Christianity was 'ennobled solely by the fact that Germans have believed in it'; but this in no way diminished the resolute harshness of his declaration of war on Chnstianity. /smartboard/shop/festjc/chap13.htm   (4920 words)

 Austrian National Socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This was a collection of laborers, apprentices, and unionists from the railroads, mines and textile industries, who upheld nationalism as a result of their conflicts with the non-German speaking portions of the workforce, especially in the railway systems.
Franko Stein of Eger (Cheb) and an apprentice bookbinder Ludwig Vogel of Brüx organized the Deutschnationaler Arbeiterbund (German National Workers' League) in 1893.
It also split into its nationalist groups like the Sudeten German National Socialist Party. /wiki/Austrian_National_Socialism   (420 words)

 National Socialism, Platform Planks of
Socialism promises to use the power of the political state to forcibly redistribute resources (peoples' earnings) so that the basic needs of all will be met.
Socialism does not help poor people; rather, socialism makes people poor so that they have to become dependent on the socialist state and therefore beholden to those in charge of the government.
Socialism is a system of authoritarian political control over the individual by bureaucratic central planners -- very similar to fascism or communism. /naziprog.htm   (848 words)

 Feminism and National Socialism
Girls were taught to consider motherhood as a national duty as well as an honor -- not as a burden.
This does not mean that, in a National Socialist State, women are not to be taught anything else but domestic sciences and child-welfare.
They were trained to admire manly virtues in men, and to look upon the perfect warrior as the ideal mate, as is natural. /feminism.htm   (675 words)

 Professor NSDAP; the Intellectuals And National Socialism
Almost more staggering were the countless half-pacts with the National Socialist leaders, the attitude of those prepared to back any theoretical anti-intellectualism, who evidently persuaded themselves that barbarism was divisible and finally saw in National Socialism the degeneration of their folk, anti-rational ideals of a rebirth of the soul or whatever it might be.
In spite of the almost exclusively recondite elements in such ideology, National Socialism was able to rely not merely upon the confused utterances of obscurely fantasizing eccentrics but also upon the authority of university lecturers, politicising lawyers, poets and literary-minded teachers.
For National Socialism was a radical new departure yet with a history going back much further than the history of the NSDAP. /smartboard/shop/festjc/chap20.htm   (4897 words)

 WorldNetDaily: The National Democrats
As with Lenin and Stalin, the most significant area where the National Socialists and Fascists departed from Marx – and his true successor, Leon Trotsky – was not in their dismissal of class consciousness, but in their nationalist approach to socialism.
While the National Socialists insisted on the state's right to seize property without compensation, they were rather more Green than their Communist kin; their concept of Lebensraum did not encompass the amalgamation of town and country.
But the successful heist of central power on the part of these National Democrats no more represents a move toward genuine freedom and a return to constitutional republicanism than the National Socialists' 1933 electoral defeat of the previously dominant socialists was a move toward restoring the Kaiser. /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43965   (825 words)

 Sobran Column --- National Socialism Comes to America
If all modern states are versions of national socialism, I’d rather live under one with habeas corpus and freedom of the press than under one without them.
The more the state grows — that is, the more it fulfills the character of national socialism — the freer we’re told we are.
Permission, often in the form of legal licensing, is the residue of the old freedom; but we’re supposed to think that this is still “the land of the free,” and that we owe our freedom to the state, its laws, and especially its wars. /columns/2005/051124.shtml   (790 words)

 National Socialism And Race
Enough time has elapsed since the cessation of hostilities against Germany to permit the inspection of one of the theoretical components of the National Socialist Movement; the element which, of all the heterogeneous elements, made National Socialism what it was: the theory of race.
In order, therefore, to understand the nature and evolution of National Socialist speculations on race one would have to be conversant with the prevailing psychological, economic, scientific and social (cultural and political) forces prevalent throughout the period.
The earliest period of National Socialist racism was characterized by the writings and speeches of Hitler himself. /~radnat/gregor.html   (4815 words)

 National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM)
National Socialist black metal (NSBM) is aurally hateful music that diminishes the listener and saturates them with isolationist and ancient mystical beliefs, separating the tribes so we may have our peoples remain unique and unmarketable.
Unlike most White Power music, NSBM did not originate in the White Power/White Nationalist community, but was created by outsiders who suddenly found National Socialist and Pagan ideals to be empowering and relevant.
Read about NSBM, check out our black metal and white power music FAQ, and if you want white nationalist music tshirts, CDs or merchandise please visit our virtual store.   (186 words)

 Nazi Party (NSDAP)
However, the national government in Berlin were concerned and passed a "Law for the Protection of the Republic".
The German Social Democrat Party was the largest party in the Reichstag, it did not have a majority over all the other parties, and the SPD leader, Hermann Mueller, had to rely on the support of others to rule Germany.
Whereas the German Social Democrat Party was funded by the trade unions and the pro-capitalist parties by industrialists, the NSDAP had to rely on contributions from party members. /GERnazi.htm   (5951 words) From UFOs to Yoga
Myatt's "religion of National Socialism" owes much to Savitri Devi, the grand dame of postwar neo-Nazism, who had traveled from her native France to India as a young woman.
"I realized that National Socialism [was] actually a new religion," said Rockwell, who considered April 20th the holiest day of the calendar year.
A crucial difference, the author maintains, is the shift from the virulent German nationalism of the Third Reich to a broader racist ideology of global white supremacy. /intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=94   (1276 words)

 National Socialism - Mises Institute
Drawing on his prewar experience in Vienna, watching the rise of the national socialists in Germany (the Nazis), who would eventually take over his own homeland, he set out to draw parallels between the Russian and German experience with socialism.
Ludwig von Mises: "The Marxian dogma according to which socialism is bound to come with the inexorability of a law of nature is just an arbitrary surmise devoid of any proof." - Planning for Freedom
It was common in those days, as it is in ours, to identify the Communists as leftist and the Nazis as rightists, as if they stood on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. /story/47   (1244 words)

 National Alliance Main Page
The national debt is so high, and so convoluted by accounting tricks, that no one really knows what it is, but all agree it is in the trillions of dollars.
The National Alliance is not only working to achieve certain goals; it also stands for a comprehensive view of life, or world view.
This important 51-minute documentary introduces the National Alliance and its program for America.   (525 words)

 National Socialism and Anti-Semitism in the Arab World - Matthias Kuentzel
Anyone, however, who believes in presenting Israel as the scapegoat for Islamist violence is not only diverting attention from the goals of Islamism and its National Socialistzi heritage, but is also, by adhering to a new "the Jew is guilty" model, reconnecting with the ancient forms of European anti-Semitism.
Nobody had a greater influence on the early history of the Middle East conflict than the Mufti, who as president of the Supreme Muslim Council was not only the supreme religious authority but also the central figure in Palestinian nationalism.
Between 1939 and 1945, at a time when, in the Arab world, listening to the radio took place primarily in public squares or bazaars and coffee houses, no other station was more popular than the Zeesen service, which skillfully mingled anti-Semitic propaganda with quotations from the Koran and Arabic music. /phas/phas-kuntzel-s05.htm   (7494 words)

In his account of slave life and culture, “Roll, Jordan, Roll,” historian Eugene D. Genovese wrote: “A slave in Georgia prevailed on his master to sell him to Jamaica so that he could find his wife, despite warnings that his chances of finding her on so large an island were remote.
Although slavery was an atrocious social system, men and women back then nonetheless often succeeded in establishing working families.
He said he was unable to say whether the damage may be linked to recent immigration unrest throughout the nation.   (9128 words)

 Wikinfo National Socialism
Nationalism and socialism as a political force was born in France and born in one man Jean Jacques Rousseau.
National Socialism is a revolutionary ideology, movement, phenomena that combines nationalist ideals with socialist ideals as a matter of social change for the re-organization and progress of a society.
In the mid to late 1920s the term national socialism was occasionally used by Trotsky as an epithet to describe Stalin and Bukharin 's theory of socialism in one country. /wiki.php?title=National_Socialism   (9128 words)

 Nazism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As the National Socialist in the name NSDAP suggests, the party's primary motivation was to incorporate previously international resources into the Reich by force, rather than by trade (compare to the international socialism as practiced by the Soviet Union and the COMECON trade organization).
The ideological roots which became German "National Socialism" were based on numerous sources in European history, drawing especially from Romantic 19th Century idealism, and from a biological reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's thoughts on "breeding upwards" toward the goal of an Übermensch (Superhuman).
The Nazi rationale was heavily invested in the militarist belief that great nations grow from military power, which in turn grows "naturally" from "rational, civilized cultures." Hitler's calls appealed to disgruntled German Nationalists, eager to save face for the failure of World War I, and to salvage the militaristic nationalist mindset of that previous era. /wiki/Nazism   (9128 words)

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