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 Nazism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As the National Socialist in the name NSDAP suggests, the party's primary motivation was to incorporate previously international resources into the Reich by force, rather than by trade (compare to the international socialism as practiced by the Soviet Union and the COMECON trade organization).
Nazism was the ideology held by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, commonly called NSDAP or the Nazi Party), which was led by its "Führer", Adolf Hitler.
They argue that one crucial consequence of national divisions is that they lead to wars of aggression, waged for the interest of the ruling class. /wiki/Nazism

 National socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Czech National Socialist Party (later the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party) was founded in 1898 and was a moderate, liberal, nationalist party.
For other parties of various ideologies that have used the term national socialist in their name see this list of national socialist parties.
In the mid-to-late 1920s the term national socialism was occasionally used by Trotsky as an epithet to describe Stalin's and Bukharin's theory of socialism in one country. /wiki/National_socialism

 "Revisionism" in Germany and Austria
Since National Socialist ideology is inseparably associated with the unbelievable crimes of this regime all these groups which try to revive that ideology have to fight the remembrance on the crimes.
Kleist himself was a close assistant to National Socialist Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop and the Minister of the occupied eastern territories Alfred Rosenberg.
The main topics stayed in excusing National Socialist policy, accusing the former Allies of responsibility for the outbreak of World War II and deploring the fate of Germany and the Germans. /information/mitarbeiter/beitraege/revisionism.html

 Hitler Speech on Foreign Policy (1937)
The main plank in the National Socialist programme is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity and to substitute therefore the folk community, rooted in the soil and bound together by the bond of its common blood.
I may further state that in 1933 the National Socialists did not interfere with any activities which were being carried out by others and which at the same time promised success.
In contradistinction to all this, the National Socialist Revolution has laid down a definite and unambiguous principle on which the whole system of legislation, jurisprudence and administration of justice must be founded. /academic/cas/gpa/hitler1.htm

 National Socialism primer
National Socialists promote the Scientific Enterprise, which is simply the discovery or understanding through free inquiry of the Laws and processes of the natural Order, and encourage use of scientific knowledge to better the collective human condition and the lives of individuals.
The time for direct action has not yet arrived, and each individual National Socialist must practice stoic restraint until that time does arrive.
National Socialism is dynamic and progressive, fostering all types of creative work which contribute to the health, happiness, or safety of the Race and Nation, and mandates proper compensation in living wages, prestige, and social services for farmers, artisans, and laborers. /ns/nsprimer.html

 The Visualisation Of National Socialist Ideology
The National Socialist aesthetic required that their figures look smooth and fashionable, as if they had just emerged from the hairdresser or had been sunbathing, the image of motherhood, the ultimate synthesis of Nature and spirit, the embodiment of a racial idea, just like the farmers, the family, and the men.
National Socialism is the only regime which carefully excluded all but the approved art forms right from its start, but the iconography of National Socialist art, although limited, was of the highest quality ever produced worldwide.
The subjects which National Socialists favour and vigorously promoted shows that art was not only the direct expression of their political ideas, but also at the base of their political system in all its aspects. /thecensure/art7.htm

 National Socialist Program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Socialist Program, also referred to as the 25-point program, was developed to formulate the party policies of, first, the Austrian German Workers Party (or DAP) and was copied later by Adolf Hitler's Nazi party.
The State is to care for the elevating national health by protecting the mother and child, by outlawing child-labor, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by means of the legal establishment of a gymnastic and sport obligation, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young.
Common national criminals, usurers, Schieber and so forth are to be punished with death, without consideration of confession or race. /wiki/National_Socialist_Program   (1961 words)

Since nationalism is just another form of group loyalty, however, and group-loyalty seems to be a major and virtually universal wellspring of human motivation (Brown, 1986; Ardrey, 1961), this normally leaves conservatives in principal charge of some very powerful emotional ammunition.
And socialist parties such as the British Labour Party were patriotic parties in World War II as well.
We demand a land reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to confiscate from the owners without compensation any land needed for the common purpose. /hitler.html   (1961 words)

 National Socialist Racial Policy
Let us speak of what we National Socialists mean by that so that it will become clear why the German woman may be even more concerned about these matters than the man, his state, and his fighting organization can be.
As humanity or a nation go through the centuries, the decisive fact is which of these three groups is the strongest.
But if some imbecile of a whore and a genetically ill criminal had children, they were not only a financial burden for their entire lives, but also took the labor of people whom our society gave nothing better to do than to change these poor creatures three times a day and feed them. /academic/cas/gpa/gross.htm   (1961 words)

 Socialist Party
IN A recent national opinion poll 73% of respondents were in favour of increasing the top rate of income tax on incomes of greater than £100,000 from 40p in the pound to 50p.
We campaign for a socialist society free from the horrors of war and poverty.
Shows how socialists campaign for a better world today, and explains a new, socialist world is possible.   (1961 words)

 The National Socialist Organizations
An army of functionaries took care of the practical implementation of the National Socialist ideology: everyone was made to believe in the superiority of the German race and the conspiracy of resentful and malevolent enemies of the German people.
In the view of the National Socialists, the well-being of the State and the prospering of the National Socialist movement were both equal.
From this, the exclusivity claim of the National Socialists was derived: The National Socialist regime did not tolerate any other party or political association other than the NSDAP and its diverse organizations. /archiv_e/ekapitel11.html   (1961 words)

 Russian National Socialist Party
The Russian National Socialist Party is a militaristic organisation.
In November 1998, we became the Russian National Socialist Party.
Our party was created on May 6, 1993 as the Russian National Union. /rnsp/display_ENG.htm   (1961 words)

 National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM)
National Socialist black metal (NSBM) is aurally hateful music that diminishes the listener and saturates them with isolationist and ancient mystical beliefs, separating the tribes so we may have our peoples remain unique and unmarketable.
Unlike most White Power music, NSBM did not originate in the White Power/White Nationalist community, but was created by outsiders who suddenly found National Socialist and Pagan ideals to be empowering and relevant.
The extremes of musical passion attract fascist ideologies in a time when a Judeo-Christian moral values have caused humanity to poison the earth and sky and waters, destroy ancient cultures and adulterate their races, enslave many to the tedium of a society motivated by commerce, and remove all desire for individuality in existence.   (1961 words)

 Socialist Students
Socialist Students had the liveliest contingent on the National Union of Students demonstration against fees on Sunday 26 October.
The CWI is an international socialist organisation with affiliated parties and orga
National Union of Students (NUS) held a one-day extraordinary conference on 17 June to discuss finance and reform, which never got debated at the last annual conference.   (1961 words)

 Scottish Socialist Party
The Scottish Socialist Party is a part of the Scottish Free School Meals Campaign along with CPAG Scotland, One Plus, Poverty Alliance, Scottish Youth Parliament, UNISON, EIS, SSTA, BMA, STUC Women's Committee, Scottish Local Government Forum against Poverty, Members of the Scottish Churches Social Inclusion Network, Dundee Anti-Poverty Forum.
The Scottish Socialist Party is commited to abolishing the council tax and replacing it with an income based alternative that takes into account your ability to pay.
pro-independence party which stands for the break-up of the British state and the creation of a free Scottish socialist republic.   (1961 words)

You might already be a National Socialist if you don't know that the U.S. pledge of allegiance was originally recited with the arm extended outward similar to the salute used by the National Socialist German Workers' Party in their government schools (socialized schools).
You might already be a National Socialist if you think the pledge should be recited by children every morning in government schools.
You might already be a National Socialist if you support the social security scam and don't want to end the socialist slave numbers. /swastikayou.html   (1961 words)

 Henry Clay: National Socialist
The National Currency Act of 1862 established central banking and fiat currency; massive subsidies were given to railroads, the steamship industry, and hundreds of other rent-seeking businesses; tariffs were increased threefold and remained high for decades; an internal revenue bureaucracy was created; and the federal government was massively centralized.
But Henry Clay can only be considered to be a "conservative" if conservatives embrace the economics of national socialism, for that is what Clay devoted his entire forty-year political career to.
These statements helped pave the way for the federal government's cruel ethnic cleansing of the Cherokee nation, forcing everyone to walk from North Georgia and East Tennessee to Oklahoma during the winter of 1838. /freemarket_detail.asp?control=92&sortorder=articledate   (1961 words)

 V-E DAY - Victory over socialism in Europe
It is often forgotten that “Nazi” meant “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” An easy way to remember that Nazis were self-proclaimed socialists is that the swastika resembles two “S” letters overlapping and the Nazis often used stylized “S” lettering in their symbols.
WWII led to the Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 62 million killed under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 35 million killed under the People's Republic of China; and 21 million killed under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (numbers from Professor R. Rummel's article in the Encyclopedia of Genocide).
The U.S. helped end a war in which the National Socialist German Workers’ Party initially joined with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as allies to invade Poland in their scheme to divide up Europe. /victory.html   (1961 words)

 National Party of New Zealand
National’s Broadcasting spokeswoman, Georgina Te Heuheu, says TVNZ has made newsreader Judy Bailey a scapegoat for its incompetent management and falling ratings.
National Party Finance spokesman John Key says the Treasury costings released on Labour’s last-minute student loans promise confirm National’s worst fears.
A speech by Don Brash, Leader of the National Party, to the Orewa Rotary Club 25 January 2005 More...   (1961 words)

The National Socialist Movement is the second largest neo-Nazi group in the country, trailing only the National Alliance.
Operating under the dubious name of the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement, it was tiny and its influence did not extend much beyond its headquarters in South St. Paul, Minnesota.
Prominent neo-Nazis such as Allen Vincent and Thomas Metzger endorsed Schoep and his group, by then renamed the National Socialist Movement. /learn/ext_us/The_National_Socialist_Movement.asp?LEARN_Cat=Extremism&LEARN_SubCat=Extremism_in_America&xpicked=3&item=nsm   (1961 words)

 Welcome to the Socialist Alliance website
Socialist Alliance national executive member Tim Gooden was declared elected unopposed to the Geelong Trades Hall Council’s secretary position on June 21.
Socialist Alliance today welcomed one of its most prominent members, former Victorian AMWU state secretary Craig Johnston, back to freedom and to the looming struggle against the Howard government’s industrial relations laws.
Socialist Alliance is standing two candidates in the November 26 election.   (1961 words)

 The Global Encyclopedia : Hotels : Travel
During the 19th century, many new states were added to the original thirteen as the nation expanded across the North American continent and acquired a number of overseas possessions.
After long debate, this was supplanted by the Constitution of a more centralized federal government in 1789.
Two of the major traumatic experiences in the nation's history were the American Civil War ( 1861 - 65) and the Great Depression of the 1930s. /american-encyclopedia/wikipedia/n/na/nationa...   (1961 words)

Klaus-Jürgen Menzel from the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NPD) on Thursday told ARD public television: “The Führer was always a great statesman, perhaps one of the greatest we ever had.” Menzel is a member of the regional parliament in the eastern state of Saxony.
Bobby Cummines, chief executive of the National Association of Ex-Offenders, which has backed Mr Hirst’s campaign, said successive governments had denied prisoners the right to vote for populist political reasons but he hoped the Government would now “do the right thing and do it as quickly as possible”.
Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.   (1961 words)

 Nazi Party (NSDAP)
It is based on the old officers of the Prussian Army migrated to Bavaria and using the weakness of the peasant government in Munich to rally the impoverished middle classes and rentiers, ruined by the inflation, round the Pan-German Nationalist and anti-French flag.
However, the national government in Berlin were concerned and passed a "Law for the Protection of the Republic".
Their cry is "Down with the Socialist and Jewish towns of Northern Germany; Down with France." This philosophy is also the basis of the other forces of the Right in Bavaria, namely German Fascism. /GERnazi.htm   (1961 words)

 Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (U.S.)
When I first stumbled across this one, I thought it was a joke: The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party, its flag identical to the well known german national flag of 1933-1945, with green replacing red. /flags/us}lnsg.html   (1961 words)

 Nazi Propaganda (1933-1945)
"National Socialist Racial Policy": A 1934 speech on Nazi racial doctrines.
"Education in National Socialist Germany": On the goals of Nazi education.
"The Tasks of Propaganda in the National Socialist State": A 1934 Goebbels speech. /academic/cas/gpa/ww2era.htm   (1961 words)

Their moves are directed by contempt for the principles and ideals of humanity and for international laws and resolutions." (President Hafez Assad in a speech to Syrian soldiers on October 6, 1973, National- Socialist Education, Grade 10, p.
Justifying the legitimacy of Israel's existence of the region, so that Israel would consider itself one of the national states in the region, assuming that the Middle East includes a large variety of nationalities, as it claims.
Israeli society does not constitute a nation and is portrayed as racist and full of hatred towards the Arabs. /reports/6/5.htm   (1961 words)

 National Socialist Germany
Two years after the NS [National Socialists] were elected to power, conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker’s shortage in Germany.
The National Socialist state made available the necessary funds for repurchases.
Under Hitler, National Socialism emphasized the principle, as stated already, that workers and employers belong together as a united entity and they were not to be agitated nor played off against one another, contrary to the capitalist system of today. /commentary/national-socialist-germany.html   (1961 words)

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