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 Encyclopedia: Joshua Tree National Park
Badlands National Park is a United States national park that consists of 379 mi² (987 km²) of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires blended with the largest protected mixed grass prairie in the United States.
Declared a U.S. National Park in 1994, it was previously a U.S. National Monument.
The Channel Islands National Park is a national park that consists of five of the eight Channel Islands off the coast of the U.S. state of California, in the Pacific Ocean. /encyclopedia/Joshua-Tree-National-Park   (3418 words)

 National emblem -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
National emblems may appear on such items as the national (Emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design) flag, (The official symbols of a family, state, etc.) coat of arms, or other (additional info and facts about patriotic) patriotic materials.
Most national emblems originate in the natural world, (as (A living organism characterized by voluntary movement) animals, say, or (Warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings) birds), but any object may serve.
A national emblem (additional info and facts about symbollically) symbollically represents a (The people who live in a nation or country) nation. /encyclopedia/n/na/national_emblem.htm   (3640 words)

 American Forests: National Register of Big Trees
National champion trees capture our imagination for their size and strength, however, there's more to a champion than just its size—they are symbols of all the good work trees do for the quality of the environment and our quality of life.
The largest tree of its species in the country is the National Champion.
Although most trees can outlive us - 100 to 200 years is not unusual - they succumb to age, disease and insects, wind, rain, and drought. /resources/bigtrees   (303 words)

 Press Notice: Cumbrian pupils go green for National Tree Week
National Tree Planting Year in 1973, led to the founding of the Tree Council a year later, and the first National Tree Week in 1975.
National Tree Week (24 November to 5 December) stems from the devastating impact of Dutch Elm Disease which started in the 1970s and killed over 25 million trees.
Now up to a million trees are planted each year as a result of this winter festival to launch the start of the planting season. /news/press_releases/a595/2004_11_24b.htm   (416 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park Information Page
Joshua Tree National Park was proclaimed a National Monument 10 August 1936 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and redesignated a National Park 31 October 1994.
The tree relies on the moth for pollination and the moth relies on the tree for a few seeds for her young, a happy symbiosis.
The tallest Joshua tree in the park looms a whopping forty feet high, a grand presence in the Queen Valley forest; it is estimated to be over nine hundred years old. /info.htm   (3324 words)

 Joshua Tree Ranch - Horseback Riding near Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree is a small California community that is the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park.
Finally, on October 31, 1994, Joshua Tree National Park was established by President William Clinton as part of the California Desert Protection Act which signed created the largest protected wilderness area ever for the lower 48 states.
The National Park and the other public lands surrounding the park is an amazing and beautiful hi-desert setting which offers horse and riding enthusiasts numerous opportunities to experience this unique desert environment.   (1711 words)

 Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce Home Page
The Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the community of Joshua Tree, the gateway to the West entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.
Joshua Tree continues to undergo constant growth, while maintaining the beautiful, natural surroundings that draw almost 2 million visitors each year to experience the splendor of Joshua Tree National Park with its other-worldly rock formations and spectacular night skies.
Best known as the namesake of the Park, the community of Joshua Tree is nestled in the foothills of Southern California’s Mojave desert approximately 76 miles east of the county seat in San Bernardino, and approximately 32 miles northeast of Palm Springs in the Coachella Valley.   (196 words)

 California Guide - Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree, formerly a National Monument, was promoted to a National Park in 1994, along with Death Valley, and was extended by 230,000 acres, mainly remote mountainous regions at the south and east edges.
Joshua Tree National Park is popular with the more thoughtful traveller - there is no spectacular central attraction as is the case with other Southwest parks, just many square miles of wild, unspoilt desert scenery.
In addition to the rocks and trees, the park also has hiking trails, 4WD routes, several historic sites and five oases where California fan palm trees grow in their natural surroundings. /california/joshua_tree/national_park.html   (449 words)

 Joshua Tree photos @ Nomads'Land stock photos
I found in Joshua Tree National Monument the kind of landscapes I was dreaming of as a teenager: a desert where the warm colors, the cartoon-like rock formations and trees make one feel at home.
Joshua Tree National Park is located in South California, about 150 miles east of Los Angeles.
It was the first national park I visited from the comfort of a car: my treks in Europe had taught me that exploring a wilderness area meant sweating under a heavy backpack, not driving on a smooth road. /photography/joshua_tree   (222 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park on
The Integratron in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park was designed by George Van Tassel in what he claims was a collaboration with space aliens.
Nancy Karl uses "singing bowls" to produce a sound bath at the Integratron in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park in February 2003.
The area was designated a national monument in 1936 and a national park in 1994. /html/J/JoshuaT1r.asp   (446 words)

The Family Tree Scheme enables you to commemorate an important event or to remember a loved one, by giving you the opportunity to have a tree or trees planted in their name.
It is the umbrella body linking together 50 organisations connected by their appreciation of trees, and it aims to foster a tree and wood culture among Irish people.
The fee of €40 paid to the Tree Council goes into a fund allocated to the sites during the planting season and assists the cost of planting and maintenance of the special Family Tree groves.   (391 words)

 National Tree Trust - Planting Trees Together for America's Future
The National Tree Trust (NTT), a national urban and community forestry nonprofit organization, recently awarded $498,000 to 31 nonprofit organizations across the country.
The National Tree Trust promotes healthy communities by providing resources that educate and empower people to grow and care for urban and community forests.
National Tree Trust (NTT) announces that its support for urban and community forestry organizations will remain strong through a $5 million grant to The National Arbor Day Foundation.   (257 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree, long a national monument, is one of America's newest national parks.
The tree begins growing as a single stalk, and only begins to branch in the many unpredictable directions later as a result of damage to the stalk.
The tree is so unusual in appearance that it grabs the attention of the visitor right away. /ParkVision/JoshuaTree/JoshuaTree.html   (794 words)

 Joshua Tree Virtual Travel in 1270 images
In 1936 Joshua Tree became a national monument, and in 1994 it was elevated to a national park.
While named after its Joshua trees, Joshua Tree National Park is a desert preserve of the Little San Bernardino Mountains, the nearby Pinto Basin, the Pinto Mountains and the Eagle Mountains.
Joshua Tree National Park is a popular rock-climbing venue, with the advantage of being available year-round. /USA/Parks/JoshuaTree.htm   (321 words)

 National Tree Week
Tree Planting Tips - also available free from the Tree Council, with an S.A.E. Enjoy one of the National Tree Week events organised by the Tree Council's members, its Tree Wardens and other supporters.
To mark the 30th anniversary of National Tree Week, The Tree Council is inviting everyone to help make trees matter by planting and celebrating trees in National Tree Week.
Trees And Faiths; celebrate the spiritual and emotional links with trees that appear in all religions. /projects/ntw.htm   (359 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park - Mojave Desert
Joshua tree forests occur in the western part of the park along with some of the most interesting geologic formations and displays found in the California deserts.
The Mojave Desert is the special habitat of the Joshua tree.
Aerial photos of many of Joshua Tree's key locations and features with links to ground tours and slideshows. /joshua-tree-national-park/mojave.html   (211 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park is a desert wonderland of jumbled rock formations and mysterious, almost life-like, Joshua trees.
Besides hiking, Joshua Tree National Park is a mecca for climbers who come to scale the many rock monoliths in the park.
Joshua tree stalks and branches seem to be almost hollow and even large branches easily sway in the wind. /ata/joshuatree.html   (663 words)

 National 'NA' Park - The National Tree of Sri Lanka
National 'NA' Park - The National Tree of Sri Lanka
" I didn't touch a single tree form this forest to build this avasa," he says pointing to the modest structure.
The pink quartz mountain range, another marvel that continues to stump scientists and geologists, who have proffered several theories as to the formation of this marvelous cluster of pink rock believed to be over 500 million years old. /NNP   (393 words)

The 42-foot Colorado blue spruce from northern Pennsylvania was donated by the National Arborist Association and was meant to serve as a permanent National Christmas Tree.
A replacement tree, planted in October of 1978, has survived to date under care and attention by National Park Service horticulturalists.
A new live tree (Colorado Blue Spruce) donated by an anonymous family in Maryland was used for the 1977 program, but blew down in January 1978 during a violent wind storm. /NationalCapitalTrackers/NCTree.htm   (414 words)

 The National Arbor Day Foundation - We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.
Your love of trees can make a lasting difference — please consider The National Arbor Day Foundation in your will.
If you are a member, we'll also include a free red maple tree when you order trees from our tree store.
The SBC family will donate $1 to the National Arbor Day Foundation for every new MySBC eBillSM user who stops their paper bill between now and March 31, 2006.   (334 words)

 National Christmas Tree Assn.: White House Tree
The Christmas Trees grown at Smokey Holler Tree Farm are sold wholesale to retailers along the East Coast, from Miami to Long Island, and across the Midwest.
In order to be eligible to enter the the national contest, they first had to compete in their state association competition.
The tree will be cut in late November and sent to Washington, D.C. The White House staff also selected two beautiful Real Christmas Trees for the White House Oval Office and the Bush family's private residence. /whitehouse.html   (674 words) > News > Nation -- House votes to make oak the national tree
WASHINGTON – The national bird, the bald eagle, will have a national tree, the oak, to alight on if legislation passed Tuesday by the House makes its way through Congress and is signed by the president.
He also cited a 2001 online survey taken by the National Arbor Day Foundation, which the oak won over 20 other national tree candidates.
The oak tree, said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., is present in all 50 states and "represents the fundamental characteristics of this great nation: strength, endurance and beauty." /news/nation/20040928-1444-nationaltree.html   (281 words)

 Results from the vote for America's National Tree
I’m happy to report that the people have selected the oak as their choice for America’s National Tree in the nationwide vote hosted by The National Arbor Day Foundation on this web site.
The National Arbor Day Foundation wishes to thank everyone who voted or encouraged others to take part in this historic process, which marked the first time that the entire American public has been able to state their pick for a national emblem.
America has the grandest trees on earth--the largest, the oldest, and some of the most magnificent. /nationaltree.html   (161 words)

 Lions Australia - Planet Ark Tree Day
Every year, the main National Tree Day is on the last Sunday in July and Schools Tree Day is on the last Friday in July.
In partnership with local councils, community groups and schools, National Tree Day is organised by Planet Ark and Toyota in association with AMP Foundation.
Tree Day is a series of events where people can plant trees and shrubs that are native to their local area. /Planet-Ark.htm   (721 words)

 Joshua Tree Named to List of Endangered National Parks
One of the most pressing threats to Joshua Tree National Park is development on the park's borders.
Already considered one of the most polluted national parks in the National Park System, Joshua Tree suffers from air pollution that blows into the park from Los Angeles and western San Bernardino and Riverside counties.
According to NPCA's recent report, National Treasures as Economic Engines, the 1.3 million visitors to Joshua Tree National Park in 2001 contributed $46.3 million and supported 1,115 jobs in nearby communities. /media_center/joshuatree.asp   (627 words)

 Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School - Rock Climbing School, Guides and Instruction in Joshua Tree National Park, California - 1 to 4 day classes and seminars
Joshua Tree National Park is located in Southern California's Mojave/ Colorado deserts and is approximately two to three hours from Los Angeles or San Diego and is only one hour from the Palm Springs area.
Joshua Tree National Park is known for its impressive weather, unique beauty, desert wild flowers, easy access and varied rock climbing.
Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School offers an array of rock climbing instruction, rock climbing lessons and private guiding in the form of one day rock climbing classes and two to four day rock climbing courses and rock climbing seminars ensuring a perfect fit for you.   (601 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park Association
The nonprofit partner with Joshua Tree National Park dedicated to assist with preservation, education, historical, and scientific programs for the benefit of the park & its visitors.
All Material © 1998 Joshua Tree National Park Association.
Send your friends and relatives pictures from Joshua Tree National Park.   (151 words)

 National Tree Company Home: The finest wholesale artificial Christmas trees, Christmas items, and foliage
National Tree Company is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of outstanding and unique artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, tabletop, and decorated items.
National Tree Company Home: The finest wholesale artificial Christmas trees, Christmas items, and foliage   (59 words)

 Geology of Joshua Tree National Park
Featured with this page are the Coachella Valley Preserve and Painted Canyon--two natural areas near Joshua Tree National Park that are along the San Andreas Fault system, and display many features about the geology and natural history of southern California.
In 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt set aside 825,000 acres of California desert as Joshua Tree National Monument.
However, Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act of 1994 that increased the park to 794,000 acres and raised its level of protection to national park status. /joshuatree/index2.htm   (284 words)

 NH-VT Christmas Tree Association
New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree Association members have produced and sold high quality Christmas trees, wreaths and related products since 1956 - and continue to work together to promote and strengthen the real tree industry...   (34 words)

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