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Topic: Native state

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Native state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In biochemistry, the native state of a protein is its operative or functional form.
However, "native state" is used almost exclusively in the singular, typically to distinguish properly folded proteins from denatured or unfolded ones.
The native state of a protein can be distinguished from a molten globule, by among other things, distances measured by NMR.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Native_state   (302 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Native American   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Native American Church, also called Peyotism or Peyote religion, originated in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, and is the most widespread indigenous religion among Native Americans.
Among the various beliefs are: belief in Jesus as a Native American culture hero, an intercessor for man or a spiritual guardian; belief in the Bible; belief in Peyote personified as a God; and association of Jesus with Peyote.
Native people have turned to the Church and relied on it when their lives have been beset by substance-abuse or domestic problems.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Native_American   (781 words)

 Native Americans in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Native Americans are the only known ethnic group in the United States requiring a federal permit to practice their religion.
Native Americans and non-Native Americans frequently contest the value and validity of the eagle feather law, charging that the law is laden with discriminatory racial preferences and infringes on tribal sovereignty.
Many Native Americans would describe their religious practices as a form of spirituality, rather than religion, although in practice the terms may sometimes be used interchangeably.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Native_Americans_in_the_United_States   (5764 words)

 Hawaii State Flower Native Yellow Hibiscus Hibiscus brackenridgei
The native yellow hibiscus (Hibiscus brackenridgei A. Gray), also known as the Pua Aloalo or Ma`o-hau-hele, is established and designated as the official flower of the State.
The hinahina or native heliotrope (heliotropium anomalum, var.
State Birds & Flowers 1000-pc Puzzle: Created at the request of The National Wildlife Federation this design is a beautiful and informative puzzle featuring every state bird perched on the appropriate state flower.
www.netstate.com /states/symb/flowers/hi_yellow_hibiscus.htm   (910 words)

 Minority Health Facts: Native Americans
For the period 1991-1993 the five leading causes of death for Native Americans living in the state were cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries, AIDS and stroke; while the five leading causes of death for the state’s population as a whole were heart disease, cancer, stroke, emphysema and other chronic lung diseases, and pneumonia and influenza.
Native American 10th graders were less likely to drink alcoholic beverages and more likely to use marijuana in the past month than all 10th graders in the state.
The percentage of Native Americans who reported their usual source of care as "none" or the "emergency room" was virtually identical to the percentage of people in the general state population reporting their usual source of care as "none" or the "emergency room".
www.health.state.ri.us /chic/minority/mhf_ind.php   (1079 words)

 Illinois State Flower Violet
State officials watched closely as over 33,500 votes were cast for three flowers; the goldenrod, the wild rose and the violet.
On January 21, 1908 the native violet was approved as the official state flower of the State of Illinois.
The white oak tree is designated the native State tree of the State of Illinois; and the native violet is designated the native State flower of the State of Illinois.
www.netstate.com /states/symb/flowers/il_native_violet.htm   (548 words)

 News - Department of Natural Resources
State and federal biologists recently conducted a range-wide review of the status of Colorado River cutthroats, and results are expected to be released in July.
Cutthroat trout have inhabited the state for thousands of years, and wildlife aquatic biologists and hatchery technicians are committed to preserving the region’s natural legacy, said Tom Nesler, native fish species coordinator for the DOW’s species conservation section.
Nesler and others said native cutthroat populations are making a slow and steady recovery because of the creation of new wild populations, the creation of captive populations in state hatcheries for stocking purposes, and interagency collaboration on goals and strategies among federal and state wildlife biologists in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
wildlife.state.co.us /news/press.asp?pressid=2780   (1273 words)

 ODA Plant Division Native Plant Conservation Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
These Oregon natives, especially adapted to the region's unique habitats and climate, are an important facet of the state's natural heritage.
Native plant conservation laws apply only to plants and habitat occurring on state-owned and state-managed land, and do not affect private or federal lands.
The program is dedicated to working with various local, state, and federal agencies to manage their lands in ways that are not detrimental to remaining populations of protected species.
egov.oregon.gov /ODA/PLANT/npcp_index.shtml   (940 words)

 Native plants - Biomes of Minnesota: Minnesota DNR
Native plants are plant species that were growing in Minnesota's biomes when European immigrants first arrived in this state.
Native plants were often defenseless against these new pests.
It is important to note that as native plant communities are altered, so, too, are the animal species that live within them.
www.dnr.state.mn.us /biomes/nativeplants.html   (273 words)

 A Brief History of South Carolina
The first decisive victory of the war was the repulse of a British fleet by patriot defenders in a palmetto log fort on Sullivans Island on June 28, 1776.
South Carolina became the eighth state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1788, and in 1790 moved its seat of government from Charleston to the new city of Columbia in the state's midlands.
The state thereafter was in the lead in resisting the threat to southern institutions from abolitionists and a stronger federal government and was the first to secede from the Union when it ratified the Ordinance of Secession on December 20, 1860.
www.state.sc.us /scdah/history.htm   (1148 words)

 Indian Education Office at Oregon State University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Native American Longhouse is one of four cultural centers on the OSU campus.
While the Longhouse is used primarily by American Indian/Alaska Native students, this cultural center is open to everyone on campus and to the general public.
Membership in Oregon State's chapter is available to any of our American Indian/Alaska Native students who have earned a 4.0 GPA as a full-time student during at least one term of their college career.
oregonstate.edu /dept/indianed/Programs_Clubs.htm   (964 words)

Davis's exhibit is part of his ongoing "Native American in the Landscape" project, which features spectacular settings on and around various southwest reservations.
His photographs are composed in such a manner that both the settings and the native people included in them are art in themselves.
The Mesa State College event will be Davis's first public showing of the multi-media exhibit since it was featured on Rocky Mountain PBS in November 2004.
www.mesastate.edu /info/media/releases/05/davis_exhibit.htm   (183 words)

 Native Fish Society
Native wild salmonids have always been ignored and it was not until we participated in getting salmon and steelhead protected under the ESA, that state and federal fish agencies began to shift programs in the favor of native fish.
This policy threatens the purpose of the ESA to recover native wild plants and animals in their natural habitats, because it would allow hatchery fish to be a replacement for wild salmonids.
The states of Washington and Oregon have hatchery programs that have a negative effect on native fish populations, and each state has many salmon and steelhead populations that are not listed.
www.nativefishsociety.org /conservation/primary_focus.html   (1826 words)

 Native American Educational Condition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
North Dakota ranks as one of the top 20 states with a significant enrollment of Native American student populations in the country with 10, 734 students enrolled in BIA, Tribal, and Public schools in the state.
Native American students constitute approximately 8.9% of the total North Dakota enrolled student population.
As a matter of policy and practice, the term Native is used to endorse preference by the indigenous tribal peoples of the state, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, the Dakota and Lakota, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara (Sahnish) tribal peoples in the use of their tribal names.
www.dpi.state.nd.us /natived/conditn.shtm   (432 words)

 Research Guide to Native American Resources at the Connecticut State Library
The Connecticut State Library's Native American resources are used by federal, state and local government employees; representatives of Connecticut Native American tribal councils; individual Native Americans; and the general public, in matters of tribal membership, federal recognition of tribes, and Native American land claims.
Deals with the historical background of Connecticut tribes, the separation of Native Americans from their original tribal lands, and the recent trend toward their regaining ownership and control of their tribal lands and resources.
State Archives including deeds, indentures, overseers' reports, and maps.
www.cslib.org /indians.htm   (2864 words)

 Surfline | Native State   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
I mean, of course we play in the surf to return to our native state, but it sounds corny when spelled out, especially to footage that has mostly been seen before: highlights from last season on the North Shore, etc. The first 15 minutes feel almost like a PBS documentary.
Native State's biggest downfall is that it tries to do too much -- the narration is a valiant attempt and would've been epic had it had a touch more focus.
But as a video to show folks who may not surf, or if you're feeling jaded or cynical with 12-year-olds on Indo boat trips, it's a good way to couch yourself for a half-hour or so on Sunday night and rekindle the flame.
www.surfline.com /mag/reviews/native_state.cfm   (343 words)

 Chino talks about new role in state government, Native American representation at Laboratory | The Newsbulletin | April ...
Historically Native Americans from nearby San Ildefonso, San Juan and Santa Clara pueblos and others, have contributed to the Laboratory's work force.
According to Chino, Laboratory recruiting efforts for Native Americans can be assisted by tapping into resources such as The Native American World, American Indian College Fund and by speaking directly to professors at universities about their students.
The final Native American Heritage Month event is a panel discussion exploring the Laboratory-tribal relationship and how it has evolved over the last 60 years.
www.lanl.gov /orgs/pa/newsbulletin/2003/04/25/text03.shtml   (815 words)

Native American tribes are exempt under Federal law from charging state excise taxes on sales of tobacco and motor fuels to members of their own tribes.
Simply stated, the legislation responds to the Supreme Court's invitation for congressional action by providing states with a mechanism to enforce the law without infringing on tribal sovereign immunity or placing restrictions on trust land acquisitions or status.
D. This legislation will respect existing state/tribal compacts, or agreements, and existing state statutes by limiting the authority granted to the federal government to respond to petitions filed by states that have compacted with their Native American tribes or have specific statutes addressing this issue.
pmaa.org /public/govt/Native_American_State_Excise_Tax_Collection.htm   (799 words)

 Hardships on the Oregon-Trail
The first section of the Oregon Trail bisected two major Native American tribes--the Cheyenne to the north and the Pawnee to the south.
The emigrants worried a great deal about possible Native American attacks, but very few were ever actually killed by the native tribes.
Yet even at the height of the Native American troubles, the majority of the emigrant wagons stayed on the main route along the south side of the Snake River.
www.isu.edu /~trinmich/Native.html   (543 words)

 MS State News: 'Native Son' author focus of special Mississippi Quarterly issue
An internationally acclaimed African-American novelist from Mississippi is the focus of the current issue of The Mississippi Quarterly.
Richard Wright, a sharecropper's son born near Natchez in 1908, is considered to be one of the 20th century's most influential writers, said Robert L. Phillips, editor of the literary journal published at Mississippi State University.
International scholars, including those from the Ukraine, France, and Japan, contributed essays to the Wright issue, which is jointly edited by Jack B. Moore of the Institute on Black Life at the University of South Florida and Michael Fabre of the Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle in France.
www.msstate.edu /web/media/detail.php?id=447   (289 words)

 ICT [2003/08/25]  Wilkins: Native state lawmakers, minimizing the tribal disadvantage
Ask a cross-section of Native or informed non-Native folk who comes to mind when you mention American Indian politicians, and the most likely name you'll hear, if you hear any name at all, is Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Northern Cheyenne), the Republican Senator from Colorado.
I believe these 40 Native state lawmakers may well constitute one of the last ramparts who have strategically embedded themselves in state government and are therefore in a critical position to protect what is left of Aboriginal sovereignty, tribal jurisdictional authority, and Native resources.
In response to a question about how their non-Native state colleagues view the doctrine of tribal sovereignty we received dismaying responses like "they don't understand or have much respect for tribal sovereignty" they are "afraid of tribal sovereignty;" and they express a "strong distrust of Indian motives, ideas, and attitudes."
www.indiancountry.com /content.cfm?id=1061819838   (662 words)

 The Native American Student and Community Center: About Us   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The native community, and friends of the community, have advocated and worked very hard to build homeland like this in Portland.
It began in 1994, students, native community and university leaders, alumni, and friends came together to create a place, a center, unlike any in the country.
The Portland State University Native American Student and Community Center is a learning center that provides an opportunity to unite all communities; it is a place for remembering, affirming, and empowering all people.
www.nativecenter.pdx.edu   (470 words)

 ODFW - Native Fish Conservation Policy and Guidelines
Based on state administrative rule, a "hatchery fish" is any fish incubated or reared under artificial conditions for at least a portion of its life; a "wild fish" is any naturally spawned fish, belonging to an indigenous population.
In early 2001, ODFW drafted a conceptual framework for the native fish policy and presented it to legislators, state, tribal, and federal partners, regulatory agencies, independent scientists, and interested publics.
A scientific panel composed of scientists from tribal, state and federal fish management agencies will review and make recommendations for the boundaries and sustainability characteristics in a public forum.
www.dfw.state.or.us /ODFWHTML/InfoCntrFish/nfcp_qas.htm   (968 words)

 Native State, by Tony Cohan
A captivating, deeply affecting memoir chronicling a journey from a Hollywood childhood as the son of a fading show business figure to a bohemian life in Europe and back to his native state of California, where the author must face the man who had driven him away.
An engrossing investigation of memory and identity, love and desire, art and fate, Native State vividly portrays the author's attempts to escape the confines of a celebrity-filled, alcoholic family through music, writing, and travel.
Poignant, elegantly crafted, and often funny, Native State is an indelible portrait of the artist as a young man, and
www.randomhouse.com /broadway/mexicandays/native_state.html   (269 words)

 Bret Harte - Free Online Library
At the beginning of 1859, Harte lost the job after he used the paper to denounce the townspeople who had massacred a tribe of peaceful Native Americans that were holding a religious festival near Eureka.
For a year, Harte served as professor at the University of California, and then returned to his native State, living in New York City until 1878.
In 1878 Bret Harte was appointed United States Counsul at Crefeld, Germany.
harte.thefreelibrary.com   (422 words)

 Native American Education - Carol Remp
They learned about the importance of integrating Native American literature and culture into the curriculum when working with Native students, and they learned about some of the best teaching strategies to use when working with Native students.
Then they developed curriculum units, based on what they were learning, that incorporated Nebraska state standards and Native American literature and culture that they could take back and use in their classrooms.
Our hope is to develop strong regional groups who are meeting regularly to discuss the needs of their Native students, network with each other to create partnerships for activities and projects involving Native students, and ultimately to improve student achievement among Native students.
www.nde.state.ne.us /Nativeamer/carol.html   (1255 words)

 Minority Student Services - Buffalo State College - Native American Student Services
Native American Student Services was established in 1990 at Buffalo State College in the Division of Student Affairs as the first office dedicated solely to the recruitment, retention, and graduation of Native American students within the State University of New York (SUNY) System.
The average enrollment of Native American students ranges from 60-70 undergraduate and graduate students.
There are five reservations within 75 miles of the campus: the Tonawanda Band of Senecas, the Tuscarora Nation, the Six Nations Reserve (Ontario), and the Seneca Nation of Indians - Allegany and Cattaraugus Reservations.
www.buffalostate.edu /mss/x460.xml   (138 words)

 Native State Home Page
Our mission is to forward Earth and Life Friendly technologies to Native Americans so that they may return their conditions to their wholesome native state.
At the time of this writing the technologies and methods exist to restore polluted water to pure water; to restore chemically damaged soil to rich fertile soil; to remove toxic residuals from the body; to clear the harmful mental impressions that weaken the human spirit; and much more.
While it is not realistic to go back to a time when conditions were pristine, we can cleanse our water, our air, our soil and our minds to their former state - their true state before the destructive alteration.
www.nativestate.org   (189 words)

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