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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

 Cathedral Church of the Nativity
This class focuses on introducing the children to the bible including Old Testament stories, the birth of Jesus, and stories Jesus told.
This class explores the concept of covenant in the Old Testament and the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament.
Scripture readings focus on the history of Israel and the teachings of Jesus, particularly the Sermon on the Mount. /christianlife/formation.shtml   (644 words)

 Nativity scene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A nativity scene (usually capitalized if referring to the birth of Jesus), also called a crib or crèche (meaning "crib" or "manger" in French) generally refers to any depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus.
The Nativity Scene is not taken until February 2, Candlemas, which marks the end of the Epiphany season.
Christian Nativity scenes, in two dimensions (drawings, paintings, icons, etc.) or three (sculpture or other three-dimensional crafts), usually show Jesus in a manger, Joseph and Mary in a barn (or cave) intended to accommodate farm animals. /wiki/Nativity_scene   (418 words)

 Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Church of the Nativity is the oldest church in the Holy Land still in use, commemorating the birthplace of Jesus Christ (pbuh).
Since St. Helena is believed to have built the Church of the Nativity, there are others who believe that it was the Emperor Constantine who ordered the construction of monumental churches to honor the three principal events of Jesus' life.
The facade of the Church of the Nativity is encircled by the high walls of the three convents: the Franciscan on the northeast side, the Greek Orthodox and the Armenian Orthodox, on the southeast side. /holyland/church_of_the_nativity.html   (1196 words)

 Church of the Nativity
The Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ will strive, above all else, to provide its members the means to salvation of souls and eternal life in Jesus Christ.
The Church will, through true worship of God in Jesus Christ and through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, endeavor to exemplify basic Christian principles as taught by Jesus Christ in the Holy Scriptures.
As Christ commanded us to teach His Word to all nations, so must the Church provide a haven to those thirsting for spiritual enlightenment and human fulfillment.   (140 words)

 Nativity scene - Wikimedia Commons
A Nativity scene (crib, crèche, Krippe, szopka, kerststal, krubba) is generally a depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus.
In some cultures, the word for "nativity scene" is also used for any other diorama showing a scene from the life of Jesus.
Gutenzell, Southern Germany: Nativity scene (1704), Adoration of the Magi (detail: Holy Family and messenger angels) /wiki/Nativity_scene   (213 words)

 Woodland Fantasies Nativity Scene
The Christmas nativity scene, which represents the birth of Jesus, is an essential part of Christmas celebrations the world over.
The Woodlands Fantasies Nativity Set has everything you would expect in a nativity scene...Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Wise Men and more!
But nativity scenes can be used throughout the year for display, play, religious instruction and so much more. /maxim/woodlandfantasiesnativity.html   (604 words)

 Thomas Kinkade Nativity Tree - Glory To The Newborn King...
Follow the story of Jesus's birth step-by-step with the Thomas Kinkade "Glory To The Newborn King" Nativity scene Christmas tree decoration.
For the first time ever, the story of the Nativity comes vividly to life in a three-dimensional, fully sculpted illuminated Nativity tree inspired by the artistry of Thomas Kinkade.
Entirely handcrafted of fine artist's resin to re-create each moment from the blessed event in three dimensions, from the heavenly angel bringing good tidings to the shepherds, to the glorious night when Jesus was born, and the arrival of the Three Kings /ct/product/prdid-1400101001.jsp   (411 words)

 Outdoor Nativity sets, set, scenes, scene, indoor, lighted
Every indoor Nativity scene is lovingly detailed to tell the story of the birth of Jesus in the manger.
Or, if you are looking for a distinctive outdoor Nativity set to celebrate the Savior's coming, we offer a range of unlighted and lighted Nativities, all constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials.
Christmas Night, Inc. carries a wide selection of Nativity scenes and Christmas creches for homes, yards, lawns, and churches.   (261 words)

 Church of the Nativity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is actually a combination of two churches, with a crypt, the Grotto of the Nativity, where Jesus is said to have been born:
The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world.
Tradition has it that the church was built over Jesus' birthplace, and it is held as sacred by followers of Christianity and Islam. /wiki/Church_of_the_Nativity   (396 words)

 Nativity Church
Should war continue, however, please make your pilgrimage by having a candle lit for you or for your loved ones at the Nativity Church where Jesus was born.
he Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ranks amongst the most important Christian Holy Places throughout the Christian World - perhaps it is even its holiest.
Millions of Christians around the globe relate to this place through the One, Jesus Christ, who was born here. /nativity-light.htm   (529 words)

 Church of the Nativity
The Church of the Nativity in the heart of Bethlehem marks one of Christianity's most sacred sites - the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
In the Grotto, the Altar of the Nativity, Chapel of the Manger
The (Roman Catholic) Latins have exclusive possession of the Altar of the Adoration of the Magi in the area of the Grotto of the Nativity known as the "Grotto of the Manger". /dec102003nativitychurch.htm   (1892 words)

 The Catholic Year III: The Proper of Seasons: The Temporal Cycle
Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus (the Sunday after Jan. 1, or Sunday after the Octave Day of the Nativity, or Jan. 2, or the Sunday between the Octave Day of the Nativity and the Epiphany)
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c.
Depending on the date of Easter, some of the Sundays of the Time after Epiphany may be transferred to the Time after Pentecost /catholic/temporal.html   (433 words)

 Nativity Scenes and Nativity Sets.
The Christmas nativity scenes are a replica of the original birth site of Jesus and nativity sets are a essential part of the Christmas celebration all around the world.
The nativity pictures are a favorite subject of painters, illustrators, and other artists in the recreation of the Christmas nativity scene picture.
In America the nativity scenes are known as a creche, a word meaning “manger“ or “crib“ in French. /nativity_scene.htm   (867 words)

 Nativity Set, Nativity Scene, Christmas Gift
8-Pc Nativity Set includes Baby Jesus in a manger;
Lightweight and unbreakable, our nativity motifs are designed for indoor/outdoor display use and are ideal for churches, homes, businesses, municipalities, shopping centers and parks.
The Nativity set includes the Holy Family, 3 Kings, a shepherd, Ox, Donkey and Sheep Group. /nativity.shtml   (210 words)

 It's away with the manger - 11/29/05 - The Detroit News
Controversies have raged for years over nativity scenes on courthouse lawns and in city parks, and schools have debated how much of the holiday's spiritual message to present to their students.
Novi subdivision tells family to get baby Jesus off lawn; homeowners say Christ belongs in Christmas.
Asked why the letter specified that only the nativity scene be removed when several other objects stand on the lawn, Williams said the complainant -- another neighbor in Tollgate Woods -- complained only about the nativity scene. /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051129/LIFESTYLE04/511290380   (1408 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : International
The school’s traditional nativity scene was scrapped for the same reason.
In Vicenza province an annual contest for the best Nativity scene in schools was cancelled.
In another school near Milan, the word “Jesus” was removed from a Christmas hymn and substituted with the word “virtue”. /1041210/asp/foreign/story_4109788.asp   (319 words)

 Pittsburgh Creche
The Nativity scene is on display until Feb. 2, the feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple.
Noticing the absence of Christmas decorations in the area enclosed by the Bernini colonnade, in 1982 the Pope suggested that the mystery that occurred in Bethlehem be represented in the area, in keeping with the Nativity spirit realized by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223.
As we seek to find peace in our world, this spectacular outdoor nativity scene is a powerful reminder of the true meaning and purpose of Christmas. /creche.htm   (576 words)

 Technorati Tag: nativity scene
One of my favorite things about Christmas is going to see the local live nativity scene.
The Moorpark Acorn has a short advance story about a drive-through living nativity at Faith Lutheran Church in Moorpark, in the Simi Valley Area of...
Nativity Scene Handmade from Holy Land Nativity scene handmade in Bethlehem from olive wood. /tag/nativity+scene   (496 words)

 Vandals strike Nativity scene
surveys the damaged figure of Mary in the nativity scene at his funeral home.
Young, who studied at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London, made all the wax figures in the Nativity.
A cardboard sign saying the baby had been taken now sits in the Nativity set. /editions/2002/12/30/loc_nativity30.html   (349 words)

 Best of 2005 - Nativity Scene - Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano - 92/325 - World Wide Panorama
The Nativity Scene has been the traditional Christmas decoration: Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus together with the three Wise Men and their presents, given on the 6th of January.
On one side the traditional Nativity Scene, which in this case corresponds to the municipal one in the Glorieta of Elche.
Nowadays the Nativity Scene and the Wise Men share protagonism with Christmas trees and Santa Claus gifts on the 25th of December. /wwp1205/html/AntonioVictorGarciaSerrano.html   (260 words)

 Ananova - Transvestite nativity shocks Rome
A nativity scene that includes naked women and transvestites standing near the baby Jesus has caused outrage in Italy.
The scene was created by the Scuotto siblings from Naples, who are famous for carving traditional nativity scenes.
Father Raffaele has refused to remove the set despite members of the congregation expressing their outrage at the "blasphemous" scene. /news/story/sm_1657012.html?menu=   (144 words)

 Controversial Nativity Vandalized - CBS News
(CBS/AP) A waxwork nativity scene that features soccer star David Beckham and his pop star wife, Victoria, as the parents of Jesus has been damaged in an attack, Madame Tussauds museum said Monday.
Moon said the nativity scene had been an incredibly popular exhibit and museum staff hoped to have it back on display as soon as possible.
The museum piece, which has drawn criticism from Christian leaders who say it's disrespectful, was damaged Sunday when a male visitor pushed over the figures of the Beckhams before running out, museum spokeswoman Diane Moon said. /stories/2004/12/08/world/main659901.shtml   (399 words)

 Christmas Nativity Scene - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
Adorned with a colorful color image depicting the nativity scene, these blank bulletins are ready to be printed with the details of your worship services.
Christmas Nativity Scene of Exclusive Porcelain Nativity Figurines - Celebrates the True Meaning of Christmas - Show friends and family the awe and reverence you feel for the...
You Can't Keep Jesus in the Nativity Scene /christmas-nativity-scene/search-html   (407 words)

 Illuminated Tabletop Nativity Scene Christmas Tree -...
Bask in the glory of Jesus' birth with the breathtaking Christmas Nativity scene depicted in this tabletop Nativity Christmas tree.
Now, you can with an enchanting tabletop Nativity Christmas tree that beautifully reflects the spirit of the holiday with a glorious Christmas Nativity scene at its sculpted base.
This tabletop Nativity Christmas tree retells the story of the Nativity amongst its verdant boughs, from the Three Wise Men bearing gifts and the arrival of the newborn King to the heavenly host of angels bringing good tidings and praise on that Holy Night /ct/product/prdid-48236.jsp   (494 words)

 School Sued To Allow Nativity Scene
The officials argue the nativity scene explicitly depicts Jesus as the son of God, violating a "constitutional separation of church and state".
Andrea Skoros filed the lawsuit, along with her two sons Nicholas and Christos, after being told the boys' Nativity scene could not be a part of their school's holiday display.
"I felt that it is only fair if they are going to display the menorah, which is a religious symbol, that they also display the Nativity scene instead of just snowmen and stockings and Christmas trees," said Skoros according to news reports. /news/03a/20031205a.shtml   (212 words)

 Baby Jesus Stories -Story-Lovers SOS Story Lists
David, the Schultz family have been very nice to you.They say you took the baby jesus out of the manger.
1) I heard a Holocaust story where the baby jesus is missing from the nativity scene.
The baby jesus is missing from the manger. /listsbabyjesusstories.html   (212 words)

 Baby Jesus snatched from plaza -- again
The last time a thief made off with the baby Jesus from the nativity display at Daley Center Plaza, it took a few days before the ceramic infant was anonymously returned.
But the missing baby was not so funny to officers who arrested Staib and to those who gathered on the plaza Sunday.
Committee members are determined the ceramic baby will return -- it was the same figurine stolen last time in 1999 -- especially because they've fought legal battles for permission to have it on government property. /output/news/cst-nws-jesus06.html   (212 words)

 Sunday School Curriculum
Send the Jesus Became a Child Just Like You Take Home Sheet (preschool thru grade 1) and the Welcoming Jesus Take Home Sheet (grades 2 and 3) home with the children to encourage parents to reiterate the message during the week.
Grade 3: it's tough to know when it's the right time to start readings from the Bible, but if the children have been read a children's version of the story in the past, I believe this is a good age to introduce the King James (or your preferred) bible reading.
Grade 2 and 3: Jesus Christmas Necklace, red or white yarn, penne noodles, red and white paint, wrapped 'J' shaped candy cane, clear tape, hole punch, black perm. /guides/baby_jesus.htm   (212 words) Bye-Bye Baby Jesus!
Think about it: When you steal a baby Jesus, it's almost like the little Nazarene died of crib death, or was aborted in some filthy clinic on the wrong side of Bethlehem.
Jesus was long gone, as was Joseph, and half of Mary.
Why not have a stockpile of Christ babies for every public nativity scene? /article/462   (212 words)

 Angel Overlooks Baby Jesus Nativity Scene - 45229 - SHOP.COM
This is a beautifully constructed Nativity Scene with a intricately designed tile roof and angel overlooking the birth of baby Jesus.
Nativity scenes in the form of creches, tabletop trees and more
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners. /op/~Angel_Overlooks_Baby_Jesus_Nativity_Scene_45229-prod-12964614   (401 words)

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