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Topic: Natural history

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In the News (Sat 22 Sep 18)

  Intelligent Design?  A Special Report from Natural History Magazine
Natural selection can only choose among systems that are already working, so the existence in nature of irreducibly complex biological systems poses a powerful challenge to Darwinian theory.
If Behe wishes to suggest that the intricacies of nature, life, and the universe reveal a world of meaning and purpose consistent with a divine intelligence, his point is philosophical, not scientific.
Wells argues that natural explanations are inadequate and, thus, that "students should also be taught that design remains a possibility." Because in his logic, design implies a Designer, he is in effect recommending that science allow for nonnatural causation.
www.actionbioscience.org /evolution/nhmag.html   (6314 words)

  Natural History Museums in Cuba
Natural history museums are devoted to sharing knowledge about the natural world in all its aspects.
Many natural history museums were originally established as centers of scientific research, with collections that accumulated from research expeditions and fieldwork.
Gems and minerals, native cultures, and ancient cultures are always popular exhibits at natural history museums.
www.cuba-museums-guide.com /type_cuba_museums/natural_history_museums.htm   (308 words)

 Natural History Museums and Collections
Virginia Museum of Natural History at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
Museum of Natural History of Crete, University of Crete (Greece)
Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos (Sigri, Lesvos Island, Greece)
www.lib.washington.edu /sla/natmus.html   (1777 words)

 Gateway to online Natural History Notebooks by the Canadian Museum of Nature
The illustrations are by Charles Douglas, former chief illustrator at the Canadian Museum of Nature.
The text was originally published in our Natural History Notebook series (1977-81).
In our Natural History Notebooks you'll find lots of fascinating facts about 246 animal species.
www.nature.ca /notebooks/english/mon2.htm   (103 words)

  wcbstv.com - Gold Rush Is On At Natural History Museum
It has a natural beauty that is unmatched in its native form and physical properties that has made it a marvel.
Also on display are incredible specimens of geology, from naturally occurring nuggets to another amazing example: steaming water from deep inside the earth caused a crack in the piece of rock.
"In all of human history, we estimate that about 150,000 tons of gold have been mined, and about one-fifteenth of that is just about two miles south of the [exhibit] at the Federal Reserve, where these bars are on loan to us," said Webster.
wcbstv.com /seenon/local_story_058073156.html   (535 words)

  Natural history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the 18th century and well into the 19th century, natural history as a term was frequently used to refer to all scientific studies, as opposed to political or ecclesiastical history.
The term "natural history" alone, or sometimes together with archaeology, forms the name of many national, regional and local natural history societies that maintain records for birds (ornithology), mammals, insects (entomology) and plants (botany).
The growth of natural history societies was also spurred due to the growth of British colonies in tropical regions with numerous new species to be discovered.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Natural_history   (351 words)

 Natural History (Pliny) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the History of Art the original Greek authorities are Duris of Samos, Xenocrates of Sicyon, and Antigonus of Carystus.
Varro probably dealt with the history of art in connexion with architecture, which was included in his Disciplinae.
For a number of items relating to works of art near the coast of Asia Minor, and in the adjacent islands, Pliny was indebted to the general, statesman, orator and historian, Gaius Licinius Mucianus, who died before AD 77.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pliny's_Natural_History   (838 words)

 Natural History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The natural landscape of California is incredibly diverse, from the deserts of southwestern California, to the chaparral-covered hills of the coast, to the redwood forests of the north and the pine and fir forests of the Sierra Nevada, just to mention a few.
Natural Environment Information by County from LUPIN (Land Use Planning Information Network), part of CERES from the State of California Resources Agency, gives access to a great deal of information on each county in the state.
The San Diego County Bird Atlas is an ongoing project sponsored by the San Diego Natural History Museum to provide infromation on the distribution and status of birds in San Diego County.
daphne.palomar.edu /calenvironment/nathistory.htm   (2771 words)

 BUBL LINK: Natural history
Museum scientists trace the history of life, explore the development and relationships of different groups of animals, document changes in the environment, and describe the achievements of human cultures.
Joseph Leidy (1823-1891), known as the 'Father of American Vertebrate Palaeontology', was a pioneer in the areas of parasitology and protozoology whose interest and expertise also extended into the scientific areas of anatomy, natural history, entomology, geology, and pathology.
Natural history museum in Paris, with online collections catalogue, fish catalogue, and details of current and recent exhibitions.
bubl.ac.uk /link/n/naturalhistory.htm   (1042 words)

 Museum of Natual History
The National Museum of Ireland - Natural History has approximately ten thousand animals on display which have been drawn from the museum's collections of over two million specimens.
Today this zoological museum encompasses outstanding examples of wildlife from Ireland and the far corners of the globe, some still to be seen today and others long extinct.
In January, 2003 a new Giraffe-Spoticus, was added to the General Exhibition on the first floor of the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History.
www.museum.ie /naturalhistory   (90 words)

 Welcome to the Natural History Museum
As the largest natural and historical museum in the Western United States and an active research center, NHM safeguards more than 35 million spectacular, diverse specimens and artifacts covering 4.5 billion years of history.
See and read about the collaborative exhibit between NHM and Naturalis, the national natural history museum of The Netherlands in the city of Leiden.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (213) 763-DINO
www.nhm.org   (425 words)

 AlterNet: A Natural History of Peace
Posted by: lokicat on Mar 2, 2006 6:25 PM The idea that humans are 'natural born killers' is just a modern version of the old Catholic dogma of 'original sin'--and just as pessimistic a view of human nature.
Thus, we are well 'groomed' to accept as fact, reinforcements of a big and dangerous lie; that we 'evolved' from apes' after millions of years as the pinnacle of evolution's achievements.
Natural resources are many and are easy to acquire.
www.alternet.org /story/32755   (3366 words)

 Natural History Museum | Humboldt State University
The mission of the Humboldt State University Natural History Museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, is to inspire in North Coast residents and visitors of all ages an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world and to provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students.
The HSU Natural History Museum presents a special art show created by TOPS (Transitional Opportunity Program) students.
These local marine fossils are from rock exposures along the rivers and surrounding hills of the Eel River Valley and from the cliffs of Cranell Junction.
www.humboldt.edu /~natmus   (248 words)

 Ferret FAQ - Natural History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In these animals, body size is about the same, or if sexual dimorphism exists, it is relatively minor in nature.
My opinion is domestication alters the gene frequencies of an animal, much like natural selection, so domestication is a speciation event and domesticates are new species.
I am not sure of the exact genetics of ferret coloration, but I would expect fur coloration to be carried in 3 or more places.
www.rud.dk /ferrets/faqhtml/history.html   (9316 words)

 Natural history of Wildfowl Waterfowl Ducks Geese
This characteristic tends to be slightly less striking in the diving duck and even less so in the sea duck species but, nevertheless, it is not difficult to tell the sex of adult birds during the winter and spring.
One unusual but very important feature of the natural history of wildfowl is the manner in which they moult their plumage.
Most other families of birds undergo a gradual moult during which the flight feathers are shed and replaced gradually over a protracted period.
www.wildfowling.co.uk /magazine/nathist.htm   (1295 words)

 Foreign Affairs - A Natural History of Peace - Robert M. Sapolsky
Contrary to what was believed just a few decades ago, humans are not "killer apes" destined for violent conflict, but can make their own history.
And although human males might not be inflexibly polygamous or come with bright red butts and six-inch canines designed for tooth-to-tooth combat, it was clear that our species had at least as much in common with the violent primates as with the gentle ones.
"In their nature" thus became "in our nature." This was the humans-as-killer-apes theory popularized by the writer Robert Ardrey, according to which humans have as much chance of becoming intrinsically peaceful as they have of growing prehensile tails.
www.foreignaffairs.org /20060101faessay85110/robert-m-sapolsky/a-natural-history-of-peace.html   (945 words)

 Links to Natural History Museums
Berkeley Museums of Natural History, University of California.
A consortium of 6 natural history museums, including the Berkeley Museum of Paleontolgy.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, CA - Includes index of virtual museums
paleo.cc /kpaleo/museums.htm   (636 words)

 Latest news - Natural History Museum
The Human Story, a new Natural History Museum book by Charles Lockwood, unravels the mysteries of human evolution.
Our hands and feet developed from prehistoric fish fingers, according to new research by a scientist at the Natural History Museum.
Natural history institutions come together this week for the first international conference.
www.nhm.ac.uk /about-us/news   (180 words)

 Natural History | CDC Rabies
To date only six documented cases of human survival from clinical rabies have been reported and each included a history of either pre- or postexposure prophylaxis.
These include the virus variant, the dose of virus inoculum, the route and location of exposure,as well as individual host factors, such as age and host immune defenses.
All information presented in these pages and all items available for download are for public use.
www.cdc.gov /ncidod/dvrd/rabies/natural_history/nathist.htm   (650 words)

 Ferret FAQ - Natural History
Whatever the ultimate decision, it should be applied to all domesticates equally, regardless of current standing.
My opinion is domestication alters the gene frequencies of an animal, much like natural selection, so domestication is a speciation event and domesticates are new species.
I am not sure of the exact genetics of ferret coloration, but I would expect fur coloration to be carried in 3 or more places.
www.ferretcentral.org /faq/history.html   (9316 words)

 Amazon.com: Natural History [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Natural History" is the official popular journal published by the American Museum of Natural History, the oldest - and largest - museum of natural history in the Western Hemisphere and without question, one of the world's greatest museums.
Recent issues have included brief articles on biomechanics of various living organisms, those pertaining to recent and current exhibitions such as the Petra exhibition on display at the museum from the Fall of 2003 to early Summer 2004, and current ecological and anthropological research.
And to its credit, it has not shied away from controversy, publishing for example, an issue on so-called "Intelligent Design", which is seen by its adherents as a competing scientific alternative to evolution via Natural Selection, but lacks any scientific credibility from professional scientists, science educators and like-minded members of the general public.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00005N7RQ?v=glance   (958 words)

 Hungarian Natural History Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Hungarian Natural History Museum is the largest natural history museum in Hungary.
"300 pearls" - Museum highlights of natural diversity.
A selection from the scientific collections of three European natural history museums.
www.nhmus.hu /e_index.html   (82 words)

 Natural History Museum
We promote the discovery, understanding, enjoyment, and responsible use of the natural world.
Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, UK.
Be inspired by extraordinary photographs that witness the drama and variety of nature.
www.nhm.ac.uk   (209 words)

 The EnviroLink Network - [topic]
A new generation of industry and academic scientists are working to find natural, nontoxic alternatives to petroleum for consumer products.
3 Rivers 2nd Nature (3r2n) is a five-year ecological-arts project, which focuses on the 3 rivers and 53 streams of Allegheny County.
The 3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program is committed to improving the quality of Allegheny County's water resources by helping communities address the issue of...
envirolink.org /topics.html?...&topic=Natural+History&topictype=topic   (523 words)

 Natural History Home Page
They boast the same remarkable adaptation to their arid homelands: scale-covered skin that captures water and carries it to the animal's mouth, enabling it to drink when raindrops hit its back or even, in the thorny devil’s case, when its belly meets damp sand.
Recently, a team led by Wade C. Sherbrooke of the American Museum of Natural History in New York figured out how this weird plumbing system works.
Members of any of Natural History’s Museum Partners receive the maga- zine as a benefit of membership.
www.naturalhistorymag.com   (567 words)

 Museum of Natural History - Alfred Waterhouse - Great Buildings Online
One of the grand Victorian museums of the 19th century, Alfred Waterhouse's Museum of Natural History had roots in designs by Sir Richard Owen, the museum's creator, and an 1864 competition won by Francis Fowke.
The building integrates the romantic and the practical in an eclectic whole: German Romanesque stylistic use of dramatic arches and towers, decorated with a rich sculptural program of terra cotta, and a practical use of structural iron and contemporary mechanical systems.
Inexpensive and durable, terra cotta was both resistant to acids and washable, ideal for use in facing buildings in dirty Victorian cities.
www.greatbuildings.com /buildings/Museum_of_Natural_History.html   (592 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Natural History: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rather atypically for an album, Natural History has a stated mission: "To change people's lives at three decibels," according to I Am Kloot frontman John Bramwell--a one-time teenage busker on the streets of Paris, who returned home to British shores, half-dead from starvation, with the dream of forming the perfect band.
The acoustic dressings, laconic delivery and gleefully knowing arrogance of Natural History immediately recall the 21st-century folk of Badly Drawn Boy's The Hour of Bewilderbeast, but Bramwell's half-spoken, half-sung lyrics often delve into darker realms than the bright-eyed romancing of Damon Gough.
So i got natural history and am i glad i got this.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000059TMR   (766 words)

 Natural History Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ NaturalResearch.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Natural History Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ NaturalResearch.org
Find More Information about "Natural history" in NaturalResearch.org's:
"Natural history" results in these other popular encyclopedia sites:
www.naturalresearch.org /encyclopedia/Natural_history   (450 words)

 Florida Museum of Natural History
Related to modern great white and mako sharks, Megalodon lived worldwide before vanishing 2 million years ago.
Enter this exhibit through the jaws of a full-size 60-foot-long Megalodon sculpture and learn about this shark's life history and the world it inhabited.
This addition to the Florida Museum is dedicated to research and education about butterflies, moths and global biodiversity.
www.flmnh.ufl.edu   (215 words)

 Virginia Museum of Natural History
As Autumn ushers in cooler air, many species of butterflies and moths have taken residence inside the Virginia Museum of Natural History as part of the special exhibit "Flowers of the Sky: The Beauty of Butterflies and Moths" now open to visitors.
The Virginia Museum of Natural History has received a $12,300 grant from the J & E Berkley Foundation in Ivy, Virginia in support of Outreach Education programs in Central Virginia.
Copyright © 2007 - Virginia Museum of Natural History - All rights reserved.
www.vmnh.net   (256 words)

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