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Topic: Natural phenomenon

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Are the Shroud of Turin images a simple natural phenomenon - some think so
However the images were formed, if by a natural process, it must have been by a complex combination of different systems acting together.
Such natural ravaging of the cloth did not occur.
Nature, of course, is filled with naturally formed images.
www.shroudstory.com /faq-natural.htm   (2438 words)

  Extinction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prior to the dispersion of humans across the earth, extinction was a purely natural phenomenon that generally occurred at a continuous low rate (mass extinctions being relatively rare events).
According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York's American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70 percent of biologists believe that we are currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction, known as the Holocene extinction event.
Nature preserves are created by governments as a means to provide continuing habitats to species crowded by human expansion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Extinction   (2902 words)

 Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Common Illnesses
Home remedies and natural cures or medicines made at home from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs are catching a lot of attention due to its very nature of cure: simple, no side effects, no chemicals, inexpensive, plus the pleasure of being able to cure yourself!.
In home based remedies, the idea is to use the chemicals naturally present in the herbs, spices and other foods to tackle the offending foreign element in the body that is causing the pain or infection instead of flushing the body with hundreds of milligrams of strong chemicals in the form of antibiotics.
Natural remedies can be used to effectively treat a range of ailments through correct and regular usage.
www.home-remedies-for-you.com   (624 words)

 Opalmine.com: Opal Encyclopedia: A Picture Guide to Opals
Opal which is found with a natural fl or dark background.
A chunk of opal that is either left in its natural state or given a polish or varnish to show off one aspect or feature of the stone.
The natural phenomenon is called the harlequin opal.
www.opals-opals.com /opals-encyclopedia-4.php   (738 words)

 Amazon.com: Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon: Books: Daniel C. Dennett
Because Dennett offers a tentative proposal for exploring religion as a natural phenomenon, his book is sometimes plagued by generalizations that leave us wanting more ("Only when we can frame a comprehensive view of the many aspects of religion can we formulate defensible policies for how to respond to religions in the future").
If the deceased was a father or a village elder, it would have been natural to ask for advice—which way to go to find water or the best trails for a hunt.
In Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Daniel Dennett, director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University, has embarked on another of his seemingly impossible quests.
www.amazon.com /Breaking-Spell-Religion-Natural-Phenomenon/dp/067003472X   (1290 words)

 Wikinfo | Mythology
A mythology is a relatively cohesive set of myths: stories that comprise a certain religion or belief system.
Myths are generally stories based on tradition and legend designed to explain the universe, the world's creation, natural phenomenon, and anything else for which no simple explanation presents itself.
For the purposes of this article, therefore, we use the word "mythology" to refer to stories that, while they may or may not be strictly factual, reveal fundamental truths and insights about human nature, often through the use of archetypes.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Mythology   (653 words)

 Peer Reviews and Comments
This is a must read for teachers and debaters of the controversial issues of abortion, evolution, personal criminal responsibility, and the role of religion in our lives.
The bibliographic references are rich and numerous, helping the reader to place all issues in the context of modern research.
I agree with the book's conclusion that human free will cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon that follows the laws of physics.
www.scienceofsouls.com /id2.html   (335 words)

 Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 Years, Says Ohio State University Researcher
It is the rising global temperatures that are naturally increasing the levels of carbon dioxide, not the other way around, he says.
In the report, the IPCC wrote that some 90 billion tons of carbon as carbon dioxide annually circulate between the earth's ocean and the atmosphere, and another 60 billion tons exchange between the vegetation and the atmosphere.
Global Warming Surpassed Natural Cycles In Fueling 2005 Hurricane Season, NCAR Scientists Conclude (Jun. 22, 2006) — Global warming accounted for around half of the extra hurricane-fueling warmth in the waters of the tropical North Atlantic in 2005, while natural cycles were only a minor factor, according to a...
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2001/06/010615071248.htm   (1509 words)

 Natural Phenomenon
Here are information about some of the natural phenomenon you may see or feel in Northern Norway: the midnight sun, the northern lights and the golf stream.
The northern regions are known as "the land of the midnight sun".
The northern climate is not as bad as you might think, read more about the midnight sun, winter darkness, the northern lights and the climate in general.
www.botnhamn.com /naturalphenonmenon.htm   (153 words)

 all natural beauty products - organic beauty care - beauty directory
We offer you the finest all-natural hair products, mineral make-up, all-natural skincare products, and all-natural spa products through our many vendors that we have hand-selected for the purity of their products.
We know that holistic beauty care is here to stay, and we want to keep you up to date on all that is new with this growing phenomenon.
Things are always new and different around here in our all-natural beauty community, and we welcome you to be a part of it.
allnaturalbeauty.us   (491 words)

 Serbia Info / Encyclopedia / Landscape: Masterpieces without authorship
The nationals parks of Serbia are great natural museums in the open air.
Time, water and limestone took their time in sculpturing the underground halls in Serbia: Rajko Cave, Ceremosnja, Marble Cave, Resavska Cave, near Despotovac, some three kilometers in length, is luxuriously adorned with coral-like stone jewels and snow white crystals.
In the surroundings of Kursumlija, nature, like a skillful Oriental builder, sculptured a city of stone.
www.serbia-info.com /enc/masterpieces.html   (242 words)

 Natural History - Find Articles
American Museum of Natural History extends its exhibits and knowledge through this monthly magazine.
EXHIBITIONS Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaids Through January 6, 2008 Tracing the natural history roots of some of the world's...
The George C. Page Museum in Los Angeles is one of the few museums whose main subject matter is a natural phenomenon that lies virtually underfoot.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1134   (246 words)

 Health Naturale - Natural, Herbal Health Remedies
Articles and Features on Natural Health, Alternative Medicine and Herbal Remedies
Arthritis nutrition and diet, nutritional therapy and supplements for arthritis
Articles on natural pain relief methods for arthritis and joint inflammation
www.health-naturale.com   (766 words)

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