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Topic: Natural science

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  Natural Science - Hampshire College - Amherst, MA
Natural Science - Hampshire College - Amherst, MA Academics
In our view the natural sciences form a set of theories, methods, and data for understanding the world in which we live.
Beyond the foundational skills and core studies on which all scientific work is based, the School of Natural Science provides depth, focus and unusually rich learning and research opportunities for interdisciplinary study in two topical areas: environmental sciences/agriculture studies and health sciences.
www.hampshire.edu /cms/index.php?id=145   (441 words)

  Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Natural science
Thus the traditional description of natural science is the study of nature: the physical, nonhuman aspects of the earth and the cosmos.
Together, the natural and applied sciences are distinguished from the social sciences on the one hand, and from the humanities, theology and the arts on the other.
In this sense "natural sciences" can be an alternative phrase for biological sciences, involved in biological processes, or perhaps also the earth sciences, as might distinguished from the physical sciences (more directly involved in the study of physical and chemical laws underlying the universe).
www.fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Natural_science   (285 words)

 Natural science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Natural science is the rational study of the universe via rules or laws of natural order.
The term natural science is also used to identify science as a discipline following the scientific method, in contrast to natural philosophy, or in contrast with social sciences, which use the same scientific method applied to different subjects.
Ecology and Environmental science, the studies of the interrelationships of life and the environment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Natural_science   (364 words)

 Science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Natural science was gradually specialized to its current domain, which typically includes the physical sciences and the biological sciences.
Science is not a source of subjective value judgements, though it can certainly speak to matters of ethics and public policy by pointing to the likely consequences of actions.
Science is practiced in universities and other scientific institutes as well as in the field; as such it is a solid vocation in academia, but is also practiced by amateurs, who typically engage in the observational part of science.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Science   (3353 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Natural science [EncycloZine]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
As a group, the natural sciences are distinguished from theology and the social sciences, on the one hand, and from the arts and humanities on the other.
Natural sciences generally attempt to explain the workings of the world via natural processes rather than divine processes.
In this sense "natural sciences" can be an alternative phrase for biological sciences, involved in biological processes, and are distinguished from the physical sciences (involved in the physical and chemical laws underlying the universe).
encyclozine.com /Natural_science   (324 words)

 Science and World View
However, there are questions that science cannot answer: questions of ultimate origins, of meaning and purpose, of morality, of what it means to be human.
Prior to the rise of modern science during the Renaissance (see second paragraph of introduction) and the Reformation, most ancient world views were a hindrance to scientific progress.
Science needed a revolution, a reformation not only of the church, but of men and their ideas, before it could grow.
www.northave.org /MGManual/Science/Sci1.htm   (1365 words)

 CLEP: Natural Sciences
The Natural Sciences examination covers a wide range of topics frequently taught in introductory courses surveying both biological and physical sciences at the freshman or sophomore level.
The Natural Sciences exam is not intended for those specializing in science; it is intended to test the understanding of scientific concepts that an adult with a liberal arts education should have.
To prepare for the Natural Sciences exam, it is advisable to study one or more college textbooks (selecting at least one biological science and one physical science textbook), which can be found in most college bookstores.
www.collegeboard.com /student/testing/clep/ex_ns.html   (657 words)

 DCVB Cook's Natural Science Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Cook’s Natural Science Museum, in Decatur, Ala., began some three decades ago from one man’s interest in natural science and his desire to develop one of the best Entomology and Related Science Courses for the pest control industry anywhere in the country.
Cook’s Natural Science Museum is one of the few private museums in the United States authorized by the federal government to include eagle exhibits in their collection.
Cook’s Natural Science Museum is one of the few museums in the United States to display both a bald eagle and a golden eagle.
www.decaturcvb.org /Pages/Press/cooks.html   (1145 words)

 Skyline College: Natural Science Degree
The natural sciences are a gateway to a very large number of occupations, many of which require very specific coursework for transfer and/or admission to professional schools.
In completing a natural science major and preparing for transfer, students must assume the responsibility to be certain that they complete all prerequisites for the transfer major they have selected.
Natural science majors are advised to construct an education plan with a counselor and their instructors as early as possible and to use the services of the Transfer Opportunity and Career Center (TOCC) to assist them in preparing for transfer.
www.smccd.net /accounts/skyline/smt/natsci.html   (422 words)

 Natural science
The major in natural science may be applied toward a degree in the College of Letters and Science.
To be approved for graduation, you must have a mini-mum overall grade point average of 2.00 (2.75 to student teach) in all courses included in your natural science major, regardless of any declaration of academic bankruptcy.
In addition, you must meet the minimum GPA required for the minor that goes with the natural science option you are pursuing.
www.uwsp.edu /news/UWSPCatalog/natscience.htm   (543 words)

 Undergraduate courses: Natural Sciences
The Natural Sciences Tripos offers both physical and biological scientists a unique and demanding course that combines a broad first year with increasing specialisation in the second year and total specialisation in the third and, in some disciplines, fourth years.
The breadth of the Natural Sciences Tripos reflects the blurring of boundaries between the different sciences: biological problems are increasingly being solved using techniques which require an understanding of physics and chemistry, whilst many of the most pressing problems being addressed by chemists and materials scientists require a knowledge of biology.
When you enter Cambridge as a Natural Scientist you may think of yourself as broadly a ‘biological’ or ‘physical’ scientist, but you will not be labelled as a zoologist or a physicist (say), before you have studied a variety of subjects, some of which may be completely new to you.
www.cam.ac.uk /admissions/undergraduate/courses/natsci   (1111 words)

 First Edition (1875) Science and Health - Chapter 1: Natural Science
Natural history presents the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms preserving their original species in reproduction; a mineral is not produced by a vegetable, and vice versa; throughout the entire round of universal nature, this rule relating to genus and species holds good; this therefore is science.
Science puts not new wine into old bottles; we cannot adhere to a belief regarding a subject, and at the same time grasp the Truth of it; we must yield the old, or the new is spilled.
Science lays the axe at the root of error and cutting down the belief of Life in matter, of Soul in body, and God in man, exchanges fable for fact, turns thought into new channels away from personality to Principle, through which alone man is able to reach Life.
www.mbeinstitute.org /Books/1875/1875Ch1.html   (12700 words)

 Natural Science & Mathematics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The Division of Natural Science and Mathematics offers courses and degrees for students planning to pursue professional programs after graduation in biology, medicine, engineering, education, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy.
You may also prepare for science and mathematics related employment in areas such as biotechnology, natural resources management, environmental assessment, public health, quality control, actuarial science, urban planning, and municipal water treatment.
Science and mathematics experience will also contribute to your liberal education in support of a richer life.
www.iue.edu /departments/nsm   (162 words)

 Avila | Natural Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Science must complete all the general degree requirements as stated earlier in this catalog.
Twenty hours of Natural Science, Biology, or Chemistry courses, numbered in the 200 level or higher.
Students who major in Natural Science with this concentration will meet Unified Science certification requirements (9-12) approved by the state of Missouri.
www.avila.edu /catalog/degrees/naturalscience.htm   (303 words)

 Natural Science - Undergraduate Academic Programs - Edgewood College
The mission of the Natural Science Department is to prepare students to be well-informed citizens and leaders in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.
Based on Sinsinawa Dominican values, the science programs aim to instill in all students an understanding of, and a life-long enthusiasm for, the process of scientific discovery and a commitment to the responsible application of science.
The department is committed to innovation and excellence in the science programs, and to preparing majors to be successful in science-related careers that are vital for meeting future local, national, and global needs.
www.edgewood.edu /academics/undergrad/nat_sci   (106 words)

 Amazon.com: Nature, Design, and Science: The Status of Design in Natural Science (Suny Series in Philosophy and ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Scientists and philosophers of science generally share an assumption from the most common interpretation of the influence of teh likes of Aristotle, Hume, and Darwin, and most interpretations of the history of science and technology.
The place where I had to differ was that, consistent with methodological naturalism, it seems to me that we already tried the "design" model in the 19th century, and have since then discovered some insights that went way beyond it and have proven far more fruitful.
Building a more fruitful design model of nature from knowledge gleaned from Darwinian science is a wonderful paradox to consider, but quite honestly I don't think most people who want to see nature as "designed" are going to be this flexible in their thinking.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0791448940?v=glance   (2576 words)

 University of Puget Sound :: Natural Science
This major is designed to serve the needs of students who desire a broad background in the natural sciences.
In addition to meeting requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, it provides for moderate intensification in one field of science as well as a background in other areas of mathematics and the natural sciences.
Natural Science majors are not eligible for a double major in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, or Physics, nor for a double major in Natural Science.
www.ups.edu /x3025.xml   (331 words)

 Open Directory - Reference: Museums: Science: Natural History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Harvard Museum of Natural History - The public museum of three institutions at Harvard University: the Botanical Museum, the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the Mineralogical and Geological Museum.
Natural History Museum of Maastricht - One of Belgium's largest natural history museums, with extensive collections in the geology, palaeontology and flora and fauna of southern Limburg and contiguous areas.
The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History - Dedicated to the establishment of a regional center for the study and public presentation of the Natural History and Archaeology of Florida and the Caribbean.
dmoz.org /Reference/Museums/Science/Natural_History   (1159 words)

 Texas Natural Science Center - Austin, Texas
The Texas Natural Science Center is the home of the Texas Memorial Museum, the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, the Non-vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory and the Texas Natural History Collections.
Educators are invited to work with University of Texas scientists and science educators to investigate concepts in evolution utilizing techniques from DNA analysis to interpreting the fossil record in this 13 day professional development program.
Texas Natural Science Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.
www.utexas.edu /tmm   (515 words)

 MC Natural Science Dept
Supported by five faculty members, students majoring in the natural sciences are prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological world.
Students interested in the natural sciences can choose from the following majors: agriculture, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and environmental stewardship.
Melhorn Science Hall is designed to enhance our student research program and to encourage interdisciplinary interaction, which is vitally important to a liberal arts education.
www.mcpherson.edu /science   (352 words)

 Natural Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The Bachelor of Science in Natural Science may not be used for a second major or a second degree by majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
Upon completion of the first year of studies at PCO, a transcript from PCO is to be sent by the student to the dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with a note requesting application materials for graduation.
Upon completion of the first year of studies at Temple University School of Podiatry, a transcript from Temple University is to be sent by the student to the dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at IUP with a note requesting application materials for graduation.
www.iup.edu /registrar/0304/Natscimath/natsci.shtm   (1409 words)

 The Berkshire Museum
The Natural Science Galleries incorporate hundreds of rocks, minerals, fossils, and animal specimens from the Museum's natural science collection into highly interactive exhibits, serving visitors of all ages and learning styles with hands-on, minds-on experiences.
Compare and contrast igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in their natural state, view a beautiful collection of polished stones, and see a real meteorite.
Some of the diorama backgrounds were painted by Matthew Kalmenoff, the artist known for his work on dioramas in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
www.berkshiremuseum.org /galleries/natural.html   (279 words)

 WARD'S Natural Science: Your Source for Science Since 1862 - Education - Lab - Hobbies
WARD'S Natural Science: Your Source for Science Since 1862 - Education - Lab - Hobbies
WARD'S Natural Science has been meeting the needs of the science education community since 1862—from middle school and high school-level classroom and homeschool studies to college curriculum, lab experiments, science fairs and hobbies.
We’re your single source for the highest quality Biology, Biotechnology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensics, Physical Science, and Chemistry science teaching supplies.
www.wardsci.com   (150 words)

 Natural Science Revealed
Art has always accompanied the science of natural history, often serving as the most effective means of communicating newfound information.
The Smithsonian Institution's mandate to collect the cultural, economic, and natural resources of a newly settled continent spawned innumerable exploratory expeditions, many with illustrators in tow.
Notably, botanical art was open to women even when higher education was not, and more than one woman began her science career by illustrating specimens and then taking on research.
www.150.si.edu /chap3/nathis.htm   (672 words)

 Natural Sciences and Mathematics | The WWW Virtual Library
A directory of links to sites with information on progress and study in the fields of natural hazards, risk analysis and management, and emergency preparedness.
this resource in English is indexed under: Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social and Behavioural Sciences.
This Library page is an attempt to provide a single comprehensive list of every science fair accessible through the World Wide Web, whether of global or local scope.
vlib.org /Science   (339 words)

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