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Topic: Nature reserve

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  Nature reserve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A nature reserve (natural reserve, nature preserve, natural preserve) is an area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study or research.
Nature reserves may be designated by government institutions in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, or by private landowners, such as charities and research institutions, regardless of nationality.
Wilderness areas, National Parks, scenic reserves, scientific reserves and forest parks are all types of nature reserves with varying degrees of protection.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nature_reserve   (143 words)

 Attenborough Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Attenborough Nature Reserve is situated in the Trent Valley on the south-western edge of Nottingham and consists of 240 acres of flooded gravel pits with associated marginal vegetation on a site of approximately 360 acres.
The reserve itself was established in 1966 and comprises of a series of disused gravel pits excavated between 1929 and 1967.
Whether you visit the reserve to watch birds, to fish or simply to walk and enjoy the beauty of the area, please take care of the wildlife and it's environment for the enjoyment of others.
www.paul.wetton.care4free.net /reserve.html   (805 words)

 DOC: Kapiti Island Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Nature reserves are areas set aside for the protection of native plants and animals, where human influence is kept to an absolute minimum.
It was reserved for this purpose in 1897, however, much of the habitat on the island had by this time been cut down and the entirety was overrun by feral animals.
Access will not be permitted between the nature reserve and the public land at the north end, to better control the risks associated with public access to this special place, and to continue the uncrowded experience many visitors experience.
www.doc.govt.nz /Explore/001~Other-Places/008~Wellington/Kapiti-Island-Nature-Reserve/index.asp   (1685 words)

 MBG: Shaw Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Nature Reserve was founded by the Garden in 1925 when coal smoke from the city threatened the living plant collections housed at the Garden.
Though the orchid collection was moved to the Nature Reserve in 1926, pollution in the city cleared before it was necessary to move the entire plant collection.
The Whitmire Wildflower Garden is a five-acre concentration of natural beauty in the form of Missouri and eastern U.S. native wildflowers in naturalistic plantings, accented by native grasses, shrubs and trees.
www.shawnature.org   (519 words)

 Abuko Nature Reserve
Abuko Nature Reserve is situated outside the village of Lamin in the Kombo North District, 25km from Banjul.
The Reserve is rectangular in shape, centred on the Lamin stream which surfaces within the lower half of the Reserve.
The pools in the Northeast end of the reserve hold a substantial population of Nile crocodiles, and attract a wide variety of birds and mammals, especially during the dry season.
home3.inet.tele.dk /mcamara/nature/abuko.html   (1033 words)

 Khingansky Nature Reserve | Russian Nature Reserves
The Khingansky Nature Reserve was first organized in 1963 and reached the present size of 240,550 acres (97,351 hectares) in 1977.
Forests occupy 76% of the mountainous part of the Reserve; oak and coniferous-broad-leafed forests prevail, while cedar-spruce and fir-spruce plantations are situated near the upper reaches of the rivers and on the northern slopes of the mountains.
The Reserve is known worldwide as the main breeding ground of the endangered Red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis), the White-naped crane (G.vipio) and the Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana).
www.ecotours.ru /english/reserves/nat-east-khi.htm   (849 words)

 The Central Suriname Nature Reserve
The Reserve forms a corridor linking three important former protected areas in Central Suriname: the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve in the north, and the Tafelberg and Eilerts de Haangebergte Nature Reserves in the central and southern portion of the corridor.
Eight nature reserves, one nature park, and one multiple-use management area currently exist, ranging in size from 100 to 220,000 hectares, and including both tropical forest ecosystems in the interior as well as a number of important coastal formations.
The northern part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, formerly known as the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve, established in 1961, is one of the most important protected areas in South America.
www.ci-suriname.org /csnr/eng/about_csnr.htm   (652 words)

 Hai Bar Animal and Nature Reserve Red Sea Desert - near Eilat, Israel
Hai-Bar Yotvata is located in the Yotvata Reserve, 40 kilometers north of Eilat on the Arava Highway, between Kibbutz Yotvata to the north and Kibbutz Samar to the south.
The 4,000-acre reserve is in the Yotvata salt marsh.
In 1964, the area of the Hai-Bar was fenced in (“the open area”) and the Nature Reserves Authority introduced desert birds and ungulates, some of which are mentioned in the Bible.
www.redseadesert.com /html/060haibar.html   (1531 words)

 West Midland Bird Club: Harborne Nature Reserve
The eastern end of the reserve, across the Chad Brook from the car park, consists of a maturing conifer plantation, which has been thinned to encourage the development of native ground flora, and attracts good numbers of seed-eating birds in winter.
The paths at the western end of the reserve, including the circular walk, are surfaced with wood chippings to give comfortable walking conditions at most times and gives the impression of a mature woodland path system.
Access to the reserve is by permit only, except during special events, which will be advertised in our diary.
www.westmidlandbirdclub.com /harborne   (598 words)

 Management of Lihou Reef National Nature Reserve
The Lihou Reef National Nature Reserve was proclaimed on 16 August 1982 in order to protect the Reserve's natural communities and species, and to maintain and protect all natural processes in an undisturbed state.
This management plan ensures the protection of the reserves' unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems that are important for breeding migratory birds, green turtles and a host of unique marine species of animals and plants.
Lihou Reef National Nature Reserve is assigned by this plan to IUCN category Ia — strict nature reserve.
www.deh.gov.au /coasts/mpa/lihou/management.html   (256 words)

This nature reserve covers a part of the eastern bank of the River Olfusa estuaries, almost from the Oseyri Bridge to the boundaries of County Sandvikurhreppur.
This reserve, the Olfus Bogs and the estuary region of River Olfusa are counted among the internationally recognized bird sanctuaries.
The nature reserve is dotted with small lakes and ponds in the depressions of the lava field.
www.nat.is /travelguideeng/plofin_floi_nature_reserve.htm   (857 words)

The Strunjan Nature Reserve is a part of the Strunjan Landscape Park and encloses four kilometers long northern coast of the Strunjan Peninsula between the Simon and Strunjan Bays, together with some 200 meters wide coastal water belt.
In the marine part of the reserve, natural ecological processes, characteristic biotops, species of plants and animals, and communities have survived to this day.
Among the numerous animal species which inhabit the marine part of the nature reserve, there are many which have been due to various reasons proclaimed endangered.
dragonja.nib.si /Strunjan   (458 words)

 Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This is a half-day excursion to the principal nature reserve in The Gambia, situated approximately 15 kilometers from the house.
The nature reserve is neither a zoo or a game reserve, it is an area of 180 acres, which places equal emphasis on the protection, and conservation of nature as a whole, a tiny piece of jungle in the middle of the savannah.
You don't have to be a naturalist to enjoy the Abuko Nature Reserve, but you will find a visit there a much more rewarding experience if you are.
www.gambia-holiday-villa.com /naturereserve.htm   (120 words)

 Mokolodi Nature Reserve -- introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The first project of the Foundation was the creation of the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in 1994 on 30 square km of donated land outside Gaborone, the capital of Botswana.
The philosophy behind Mokolodi Nature Reserve is that income from tourism and the sustainable use of wildlife and natural resources is used to subsidise the conservation projects and the environmental education programme.
Mokolodi Nature Reserve is therefore a most interesting project, involving education, conservation, tourism and rural community interaction all in one.
www.mokolodi.com /introduction.htm   (665 words)

 Khankaiskii Nature Reserve
The dominant habitats of the Reserve are grassy bogs, meadows, reed thickets and shallow.
The Reserve has vital importance for the preservation of 9 species of vascular plants which are endangered or rare in the Russian Far East.
The Japanese crane serves as a symbol of the Khanka Reserve and is therefore shown (depicted) on the Reserve's emblem.
www.jawgp.org /anet/ru001l1e.htm   (1512 words)

 Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve of ASWP
Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve is the headquarters of the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.
In the mid-seventies, the Evans Foundation of Pittsburgh agreed to donate approximately $500,000 for the construction of a nature center on land that was being donated to the Conservancy by the Whetzels and Mrs.
Shortly after the Evans Nature Center opened in the fall of 1979, the grandchildren of Thomas Raymond Evans presented ASWP with the carved Great Horned Owls, which have become the Beechwood emblem.
www.aswp.org /beechwood.html   (850 words)

 Fernkloof Nature Reserve
In late 1957, the Reserve was proclaimed by the Provincial Council of the Cape.
Parts of the coastal area including the Cliff Path Nature Area, the Mossel River valley and the area from De Mond to Kettle Point, including the mouth of the Vogelgat River and part of the Klein River lagoon have recently been incorporated in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve.
The reserve lies on the northern side of the town with a 60 km network of trails.These provide the opportunity for people of all fitness levels to go out and enjoy some exercise and fresh air.
fernkloof.com   (415 words)

 nature reserve
A nature reserve is a place where animals live in a protected environment.
The animals in reserves are usually native to the area, unlike zoos which have animals from all over the world.
You must select 10 animals which could be put in the reserve and of these you will choose the 6 you consider most suitable.
www.cap.nsw.edu.au /bb_site_intro/stage2_Modules/nature_reserve/nature_reserve.htm   (320 words)

The objective of Nature Reserve is to protect natural features so that forthcoming generations will have the opportunity to enjoy them as we do today.
The topography of the Torfajokull, central volcano found within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, is a direct result of the region being the largest rhyolite area in Iceland and the largest geothermal area (after Grimsvotn in Vatnajokull).
The average temperature in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve is probably 0-1°C. Temperatures between 5-14°C may be expected in July and August, and in the winter the average temperature is about —6°C. Mountain areas have a tendency to alter the general weather situation, and the Torfajokull Mountains are no exception.
www.nat.is /travelguideeng/fjallabak_nature_reserve.htm   (768 words)

 Monkton Nature Reserve, Monkton Field Study Centre, Thanet Observatory, Thanet Countryside Trust
The reserve is home to the first artificial bat cave to be constructed in the UK.
There are two ponds inside the reserve, one of which is on the quarry floor and is a water-table pond with a fluctuating water level, while the other is a butyl-lined pond in a secluded location.
is situated in the centre of the nature reserve.
www.mnr.manston.net   (455 words)

 Holkham Nature Reserve - North Norfolk Coast, England
HOLKHAM is the most extensive, diverse and dramatic nature reserve on a coastline famous for nature reserves.
Windswept tidelines, a maze of creeks and saltings, miles of dunes and sandspits, shady pinewoods, green pastures and marshes: the mix of habitats and the blend of wildlife unite Holkham's National Nature Reserve a unique place, somewhere to catch your breath in a busy world.
Holkham National Nature Reserve is owned by the Earl of Leicester and the Crown Estates and is managed by English Nature and Holkham Estate.
www.holkham.co.uk /naturereserve   (601 words)

 Kloofendal Nature Reserve
This reserve in the North-Western Highveld is home to 120 bird species, indigenous trees, proteas, orchids and many more.
Roodepoort's Kloofendal reserve is home to indigenous trees, proteas, orchids and other flora, and includes an attractive rocky koppie.
The 150 ha reserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset between the months of September and April (May to August are high fire-risk months).
www.places.co.za /html/kloofendal_nr.html   (176 words)

 Namib Rand Nature Reserve
he NamibRand Nature Reserve originated as a dream of extending the desert frontiers by integrating a large number of former sheep farms and developing a wildlife sanctuary free of fences.
Inviting nature lovers from all over the world to share in this dream has always been one of our objectives, and today NamibRand is synonymous with some of Namibia's - if not Africa's - most breathtaking locations.
To the west the Reserve shares a common border with the Namib-Naukluft Park, over a distance of nearly 100 km.
www.namibrand.com   (307 words)

 Environment ACT - Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a valley rich in Indigenous and natural heritage.
Nestled between the Tidbinbilla and Gibraltar Ranges, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a forty minute drive from the Canberra City centre along Tourist Drive 5.
The Friends of Tidbinbilla are a group of people who enjoy the special places in the reserve and want to be involved in looking after its natural and cultural environment.
www.environment.act.gov.au /bushparksandreserves/tidbinbilla.html   (752 words)

 Ramsar Sites Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Yancheng National Nature Reserve is located in Yancheng Municipality on the Jianghuai Plains, on the coast of the Yellow Sea, about 40 km east from the centre of Yancheng City.
The Nature Reserve is the largest coastal wetland in China.
The dike, ponds and reservoirs on the reserve, moderate the damage that could be caused by storms, high tides or flooding.
www.wetlands.org /RDB/Ramsar_Dir/China/CN020D02.htm   (600 words)

 Kapama Luxury Private Game Reserve South Africa
Kapama Private Nature Reserve is situated in the Northern Province and was proclaimed a private nature reserve in December 1993.
Kapama Private Nature Reserve covers 12 000 hectars of undisturbed bushveld in prime Big Five country, The reserve enjoys panoramic views of th nearby Drankensberg mountain range and is only 40 km from the Kruger National Park and is central to most of the scenic areas of Mpumalanga province.
Kapama Private Nature Reserve has gained a reputation as a centre of wildlife management and research and, although tourism features prominently in the reserve, it is the aim of the owner and his team to maintain a balance between the demands of tourism and those of conservation.
cybercapetown.com /Kapama   (657 words)

 Moore Nature Reserve
The nature reserve is well known for its varied bird life, including all five species of British owl and all three species of woodpecker.
Moore Nature Reserve is situated between the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey.
The landfill is being restored to a mix of woodland and grassland and, together with Moore Nature Reserve, will eventually provide an important public amenity and area of rich biodiversity on the edge of what is a busy, and growing urban area.
www.wrg.co.uk /moorenaturereserve/about-us.asp   (501 words)

 Vashlovani Nature Reserve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Established in 1957, Vashlovani Nature Reserve was set aside to protect and facilitate research of 8,034ha of east Georgia's "savannah" forests.
The reserve contains badlands cut by ravines "Alesilebi" which measure 59-70m in depth creating an extraordinary panoramic moonscape in some portions of this protected area.
About 2436ha of the reserve is covered with forest vegetation and another 4830ha of the reserve is steppes and semi-desert.
www.nps.gov /badl/exp/vashlovani.htm   (272 words)

 Romney Marsh Countryside Project - Dungeness National Nature Reserve
The Dungeness wildlife is sensitive and fragile, while residents live in the 90 odd houses on the point so you must follow the Code of Conduct.
Dungeness National Nature Reserve is managed through a partnership of organisations namely English Nature, the RSPB, Shepway District Council and Folkestone and Dover Water Services.
Dungeness also holds a special place in the hearts of local people and the National Nature Reserve aims to safeguard Dungeness for generations to come.
www.rmcp.co.uk /dnnr.html   (653 words)

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