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Topic: Nayim

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

En Nar, Nayim sienta las bases para un haul actual, sin complejos ni ataduras; un haul en el que convergen todos los caminos del desierto, su pasado rebelde, su mísero presente y un futuro lleno de esperanzas.
Nayim Alal es una fuerza de la naturaleza que por caprichos del destino ha llegado hasta nosotros.
Nayim sings to his nation and the painful circumstances surrounding it; he also sings to his most intimate environs.
www.nubenegra.com /catalogo/index_ampli.php3?id=91   (1076 words)

 Nayim - Tottenham Hotspur FC - Football-Heroes.net
In 1989-90 Nayim made a total of 23 appearances, helping the North London club to a 3rd place finish.
Nayim replaced Paul Gascoigne early in the final, after a series of reckless challenges by the Geordie threatened to end his own career.
Nayim's marvellous skills and deft touches made him a crowd favourite and he appeared in 31 games in the league throughout 1991-92.
sporting-heroes.net /football-heroes/displayhero_club.asp?HeroID=3119   (354 words)

 FA Cup
It came ten minutes after the interval, when Nayim put Paul Stewart in on the right hand side of the box and he drilled a low shot past Crossley that hit the stanchion and put Tottenham on level terms.
Nayim took it and Stewart met it at the near post to flick it on.
As Gary Mabbutt ran in at the far post, he was poised to head the ball home, but defender Des Walker beat him to it and buried the ball past his own keeper to give Tottenham the lead for the first time in the game.
www.mehstg.com /1991.htm   (634 words)

 Mangas Verdes » Creo que fue Nayim, sí
Nada menos que el impresionante gol de Nayim que le dio al Zaragoza la victoria y la por entonces Recopa de Europa al Zaragoza frente al Arsenal en el último minuto de la prórroga, allá por 1995.
nayim, gol, recopa, 1995, zaragoza-arsenal, zaragoza, arsenal, futbol
Supongo que por un segundo pensaron si quizá Nayim estaba hasta las narices de escucharlos y había decidido meter un gol histórico sólo para que cerraran la boca de una puñetera vez.
mangasverdes.es /2006/04/18/creo-que-fue-nayim-si   (920 words)

 Nayim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nayim scored one of the most famous goals in European football when scoring the winner for Real Zaragoza in the 1995 European Cup Winners' Cup final, an outrageous lob over the Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman from 40 yards out in the final minute of extra time.
In May 1993, after 144 appearances and 18 goals for Spurs, Nayim signed for Real Zaragoza for £500,000.
A year later the former Spurs man attained immortality by lobbing David Seaman from 40 yards in the final seconds of extra-time to beat Arsenal in the 1995 European Cup Winners Cup Final.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nayim   (521 words)

 Nayim Alal Downloads :: calabashmusic.com
Nayim Alal comes from West Sahara, a country that has been on the losing side of history since Spain decided to "give" it to Mauritania and Morocco, rather than grant it independence from the Colonial yoke.
The people of the region, the Sahrauis have been pressing for their independence for years, and yet have maintained their dignity while residing in refugee camps and enduring all...
The people of the region, the Sahrauis have been pressing for their independence for years, and yet have maintained their dignity while residing in refugee camps and enduring all kinds of privations.
nayimalal.calabashmusic.com   (330 words)

 BBC SPORT | ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP  | Schwarz's Goal of the Week
Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman was famously lobbed by Real Zaragoza's Nayim in the 1995 European Cup Winners' Cup final in Paris.
While Nayim played for the Gunners' north London rivals Spurs, Schwarz spent a year at Highbury in the 1990s.
Schwarz's goal was not in the Nayim class, but it was a strike that shared the Spaniard's quick feet and even quicker thinking.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/1626435.stm   (198 words)

 FA Cup Final 1991
A neat move on the left saw Nayim confidently back-heel to Lineker, whose cross was met by the head of Allen.
Nayim, an influential figure, played a difficult ball from the left nicely to Allen.
Nayim, growing constantly in stature, took it from the right, Stewart, of whom the same might be said, headed on; and poor Des Walker, never as dominant as you might have expected, nodded into his own net.
www.fa-cupfinals.co.uk /1991.htm   (918 words)

 [No title]
At trial, the State presented, in its case in chief, the testimony of Hamad (a robbery victim), Ken Witkowski (a police officer), Thomas Reynolds (a forensic investigator), Cynthia Porterfield (a medical examiner), and Robert Smith (a firearms expert).
In rebuttal, the State presented the testimony of Nayim Yousef (the owner of the store and William's uncle) and recalled Witkowski for further testimony.
On September 11, 1994, a Sunday, Hamad, William and Nayim were working in the store to prepare for the store's opening.
www.state.il.us /court/Opinions/AppellateCourt/1997/1stDistrict/September/HTML/1960037.txt   (5245 words)

 Derby County FC - The Rams from the Derby Evening Telegraph : Rams 2 v 1 Spurs
Lineker again failed to make anything-off it but the ball sat up for Nayim, who held his head in anguish when he shot over the bar from close range.
Moncur was consistently impressive in midfield, using the occasional long pass as variety to his shorter game and he also hit the bar, with a fine shot from the edge of the area after a corner from Nayim.
There was finally a reward after 85 minutes, when Moncur beat Shilton with a glancing header from Nayim's free kick, but Derby were not going to give away any of the points they had worked so hard to earn.
www.therams.co.uk /details.asp?back=true&key=2739|1|24B587508849|R|587|2713221572004332857230&parentkey=2739|1|24B587508849|p|587|0   (906 words)

 Galileo-MC: Alal, Nayim - Nar
Nayim gilt als innovativer Erneuerer der traditionellen Musik, dem Haul.
In NAR, seinem ersten Soloalbum, entlädt sich mit Nayim der heisse Wüstenblues in seinen vielfältigen Facetten: episch, weich, sehnsuchtsvoll, stolz und amüsant.
Nayims Gesang richtet sich zu allererst an sein Volk und dessen schwierigen Lebensumstände; doch auch seine vertraute Umgebung findet Platz in seinem künstlerischen Kosmos.
www.musikausspanien.de /galileo-mc/cd.php?formatid=186&sprache=de   (348 words)

 Israelity » The Sheikh and I
Throughout the interview, Sheikh Nayim’s bodyguard kept his eyes on me. His brow was low and his head was forward on his thick neck.
Breezily, Sheikh Nayim gathered the pleats of his robe and took his place next to me as Wil clicked off a shot.
On the ground floor of the mall at the base of the escalators, there was a stall which promised to put your photograph on a tee-shirt or mug.
www.israelity.com /?p=908   (887 words)

 Nayim: See what people are saying right now on Technorati   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Nayim: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
Creo que fue Nayim, sí Guardado en: Mangas Vídeo — mmeida @ 11:34 Navegando por Blablablog, me he econtrado con este vídeo recién subido a YouTube y...
nayim per day for the last 30 days.
technorati.com /tag/nayim   (119 words)

 Nayim - Tottenham Hotspur FC World Cup Team Entry - Football.Heroes.net
Nayim - Tottenham Hotspur FC World Cup Team Entry - Football.Heroes.net
Mohammad Ali Amar, known as Nayim, was born in Ceuta, Spain on November 5th 1966.
This photograph is the copyright © of George Herringshaw and sporting-heroes.net
www.sporting-heroes.net /football-heroes/displayhero_worldcup.asp?HeroID=3119   (342 words)

 Mariem Hassan, Nayim Alal - Medej - Cantos Antiguos Saharauis - CD / cdRoots
Medej covers a Moslem tradition of spiritual songs that are dedicated to the prophet Mohammed, praising him and referring to the most important events in his life: his birth and childhood, how Allah chose him to be his prophet, the journey from Mecca to Medina.
It has been recorded during two live sessions, without previous rehearsals, so that in the intimacy of the studio the different styles and intonations, characteristic of each of the camps, could meet.
With the use of tidinit, electric guitars, bass and even a new instrument, the mijairis, contributed by Nayim Alal, a variety of musical arrangements was guaranteed, only the flute (nefara) is missing.
www.cdroots.com /nube-medej.html   (699 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet England: News - 'I'm still haunted by Nayim from the halfway line'
Given that he is one of England's most decorated footballers, David Seaman chooses a peculiar episode when he reflects on some of his career's defining moments.
It was in Paris in the very last minute of the 1995 European Cup Winners' Cup Final and came courtesy of the boot of Real Zaragoza's Spanish midfielder Nayim.
As he lay entangled in the net along with the ball that had just landed there from the distance of almost half a pitch to clinch the game, Arsenal goalkeeper Seaman realised once and for all how close sporting glory sits to disaster.
www.soccernet.com /england/news/2000/0916/20000916afcseaman.html   (973 words)

 Tottenham - TEAMtalk Football News
Nayim from the half way line, Tottenham Hotspur fan.
Because of his youth he will still be caught out now and again by the odd experienced campaigners like Scholes or Lampard, but he should be given that experience to improve.
With Malbranq to join the frey later we are definately going to be better than next year.
www.gxn.net /football/yoursaydetail/1,16387,1784_c_1135457,00.html   (828 words)

 BBC Sport | Sport Homepage | Football | Europe | Dixon bullish over Arsenal hopes
In 1995 Dixon played in a second successive European Cup Winners' Cup final, although his memories of that occasion are altogether less happy.
Arsenal lost to Real Zaragoza in Paris in the Parc des Princes stadium after Nayim's astonishing lob over David Seaman in the game's final minute of extra-time.
Eleven years on, Dixon is anticipating Arsenal will be making a very different sort of history by winning the Champions League for the first time.
news.bbc.co.uk /solpda/ukfs_sport/hi/newsid_4755000/4755819.stm   (715 words)

 [No title]
From: K Kothari Ex Spurs man Nayim scored the most incredidible goal I have ever seen, in the last minute of extra time when he shot from 50-60 yards and beat Seamen.
It was nice to see Nayim's quote after the match, in which he said that he was very pleased to have scored against the Arsenal, and that he thought that the Tottenham fans would be jumping for joy.
Nayim himself said he played for it rather than the expected (by Arsenal) pass to the left, though he admits it was a bit lucky to go in.
www.clubi.ie /grizmond/spurs-list/archives/1998/9805May/980512.txt   (9230 words)

 Mariem Hassan Con Leyoad CD / cdRoots
In spite of this the saharaui musicians continue not only protecting their culture but also modernizing the traditional music, the haul, without losing not in the least their roots.
And due to such fundamental figures like Mariem Hassan and Nayim Alal, Leyoad and the actual saharaui music gained a solid place in the music scene.
And together with her as well the other women, each with her merit, Shueta, the most applied to sing for marriages and traditional celebrations; Bouba, enchanting and perfect in singing and dancing; Maga, great dancer with a solid domination of the t´bal between the percussionists as well like Tarba, Fatata and Ferraha.
www.cdroots.com /nube-hassan.html   (1578 words)

 World Music Central - Saharawi Desert Blues
Wood is difficult to obtain in the Sahara and desert nomads have turned electric guitars into a favorite instrument.
Nayim Alal is probably the best guitarist in the Saharawi scene.
Nayim Alal has a unique way of playing the electric guitar and deserves wider recognition.
www.worldmusiccentral.org /article.php?story=2004121318023278   (159 words)

 World Cup Soccer - Brazil vs. England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In the last minute of Arsenal's 1995 European Cup Winners' Cup final against Real Zaragoza, Seaman was left flailing at the game-winner, a 50-yard lob from midfielder Nayim.
As a goalkeeper you can be a hero for 89 minutes and then all of a sudden, 'Bang!' You've made an error and the game's over," Seaman said.
Nightmare." Though it took place seven years ago, the Nayim goal still troubles Seaman and Ronaldinho's winner may do the same.
usatoday.com /sports/scores102/102171/20020621WCS--ENGLAND---0nr.htm   (1021 words)

 uefa.com - UEFA Cup Winners' Cup - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In the last minute of extra-time, Real Zaragoza midfielder Mohamed Ali Amar, alias ‘Nayim’ – a former Tottenham Hotspur FC player – beat Arsenal’s international goalkeeper David Seaman with an astonishing lob from the right-hand touchline, some 40 metres from the English goal.
The final came alight when Juan Eduardo Esnaider, who had scored in every previous round, hooked in his eighth goal of the campaign in the 68th minute.
Eight minutes later, John Hartson struck back for Stewart Houston's side to force extra-time and set up the story-book ending for Nayim and for Real Zaragoza.
www.uefa.com /competitions/ECWC/news/Kind=8192/newsId=3429.html   (368 words)

 Canadian Jewish News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The MDA medics working to try unsuccessfully to save the life of the critically injured soldier, Sgt. Ma'ayan Nayim, 19 (below right).
At bottom, a shoe and blood from the severely injured victims.
All civilized people for whom standing against terror is important must stand alongside Israel and disavow both the opinion and its dangerous significance.”
www.cjnews.com /viewarticle.asp?id=3915   (539 words)

 World Music Network Catalogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
But, thanks to the unlikely success of Tuareg nomad band Tinariwen and their Festival in the Desert, this brutal immensity of sand and rock is developing a powerful musical identity – one that is fruitfully explored on this invigorating compilation.’Daily Telegraph, UK
NAYIM ALAL: Bleida (Nayim Alal) pub Nubenegra SL.
The Rough Guide To The Music Of Sudan is bursting with the diverse and rich music that has emerged from Africa’s largest country, from desert rhythms echoing a camel’s stride to savannah woodland harmonies.
www.worldmusic.net /catalogue/n_africa.html   (1576 words)

 Spurs Trivia... - Soccer Fans Network Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sorry to repeat myself, Willow but Nayim did replace Gazza after he got himself injured after his horrendous tackle on Charles.
He was substituted after Stuart Pearce put Forest ahead when he collapsed in a heap.
It was a bit of a joke, u are correct though it was Nayim......
forums.soccerfansnetwork.com /showthread.php?t=33528   (317 words)

 [No title]
ÁxÁHamad testified that Nayim Yousef, William's uncle, bought a grocery store at Lake and Central.
ÁxÁThe next day, September 12, 1994, Hamad, William and Nayim returned to work in the store.
ÁxÁDefendant testified that he worked about seven hours in Nayim Yousef's store on September 10, 1994 (a Saturday), and about eight hours at the store on September 11, 1994 (a Sunday).
www.state.il.us /court/OPINIONS/AppellateCourt/1997/1stDistrict/September/WP/1960037.doc   (5152 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Scotland: News - Final reminder of Hartson's pedigree
Yet there is only one member of the current Parkhead playing personnel who can claim to have scored in a European final.
It was 1995 when an infamous 40-yard lob of Arsenal's David Seaman by Real Zaragoza's Nayim robbed a youthful John Hartson of the chance of European glory after his strike had taken the tie to within the final seconds of extra-time.
Six years later, the bustling forward is back at European level with an opportunity of avenging that one fateful brush with Spanish opposition.
soccernet.com /scotland/news/2001/1203/20011203cfchartsonpedigree.html   (751 words)

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