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Topic: NegaDuck

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  Profile - Negaduck
be loot or mindless slaughter, Negaduck found anything dastardly to be high on his priority list.
Negaduck, Darkwing and Megavolt were all caught in the blast.
And knowing Negaduck, there was going to be some hell to pay soon.
www.dirtybaka.com /Maturation/ProfileND.html   (377 words)

 NegaDuck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to that episode, NegaDuck comes from a parallel universe called "the Negaverse" where everyone is the opposite of who they are in the universe where the series is usually set.
NegaDuck's Gosalyn is sweet and feminine, unlike the mischievous tomboy from the normal universe (although both versions are basically good, meaning that morality is not always reversed in the Negaverse), while the evil version of Launchpad McQuack is psychotic.
NegaDuck may be a homage to/parody of The Reverse-Flash, an enemy of the DC Comics superhero The Flash.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/NegaDuck   (703 words)

NegaDuck is a fictional character created for the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck.
Instead of being the negative half of Darkwing, though, this was a whole other NegaDuck, design-wise that is. This NegaDuck wore the same outfit as Darkwing, but with an opposite color scheme and a fl mask.
NegaDuck's backstory was revealed in the next episode (in production order), "Life, the Negaverse, and Everything".
www.paleorama.com /Disney-N/NegaDuck.php   (242 words)

 Flapping Terror - Character Profiles
Still, many Negaduck fans believe he has the capacity to change, or at least the capacity to love, somewhere deep down in that tortured soul of his.
The Negaduck we know and love (to hate) then appeared as the leader of the Fearsome Five, and still later we find out he's Darkwing's double from the Negaverse, a universe supposedly opposite to Darkwing's.
In a still later episode, we hear this crazy story that Darkwing and Negaduck are identical cousins from another planet who were rocketed to Earth just before their planet exploded...
doubleoduck.tripod.com /profiles/negaduck.html   (697 words)

 Another Side of the Negaverse
Negaduck stood above him on top of the stack of crates, grinning evilly, and holding a huge bazooka-shaped gun.
You and Negaduck are in cahoots?" yelled Duke.
Negaduck himself sat on an old wooden bench, amidst the dusty, bare, concrete floors.
www.md-tas.50megs.com /fanfic/dragonchronicles/negadrag.htm   (4217 words)

 Terrors that Defend in the Night
Negaduck had Darkwing right where he wanted him for a brief moment, until the sirens and flashing lights outside told him, if he was going to rob another bank, he'd have to make a fast getaway.
Negaduck was right, in their position a hostage situation would work a lot better, even though it meant letting Elisa live a few more precious hours.
Negaduck let out a string of swear words as he and the rest of the Fearsome Four were herded into a large police truck, cuffed at the wrists.
www.roninfur.com /den/dis/ttdin.html   (13995 words)

 [No title]
Negaduck glared wickedly after him, then threw Gladys back into her cell and went over to a table, where he started tying a rope in a tight knot.
Negaduck and Darkwing turned to see Claudia standing posed in the doorway of the ballroom in a red-violet sparkling dress that was full-fitting at the top and full-skirted at the bottom.
Negaduck was about to pull the trigger when a voice declared, "I am the terror that flaps in the night!" Negaduck wheeled and looked frantically about the room.
www.ttaworld.net /ttafanficmirror/stories/flaps.txt   (12618 words)

 Flapping Terror - Fan Bios and Theories
ORIGIN: Negaduck originated in the NegaVerse to an abusive father and a mother who didn't have time for him.
He grew up smartest in his school, for whatever little that is worth, and did the housework that his mother should have been able to do.
NOTABLE TIDBITS: Negaduck is a surprisingly good father considering his father beat him and his mother was hardly around.
doubleoduck.tripod.com /fansection/fanbios/negaduck_kilthalia.html   (404 words)

 The Internet Disney Fashion Database (IDFDB.com)
NegaDuck is Darkwing Duck's nemesis, hence the name and the costume with the color swap.
He's a mean bastard, and if Disney allowed death and all that in their cartoons, this man might be the one to do it.
DW is a pansy, he should've just stuck his gas gun in Neg's ass and fired off 20 rounds, then put him on a spit for roasting.
www.the7thlevel.com /images/negaduck.html   (214 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
AERIAL SHOT of Negaduck running off, LIQUIDATOR trailing behind as a puddle of water, and Fawn lying in the alley, on her side.
NEGADUCK I know all about the little condition your frail friend Fawn happens to be suffering from...
NEGADUCK comes eye to eye with DARKWING, who seems to have grown taller, since NEGADUCK is now a good three inches shorter than him.
www.afn.org /~afn34967/bonkers/bk1999_1.htm   (5662 words)

 Lordnegaduck on deviantART   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Negaduck thought to himself, "Ahhhhh, Look how easy it is to steal this RED HOT Christmas Game, and she's not paying one bit of attention to her shopping bags!
The Mighty Masked Mallard saw Negaduck trying to get away by running back towards the mezzanine, so Darkwing fired a canister at a large display of ink cartridges that were stacked like a pyramid.
To Negaduck's dismay, because of that "Dipwing Dork" he dropped his "acquired" Christmas Goodies all over the floor.
lordnegaduck.deviantart.com   (1023 words)

 Negaduck Repaint (Galvanized Version)
The first one was created in the episode "Negaduck," in which Megavolt uses a device called a tron-splitter to separate Darkwing into two separate ducks, one made entirely of positrons and one made of negatrons.
Results: Sadly, this version of Negaduck ceased to exist by episode's end; he was, predictably, reunited with the all-good Darkwing (Lightwing?).
An evil version of GizmoDuck would have rocked beyond comprehension.) Anyway, this second Negaduck was the one who went on to become Darkwing's regular nemesis on the show, and I have immortalized that version of him in action figure form as well
members.fortunecity.com /zobovor/negaduck_repaint.html   (590 words)

Negaduck was just ready to begin another spree of destruction when he heard a piercing wail split the air.
Negaduck was trying to remove the gun from his arm with his other hand.
Negaduck was trying to aim the weapon, but he was having a hard time because the metal and plastic were melting and reshaping like a restless amoeba.
members.aol.com /negaduck9/etchings/ahiru.htm   (11573 words)

 [No title]
> Negaduck knew who he was, because he had read all of the Sailor Moon > Comics, and Rubius was his favourite villain, just because of his > power.
Lokar: The amateur author all too often projects - or, should I say, inflicts - his or her tastes upon the characters within their narratives, no matter how out of character those tastes may be within the story context.
Negaduck and Darkwing Duck are copyright (c) Disney.
www.svamcentral.org /ewic/mstings/SM-DARKWING.TXT   (2912 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
NARRATION Things were rough, considering that Bonkers had abandoned me in Cairo, giving Negaduck a chance to escape-- but no sooner had we locked all the toon criminals away-- SHOW DENNIS and STARK walking away from the cell doors, with criminals all poking out from between the doors.
I knew Negaduck's wave of violence would turn on itself-- now we've got to stop the people of LA from doing the same.
NEGADUCK can be seen on it, and next to him a BOTTLE in which GENIE is trapped.
www.afn.org /~afn34967/bonkers/bk1999_4.htm   (5571 words)

 Darkwing Duck: Negaduck Episode Trivia - TV.com
The Negaduck in this episode is different from the normal Negaduck.
The regular Negaduck is D.W. from an alternate universe (which is hinted at in: "Life, The Negaverse, and Everything"), where as this Negaduck is the galvanized negative energy from Darkwing's body, his true dark half.
Negaduck: "I am the most fiendish terror that flaps in the darkest night!
www.tv.com /negaduck/episode/50959/trivia.html   (231 words)

 Animated Lust (Rated PG!) - Mystery Disney Science Theater 2000: Ep. 4
*Negaduck is grinning evilly and walking about proudly while Megavolt is in the background moving boxes around.
Negaduck: My friends, we are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme of my illustrious career.
Negaduck: Our living entertainments have a most beautiful piece of work given to play with.
www.fantasykat.com /ff/tz/tigress4.html   (4043 words)

 [No title]
(Negaduck growls.) Negaduck: All right, I know *one* of you morons was in charge of decorating the hall.
Meanwhile, Negaduck leans against the launcher and sneers.) Maybe this won't be so bad after all.
(Negaduck fires, causing the ceiling of the hall to cave in.
www.lambdapsiphi.com /daft/daft/text/hallz.txt   (853 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
NEGADUCK pauses as he listens to some jibber on the phone.
Negaduck wants me to meet him with my gang at the Hollywood Water Works in one hour.
NEGADUCK What makes you think you're gonna stop me? Your toon pal over there is soggy, numb everywhere, and I think I saw his IQ drop ten points!
www.afn.org /~afn34967/bonkers/2_wail.htm   (3981 words)

 Disney Afternoon File Time (DAFT) Mailing List Archive - Kim McFarland
Expanding Negaverse, in which Negaduck rises to power in the Negaverse.
Time in a Battle Negaduck tries to reshape the present by altering the past.
Darkwing Duck: The Next Generation pits Quiverwing Quack and Posiduck II against Essobee, the son of Negaduck!
www.lambdapsiphi.com /daft/daft/negaduck9.htm   (869 words)

 The NegaRing!
The NegaRing was designed for all sites focusing on the malicious master of mayhem, Negaduck, or his realm, the Negaverse.
Most of the site focuses on my 3 fave ducks: Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, and of course Disney's darkest villain ever: NegaDuck, for whom the site is named.
Fanlisting for Disney's most evil villain: the sadistic chainsaw toteing NegaDuck, from the Darkwing Duck TV series.
s.webring.com /hub?ring=negaduck   (319 words)

 Etchings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Negaduck Unmasked - Not a sight for the faint of heart.
Negaduck tries to reshape the present by altering the past.
"Ahiru" isn't QUITE the end of Negaduck; in fact, it marks the beginning of a new career.
members.aol.com /negaduck9/etchings/etchings.htm   (608 words)

 [No title]
She-Wolf: Negaduck, you're Antipholus of Ephesus, and you're Dromio servant is Quackerjack.
Quackerjack edges toward the exit] She-Wolf:Splatter, you'll be Negaduck's wife, Adriana.
Negaduck: This is the scene where I beat him right?
www.roninfur.com /den/dis/vilplay.txt   (1255 words)

 The Home For Cartoon Villains
And that he has suffered to see his mother raped, him molested by the king since he was very beautiful and resembled a girl at a young age and his people killed.
the second Negaduck has that giant ego we love to see in our favorite bad guys, while the first was simply (and kinda boringly) just bad.
Oh, and color me surprised but there seems to be a bit of a Negaduck fanhood blossoming on the web.
cartoonvillains.8m.com /hall4.htm   (2416 words)

 [No title]
Disguise the Limit Negaduck zaps Darkwing with his ray gun and DW morphs into objects he views.
Going Nowhere Fast Negaduck zaps DW with a ray that speeds him up and ages him before his time.
Negaduck Megavolt splits DW into his good side (Posiduck) and his bad side (Negaduck).
www.twinbee.com /~godom/dwdep.txt   (1339 words)

 Amazon.com: negaduck: DVD
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Darkwing Duck - His Favourite Aventures - The Birth of Negaduck - VHS Tape (Mar 23, 1993) by Hamilton Camp, GĂ©rard Hernandez, Sheryl Bernstein, et al.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=negaduck&index=dvd&page=1   (182 words)

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