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Topic: Neoclassic

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  Neoclassic Swivel Bar Stools - Wrought Iron
Wooden Stools Backless Swivel Replacement Swivels Backless Chili Peppers Neoclassic Swivel Coffee Cup Swivel
Extra Tall Neoclassic Extra Tall Rose Horse Bar Stool Palm Tree Windsor Windsor Wood Extra Tall Swivel
Average transit time is 2-7 business days depending on your area of the country and location.
www.barstools-inc.com /mall/SW124N-neoclassic-swivel-stools.php   (442 words)

  NeoClassic Knowledge Representation System Tutorial
Since NeoClassic doesn't have a "NOT" construct, we will have to use exhaustive enumeration to capture the other regions, i.e.
NeoClassic will automatically infer that an instance of WINERY is a regional winery as long as it is able to show that the instance has at least one region.
In common sense language and reasoning, we often presuppose the existence of role fillers; if I tell you that all Jack's children are in college, for instance, you will assume that Jack has at least one child.
www.bell-labs.com /project/classic/papers/NeoTut/NeoTut2.html   (1906 words)

 UDA - NeoClassic Trends in Residential Design
NeoClassic or NeoTraditional Design as it is commonly called, is beginning to play a prominant role in the the minds of community planners, neighborhood developers and politicians alike.
A prime consideration in Neoclassical neighborhood planning is developing communities that can function and thrive through the interaction of pedestrians, hence the emphasis on separating automobiles from a primary access point into every street.
In contrast, a Neoclassic plan integrates the community by combining appropriately located shopping, entertainment, and commercial services within the framework of the neighborhood, and by definition allow for narrower lots that lend themselves to the Neoclassic appeal while increasing net density and providing more affordable lot costs.
www.uniteddesign.com /neoclassic_trends.html   (416 words)

  William Bounds Kitchen Pepper and Salt Mills Neoclassic Mills Roma   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Our Neoclassic collection features elegantly styled mills with birch wood bodies in a rich espresso finish.
Any mill may be used with pepper or salt thanks to the stainless steel shaft and ceramic milling mechansim.
Neoclassic Napoli Mill (10"H) Neoclassic Roma Mill (7"H) Neoclassic Roma Tall Mill (10"H) Neoclassic Venezia Mill (8"H) Neoclassic Venezia Tall Mill (11"H) The Neoclassic mills are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.
www.125west.com /William_Bounds_Kitchen_Pepper_and_Salt_Mills_Neoclassic_Mills_Roma.html   (289 words)

 Neoclassic Auctions - About Us
Neoclassic Auctions - About Us Impeccable customer service, a proven track record, and each and every customer being catered to with speed, efficiency and accuracy to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.
ABOUT US Neoclassic Auctions opened its doors as a family business enthusiastic about the vision to provide customers with a memorable auction experience, beauty and the quintessence of quality.
Neoclassic Auctions draws its strength from the people who work every day to take the extra step toward customer satisfaction.
www.neoclassicauctions.com /aboutus.asp   (211 words)

 True Cost Economics : Whats Wrong With Neoclassical Economics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chicago School affiliate George Stigler once scornfully remarked that “without mathematics, we’d be reduced to the caviling of sociologists and the like.” The 1969 introduction of the Nobel prize in economics – which Stigler won in 1982 – seems to have fueled these delusions of grandeur.
The reliability of this and other neoclassical economic models would be irrelevant to the wider world if the prescriptions of Stigler and his ilk were confined to the halls of academia.
Solow’s outlook epitomizes old-school neoclassical thinking, but the ivory tower he and his cohort sit in is ripe for demolition.
www.adbusters.org /metas/eco/truecosteconomics/neoclassical.html   (445 words)

 NeoClassic Armor
Enter the NeoClassic Armor, Model VII, Mark I, and all-new armor that was a return to Iron Man's strengths, literally.
But on the inside, the NeoClassic Armor (which debuted in IRON MAN #95) was made much stronger than the Depolarizing Armor.
A neat bonus on the NeoClassic Armor was the the lock on Stark's lab, which was located in a restricted section of the plant.
www.ironmanarmory.com /neoclassicarmor.html   (568 words)

 Neoclassic Auctions - Glossary
From a buyer's perspective, Neoclassic Auctions is one of the most exciting ways to buy fine art, fine jewelry, fine gems, luxury cars, and antiques to name a few.
At Neoclassic Auctions, you pay for your items when you are ready to leave.
If you are attending a Neoclassic Auctions event, there is no money limit to bid, however for property between $5000.00 and $200,000.00, we require a deposit of $3,000 to qualify to bid.
www.neoclassicauctions.com /buysell.asp   (2728 words)

Aristotle indicates that the action of a play should take place within one revolution of the sun (24 hours), and the neoclassic critics extend this to include the idea that the action must occur within locations that could be reached within a 24 hour period, which meant a maximum of ten or twenty miles.
It is exceedingly strange, therefore, that even though the neoclassic critics accepted Aristotle and Horace as authorities, by the time they finished interpreting these classical critics, they had developed a definition of theatre totally original and unprecedented, something that centered on the notion of verisimilitude, or the appearance of truth.
The Italian neoclassic critics began by trying to create a modern form of drama that would be based on the classical critics, most notably Aristotle and his writings about drama in the Poetics.
www.atsweb.neu.edu /theatre.history/thhist2/Neoclassicism.htm   (1536 words)

 Sconce - French Neoclassic wall sconce
The overall look of this French neoclassical sconce retains a special hold on our imagination, partly because of its antiqued gold leaf finish.
The antiqued gold finish (or patina) is an ancient tradition, introduced to both retard the tarnishing of the precious metal, but also to give it a great depth of luster.
Neoclassical sconce has pleated half round fabric shade with golden trim.
www.invitinghome.com /Sconces/Wall_Sconce_DC1868.htm   (206 words)

 Neoclassic House Plans from The House Designers
Neoclassic house plans are house plans borrowing from old, historical classical styles.
Neoclassic house plans could also be referred to by their specific style, such as colonial house plans, European house plans, Spanish house plans, country French house plans, etc.
Our award winning neoclassic house plans, residential house plans, architectural home designs, floor plans, blueprints and home plans will make your dream home a reality!
www.thehousedesigners.com /neoclassic-house-plans.asp   (223 words)

 NeoClassic: The C++ Version of Classic
NeoClassic is the recommended version of Classic for most use.
``NeoClassic Reference Manual: Version 1.0.'' Artificial Intelligence Principles Research Department, AT&T Bell Labs, 1996.
``NeoClassic Tutorial: Version 1.0.'' Artificial Intelligence Principles Research Department, AT&T Bell Labs, 1996.
www.bell-labs.com /project/classic/neo.html   (185 words)

 NeoClassic LED Watch - Unique Gifts Australia | Unique Gifts, Presents, Birthday Gifts, Funky Products, Gadgets, Mens ...
NeoClassic LED Watch - Unique Gifts Australia
They'll also adore its big, bright, classic LED display, the six level brightness control, the calendar and 12/24 hour format — and unlike its ancestor — the NeoClassic LED Watch features the latest microelectronic technology to deliver reliability, long life and highly accurate time.
The NeoClassic LED Watch encompasses a six-level LED brightness control, calendar and 12/24 hr format display options, metal face and genuine leather band.
www.latestbuy.com.au /neoclassic_led_watch.html   (691 words)

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