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Topic: Neoism

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  Neoism Info - Bored Net - Boredom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
The existence of paradox in Neoism is normal because to define Neoism is to define anti-Neoism.
To put it differently, the aim of Neoism is for the creation of a situation in which there is total freedom and perpetual change -- thus also including categorical refusals and negations of the concepts of freedom and change.
Neoism also gathered players with backgrounds in graffiti and street performance, language writing (later known as language poetry), experimental film and video, Mail Art, the early Church of the Subgenius and gay and lesbian culture.
www.borednet.com /e/n/encyclopedia/n/ne/neoism.html   (588 words)

 The Neoist Society - Forever Renewing Neoism
Neoism is continuous and everlasting - continuous in that it leaves no gaps, but fills the Neoist´s whole day and all his days; everlasting in that it functions into the incalculable future.
Neoism is very frequently described as a conspiracy of the New for the purpose of replacing old ideas or opinions, with new and better ideas and opinions.
Neoism and the Now occupies him completely and we must bear in mind that if Neoism leads to this kind of participation it is child's play – the very best kind of play.
neoist.org /whatisneoism.html   (2294 words)

 ¤ Sztuka Fabryka ¤
'Neoism', launched around 1979 by Zack and Ackermann, is an open movement and gave the possibility to each who wanted to take part in it, to develop the movement according to their own needs.
One of the three central strategies of 'Neoism' beside "plagiarism" and the "art strike" was the use of multiple names, which is an imported part of their philosophy.
The use of multiple names in 'Neoism' was a reaction against false individualism in capitalist society, by using all the same identity, control and describing is impossible.
www.sztuka-fabryka.be /encyclopaedia/items/multiple_name.htm   (2215 words)

 ¤ Sztuka Fabryka ¤
'Neoism' was an open movement and each artist was free to call him/herself a 'neoist' and could contribute, re-interprete and add upon a given structure, to develop the movement according to their own needs.
Mail-artists took from 'Neoism' what was of interest for them without adapting their activities to the theory of 'Neoism' or add any substantial result to 'Neoism'.
'Neoism' has perfected this technique, surpassing its forebears Dada, Situationist, and Fluxus to the extent that even now, some thirty years after the movement started, art historians have done their best to ignore it, or to treat it as only a footnote to the more historical clear Mail-Art movement.
www.sztuka-fabryka.be /encyclopaedia/items/neoism.htm   (2042 words)

 overview of neoism
In keeping with this allegorical interpretation of Neoism, the initiation of individuals into the movement must necessarily be described as follows: the candidate is blindfolded and led into a darkened room.
Thus Neoism was viewed simultaneously as modernist, post-modernist, an avant-garde transgression of modern and post-modern traditions, as underground, Neo-Dadaist and an outgrowth of Fluxus.
www.stewarthomesociety.org /neoism/neoneg.htm   (1664 words)

 Clifford Brown on Neoism as seen by Clifford Brown. A critical view of a late-20th century avant-garde art movement.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
By reconstructing Neoism as a semi-pop cultural 'movement in the tradition of the 20th century artistic avant-garde,' Brown chose the most stupid history available, tailor-made for conformist non-conformists, ready to be stacked in bookshelves next to "Re/search," "T.A.Z.," and "Apocalypse Culture," predestined to become the only successful contextualization of Neoism it then factually became.
Of course, Neoism is merely ridiculous when considered a "movement in the tradition of the modern art avant-garde." Such an explication would both hit the nail on its most blatant shortcomings, and, being the oxymoron it is, mark the structural irony of the whole enterprise.
Neoism was never "avant-garde," but--literally speaking--speculation: a movement to create the illusion that there is a movement called Neoism.
www.phys.psu.edu /~endwar/neoism.then.html   (1034 words)

 General Definition Neoism is characterized by the countless contradicting definitions...
The existence of paradox paradox in Neoism is normal because to define Neoism is to define anti-Neoism.
To NOT define Neoism is to be a Neoist Neoist.
Neoism also gathered players with backgrounds in graffiti graffiti and street performance, language writing (later known as language poetry language poetry), experimental film experimental film and video video, Mail Art Mail Art, the early Church of the Subgenius Church of the Subgenius and gay gay and lesbian lesbian culture.
www.biodatabase.de /Neoism   (598 words)

 svet umetnosti 2000/01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
However, in both cases Neoism does not have any other contents except for the aforementioned paradoxes, which are embodied in the operation, the movement, or in the practise, whatever you prefer.
In Neoism the use of 'multiple names' is very common and it started between Canada and the United States with the concept of the 'open pop star' where various people were supposed to perform under the name Monty Cantsin.
Neoism is an empty label and the meaning will be defined later on through practice, which will fill it with contents and meaning.
www.ljudmila.org /scca/worldofart/english/0001/int_oliver_ang.htm   (2514 words)

Neoism was an avant-garde anarchist movement set out to defy its own explanation.
This paradox is similar to subverting the dominant paradigm, in which the subverter becomes the new paradigm and must then be subverted.
To put it differently, the aim of Neoism is for the creation of a situation in which a definition of Neoism would make no sense.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ne/Neoism.html   (143 words)

 svet umetnosti 2000/01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Neoism is a neo- or retro-avantgarde practice with various roots: its roots can be found in Pop culture, Punk and New Wave on one hand, and fine arts on the other.
One of the definitions of Neoism (paradoxical like all definitions of Neoism) is that Neoism is a movement, which tries to simulate the impression of a movement called Neoism.
Another definition of Neoism is that Neoism is a prefix (Neo-), and a suffix (-ism), with nothing to be found in between.
www.ljudmila.org /scca/worldofart/english/0001/tekst_oliver_ang.htm   (2465 words)

Neoism was defined as prefix and a suffix without anything in-between.
In the year 2000, found abandoned and near death in a dumpster in Tepoztlan, Mexico, Neoism was taken over by and absorbed into the the International Post-Dogmtist Group (founded in 1987) as a subsidiary of the IPDG.
Neoism may or may not continue along its historical trajectory since it starts over fresh on a daily basis.
www.noemalab.org /sections/arte_memo.php?IDMemo=1211   (602 words)

 stewart home interview on neoism
Neoism was a continuation through an almost self-conscious degeneration of the more radical currents that flowed out of fluxus in particular, but filtered through mail art and punk.
Neoism doesn't fit into your picture of the eighties art world, it belongs to absolute elsewhere, the utopia of learning about life by fucking death in the gall bladder.
It is best to leave 'active' Neoism to these buffoons, since they excel at dragging Neoism through the mud, and while they have a dirty and unfulfilling job, someone has to do it in order to repel the semi-sophisticated breed of art historian, and thereby prevent the 'movement' being misrepresented as some sort of monolith.
www.stewarthomesociety.org /interviews/neosim.htm   (3556 words)

 marchart | does neoism exist?
In an interview with the V and A curator Simon Ford in 1994, Home already announced a novel about the historicization of Neoism: he considered that it would be appropriate for the Neoist historicization process to be published first as fiction, before too many art historians seize on Neoism by themselves.
The fact, however, that history is not written once and for all time according to positivist criteria of alleged evidence is proven by the case of Fluxus and its sudden overwhelming presence since the retrospective at the 1990 Biennale, or the case of Situationism and the flood of publications, translations and new editions.
From the beginning, Neoism was not exactly the logical candidate for a box seat in the art history of the 80s.
www.republicart.net /disc/artsabotage/marchart01_en.htm   (1590 words)

 First Manifesto of Neoist Performance and the Performance of Neoism - Monty Cantsin 01-26-05
In Neoism individual performances are approached not as isolated pieces but rather as part of the performance of a much larger work, Neoism itself.
As such everything done under the banner of Neoism, from writing a poem or letter to being interviewed by a newspaper or magazine is to be considered a performance which in turn forms part of the performance of a movement called Neoism.
Neoism is concerned not so much with the creation of myth but the uses to which myth can be put once it has been created.
neoist.org /NEOIST-WORLD-FAIR-ARTIFACT-002.html   (937 words)

 Montreal Mirror: Cover story
IK: At the start of Neoism, we completely denied any connection to any other events or art movements because we wanted to pretend that it was completely new and had never been done before.
Neoism is only 25 years old and we now have our own history which has created a bigger distance from all those previous movements.
I still identify heavily with Neoism but you should know that I don't devote all my time to being a Neoist leader, organizing Neoist festivals and that sort of thing.
www.montrealmirror.com /ARCHIVES/2001/110801/cover.html   (1538 words)

 big bandwidth isthan rock and roll
also note: i have endeavored to stay as ignorant of neoism as possible because i think all monty cantsins everywhere have been trying to read my mind.
neoism is, i believe, reified situationism, which was nothing more than bourgeois acid rock, aka french punque rock, ala peter the red.
neoism is zendek tribe dressed for a rave updating his homeopathic website from a pirated satellite uplink in his dutch squat.
www.ibiblio.org /grady/ch-scene/archive/1nov96/msg00102.html   (633 words)

 Barbelith Underground > Head Shop > Tell me about Neoism.
There are lots of resources on the web and I've tried looking into what Neoism is and what it's all about, but can't find any cogency within it which makes me think it's a huge artistic movement in the style of Mornington Cresent, and therefore largely boring after the initial smugness of playing wears off.
He was certainly, at one point, described as Neoism's minister of propaganda.
He apparently also made sure that a lot of documents pertaining to Neoism (and a lot of his other work, the art strike etc.) were retained in the library in the Victoria and Albert museum.
www.barbelith.com /topic/23067   (693 words)

 » Blog Archive » The Pointless Quest of Neoism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
In a Neoist view, the world is not collision of things in space, but a dissimilar row of each independent phenomena.
Neoism does not conceive of the spatial as lasting in time.
The paradox however is that epistemologies exist in Neoism, in countless numbers.
soultripper.org /?p=64   (304 words)

Stewart was associated with Neoism from 1984 to 1985.
As I'm fond of sloganizing: "Neoism Now and Then!" In other words, I'm a Neoist (whatever the fuck that is) when I feel like it - but I prefer to remain fluid enough to avoid being penned in by 'Neoism' if and when such a thing might happen.
One of the things that I like about both Neoism and anarchy is that by declaring myself either an anarchist or a Neoist I don't feel as if I have to follow some sort of 'party line' - nor do I feel like I have to agree with everyone else who calls themselves the same.
website.lineone.net /~grandlaf/NEOMIS.htm   (1687 words)

The effects of neoism mean that the poor get less from government.
Neoism has only meant more unskilled low-paid laboring.
Neoism leads to a very rich and very poor class.
www.angelfire.com /folk/willowglow_1/race.html   (1384 words)

 Flesh and Blood, One Person After Another
Neoism does not exist, except in the reactions it creates; it is no coincidence that the favoring aphorism of the Neoists, a detournement of a famous saying by Amadeo Bordiga, is: "the best product of Neoism is anti-Neoism."
In reality Neoism is a multiple name, freely adpatable by any action or phenomenon that chooses to define itself as Neoist.
One of the most interesting exponents of Neoism is tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, a musician, performer, writer and swimming champion who wears a 3-D tattoo on his skull, a detailed representation of the human brain.
www.wumingfoundation.com /english/g_digest0.html   (2383 words)

 What in the hell … :: … is neoism? :: March :: 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
On a bad day I think this is all bullshit, neoism and the like.
At least neoism was named by the artists in a Dadaist spirit, and not by the critics, which so often happens.
Surely though, this neoism is a symptom of a cultural void, a turn away from society, from the notion that humanity has a purpose or meaning or ability to progress.
whatinthehell.blogsome.com /2006/03/14/is-neoism   (828 words)

 Neoism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It operates with collectively shared pseudonyms and identities, pranks, paradoxes, plagiarism and fakes, and has created multiple contradicting definitions of itself in order to defy categorization and historization.
Schisms followed in the mid-1980s when writer Stewart Home sought to separate himself from the rest of the Neoist network, manifesting itself also in Home's books on Neoism as opposed to the various Neoist resources in the Internet).
Other artists who explicitly if vaguely credit Neoism are The KLF, Luther Blissett, Alexander Brener/Barbara Schurz, spart and Luke Haines (of The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Neoism   (919 words)

 [No title]
Neoism is a cultural movement influenced by Futurism, Dada, Fluxus and Punk, which emerged from the Mail Art Network in the late seventies.
Neoism is a methodology for manufacturing art history.
Neoism supercedes all previous philosophies because it consciously founds itself on rhetoric rather than factual observation.
www.barbelith.com /bomb/anal_neoi.htm   (491 words)

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