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Topic: Nephrite

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Nephrite, a silicate of calcium and magnesium of the amphibole group, is a mineral with a fibrous crystalline structure.
Nephrite is a white to dark green variety of jade, chiefly a metasilicate of iron, calcium, and magnesium.
Nephrite is composed of silica and magnesia and is dependent on its color by the amount of iron present in the mineral..
www.findyourfate.com /gemology/gemstones/Nephrite.html   (220 words)

 JADE, a gem variety of both Jadeite and Nephrite
Nephrite is actually not a mineral, but a variety of the mineral actinolite.
The nephrite variety is composed of fibrous crystals inter-twinned in a tough compact mass.
Nephrite is usually only green and creamy white, while jadeite can have the full range of jade's colors.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/gemstone/jade/jade.htm   (304 words)

  Jade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nephrite is a form of the amphibole actinolite (a mineral that also includes a form of asbestos).
Nephrite jade was used mostly in China, Myanmar and New Zealand.
There, white and greenish nephrite jade is found in small quarries and as pebbles and boulders in the rivers flowing from the Kuen-Lun mountain range northward into the Takla-Makan desert area.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jade   (724 words)

 Electric mat containing nephrite jade - Patent 6166357
More specifically, the present invention relates to an electric mat containing nephrite jade which is intended to show excellent effect of nephrite jade, for example promoting health condition by virtue of emission of far infrared of high wavelength as compared to the fl body.
The characteristic of the nephrite jade according to the present invention is to emit far infrared ray having 9.1 micron wavelength, while the organic substances constituting human body generally are heat-absorbent and have heat-absorbing property with respect to a certain wave length.
According to the present invention, the heat generated from the heater (8) is transmitted to nephrite jade powder (4) via the aluminum sheet (6) and copper woven (5) to have the powder emit far infrared.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6166357.html   (2127 words)

Nephrite varies in colour from white, grey, yellow and brown to various shades of green and fl.
Nephrite is one of the toughest known minerals - it is not as hard as diamond but it is much tougher and breaks with a splintery fracture.
It is the variety nephrite jade and occurs as narrow pod-shaped reddish-brown outcrops in metamorphosed marble and granite of Palaeoproterozoic age (ca.
www.geosurveys.com.au /jade_plus/jade_info.htm   (1172 words)

 GemRocks: Nephrite
Over the ages, nephrite, apparently because of its great toughness, found wide use as tools, including sacrificial knives and weapons, in China, central Europe, New Zealand and in the Americas, especially in what are now known as Guatemala, Mexico and the southwestern United States.
The sarcophagus for Czar Alexander III was carved from nephrite jade.
Nephrite jade is the official state gemstone of Wyoming and the "provincial stone" of British Columbia.
www.cst.cmich.edu /users/dietr1rv/nephrite.htm   (1210 words)

 Nephrite gemstone. Description, wares from nephrite.
Surprising properties of a nephrite - its fortress (viscosity, resistance to rubbing, nephrite is twice more strong some steel), and to influence of acids for a long time drew to it attention of the person.
Deposits of a nephrite in East Sajan, Vitimskiy region of Transbaikalia and on Polar Ural are extracted from opencast.
The nephrite is decoratively - ornamental material for incrustation of mosaic panels, ornaments of interiors etc. The nephrite is appreciated for deep both equal tone of coloring and ability to accept mirror polishing is used.
www.gemstonesgift.com /nephrite.html   (416 words)

 Greenstone - a memorial of love
Nephrite was arrogantly confident of his ability to outdo his predecessor, but his confidence was, to some extent, justified.
Nephrite favoured quality over quantity, and used astrology to divine the whereabouts of individuals coming to the most critical moment of their lives, when their personal energy would be at its most potent and precious.
Nephrite appears to have written Zoisite off as nothing more than an annoyance - hey, bitches happen - which was, in the end, his only really fatal miscalculation.
www.airandangels.com /greenstone/neph.html   (626 words)

 Alaska Minerals - Nephrite Jade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Shown is a nephrite jade boulder and necklace, from the Jade Creek and Jade Mountain locality, Kobuk River region, northwestern Alaska.
Artifacts made from Kobuk River nephrite are hundreds of years old and have been found at archaeological sites along the Bering and Pacific coasts of Alaska and British Columbia, and the Arctic coast of Canada.
Government geologists determined that the jade and asbestos at the locality occur in a 40-mile stretch of altered ultra basic rocks consisting mainly of serpentine that extends north of, and roughly parallel to, the Kobuk River.
www.blm.gov /ak/jrmic/poster/jade.html   (228 words)

 Nephrite jewelry boxes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
The name nephrite was originated from the Greek “nephros” — bud, and appeared only after the foundation of America.
Nephrite of rare colors is highly valued: yellow as ear-wax the nephrite of Tan-Shan, fl, red and blue.
Nephrite is considered to be an alive being in the Chinese tradition.
www.artstonerussia.com /nephrite_en.html   (420 words)

 Imperial Nephrite jade and soapstone mine for sale Jade and soapstone used for carvings
Nephrite jade is one of the most beautiful natural gemstones to be found, and is often referred to as "The Stone of Heaven" - It is more superior in quality than the Chinese jade.
Nephrite Jade is an extremely hard gemstone, and when well cut and polished, is more valuable than the uncut stones.
Nephrite jade is often used as a substitute for emeralds, and is as strong as a diamond.
nephritejademine.tripod.com   (427 words)

Nephrite has a wide range of browns, grays and greens that rarely occur in jadeite.
Nephrite is found in large or small clumps or seams within larger bodies of non-precious rocks.
Nephrite and jadeite are extremely difficult to form and shape objects from because they require a harder stone such as quartzite or diamond to abrade (abrasives) or "carve" it.
www.thejadetrade.com /ian/p9b.html   (1761 words)

It is said that the chief of a Mario Tribe clan inherits the Nephrite that is passed down from generation to generation.
Nephrite is used in fine work of art and handicrafts.
The artwork is detailed, with a fine expression of the unique ridges of Chinese cabbage leaves, and the marvelous use of the white and green parts of the natural stone in creating the gradation of color from the root part to the ridges of the leaves.
www.suevematsu.com /jade.html   (810 words)

 JADE main
Jadeite is a sodium-rich aluminous pyroxene; nephrite is a fine-grained, calcium-rich, magnesium, iron, aluminous amphibole.
Nephrite and jadeite jade ranges in color from a somewhat greasy-appearing, white ("mutton fat jade") to dark and light shades of green, gray, blue-green, lavender, yellow, orange, brown, reddish-brown, and fl.
Nephrite jade, which is also a product of metamorphism (and fluid infiltration), does not apparently require the very special P-T conditions of jadeite and is much more widespread.
www.geo.utexas.edu /courses/347k/redesign/gem_notes/jade/jade_main.htm   (1098 words)

 Gem Facts 4b
Nephrite jade, the old and true Chinese jade, resembles jadeite but is slightly softer (yet slightly tougher and thus less easily broken)and has a much more limited range of color.
Nephrite green is a more sober green than the apple green or emerald green color of good jadeite.
Nephrite has been found in many countries, including the United States, where in the late nineteenth century Chinese miners panning for gold in Claifornia discovered large boulders of nephrite jade that they sent back to China to be cut or carved.
www.brazilimports.net /gemfacts/gemfacts4b.htm   (1758 words)

 Burmese Jade: The Inscrutable Gem, Part 1
In this article, jade encompasses both jadeite and nephrite in those instances where the general carving material is being referenced, but jadeite or jadeite jade will be used to refer to the rock that is predominantly jadeite, where appropriate.
Nephrite jade, which lies in the actinolite-tremolite series, is an aggregate of densely packed amphibole fibers.
Nephrite jade (figure B-1) is an aggregate of micron-wide amphibole fibers that are densely packed in a felt-like texture.
www.ruby-sapphire.com /jade_burma_Part_1.htm   (7833 words)

 Our Story
Nephrite was full of confidence, and boasted about how he would use the stars to pinpoint humans who were approaching a creative or emotional peak in their lives, and then steal the energy these humans generated.
Nephrite was taken completely off-guard by this, and began to laugh.Naru was so happy that she had made Nephrite laugh that she began to laugh and cry at the same time.
Nephrite was able to push Naru out of the way and cover her body with his own, but he was badly injured in the explosion.
www.angelfire.com /anime2/nephandnaru/story.html   (3652 words)

 Two Angry Kings
Nephrite certainly knew he would be the next head during Jadeite's reign, but he left Jadeite alone...
Perhaps it is this laugh that is the last straw for Nephrite, for in the very next episode he bursts in on a meeting between Zoisite and Beryl and declares that the ginzuishou is now his goal.
Nephrite, in the meantime, is a bit upset at himself for letting someone as petty and insignificant as Zoisite, whom he sees as a mere annoyance, get to him.
chinilpa.tripod.com /metallia/zoineph.html   (1847 words)

 Bolo Ties
The nephrite of Wyoming is said to occurs in all colors, and that may be literal and accurate, but most cutters are familiar only with the various shades of green and the beautiful fl.
Nephrite is tough because of it's fiberous structure and has a hardness of 6 to 6 1/2 on the Mohs scale.
Neither jadeite or nephrite have conchoidal fractures, like a bee bee shot on a window, so if there is a small conchoidal fracture on the stone, it's not jade.
www.bolotie.com /stones.htm   (1016 words)

 International School of Gemology Study of Nephrite Jade
The term nephrite is used to distinguish a gemstone that is associated with jadeite as being part of the jade family.
Nephrite jade is found in huge boulders off the coasts of California and Western Canada.
Nephrite is one of the longest wearing of any gem material.
www.yourgemologist.com /nephritejade.html   (351 words)

 Nephrite Jade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Nephrite is close relative of Jade and through the centuries there has been a lot of confusion between the two stones.
In its pure state Nephrite is white, but the chemical impurities present when the stone forms cause a range of colors, from creamy white to yellow, brown, green, blue or fl; the presence of iron is responsible for the rich green shades that we usually associate with Jade.
Nephrite is a tough and durable stone that has been associated with perfection and immortality for thousands of years.
www.snazzdragon.com /caz/nep.html   (841 words)

 Jade in B.C.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Jadeitite is a rock that consists essentially of jadeite (sodium-rich, high-pressure pyroxene), whereas nephrite consists of prismatic to acicular amphiboles of the tremolite-actinolite series forming bundles that are randomly oriented and interlocked.
It was carved from a 32 tonne nephrite boulder.
Nephrite boulders have a rough, either buff, brown, gray or white weathering surface, which renders nephrite difficult to identify.
www.em.gov.bc.ca /mining/geolsurv/minfile/products/Jade   (519 words)

Nephrite, he was the second Shitennou to take over after Queen Beryl put Jadeite to sleep, Nephrite appeared in the background in the shadows saying Jadeite is a fool, i will not fail you.
Later on Nephrite appears in his giant mansion he walks in to the big room and talks to the stars by saying the stars know everything, then the stars give him a vision and he will seek out his target by going into only one human disquise unlike Jadeite who used alot.
Nephrite gets in an intense fight with those 3 Youma named Grape, Suzukan and Housenka these Youma were not easy Nephrite fought them well but a mess up he was shot with big thorns in his shoulder Zoisite standing in the air was enjoying himself watching this gruesome scene.
www.geocities.com /lovelydarkness_darkkingdom/Nephrite.html   (397 words)

Nephrite is not quite as hard as jadeite, but before the discovery of metals it was used extensively for stone tools [2].
Wavenumbers of bands observed in the infrared spectra of actinolite, tremolite and nephrite are included in an early collection of tables of wavenumbers of minerals and related inorganic compounds [12].
Samples were scraped from sawn tablets of nephrite, from a New Zealand greenstone pendant and from under a foot of a Burma jade carved elephant.
www.ijvs.com /volume5/edition5/section2.html   (3770 words)

 Redemption: CHAPTER TWO, "Second Chance"
One second she was standing there in the park-- eyes closed and concentrating on her mental picture as Nephrite held her close-- and the next there was nothing save a soul-numbing chill, the sound of her own heart and a gut-wrenching feeling of vertigo.
Both Molly and Nephrite waited for the other to start-- then, when it became apparent to each of them that the other one was expecting them to go first, they both picked up their spoon and dug in.
As Nephrite continued to remark on the pictures, she recognized the warrior girls as Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.
www.diasilv.com /tower/chapt2.html   (9767 words)

 nephrite --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Usually carved of green nephrite or a jadelike stone called pounamu that is found along the western coast of the South Island, hei tikis normally are worn only by women.
The object is believed to possess magical powers that increase as it is passed on from generation...
It may be distinguished from nephrite (mutton-fat jade), jade's other form, by its granular fracture and glassy...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9055296?tocId=9055296   (407 words)

 Untitled   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Nephrite is less dense (3.0 grams/cc) compared to jadeite (3.3 grams/cc).
Nephrite is also tougher to break, even though it is softer on the Mohs' scale.
Nephrite often forms in metamorphosed fragments of the crust and upper mantle faulted up when ocean crust and continental crust collide during mountain building.
www.uwrf.edu /~wc01/JadeLev.html   (507 words)

 Nephrite - The Second of the Four Generals of the Dark Kingdom
Unlike his predecessor, Nephrite did not believe that attacking human beings indiscriminately was the most efficient way of gathering the vast amount of energy required in order to revive Queen Metallia, but rather that targeting specific people would prove to be even more effective.
Nephrite - ever the bastion of pride and arrogance - reacted as expected, curtly refusing the help offered him as he was intent on taking care of the problem himself.
Touching his hand to her cheek, Nephrite smiled at the young girl, telling her that he was glad to have met her, then finally succumbed to his injuries and expired.
www.fortunecity.com /rivendell/everquest/90/N/nephrite.html   (2317 words)

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