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Topic: Nepotism

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Nepotism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepotism means favoring relatives because of their relationship rather than because of their abilities.
Some biologists have suggested that a tendency towards nepotism is instinctive, a form of kin selection.
Nepotism is a common accusation in politics when the relative of a powerful figure ascends to similar power seemingly without appropriate qualifications.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nepotism   (671 words)

 USATODAY.com - Don't let jobs grow on family trees   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Nepotism is on the rise, both in Washington and across the nation.
Nepotism, however, is one of the oldest forms of corruption —; and often the first sign of eroding ethics and a lack of public involvement in government.
In Praise of Nepotism cultivates the myth of elite bloodlines.
www.usatoday.com /news/opinion/editorials/2003-07-29-turley_x.htm   (950 words)

 To Hire (or Not To Hire) A Relative   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Nepotism is prohibited by 19 state legislatures either through statute or by constitution.
As with states with direct nepotism restrictions, these states look to their ethics committees or commission for advice and final authority on whether or not a nepotism incident could be construed as a violation.
The positive aspects of nepotism include: lower recruiting costs; less employee turnover; higher levels of loyalty, trust and satisfaction; and a sense of "ownership," according to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
www.ncsl.org /programs/ethics/legisbrief-nepotism.htm   (946 words)

 Revolutionary nepotism - Book Review National Interest, The - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Nepotism and its more formal offspring dynasticism have provided the basic organizing principles of politics for much of human history.
The recent book In Praise of Nepotism by Adam Bellow (son of Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow) documents how the great English biologist William D. Hamilton's 1964 elucidation of the genetic reasons behind altruism toward kin formed the plinth upon which the field of sociobiology was built.
Evidence for the resurgent importance of dynasticism and nepotism is everywhere.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2751/is_74/ai_112411731   (862 words)

However, there was no violation of nepotism laws when the daughter of state liquor store vendor was an employee in her father's liquor store.
Therefore, it is my opinion that the nepotism statute is violated if the related employee has the authority to hire, fire, or decide issues of salary, promotion, leaves of absence or any other job-related benefits for a relative within the prohibited degree of affinity.
One should also keep in mind that while MSU is bound by the existing nepotism laws, a qualified applicant should not be denied an opportunity for a position on campus merely because he or she is related to another employee on campus.
www.montana.edu /legalcounsel/nepotism.htm   (999 words)

 VDARE.com: 09/07/03 - In Praise of In Praise of Nepotism
He declares nepotism to be "the bedrock of social existence" and traces the history of altruism toward kin, pro and con, from the great apes to the Kennedy family.
Nepotism, sacrificing for your relatives, was the root concept underlying the development of sociobiology.
But the defining aspect of nepotism, from a scientific perspective, is not hurting outsiders for your relatives—but hurting yourself.
www.vdare.com /sailer/nepotism2.htm   (1133 words)

 Random House Academic Resources | In Praise of Nepotism by Adam Bellow
Nepotism is one of those social habits we all claim to deplore in America; it offends our sense of fair play and our pride in living in a meritocracy.
But somehow nepotism prevails; we all want to help our own and a quick glance around reveals any number of successful families whose sons and daughters have gone on to accomplish objectively great things, even if they got a little help from their parents.
As he argues, nepotism practiced badly or haphazardly is an embarrassment to all (including the incompetent beneficiary), but nepotism practiced well can satisfy a deep biological urge to provide for our children and even benefit society as a whole.
www.randomhouse.com /acmart/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780385493895   (609 words)

 Adam Bellow on Nepotism, Cronyism & Harriet Miers on National Review Online
Nepotism and cronyism appear to be different things, but from a practical and ethical standpoint, the distinction is virtually meaningless.
Lincoln understood this very well, for while he himself was relatively free of nepotism (with the exception of some relatives of Mary Todd), his administration was heavily marked by cronyism.
In all such cases, merit, and patronage were deeply intertwined, since (as I argue in my book on the subject) the informal and unwritten "rules of nepotism" require that patronage be bestowed with discretion on those who will not bring discredit on the patron.
www.nationalreview.com /comment/bellow200510180826.asp   (1447 words)

 New Statesman
Far from being a scourge of modern democracies, the practice of helping offspring is an honourable parental instinct, he believes, while nepotism "links the generations in a chain of generosity and gratitude".
It is tempting to dismiss Bellow Jr's arguments (In Praise of Nepotism, Doubleday) as a load of self-serving tosh.
Nepotism in this narrow sense, of placing ill-suited relatives into plum positions, is not much in evidence, at least in the United Kingdom.
www.newstatesman.com /aldaily/al20030928.htm   (2119 words)

 Amazon.com: In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History: Books: Adam Bellow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Through it all, the author argues the point that nepotism is one of the primary forces that holds societies together; and should not be looked down upon as it commonly is. The book also shows that the US is quite exceptional in its dedication to remove nepotism from public and business life.
Nepotism in the government is particularly damaging to a democratic society, because, practically, it diverges taxpayers' money to serving the relatives and cronies of people in power, and, morally, it sustains the injustice that people are born unequal.
One is to introduce an explicit policy for government officials to avoid nepotism as the US government has been doing, and the other is to establish a punitive system that can hold those who egregiously promote their own relatives or friends accountable for any bad consequence of their nepotism.
www.amazon.com /Praise-Nepotism-Natural-History/dp/0385493886   (2468 words)

 VDARE.com: 10/03/04 - Where Dawkins Fears To Tread: Ethnic Nepotism And The Reality Of Race
But perhaps the most interesting is the most fundamental: the theory of "ethnic nepotism." This explains the tendency of humans to favor members of their own racial group by postulating that all animals evolve toward being more altruistic toward kin in order to propagate more copies of their common genes.
The term "ethnic nepotism" was introduced in the 1981 book The Ethnic Phenomenon by Pierre L. van den Berghe, a white sociologist born in the old Belgian colony of the Congo.
So, the genetic basis for ethnic nepotism with each racial group is roughly as strong on average as the etymologically classic case of nepotism among close kin—the uncle-nephew bond.
www.vdare.com /sailer/nepotism.htm   (1755 words)

 Anti-Nepotism and Loss of Privacy
According to the King County Board of Ethics, nepotism is a conflict of interest based on familial relationship or domestic partnership, and is inconsistent with the basic principles of ethics (
The practice of nepotism is said to be inconsistent in instances that require impartial decision-making and attempts to ensure that private interest or personal benefit does not override the public’s interest.
Many anti-nepotism policies vie that while management has an affirmative obligation to address nepotism when it occurs in the workplace, management may also not be aware of specific family or domestic partnership relationships – that of which may create situations where nepotism occurs.
som.csudh.edu /dkarber/501s00/jdelarosa/research.htm   (1644 words)

 Amazon.de: In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History: English Books: Adam Bellow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Since nepotism is about power, the book has an unavoidable top-down orientation, as it is almost exclusively about the ruling class throughout history, from Borgia and Bonaparte to our own Adams, Roosevelt and Kennedy clans.
Since nepotism is synonymous with familial interest, it is hardly surprising that Bellow is able to find ample evidence of its existence throughout history-even in "egalitarian" America.
This in-depth look at nepotism and all its implications takes a very broad approach, arguing that nepotism is a basic instinct rooted in the social biology of animals and humans, and that it may be a necessary and even positive force in evolution.
www.amazon.de /Praise-Nepotism-Natural-History/dp/0385493886   (544 words)

 Chertoff Cousin Wrote 911 Propaganda
Dictators have always employed nepotism, the placing of family members in key positions, for one simple reason: only loyal family members can be trusted with the secrets that keep them in power.
For this reason the shameless nepotism of the Bush administration should alarm Americans because it indicates that a dictatorship is encroaching upon the United States.
An egregious example of dictatorial-style nepotism occurred when George W. Bush won the White House - twice - thanks to the key "swing state" of Florida, where the presidential candidate's younger brother is governor.
www.rense.com /general63/chertoffcousinwrote911.htm   (822 words)

 [No title]
Nepotism is widely condemned in the business world, for obvious and admirable reasons.
In his 2003 book, In Praise of Nepotism, Adam Bellow—the son of novelist Saul Bellow—notes that nepotism has thrived for centuries and calls it “the bedrock of social existence.” A study by two U.S. academics found that family-dominated companies tend to be more profitable than their peers.
Other champions argue that nepots are often steeped in a family business from childhood, work like demons to avoid embarrassing the folks, and in many cases have inherited the traits that made their patrons so successful.
www.boardmember.com /issues/archive.pl?article_id=11880   (708 words)

Nepotism describes a variety of practices related to favoritism; it can mean simply hiring one's own family members, or it can mean hiring and advancing unqualified or under qualified family members based simply on the familial relationship.
Craig Aronoff and John Ward argue that the key to the successful use of nepotism is clear communication of the rules before they are needed and fair application of the rules as needed.
Nepotism is not a new phenomenon in business, but it is of particular interest as the world of business shrinks due to rapid travel and convenient and fast technological communication.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /management/Mar-No/Nepotism.html   (1620 words)

Nepotism is defined as appointing or hiring relatives to positions based on family status rather than on merit.
Nepotism created problems in the past and often creates problems where it is permitted today.
Complaints about situations where nepotism exists are often unknown to the related individuals.
www.byu.edu /hr/employ/nepotism.php   (370 words)

 USNews.com: In defense of nepotism
His firm stand against nepotism was one way he hoped to clean up Washington after the corruption-filled administration of his predecessor, Ulysses S. Grant.
His new and distinctly contrarian book, In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History, is a forthright polemic wrapped in an anthropological and historical examination of a subject that has been curiously neglected in the annals of scholarship.
He wants to show that nepotism, in various forms, is universal and irresistible throughout history and across all human cultures.
www.usnews.com /usnews/culture/articles/030721/21nepotism.htm   (551 words)

 Lisa Murkowski - Nepotism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Of course, the nepotism refers to Governor Frank Murkowski's bold decision to appoint his daughter, Lisa, to finish his term as U.S. Senator.
Murkowski's challengers have made nepotism an issue in the race, along with attacking her credentials as a conservative.
We all know the nepotism poster kid did not deserve her senate seat, but now we see that Lisa Murkowski do anything to keep it.
ruthlesshack.tripod.com /ruthlesshack   (2925 words)

 Telegraph | Comment | Nepotism: it never did me any harm
The old-fashioned kind in which a bossy father forces his feeble or acquiescent son to take a smart job that he doesn't want and is unfit to execute is obviously not good.
People may cry foul at what he did, or accuse him of a blatant "abuse" of his position as an eminent journalist, but they must all go away, for the nepotism he practised was nothing short of courageous, honourable and benign.
Of "good nepotism" the world needs more, not less, and we must learn to throw at least some of our egalitarian principles to the four winds.
www.telegraph.co.uk /opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/03/31/do3102.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2005/03/31/ixopinion.html   (892 words)

 Nepotism (Employment of Relatives), Staff Handbook for Texas Woman's University
In addition, the nepotism law applies to individuals hired as private contractors.
A relative is defined as a husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandparent, nephew, niece, cousin and their in-law and step-relative counterparts, or any other person within the second degree of affinity or the third degree of consanguinity.
When an employee is allowed to continue in a position because of an exception to the nepotism rules, the appointing official (who is a relative) cannot participate in decision making regarding the employee unless such deliberations affect a class or category of employees.
www.twu.edu /staffhandbook/nepotism.htm   (181 words)

 USNews.com: In defense of nepotism
In his account, the turning point in attitudes toward nepotism came in Greece in 509 B.C., when the Athenian ruler Cleisthenes replaced the four tribes of his city-state with 10 new ones, formed not by blood ties but by residence.
In this story, the role of family connections and influence is as inevitable as, and indeed part of, the strategies of patronage and cronyism that secure the interests of contending groups.
Feminists, for one, have led the way in removing many of the antinepotistic barriers in academia and other professions, where they had the effect of keeping out wives: Many law firms and universities have now dropped restrictions against the hiring of spouses on the grounds that they are prejudicial.
www.usnews.com /usnews/culture/articles/030721/21nepotism_2.htm   (635 words)

 Land of the Lostboy - The Line (Nepotism)
Similarly, those who benefit from nepotism are rarely held to the same standards of accountability as those who are not.
Similarly, when a manager practices nepotism, any flaws that s/he has is likely to be present in the people s/he hires, as well.
Thus, nepotism is a harmful practice that hurts everyone, in the long term.
www.drizzle.com /~lostboy/TheLine/Nepotism.html   (1066 words)

 WorkingForChange-In praise of nepotism?
Nepotism is defined by Webster's as "favoritism shown by persons in high office to relatives or close friends, esp. in granting jobs."
And it's as American as jazz and baseball to publicly denounce instances of nepotism, sometimes couching the criticism in high-sounding "meritocracy" rhetoric.
Many Americans see nepotism as a way for the rich to protect their privilege at the expense of the less affluent.
www.workingforchange.com /article.cfm?ItemID=19721   (682 words)

 This just in: Son of Nobel Prize winner supports nepotism | csmonitor.com
In his view, "nepotism" might even mean having a sense of loyalty to one's religion, ethnic group, race, or nation.
Bellow may want to see "good nepotism" in the actions of parents who sacrifice to send their children to college, but that is not what the term commonly signifies.
Lastly, Bellow's claim that nepotism is endangered seems at best nonsensical, particularly at a time when there is a widening gap between rich and poor and a corresponding tendency to consolidate dynastic wealth (by abolishing the inheritance tax, for instance).
www.csmonitor.com /2003/0724/p18s03-bogn.html?entryBottomStory   (947 words)

 PGMA grants clemency to Cong. Uy’s nepotism conviction
Uy was convicted with two of Nepotism charges filed by one Sofia L. Patrimonio, on September 2, 2003, the material evidences presented was based on his stint then as the Mayor of Calbayog City.
Uy stressing his exemption from the nepotism law for being a medical practitioner as prescribed by the Administrative Code of 1987 is invalid; the court decision informed that the said exemption refers mainly to the appointees and not to the appointing entity.
The court likewise disagree on the defense claim, that Antonina Uy’s appointment was exempted from the rule of nepotism because she is a registered nurse and that she was assigned at the City Health Office.
www.samarnews.com /news2006/aug/f768.htm   (1005 words)

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