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Topic: Network-attached storage

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 Network-attached storage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When attached to SANs, NAS elements may be considered to be members of the Server Attached Storage (SAS) class of storage elements.
NAS was developed to address problems with direct attached storage, which included the effort required to administer and maintain "server farms", and the lack of scalability, reliability, availability, and performance.
A storage area network (SAN) is very similar, except it uses a block-based protocol and generally runs over an independent, specialized storage network. /wiki/Network-attached_storage   (666 words)

 Network Attached Video Storage
Network Attached Video Storage (NAVS) is combined with IP software to provide a very flexible and powerful DVR system that provides the features and functions necessary to meet all your needs.
The network attached storage server is a totally integrated network appliance with the hard disks and modular thin server built into a small tower or rack enclosure.
It can also be used with our Network Attached Video Storage systems to create video systems with Terra Bytes of storage. /neteye/NADVS.html   (759 words)

 Storage Network-Attached
Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) - The SNIA was incorporated in 1997 to serve as the point of cohesion for developers of storage, storage networking, system integrators, application vendors, service providers, and IT professionals.
Automated networked storage: A configuration for consolidation (Storage Networking World Online)- Today, IT organizations have realized the strategic importance of a consolidated environment and have turned their attention to automated networked storage as the most comprehensive solution designed to increase storage utilization, centralize information management, enhance business continuity and improve business flexibility.
Storage Management: Building & Maintaining Powerful Systems - Follow a Storage Consultant with experience and expertise in primary storage, data protection, and storage management as he shares new trends and technologies in the storage space and discusses both the nature and specifics of a well designed, implemented, monitored, and maintained storage system. /topics/t.asp?t=432&p=432&h1=432   (2668 words)

 network attached storage DAS DAS SAN RAID Storage Area Network Directly Attached OPEN-E rackmount SATA iscsi san storage server windows storage server 2003 open-e open e
The network-attached storage device is attached to a local area network (typically, an Ethernet network) and assigned an IP address.
Network-attached storage (NAS) is hard disk storage that is set up with its own network address rather than being attached to the department computer that is serving applications to a network's workstation users.
Network-attached storage consists of hard disk storage, including multi-disk RAID systems, and software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network-attached device. /tech_info_nas.php?osCsid=9398e76a0cdddd85d80e09cd4469bc25   (497 words)

 Network Attached Storage Architecture
Storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) are two proven approaches to networking storage.
The growing market for networked storage is a result of the exploding demand for storage capacity in our increasingly internet-dependent world and its tight labor market.
In practice, however, it is often NAS's close association with ethernet network hardware and SAN with Fibre Channel network hardware that has a greater effect on a user's purchasing decisions. /PDL-FTP/NASD/GARTH_CACM_abs.html   (160 words)

 GroupStor Value Network Attached Data Storage
The GroupStor 9350 Series – General purpose NAS file storage that is economical – up to one terabyte of cross platform, shareable file storage – and it attaches directly to the network.
The platform and protocol support is the most comprehensive around – ideal for a network with lots of different computers and security schemes.
The GroupStor Series is a powerful family of devices that allow network clients to share information and store data files. /SoftwareAndHardware/GroupStorValueNAS.asp   (482 words)

 Network attached storage - NAS TechIndex
Compliance requirements, multimedia-rich applications, and a proliferation of databases are pushing IT departments to increase the size and complexity of storage networks across the enterprise.
Just about all storage vendors seem to be buying in to the concept that key functions such as volume management should reside on network devices rather than on applications or storage servers.
Migrating file servers, e-mail servers, and databases from DAS to networked storage improves resilience and performance, and it’s probably less expensive in the long term, but it requires a mastery of a variety of storage technologies — a mastery many small companies lack. /techindex/network_attached_storage_-_nas.html   (4300 words)

 NAS (Network Attached Storage) (Linktionary term)
NAS is a category of storage devices that attaches directly to a network, allowing clients to access the storage as if it were directly attached to their system.
Storage becomes accessible to users directly across the network and much of the overhead imposed by server and operating system intervention is removed to improve performance.
Download the electronic version of the Encyclopedia of Networking, 2nd edition (1996). /n/nas.html   (215 words)

 Exchange Server and network-attached storage
As network bandwidth, latency, data access protocols, and storage technologies continue to evolve, the gap continues to reduce between the performance and reliability that is attainable with locally attached devices versus network-attached devices.
Additionally, consider the availability of the network-attached storage when you plan an Exchange deployment in which the storage is attached by using a network.
A network-attached storage system is a file-based storage system that can be attached to an Exchange Server computer through the network redirector by using a file sharing protocol (such as server message block [SMB], Common Internet File System [CIFS], or network file system [NFS]). /?kbid=317173   (2128 words)

 Network Attached Storage - ZDNet UK Reviews
Far easier, then, to buy a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that simply plugs into the network and, after a little setting up, can simply be left alone.
You need an NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.
If storage is all you need, especially if it has to fit into a wider network, the Snap Server 1100 will do the job very well, although the price is high for what you get. /hardware/networking/0,39023970,10004049,00.htm   (915 words)

 NAS network attached storage products
combine two proven technologies - DVD-ROM and hard disk caching - to produce an economical yet full-feature network storage solution.
Our NAS storage servers offer: plug-and-play installation, they pump data to users efficiently without the overhead and complexity of general-purpose servers, and they are available in a variety of capacities.
Network document servers enable users to send scanned documents instantly over the network to e-mail addresses, file servers, printers, URLs and the Web. /nas_products.html   (256 words)

 Network Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage or NAS as it is commonly known allows easy deployment and management of primarily disk based storage.
The overall cost savings by deploying Network Attached Storage solutions can over a 2-3 year period run in to £100k's.
The NAS Storage product has either an NT/2000 or Linux based core operating system which controls the functionality of the NAS device. /nas   (280 words)

 Storage Basics: Network Attached Storage
While both allow storage devices to be moved away from the server, SANs are mini networks dedicated to storage devices, while a NAS device is simply a storage subsystem that is connected to the network media.
In terms of data retrieval from a storage device, the bottleneck is rarely the speed of storage devices or the server to which they are attached.
NAS devices operate independently of network servers and communicate directly with the client, this means that in the event of a network server failure, clients will still be able to access files stored on a NAS device. /sans/features/article.php/990871   (996 words)

 POPnetserver 4700 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Product - FIA
A browser-based interface lets you install your storage server in minutes, making network storage instantly available.
Storage: 1.6 TB (RAID 0) 1.2 TB (RAID 5)
The POPnetserver 4700 NAS appliance is ideal for workgroups, departments and small business that need to consolidate storage, share information and reduce storage management cost. /pop4700.cfm   (503 words)

 NAS - Network Attached Storage
With the demand for increased capacity of network storage on the rise, IT administrators now have network attached storage server options of either cost efficient entry-level NAS solutions and enterprise-class high storage capacity NAS server solutions.
Boost your network capacity and enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance network attached storage without the high cost of ownership.
At a fraction of the cost of comparable Network Attached Storage servers the AberNAS by Aberdeen is the ideal file sharing NAS server storage solution. /abcatg/Storage.htm   (1853 words)

 Network Attached Storage (storage)
Network-attached storage is accessible directly on the local area network (LAN) through LAN protocols such as TCP/IP.
You might think of network-attached storage devices simply as standalone dedicated servers with (most often) numerous hard drives in a RAID configuration.
Network-attached storage devices are far more modest by comparison. /technobabble/archives/20051011_network_attached_storage.phtml   (539 words)

 Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage, iSCSI Storage & CD/DVD Appliances
Network Attached Storage Appliances and Gateways are Simple, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions for Storing, Serving, Backing Up, and Archiving Data in Heterogeneous Network Environments.
Direct Attached Storage systems with SCSI, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI interfaces provide dedicated storage resources for servers, NAS engines, or SAN environments.
Windows Storage Server 2003 NAS Engine/Gateway for Direct Attached Storage Systems or iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs.   (405 words)

 CRN 2005 Channel Champions Network-Attached Storage Appliances: IBM
Despite a weak showing on technical criteria, IBM squeaked out a victory as the network-attached storage champ on the strength of its channel programs.
In the past six months, Future Tech has attached a quote on storage to every server sales quote that goes out the door, whether it was requested or not, and has seen a 22 percent uplift in storage sales.
Networks are growing fast, and companies are faced with increasing outside requirements for management - what we call compliance issues. /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=161500571&flatPage=true   (556 words)

 NAS, Network Attached Storage, Network Appliances
Or to "detach" some JStor RAID arrays from the JStor NAS to be used independently as server attached storage.
This high-performance, LAN-attached device is designed to provide shared storage to both clients and servers in Windows, UNIX, Apple Macintosh or mixed environments.
JStor NAS Storage Appliance delivers multi-protocol support (Windows CFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP and Novell IPX)that eliminates the need to have separate servers for each supported protocol, further enhancing their ability to consolidate storage from multiple general-purpose servers. /data_storage/nas/jstor/jstor_nas.html   (515 words)

 NAS: Network Attached Storage
In our Clear Choice Test of Microsoft's latest version of its file-pinching network-attached storage software - dubbed Windows Storage Server R2 - we found it to be fast, difficult to misconfigure, highly efficient and a useful storage operating...
IBM's customers think big when it comes to network-attached storage, so the company is scaling up with its latest NAS gateway, which can support at least 224T bytes of storage, IBM said Tuesday.
Storage vendors are playing off the buzzy grid computing term to draw attention to their tools for scaling NAS capacity. /topics/nas.html   (1230 words)

 Network Attached Storage : FUJITSU
Fujitsu has Network Attached Storage System for companies being in the midst of the ubiquitous information society.
NR1000F series provides new and flexible network storage solutions that meet the business requirements for high availability and efficient client access.
On July 12, 2005 Fujitsu launched two new large capacity NAS storage systems, NR1000 F350(with a maximum disk capacity of 50TB) and NR1000 F510(with a maximum disk capacity of 75TB). /global/services/computing/storage/nas   (168 words)

 Network Models: Network Attached Storage (NAS)
In Network Attached Storage (NAS), the storage device is directly attached to the network bypassing the server.
The storage device belongs to the network, and if a server crashes or becomes a bottleneck, access to storage isn't affected.
However, large file transfers slow the entire LAN. /tandc/web/tc-se/course/SANESS250.htm   (46 words)

 Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage and Data Storage Servers for your Network
Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage and Data Storage Servers for your Network
Excel Meridian Data, Inc. is committed to providing network storage solutions to help customers maximize their investment dollars.
Founded as a full line supplier Excel Meridian Data has streamlined its products to concentrate on network storage solutions that meet the needs of workgroup, departmental and enterprise networks.   (172 words)

 Network Attached Storage (NAS) INLINE Corporation
Because the FileStorm Series network attached storage solution is designed specifically to serve files you can offload high-bandwidth, file-serving tasks and allow the Network Server to focus on critical business tasks such as application handling and email.
Because of the FileStorm Series simplified file serving nature the management and maintenance required is negligible compared with network server Direct Attached Storage.
The FileStorm Series network attached storage solution supports both the UNIX Network File System (NFS) protocol and the Microsoft Common Internet File System (CIFS) in order to facilitate cross-platform data sharing /products/products_NAS.htm   (200 words)

 HP storage - NAS
HP ProLiant Storage Server - affordable, easy-to-use Windows powered Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions with optional iSCSI connectivity.
HP ProLiant Data Protection Storage Servers - easy to deploy disk-based backup solutions powered by Microsoft DPM for near continuous protection of Windows file servers.
Scalable, high performance network acceleration, file serving and data sharing solutions for data centers, remote offices or small and medium businesses /storage/nas.html   (154 words)

 Internet FAQ Archives - network attached storage
Network Attached network attached storageStorage (NAS) Features and benefits - high-performance storage appliances that provide shared data to clients network attached storageand other servers on a Local
Network attached storage news Computerworld coverage of the latest NAS news & analysis.
network attached storagge network attached storag network attache dstorage   (231 words)  Network Attached Storage
Buffalo TeraStation Terabyte Network Attached Storage offers powerful storage, server and multimedia solutions for both the SMB and consumer markets.
Buffalo TeraStation Terabyte Network Attached Storage - HD-H1.0TGL/R5..
In fact, a TeraStation can even be cascaded with another TeraStation via USB to expand network available storage well beyond the single Terabyte level. /product/4350515   (676 words)

Now with the Actiontec Network Attached Storage, your files are in a central location so, you always have access.
Actiontec Electronics presents a new, easier way to add shared storage to your home network: Network Attached Storage (NAS).
The NAS can be set up to share all or some of its capacity with certain computers on your network. /products/home_networking/nas/index.php   (251 words)

 Network Attached Storage
A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a server dedicated to file storage that lets you add hard disk space to your network.
However, each solution requires that you perform an installation and configuration procedure to establish a network connection, define storage volumes, and make the storage accessible to Windows or NFS clients.
Network Appliance claims that Data ONTAP 6.1 (which should be available by the time you read this article) will provide full Win2K support. /Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=20389   (1877 words)

 NAS :: TRITTON Technologies
Use as either an access point to create or extend your wireless network or have complete wireless storage that can be shared by everyone on the network!
If all you need is easy access of shared files across multiple platforms including Mac, this is the solution for you. /products/nas.html   (138 words)

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