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Topic: New Haven Advocate

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 New Haven Connecticut   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
New Haven, Connecticut, is a relatively small city.
And yet, all things considered -- the large number of surveillance cameras in operation at universities such as New York University, the wealth and power of the parents of most Yale students, and the age and beauty of the univeristy's campus -- one might have expected that New Haven would be filled with surveillance cameras.
As a result, a whopping forty percent of the surveillance cameras in New Haven are operated by local, state or federal government authorities.
www.notbored.org /new-haven.html   (472 words)

 .:: Welcome To The Jewish Ledger ::.
He did that for years as a staff writer for the New Haven Advocate, a weekly alternative newspaper, covering local politics, and cultural and social issues, and winning numerous awards for his in-depth stories.
Learning about the spate of “hyper-local” news websites that are cropping up around the country, he decided that that kind of journalism would be a good fit for him.
Graduating in 1982, he stayed in New Haven and became a freelance journalist working for a variety of publications including the Advocate and the New York Times.
www.jewishledger.com /articles/2005/10/28/news/news04.txt   (1118 words)

 News about the unions at Yale
Students at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. are anticipating a formal response from the school's president, Richard Levin, in response to accusations by more than 70 students that Levin violated and misrepresented the school's bylaws.
Advocates for more openness about private equity and venture capital investments are pressing their cases on three fronts this month, from Sacramento to Boston.
NEW HAVEN Ñ The announcement met with applause from union supporters lining College Street as police, on cue, told roughly 700 protesters that they were under arrest for obstructing a city street.
www.yaleunions.org /news/news02b.htm   (10132 words)

 New Haven Advocate: News, Arts & Entertainment for the New Haven Area
New Haven Advocate: News, Arts and Entertainment for the New Haven Area
Metaphors crackle throughout her lyrical, gripping new memoir, Journey from the Land of No : A girlhood caught in revolutionary Iran (Crown Publishers).
For on that rooftop, a writer was born.
royahakakian.com /newsletter/new_haven_advocate.html   (597 words)

 New Haven Nightlife
New Haven, Connecticut, is a city that combines New England charm with a robust cosmopolitan life, alive with world-class architecture and memorable international cuisine...
New Haven, CT Our company had its very humble beginnings in the basement of our current three, soon to be four level complex back in 1996.
If you are just visiting the greater New Haven, Connecticut area, or if you are are a resident of the city, be sure to stop by.
www.clubct.com /newhaven.htm   (1050 words)

 New Haven: Yale School of Public Health
New Haven is a small city of 130,000 with interesting neighborhoods, great restaurants, plenty of arts and entertainment, and wonderful parks and open space.
New Haven Web is a comprehensive online directory of the best and most useful New Haven websites.
The New Haven Advocate, a free weekly newspaper, is a good source of information for arts and entertainment news and live music.
info.med.yale.edu /publichealth/student/newhaven.html   (104 words)

 New Haven Advocate: Grand Band Slam 2000 | Jazz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The multi-styled and mainstream TNT Jazz Fusion drops down two slots from last year to make way for two proudly local outfits that are no less schooled, traditional or entertaining, but quite a bit quirkier.
Jazz Haven is an ensemble of New Haven music educators and jazz aficionados dedicated to re-creating, or at least reminiscing about, the days when the Elm City was a serious modern-jazz club locale and jam-session destination.
Jazz Haven's biggest gig of this year was the one that got postponed from last year: a tribute on the New Haven Green to the late, great Buster brothers, delivered as the opening act to Dave Brubeck's appearance at the New Haven Jazz Festival.
www.grandbandslam.com /gbs00nh/jaz.html   (168 words)

 New Haven, Connecticut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Before European arrival, the New Haven area was the home of the Quinnipiack tribe of Native Americans, who lived in villages around the harbor and subsisted off local fisheries and the farming of maize.
New Haven is the birthplace of U.S. President George W. Bush, who was born when his father, former president George H. Bush, was living in New Haven while a student at Yale.
New Haven is connected to New York City by both intercity and commuter rail, provided by Amtrak and Metro-North Railroad respectively, and some New Haven residents commute to work in New York City (just under two hours away by train).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_Haven,_Connecticut   (6268 words)

 News about the unions at Yale
It would be unrealistic to expect an institution as old as Yale to be untouched by the abominable practice of slavery and the racist creed that underwrote it.However, what is disconcerting is the university's insensitivity and lack of balance in choosing who and what to honor over the years.
New Haven should reduce public school class sizes and raise the starting salaries for new teachers.
Yale-New Haven Hospital officials have been illegally "interfering with, restraining and coercing" hospital employees seeking to form a labor union, according to a complaint issued by the NLRB.
www.yaleunions.org /news/news01.htm   (3358 words)

 Advocate Weekly Newspapers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New Haven Advocate is published in New Haven, Connecticut.
As of 2006, the Advocate's editor is former New Haven Register reporter Andy Bromage, and the publisher is Josh Mamis.
Polman left the Advocate after some five years to become a columnist at the Courant and later joined The Philadelphia Inquirer as national political correspondent.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Advocate_Weekly_Newspapers   (654 words)

 Advocate*Weekly Newspapers: The Education of Joe Lieberman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
New Haven's party bosses, who had promised support to Lieberman, ditched him to return to Marcus.
Crawford Manor is a government-built elderly housing complex in New Haven.
He sensed the potential of a new group called the Democratic Leadership Council, formed mostly by southern Democrats to turn the party rightward to recapture so-called Reagan Democrats.
www.newmassmedia.com /lieberman/joelieb.html   (2760 words)

 New Employee Orientation
New Haven, Connecticut is a small city with a world-class way of living.
The histories of Yale University and the city of New Haven have been intertwined for three hundred years, but although Yale is at the center of New Haven, but it is not all that the city has to offer.
And our local papers: The New Haven Register and the arts and entertainment paper, The New Haven Advocate.
learn.caim.yale.edu /lcdb/neo/newhaven.htm   (197 words)

 New Haven Advocate: Hit and Run   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
One of his public piggy banks is the New Haven housing authority.
New York developer Mordecai Lipkis had been trying for years to force City Hall to pay him to settle a legal dispute over the old Malley's building, which Lipkis used to own.
Fernandez never said he would run for mayor, but his candidacy was widely discussed in political circles.
old.newhavenadvocate.com /articles/hit07.23.html   (904 words)

 Association of Alternative Newsweeklies | New Haven Advocate
Since 1975, the New Haven Advocate has served as both the cultural guide and the main source of investigative journalism in the area.
The paper has been a part of New Haven’s artistic renaissance, authoritatively covering (and sponsoring) major arts festivals.
The New Haven Advocate is part of the 210,000- circulation Advocate/Weekly group of weeklies.
www.aan.org /gyrobase/Aan/ViewCompany?oid=oid:58   (276 words)

 Jet Cleaners - Discounts for the Entire Yale Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
NEW HAVEN - Walking into Jet Cleaners at 687 State St., customers are greeted by a mix of modernity and nostalgia.
Today, as the Amore family and the New Haven community celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jet cleaners, I am proud to stand to congratulate them on this very special occasion and extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to them for all that they have brought to our community.
It means that equal generations of New Haven area people - like me -- have been dropping-by almost weekly to entrust their claims to cleanliness, and even godliness, to the Amores in their hustling house of hygienic haberdashery and fragile couture during all the changing styles since the 1950s.
www.jet-cleaners.com /ce.htm   (7247 words)

 02/02/2004 Register Takes Aim at Advocate Business New Haven   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
That would contrast it with its principal competitor, the free weekly New Haven Advocate, which wears its left-of-center sympathies proudly on its sleeve.
The Advocate and papers like it are distributed free to readers at retail locations and free boxes throughout the paper's service area.
That means that all of the Advocate's revenues - which Zankowski says total just under $3 million annually - derive from the sale of display and classified advertising.
www.businessnewhaven.com /article_page.lasso?id=37760   (445 words)

 Yale-New Haven Medical Center - New Haven information
The city of New Haven, located on Long Island Sound, serves as one of the Northeast's major centers of education, medical care and culture.
Once known as a try-out town, the home of the Shubert Theater where shows prepared for a Broadway run, New Haven is now renowned as the cultural center of Connecticut.
In addition, five colleges and universities are located in Greater New Haven.
info.med.yale.edu /center/missions/new_haven.html   (237 words)

 New Haven Advocate: The Tumor Generation
I was born at New London's Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in 1948, grew up in Niantic and graduated from New London High School in 1966.
In those same first 14 years, leukemia cases for New London County children under 10 were 55 percent higher than the state average, and leukemia deaths 45 percent higher.
My own research in U.S. Vital Statistics records indicates that in 1975, New London County suffered a 30 percent increase in infant mortality, a 36 percent rise in neonatal mortality and a 57 percent increase in fetal mortality.Radiation has been linked to such deaths subsequent to the Chernobyl disaster.
www.cgtp.duke.edu /~rinke/personal/millstone.html   (2245 words)

 New Haven Advocate Grand Band Slam 1999 | Best Pop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
New Haven Advocate Grand Band Slam 1999
"We're focusing on recording a new album." You can assess the current shade of Purple when they cap off a live night of Grand Band Slam winners Sept. 4 on New Haven Green.
We old farts at the Advocate were thrilled to see Jellyshirts, Butterflies of Love, and the Furors all place in the top five of one of our largest, hardest-fought and youth-dominated categories.
www.grandbandslam.com /gbs99nh/01.html   (257 words)

 New Haven Road Race T-Shirt Official Rules
99.1PLR, New Balance and the New Haven Advocate invite you to design the official tee shirt for Connecticut's premier running event, the 29th Annual NewAlliance New Haven Road Race.
Design must include reference to: (a) NewAlliance New Haven Road Race (b) 20k and 5k (c) September 4, 2006.
Entries must be received by August 5, 2006 and sent in an envelope clearly marked "T-shirt Contest" to: New Haven Road Race, P.O. Box 1893, New Haven, CT 06508.
www.newhavenroadrace.org /html/tsrules.html   (192 words)

 New Haven Advocate - Cover Feature Archives 9/96 - 12/98   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Rave New World - As raves become all the rage in cities like Hartford, they are attracting younger crowds -- and a rash of crackdowns.
Character Trouble - The Northstar scandal is the latest in an emerging pattern of perks and patronage that may reveal a darker side of John Rowland.
A Family Affair - An exuberant clan of painters engages in lively conversation at the New Britain Museum of American Art -- and their language is color.
old.hartfordadvocate.com /hararchive2.phtml   (2729 words)

 New Haven Advocate - newspaper in New Haven, Connecticut USA covering New Haven city guides entertainment at Mondo Times
New Haven Advocate is a newspaper in New Haven, Connecticut, USA covering local events and entertainment.
Tom Gogola is the editor of the New Haven Advocate.
New Haven Advocate contact information is available to Mondo Times Advanced and Professional Members.
www.mondotimes.com /1/world/us/7/453/1277   (119 words)

 Internet Jurisdiction for 1st Amendment and the Media 2003
New Haven Advocate, 315 F.3d 256 (4th Cir.
Revell sued the Board of Trustees of Columbia University, whose principal offices are in New York City, and Prof.
Lidov, a Massachusetts resident, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.  That court granted the defendants’ motions to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.  Revell v.
www.mediainstitute.org /ONLINE/FAM2003/2-m.html   (775 words)

 New Haven Film Fest Profile, 4/00
Film Fest New Haven celebrates its fifth anniversary from April 7-9 in Connecticut.
While Film Fest New Haven still relies primarily on the individuals who come to support the festival through the purchase of various packages and passes (see below), the dedication of the all-volunteer staff has attracted such big-name sponsors as Bell Atlantic Mobil, Kodak, Yale University and the "New Haven Advocate."
Three venues in and around Yale University and downtown New Haven -- York Square Cinema, Whitney Humanities Center and the Little Theatre -- will be screening the festival's entries over the three-day period.
www.newenglandfilm.com /news/archives/00april/newhaven.htm   (597 words)

 New Haven : Nightlife | Frommers.com
The presence of Yale and a highly educated faction of the general population ensures a cultural life equal to that of many larger cities.
A reliable source of information on cultural events and nightlife is the free weekly newspaper, the New Haven Advocate (www.newhavenadvocate.com).
The Brü Rm, a brewpub tacked onto the slightly older nightclub, produces rich beers and poses a naked challenge in the eternal New Haven pizza wars.
www.frommers.com /destinations/newhaven/0978010030.html   (417 words)

 New Haven Connecticut
"A whopping 40 percent of the surveillance cameras in New Haven are operated by local, state or federal government authorities," he concluded.
As a matter of fact, New York City is not filled with drunk and disorderly persons, drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves, burglars, muggers, rapists, child molesters, murderers and terrorists.
And if New York City is remarkably crime-free for a city of its size, it isn't because the ubiquitous presence of surveillance cameras has chased away or led to the arrest and imprisonment of all the criminals (the so-called War on Drugs took care of that).
www.notbored.org /new-haven-advocate.html   (2004 words)

 BP Partners :: Empower New Haven   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Empower To Spare New initiative aims to empower companies to use less of it NEW HAVEN - The United Illuminating Co. (UI), Empower New...
New initiative aims to build, fill jobs in state Maria Garriga, Register Staff 03/26/2004 NEW HAVEN — Area businesse...
NEW COFFEE SHOP TO OPEN IN NINTH SQUARE DISTRICT Woodland Coffee and Tea is a start up business opening soon in downtown New Haven.
www.empowernewhaven.org /76   (610 words)

 New Haven Independent: Advocate Editor Moves On   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
New Haven Independent: Advocate Editor Moves On New Haven Independent
The New Haven Advocate's editor is leaving his post June 2 after nearly two years in the job ("the longest job I've ever held," he said).
He also lured a terrific new writer to town.
www.newhavenindependent.org /archives/2006/04/advocate_editor.html   (270 words)

 Newhall Remediation - In the News...
Listed below are the titles, dates and authors of many of the stories that have appeared in the print media, on television and in an online publication, www.hamdendailynews.com.
The Hamden Journal, Hamden Chronicle, New Haven Register and New Haven Advocate will post stories on line for a short period of time after publication.
As New Term Nears, Town is Split on Safety of a School Built on a Landfill
www.newhallinfo.org /news.html   (552 words)

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