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Topic: New York Americans

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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  New York Yankees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New York pitcher Jack Chesbro threw a wild pitch in the ninth inning which allowed the eventual pennant-winning run to score for the Boston Americans.
It has also been argued that the New York Mets, because they share the same market, could spend at a higher level if their owner was inclined to do so, and therefore the Yankees spending reflects Steinbrenner's greater commitment to winning rather than a singular advantage over all other teams.
(The interlocking NY was used by the New York Knicks on their warmup jackets, and later shorts from the 1960s to 1990 and remains on the Knicks' throwback uniforms.) In 1929, the New York Yankees became the first team to make numbers a permanent part of the uniform.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_York_Yankees   (7391 words)

 New York City   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
New York City is among the world's most important global cities, as it is home to a nearly unrivaled collection of world-class museums, galleries, performance venues, media outlets, corporations, and the hundreds of international embassies associated with the United Nations, which has its headquarters in the city.
New York City was the site of the deadliest attack in national history on September 11, 2001 when nearly 3,000 people were killed by the terrorist strike on the World Trade Center, including New Yorkers employed in the buildings and hundreds of firemen, policemen, and rescue workers who came to their aid.
Upper New York Bay is surrounded by Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the coast of New Jersey, and is connected by the Narrows between Brooklyn and Staten Island to Lower New York Bay, which is partially surrounded by Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the coast of New Jersey, and opens to the Atlantic Ocean.
new-york-city.ask.dyndns.dk   (7901 words)

 New York Americans (1925-1942)
Americans Owner Bill Dwyer's was losing a fortune as his illegal alcohol business fell apart with the end of prohibition and the start of the Great Depression.
The Americans continue to be a NHL doormat missing the playoffs for the 6th straight season while finishing in 4th place with a horrible 12-27-9, as players began to complain to the league that Owner Bill Dwyer was failing to make payroll.
The Americans were once again in grave financial shape as they lost most of their players to overseas service due to Canada's involvement in World War II, as they finished in last place with a horrible 8-29-11 record.
www.sportsecyclopedia.com /nhl/nya/nyamericans.html   (1746 words)

 New York Rangers - Wikipedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The New York Rangers are a National Hockey League team based in New York, New York.
A Tex Rickard was awarded an NHL franchise in 1926 to compete with the now-long-forgotten New York Americans.
The Rangers defeated the New Jersey Devils in seven games to go to their first Cup final in 15 years, and went the full seven games with the Vancouver Canucks.
wikipedia.findthelinks.com /ne/New_York_Rangers.html   (766 words)

 New York Rangers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New York Rangers (NYR) are a National Hockey League (NHL) team based in New York City, New York.
The new team turned out to be a winner--in their first season, the Rangers won the American Division, but lost to the Boston Bruins in the playoffs.
After clinching the President's Trophy for the best regular season record in the league, the Rangers were pitted against their archrivals, the 8th seeded New York Islanders in the first round of the playoffs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_York_Rangers   (2229 words)

 ★ New York State Information - Encyclopedia Article
New York was one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.
New York State's borders touch (clockwise from the northwest) two Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario, which are connected by the Niagara River), the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada, three New England states (Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut), the Atlantic Ocean, and two Mid-Atlantic states (New Jersey and Pennsylvania).
New York was heavily glaciated in the ice age leaving much of the state with deep, fertile, though somewhat rocky soils.
www.newyorkstatesearch.com /information/New_York_State_information.html   (2583 words)

 Books About Native Americans and New York
New York City has to be one of the greatest places in America, if not the world.
She describes the difficulties the young boy from the Tonawanda Reservation in New York encountered during his years at a Baptist mission school, on an Iroquois settlement in Canada, and at the academies he attended to further his education.
Native Americans is a new series that focuses on the Native American culture by examining geographic and cultural groupings as well as the major nations and tribes within each area.
nyc4kids.tripod.com /native-americans-ny.htm   (10498 words)

 ANSPORTS: A brief history of the New York Americans
Hamilton won the regular season and under a new playoff system was to meet the winner of a series between the second and third place teams.
In 1941-42 the Americans changed their name to the Brooklyn Americans while still playing it's home games at M.S.G. Huge debts left by Dwyer and player enlistments in WW2, forced Red Dutton to fold the Americans in 1942, thus closing the book on the New York Americans.
The Americans were renters in the Garden, and when Tex Rickert sold the Garden with the Amerks, the team then became also-rans and the Rangers grew in stature.
www.ansports.com /nya.html   (690 words)

 A to Z Encyclopaedia of Ice Hockey - Ne
New York Rangers 14th pick (244th overall) in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft.
The New Brunswick Amateur Hockey Association is one of thirteen Branch Associations of the Canadian Hockey Association.
One of the divisions of the Eastern Conference of the American Hockey League (previously in the Southern Conference).
www.azhockey.com /Ne.htm   (2977 words)

 Sea Grant News Media Center - New York - Native Americans   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
New York Sea Grant Extension Specialists David Greene, Robert Kent, Jay Tanski, Diane Kuehn, David MacNeill, and Sea Grant researcher Joseph Buttner, have been cited for establishing communications between Native American audiences to promote cooperative efforts on environmental concerns and educational programs.
New York State is home to 10 Native American reservations which are confronted by a myriad environmental problems including toxic dumping, sewage disposal, tank leakage, agricultural runoff and the ensuing contamination of group and surface waters.
New York Sea Grant was chosen from among 30 programs to receive the honor.
www.seagrantnews.org /news/nyhonored.html   (608 words)

 The Native Americans of Columbia County, New York
The Native Americans of Columbia County, New York
Throughout the French and Indian Wars, and later the American Revolution, the Mohicans fought to defend their homeland and support their allies (first the Dutch, then the British and finally the American patriots).
Meanwhile, the desperate state of the other tribes in New York and New England resulted in a steady trickle of refugees to Stockbridge.
www.valatielibrary.org /mohicans.htm   (959 words)

 [No title]
The New York Americans began their hockey team NHL career as the Hamilton Tigers.
The New York Americans opened the 1925-26 season on December 15, 1925 at Madison Square Garden.
After witnessing the popularity of the Americans, Madison Square Garden ownership decided to obtain a big-league team of its own, even though they had guaranteed Dwyer that he would hold sole rights over the New York area.
www.nyc.gov /html/sports/html/nyamericans_history.html   (598 words)

 Remember the ABA: New York Nets
In New York's very first playoff series, the Nets bowed out against the Kentucky Colonels in seven hard-fought contests that actually drew some of New York's hardcore basketball fans.
New York and Kentucky both ended up with 58-26 records, and a special one-game playoff was played at Kentucky to determine the division champion.
New York walked away with a 112-106 victory and the last ABA Championship.
www.remembertheaba.com /New-York-Nets.html   (3150 words)

 New York Yankees
The New York Yankees won the 1999 (5760) World Series, their 25th, by sweeping the Atlanta Braves, finishing with a record of 109 wins and 65 losses.
In New York, the Yankees won the fourth game 4-1, with Roger Clemens winning his 250th game (against 137 losses), giving up 1 run, 4 hits, and 2 walks, while striking out 4, over 7 2/3 innings.
The New York Yankees of 1927, 1928, and 1932 had also won 12 in a row.
www.valdostamuseum.org /hamsmith/NYYankees.html   (4456 words)

 New York Americans
Mid-way through the 1936/37 season, New York Americans star goalie Roy "Shrimp" Worters suffered a hernia which ended his career.
The Americans purchased Chabot from the Montreal Maroons, where he had not played a single game all year.
Chabot was 36 years old by the time he joined the Americans.
www.geocities.com /lornechabot/Americans.html   (232 words)

 New York Americans @ HockeyLiving.com
NEW YORK -- Americans pay on average $50 per month for cell-phone service, yet there are free wireless hotspots in lots of places.
NEW YORK - Americans with high-speed Internet connections at home are far more likely than dial-up users to go online for news, a new study finds.
NEW YORK - Americans pay on average $50 per month for cell-phone service, yet there are free wireless hotspots in lots of places.
www.hockeyliving.com /info/New_York_Americans   (420 words)

 EXCHANGE Paris / New York - Americans in France
Hello, me it is Halima, I am 27 years old, I live in Paris, I live work in an agency of Presses Relations, Public relations, and I am Account Manager.
I like to travel, meet world, and to discover new cultures.
I am in the search of a housing in New York in particular, for 2 people, without children, and not of animals.
www.americansinfrance.net /Forum/ShowPost.cfm?Number=442   (371 words)

 Welcome to NYANA
The health of our nation and the lives of new Americans have always had a vital connection.
As a full-service, multi-faceted organization, we assist new immigrants and their families from every nation in every aspect of their lives, from education and healthcare, to legal advice and job placement.
We can assist new immigrants and their families in every aspect of their lives.
www.nyana.org   (120 words)

 African Americans in New York State 1850-1960
Remember that other good citations may be found by checking the bibliographies and footnotes of the journal articles you find.
This is THE main index to scholarly journals in American History.
African American history in the press, 1851-1899 : from the coming of the Civil War to the rise of Jim Crow as reported and illustrated in selected newspapers of the time.
exlibris.colgate.edu /staff/ehutton/AfaminNY1850to1960.html   (737 words)

 Swap Paris/New York - Americans in France
Hi, My name is Redouane, i live in New York and my wife lives in Paris, we just got married last Christmass.
We have have an apartment in the east of Paris "Mairie Des Lilas" 15mn to midtown Paris, the train is 5mn from the house.very nice neigberhood, where you can find everything you need.
So my wife is coming to New York June 26th to July 18th.
www.americansinfrance.net /Forum/ShowPost.cfm?Number=444   (563 words)

 NOVEL Databases for New York State Residents with DMV Driver License/DMV Photo ID   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
An Almanac provides historical information and current commentary on the American Revolution; Biographies profiles approximately 60 British and American men and women connected with the conflict; and Primary Sources presents the text of speeches, diary entries, and other material.
Major Acts of Congress examines landmark pieces of legislation (e.g., the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Freedom of Information Act), explaining the historical factors that led to the proposal of each act, looking at the adoption process and assessing each act's impact on American life.
This full text newspaper database has seven New York Newspapers including the New York Times from 2000 on, and over fifty national and international newspapers.
www.novelnewyork.org /remotenyid_subj.htm   (950 words)

 New York Yankees
The New York Americans (now known as the Yankees) began their first Spring Training on 18 March 1903 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.
After 911 caused baseball to be cancelled for a week, the Yankees got to the 2001 World Series and, on 30 and 31 October and 1 November, won all 3 games played in New York.
In 1965, the Crackers played their last season in the brand new Atlanta Stadium that the city built for the soon-to-be-relocating Milwaukee Braves.
www.valdostamuseum.org /hamsmith/AtlantaCrackers.html   (649 words)

 Ebony: The 100 most influential Black Americans: New York Mayor, U.S. Appeals Court judges join the 1990 list of movers ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ebony: The 100 most influential Black Americans: New York Mayor, U.S. Appeals Court judges join the 1990 list of movers and shakers.
The 100 most influential Black Americans: New York Mayor, U.S. Appeals Court judges join the 1990 list of movers and shakers.
EBONY's 1990 list of "The 100 Most Influential Black Americans" includes a broad spectrum of powerholders who represent the variety of organizations and opinions maintained in the Black community.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:8935057&refid=ink_tptd_mag   (227 words)

 Ankle Biting Pundits
A column I wrote for the American Spectator last week has become the subject of a debate between Jim Antle (writer for the American Conservative) and John Tabin, a fellow Spectator columnist.
But you know what stands out most to me? The fact that despite this slap in their faces, Allied forces, be they British or American, would go back out and try to rescue these same people again if they were kidnapped a second time.
Now, the alleged firestorm that resulted from his being placed in his new position is positively absurd.
www.anklebitingpundits.com /index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2245   (3505 words)

 eBay - new york limited, Fan Apparel Souvenirs, Cards items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Reggie Jackson New York Yankees Limited Card 12/25 NICE
Riley New York CU Exclusive Limited Editon 8"
New Era Fitted Dip Set New York HUNTER 7-1/8 LIMITED
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=new+york+limited&...   (542 words)

 New York Rangers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mark Messier Autographed New York Rangers Home White Jersey with Captain...
New York Islanders Face-Off vs. New York Rangers Framed Unsigned...
New York Rangers Shield Logo 3 8 Ladies' Ring Size 6 1 2 - Sterling...
www.sportinggoodsdepot.com /n/New_York_Rangers   (109 words)

 New York Historians Alphabetical List, New York State , from New York History Net
Subject Areas: I teach Colonial American, New York State, Hudson-Mohawk Regional history and Industrial Revolution at the College of Saint Rose in Albany; I've been an adjunct there for twenty years.
Subject Areas: member of the NYS Council for the Social Studies, Capital District Council for the Social Studies, Education Consultant to the New York State Historical Association, and Director of the Empire Group Education Consultants.
Subject Areas: 18th and 19th century New York City history (Manhattan and Queens), history of medicine, NYC in the American Revolution.
www.nyhistorians.net   (939 words)

 Afro-Americans In New York Life And History: An Interdisciplinary Journal- New York History Net
Afro-Americans in New York Life and History is an interdisciplinary journal that is published two times per year (January and July) by the Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier, Inc. Through the journal, the Association will endeavor to promote and publish research and scholarship pertaining to Afro-Americans in New York State.
The journal will publish analytical, historical, and descriptive articles dealing with the life and history of Afro-Americans in New York State.
Moreover, we will attempt to aid the researcher by identifying and publicizing information concerning the location of archival sources and research materials pertaining to Afro-Americans in New York.
www.nyhistory.com /aanylh   (536 words)

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