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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

 New Zealand National Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New Zealand National Party (sometimes referred to as "the Nats" or even as "Tories") currently forms the second-largest (in terms of seats) political party represented in the New Zealand Parliament, and thus functions as the core of the Opposition.
And as a result of the new electoral mechanics, the New Zealand First Party, led by former National MP and former Cabinet minister Winston Peters, held the balance of power after the 1996 elections.
A new party, called the New Zealand National Party, formed at a meeting held in Wellington on May 13 and 14, 1936. /wiki/New_Zealand_National_Party   (1961 words)

 New Zealand National Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New Zealand National Front was founded by Brian Thompson of Ashburton (who had earlier been the New Zealand secretary of an organisation calling itself the League of Empire Loyalists) in 1968, although its operation was erratic.
The National Front describes itself as "the leading organisation in New Zealand concerned with the preservation and advancement of unique New Zealand European culture." and considers itself to be "patriotic and nationalistic".
The New Zealand National Front is a small far-right political party in New Zealand. /wiki/New_Zealand_National_Front   (1637 words)

 New Zealand National Front - Official Website
New Zealand National Front policy is the most Christian policy of all New Zealand political parties.
New Zealand National Front recognises te Tiriti o Waitangi as this nations founding constitutional document, that is te Tiriti, not the fake 1975 government job to suit their New World Order.
National Front Government is government of the people, for the people, by the people of New Zealand exclusively.   (1018 words)

 The New Zealand Edge : Heroes :
New Zealander Alexander Aitken was one of the world’s most brilliant mathematical minds, able to multiply two 9-digit numbers together in his head and recite the answer in 30 seconds, or render awkward fractions into decimals to 26 places in under five seconds.
New Zealander Beatrice Tinsley was a world leader in modern cosmology and one of the most creative and significant theoreticians in modern astronomy.
New Zealand design heroes are a broad group of innovators who inspire the view that creativity, originality and performance are embedded in our culture. /heroes   (1860 words)

 Libertarianz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Libertarianz is considerably more radical than ACT New Zealand (the other political party in New Zealand that is sometimes called libertarian).
Later, Lindsay Perigo, a well-known New Zealand broadcaster for Radio New Zealand and TVNZ, assumed the leadership.
Libertarianz does not consider ACT to be a libertarian party, and the relationship between the two is not good. /wiki/Libertarianz   (353 words)

 National Geographic Traveler Article: New Zealand
Tongariro became New Zealand's first (and the world's fourth) national park, growing to nearly 190,000 acres of glaciers, alpine vegetation, rocky rivers, and forest—and it's the reason that, when the clouds finally do lift above Ruapehu, it is I who am standing here rather than a rancher's fat merino sheep.
Almost all New Zealand's native trees are evergreen, and as I head into the Huiarau Range, the woodland—tall, ferny, viny—seems spread as thickly on the hills as green icing on a child's birthday cake.
New Zealand broke away early from the ancestral supercontinent of Gondwana; forests of these ancient species, isolated for 85 million years, survive as a near-direct link to the days of the dinosaurs. /traveler/articles/1053new_zealand.html   (3948 words)

 New Zealand New Zealand
New Zealand, noted life scientist Jared Diamond has remarked, offers science an approximation of studying life on other planets, because the islands of New Zealand lie so distant from other landmasses that their flora and fauna are markedly unlike those of other places.
New Zealand is a paradise that offers the best of both worlds to retirees and#150; quality health care, modern facilities, and a unique opportunity to leave the fast-pace behind.
New Zealand is a beautiful country with remarkable scenery, friendly people, and wide open spaces.   (2170 words)

 Articles - Neo-Nazism
Nazi groups in the United States can trace back to the 1920s, with the US branch of the National Socialist German Workers Party.
A trial was held before the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitution Court), the highest court in Germany, about the prohibition of the NPD (National Democratic Party), considered (though not proven to be) a neo-Nazi party.
Many were new groups that arose amidst the economic collapse and subsequent high unemployment in the former East Germany. /articles/Neo-Nazi   (4011 words)

 Fight dem back!
You are currently viewing the archive for the New Zealand National Front category.
Nic was formerly the Wellington Representative of the NZ National Front and later went on to found the NZ National Socialist Party.
Her son's involvement in the National Front escalated after the death of his father of cancer in February last year, while Baumgarten was a seventh-former at Rangitoto College. /archive/groups/new-zealand-national-front   (3845 words)

 New Zealand Election news & blogs on Catholic diocese objects to National Front logo
National Front national director Sid Wilson, of Auckland, said his party's logo did not feature an "actual cross" but an organic symbol made up of circles in the colours of traditional western freedom- red, white and blue.
The Catholic Church in Dunedin is objecting to the proposed logo of the National Front which incorporates a cross.
He disputed claims the party was opposed to Christianity, saying it had the most Christian policy of any political party in New Zealand. /stuff/0,2106,3378488a14095,00.html   (458 words)

The president of Chapman's local RSA in New Brighton, Geoff Butler, said it was fine by him if the National Front attended Anzac services.
The RSA could not stop National Front members attending services but "they certainly will not be welcomed if they come flying their colours".
National Front director Kyle Chapman said its members attended Anzac Day Services every year, and planned to do so this year. /2005/04/new-zealand-national-front-angers.html   (709 words)

 Interview With Kyle Chapman, Director, New Zealand National Front
A - The National Front was first formed in 1968 by Brian Thompson (a pro-South African activist and teacher), who had previously been the New Zealand secretary for A.K. Chesterton’s British-based League of Empire Loyalists - and Kay Hopper of Auckland.
Kyle Chapman and Anton Folambje of the national executive of the New Zealand National Front and Jim Saleam, secretary of the Sydney branch of the Australia First Party.
These discussions were useful in defining the positions of New Zealand and Australian nationalists on a number of key questions. /nznfinterview.html   (2260 words)

 Scoop: National Front Cannot Deny Nazi Links Anymore
National - Low police confidence an indictment on Labour
Politics: Brownlee Wants Green Staff To Have A Long Holiday - National Party Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee says the taxpayer-funded Ministerial advisors to the Greens should be stood down while the Auditor- General investigates whether their appointments are legal.
Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Andrew Little said that Dr Mapp’s claim that the “Grinch-like Holidays Act” had put a dampener on Christmas because one in three eateries had closed in order to avoid paying penal rates to staff was poppycock. /stories/PO0504/S00213.htm   (681 words)

 National Beekeepers Association :: Better Beekeeping, Better Marketing
• In relation to the AFB PMS, understand the context of the Biosecurity (National American Foulbrood Pest Management Strategy) Order 1998, The Biosecurity (American Foulbrood - Apiary and Beekeeper Levy) Order 2003, and the Biosecurity Act 1993
“Bees are the lifeblood of farming and horticulture, and to the economy of New Zealand.
Though it turned out to be a hoax, the threatened release of the foot and mouth disease in New Zealand was a major issue for the country's agricultural and export industries in May 2005.   (3210 words)

 National Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chad — National Front for the Renewal of Chad (FNTR)
The name National Front is used by a number of political parties and coalitions.
Libya — National Front for the Salvation of Libya /wiki/National_Front   (129 words)

 Smash the National Front! Anti-Fascist Protest in Wellington
On 23 October 2004, 40 fascists from the New Zealand National Front (NF) held a rally in Wellington.
The weaker the National Front is made today, the smaller and less effective it will be as a tool of the capitalist class in the future.
It is vital that we—workers, ethnic communities, communists and gays—remain vigilant and not be lulled into thinking that the National Front is too small or irrelevant or that it is not currently targeting the particular community to which we, as individuals, belong. /1917/no27/Welly%20demo.html   (484 words)

 Pope wants more public display of crucifixes
Meanwhile the Catholic Church in New Zealand has written to the country's Electoral Commission, objecting to the use of the cross in the logo of the NZ National Front political party.
Diocesan Chancellor Fr John Harrison said that the name and ethos of the New Zealand National Front party appears fundamentally opposed to Christianity, to the point that possible confusion occasioned by its use of the cross in its logo would create offence.
National Front's cross logo causes Catholic Church to complain to Electoral Commission (NZCity 16/8/05) /news/508/99.php   (864 words)

 Shofar FTP Archives: orgs/new-zealander/national-front/skins-new-zealand
One far-right group, the New Zealand National Front, has published a newsletter called _Skinhead_.
New Zealand's most notorious Skinhead crime took place in October 1989, when Skinhead Glen McAllister went on a shooting spree with a pump action shotgun in Cathedral Square in Christchurch.
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads,alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white, Subject: ADL: Skinhead International; New Zealand Summary: The ADL's "Skinhead International: A Worldwide Survey of Neo-Nazi Skinheads" Followup-To: alt.skinheads Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/skinhead-international/skins- Last-Modified: 1995/09/03 New Zealand A small racist and anti-Semitic Skinhead movement is known to exist in New Zealand, although estimates of its numbers are difficult to come by. /ftp.cgi/   (247 words)

 Scouting New Zealand: News
The Chief Executive and national staff would like to wish all members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank all volunteers for their dedication and efforts on behalf of Scouting in 2005.
She plans on chartering a yacht that is already in Europe, and then crew it with a team from New Zealand.
If you are new to Scouting and are looking to join one of the various sections please click here to read more about them.   (1586 words)

 Kiwi Flag. New design proposal for the New Zealand flag.
Jason Paul Troup (designer and promoter) Started working on his designin 1998 after seeing an article in an ex pat newspaper (New Zealand U.K. News), which featured an article on the idea of having the silver fern on black as our new national flag.
White cloud and Koru: New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, represents the spirit of the New Zeland poeple, the union of Rangi and Papa.
The idea is to promote and encourage the urge to bring about a change to New Zealand's present flag which is not a true representation of New Zealand and it's people today. /flagnz   (509 words)

 slinging ink - slaying tedium since breakfast time: I hate New Zealand Nazis
Are the New Zealand National Front known as the All Blackshirts?
It seems that, even in quaint, sleepy New Zealand, the white supremacist scourge is never far from the surface.
Check out this story from The New Zealand Herald. /2004/11/i-hate-new-zealand-nazis.html   (414 words)

 Gliding New Zealand
The top 10 gliding pilots from around the world are traveling to New Zealand to contest the title of Grand Prix champion and take on the challenge from current world champion, New Zealander John Coutts...
A FREE gliding promotional video has been provided to every glider pilot in New Zealand by the GNZ Promotional Fund.
From Grae Harrison GNZ National Airspace Officer: The Ida GAA is disestablished and the airspace to the south is called the "Dunstan Sector" FL135-FL175 all the way to Waikaia.   (1088 words)

 dokumentationsarchiv: New Zealand News- Front ready to fight back at anti-racism march
Extremist right-wing group the New Zealand National Front, which has an anti-Asian policy and wants sex offenders executed, says it cannot guarantee that today's anti-racism march in Christchurch will be trouble-free.
New Zealand News- Front ready to fight back at anti-racism march
National Front Christchurch co-ordinator Kyle Chapman said he expected that 15 members, including some skinheads, would attend the march. /dokklar/blog/2004/05/new-zealand-news-front-ready-to-fight.html   (218 words)

 The British National Front Guestbook
The Bronx in New York it is a NO-Go ZONE for all you white pricks!
New evidence for the genetic ancestry of modern Britons comes from analysis of blood groups, oxygen traces in teeth, and DNA samples taken from skeletal remains.
A New Year reveller was left badly shaken after a man attempted to drag her into his car, police have said. /cgi-bin/   (7373 words)

 Letters from New Zealand: Racism?
Racist groups like, the New Zealand National Front has no place in New Zealand politics.
I know there are cases of some racist insults or acts (I may have experienced one) but these are isolated and not necessarily reflect New Zealander attitudes as a whole.
Front ready to fight back at anti-racism march /2004/06/racism.html   (147 words)

 National Press Club.
At a ceremony at Government House, Wellington, on August 30 2005 the Governor -General of New Zealand Dame Silvia Cartwright presented Pat Booth with the National Press Club's Lifetime Achievement Award.
The occasion was held at an evening ceremony in the ballroom of Government House and was witnessed by many members of the National Press Club.
Pat Booth was introduced by longtime colleague Peter Bush, vice president of the National Press Club.   (142 words)

 New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on
More controversy surfaced today regarding the way New Zealand won the hosting rights for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, with allegations that the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) promised more tests against Argentina.
All the material on this page has the protection of international copyright.
Investors start new year with a gold rush   (407 words)

 Fight dem back!
Due to a power struggle in the higher ranks of the organization i told you i was a supporter of, the New Zealand National Front, I am withdrawing any affiliation with that group.
Know that people all over Australia and New Zealand are reading this and are with you in solidarity.
If you enter New Zealand, you'll end up in a camp. /2005/04/15/nf-miller   (1365 words)

 Fight dem back!
Wilkommen to the NEW WPCA from the Tender Darling.
His new blog, features a whole swathe of new antifa articles that pending his permission, we'll be cutting and pasting over here as soon as he can put them up.
This is a war and we are all soldiers in it, so for all new people to get in, they have to prove that they are not some pimply faced nerd sitting in his parents basement jerking off to nude pictures and playing pretend Nazi.   (8364 words) New Zealand Handbook (4th Edition): Books: Jane King
New Zealand, Visitor Centre, North Island, Getting There, Field Centre, Southern Alps, Tasman Sea, New Plymouth, Tranz Scenic, Milford Sound, Southern Hemisphere, Cook Strait, Marine Parade, Stewart Island, Captain Cook, Department of Conservation, Cathedral Square, Whanganui River, Palmerston North, Arts Centre, Marlborough Sounds, Hawke's Bay, Hauraki Gulf, Golden Bay, Waikato River
A multitude of exciting activities awaits you in the great New Zealand outdoors.
New Zealand Travel Map (Globetrotter Travel Map) by Globetrotter /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1566910331?v=glance   (748 words)

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