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Topic: New product development

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  New Product Development Glossary
These techniques may be used in the early stages of product development to generate initial product concepts, in the intermediate stages for overcoming implementation issues, in the later stages for planning launch and in the post-mortem stage to better understand success and failure in the marketplace.
Products are bundles of attributes (features, functions, benefits, and uses) and can be either tangible, as in the case of physical goods, or intangible, as in the case of those associated with service benefits, or can be a combination of the two.
Product Architecture: The way in which the functional elements are assigned to the physical chunks of a product and the way in which those physical chunks interact to perform the overall function of the product.
www.pdma.org /library/glossary.html   (17308 words)

 NP Learning: In New Product Development, innovation favors the well-prepared mind.
A predictable, disciplined approach to driving new ideas can be learned—and must be learned to maximize the potential return on new product development.
We train product developers, researchers, marketing mangers—anyone who touches the process-to reduce the chaos in the new product development process.
Our program instructors are not theoreticians, so you learn new product development best practices from people who have spent years in product development positions.
www.nplearning.com   (190 words)

  New Product Development Experience
This product launch was very successful and was a platform for ongoing innovation for years to follow.
The group went through a process of identifying the "as is" and developed significant elements of the "to be" vision.
The client developed a steering committee who went about developing buy in for the vision and developed an effective process that allowed for fast and flexible product development.
www.catalystpm.com /new_product_development_experien.htm   (1299 words)

  New Product Development
New Product Development is typically an iterative process that comes from an in depth understanding of the market, customers and technology.
New ideas may arise from an understanding of the technology, or from an understanding of customers, but it is most powerful when the two are combined - when the engineers get to see and hear what it is the customers' are looking for.
When products are in development we can ensure that customer input is included to make sure the products stay on target and by helping you monitor the competition, we can ensure you are not over taken by events elsewhere.
www.dobney.com /Research/new_product_development.htm   (673 words)

 New product development Information
Most industry leaders see new product development as a proactive process where resources are allocated to identify market changes and seize upon new product opportunities before they occur (in contrast to a reactive strategy in which nothing is done until problems occur).
In those industries where products are technically complex, development research is expensive, and product life cycles are short, strategic alliances among several organizations helps to spread the costs, provide access to a wider skills set, and speeds the process.
The adoption of a new technology can be analyzed using a variety of diffusion theories such as the Diffusion of innovations theory.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/New_product_development   (1159 words)

New Product Development is the overall process of strategy, organization, concept generation, product and marketing plan creation and evaluation, and commercialization of a new product.
Specific tools and activities are used throughout the new product development process to enable organizations to better understand the markets they wish to enter, the products they wish to produce, and the means needed to develop the finished goods.
They enable practitioners to make decisions about the viability of new product ideas, monitor those new product ideas that have been selected to enter the new product development process, make necessary adjustments to a product development effort as it moves through the process, and help determine the success or failure of the product after development.
www2.bc.edu /~oreillyv/definitions/NewProductDevelopment.htm   (980 words)

 New Product Development - Build an Enduring Capability
New product development practices have been our specialty since 1984 as we have helped manufacturers in many industries to implement faster and more profitable means of new product development.
This is why we always look at new product development processes in terms of how they will improve your bottom line.
Some managers rely on new technologies, such as computer-aided design, electronic data transfer and management, and videoconferencing, to upgrade their product development.
www.europa.com /~preston/new-product-development.htm   (563 words)

 New Product Development Processes - Creating New Brands   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The new product development processes transform innovation from an unstructured process into a rules-based discipline with measurable inputs and outputs.
Our new product development processes consist of eight discrete steps, each of which is executed using the best practices in outcome-driven innovation.
Our new product development processes experts apply this patented system in existing, new, and emerging markets to help companies discover opportunities, create breakthrough ideas for growth, and formulate product and market strategies that will ensure success.
www.strategyn.com - !http: //www.strategyn.com/product-development-processes.html   (620 words)

 New Product Development Best Practices
New products are one of the key leverage points for growth in every company, and for some it is the most important driver of success.
New product concepts are explored in an unconstrained manner.
Product Improvement and Disposal: How product defects are identified, improvements made, and how products are disposed of at the end of life.
www.coplenish.com /FreeStuffPages/npdbp.htm   (1231 words)

 New Product Development and Conjoint Marketing Research
New product development research and conjoint marketing research are tools that help managers assess future profitability and understand situational market variables.
Since any one product probably will not contain everything the customer wants at a price they are prepared to pay, the customer has to decide which features they need or want the most and which they are prepared to trade-off.
While this type of conjoint analysis is practical for products or services with only a few attributes and only two levels per attribute, it becomes quite cumbersome to evaluate products or services with more attributes and more than two levels per attribute.
www.forwardanalytics.com /quantitative_research/New_Product_Development_Research.html   (1034 words)

 NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (NPD) - Driving Growth through via Product Innovation.
"New product innovation is where the source of growth and prosperity is. It is also now possible, with the range of new product innovation metrics tools available, to measure new product innovation much more precisely and intelligently."
Furthermore, starting with product roadmaps forces people to be explicit about how their ideas translate into new products or services.
To lead these expertise development efforts, cross-functional teams, either formal or informal, need to be formed.
www.1000ventures.com /business_guide/new_product_development.html   (862 words)

 About New Product Development
Upon embarking upon a product development consultancy for a client, one of the first tasks should be a review and explanation of the five primary stages of product development:
Anxious to proceed with development, companies seeking to develop new products often attempt to enter into RFQ or bidding activities before a detailed and accurate technical specification has been created.
It is typically advisable to engage an experienced and reliable product development organization to create detailed specifications that can then be destributed to vendors and subcontractors for accurate bids and proposals.
www.new-product-development.us /about.html   (192 words)

 WordPress › Blog
Most interesting about this release is that is our first under the new, experimental development cycle that we first talked about when we released version 2.1 fewer than 4 months ago.
Even though we have provided development hosting at wp-plugins.org for years, we hadn’t had a user interface to the plugins hosted there, which I think was a travesty.
As a developer all you need to do to start taking advantage of the new plugin pages is to include a properly formatted readme.txt file along with your plugin.
wordpress.org /development   (2225 words)

 FabricLink | Search by New Product
The yarns and fibers are lightweight, comfortable and retail all other product features, such as stretch and wasability for the life of the product.
It is featured in a variety of clothing products, such as ski and snowboard gloves, winter sports jackets, golf rain gear, shoes and hunting apparel.
Through this new process, the company utilizes only 15% of the energy required during the production of virgin nylon fibers made from petroleum.
www.fabriclink.com /search/NewProduct-search.cfm   (1435 words)

 2006 New Product Development Quick Tips
Product architectures span a range from integral (visualize a bowl of noodles) to modular, where functions of the product remain physically distinct.
Some developers attempt to skirt this issue by freezing the product specifications before starting design, but a previous Quick Tip showed that this is neither feasible nor wise.
According to Jacquelyn Ottman, a pioneer in the field, "‘Green’ product development, also known as design-for-environment or eco-design, is about minimizing impacts upon the environment at every stage of a product’s life, from concept, design, raw materials and production, through to distribution, marketing, use, and disposal/recycling."
www.newproductdynamics.com /quick_tip06.htm   (2034 words)

 New Product Development
New products need to be made with main ingredients that are not available on existing items.
In limited item outlets, it is necessary to develop or change just about every major ingredient, other wise, the developing process remains too rigid to be able to enhance creativity.
To illustrate the pitiful lack of creativity in creating products, 87 percent of the products respondents companies brought to market in 1992 were line extensions — new versions of old products — while only 4 percent created a new product category.
webhome.idirect.com /~redblack/NewProductDevelopment.html   (806 words)

 New Product Development Step 1: Data Dump
We also interview management to gain a thorough understanding of how it views new product, and of what their expectations are of sales and profits.
Last, we will investigate all the new products that were worked on over the last 5 years, whether they were introduced or not.
Note: We find it very essential to develop, at the project's onset, documents which clearly state what management expectations are for the new product.
www.jrcanda.com /newprod1.html   (527 words)

 new product development - National Market Measures
New product or service development is the at core of nearly every business.
All the research is custom developed to the situation and can include projections the likelihood that the product will succeed based on our proprietary new product development normative data.
With significantly higher product development and manufacturing costs, Management wanted to be sure the product would succeed while identifying a price that would be accepted in the market.
www.nmminc.com /services/new_product_dev.htm   (306 words)

 New Product Development   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some products are developed for, and with the help of, a specific customer.
Mag-Form® fasteners were developed to meet the growing use of magnesium that began in the 1990s.
New Rivtex™ clinch products were developed specifically to allow a removable fastener to be used in these thinner materials.
www.textronfasteningsystems.com /appsol/archives/new_prod_dev.html   (1176 words)

 Product Development
This section explores the new product development process, and is an extension of the product material.
A typical new product development process would be managed under a command and control structure by the company developing the new product.
The diffusion process explores the rate of acceptance of new products, and new technologies, by the marketplace.
www.udel.edu /alex/online/productdevelopment.html   (779 words)

 New Product Development
International product planning, the continuous job of developing products and product lines to satisfy the constantly changing desires and needs of the international customer, is a concept on which all global marketing plans and strategies should be based.
Products can be adapted to a new culture in a variety of ways ranging from simple package changes to total redesign of the physical product.
The global marketing professionals at Summit Development Company are very experienced in quickly identifying and optimizing international product development opportunities.
www.summitdevco.com /consultants/product.htm   (198 words)

 New Product Development
Using proprietary creative-analytic tools, we help clients develop innovative new product concepts which are then optimized in "real time" with target customers.
New product development projects often begin with a diagnostic audit to identify the strengths and improvement opportunities of the current approach.
A new products strategy is then created, which clearly outlines the growth gap and expected roles of new products.
www.equibrandconsulting.com /innovation_2.html   (221 words)

 TheManageMentor - Marketing - New Product Development
The development of original products, product improvements, product modifications, and new brands through the firm’s own RandD efforts.
Since product development costs rise greatly in later stages, the companies should spot those product ideas that are most likely to turn into profitable products.
Product Development: So far, the product may have existed only as a word description, a drawing or perhaps a crude mock-up.
www.themanagementor.com /tmm/b2s/mrkt/bps/newproduct.htm   (454 words)

 Product Development
New product development doesn't occur in a vacuum, according to TEC experts Mitch Goozé and Nick Webb.
New product strategy relies on exhaustive analysis of the company itself (internal) and the marketplace at large (external).
Development time -- Set a timeframe for the product development effort, based on how responsive the team can be to external forces and technological developments.
www.nickwebb.com /Keys4.html   (821 words)

 New Product Development: Practice and Research
The Product Development Forum, sponsored by DRM Associates, provides a source of information on concurrent engineering (CE), integrated product development (IPD), integrated product and process development (IPPD) practices, time-to-market, and reengineering and improving the product development process.
He has been labeled "the quintessential scholar" in the field of new products in the U.S. publication, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and "one of the preeminent experts on new product development" in an editorial in the US publication, Industrial Marketing Management.
Scott J. Edgett is an internationally recognized expert in the field of new product development and portfolio management.
www.eas.asu.edu /~kdooley/nsfnpd/consult.html   (979 words)

 New Product Development - Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab
Already steeped in advanced research and development in different areas of aerospace and automation and control solutions, new product solutions was the logical step in providing its customers with solutions that would increase their productivity and growth.
The lifecycle of a new product development involves many stages and goes beyond just understanding and interpreting customer needs.
It means, understanding the market, spotting the right segment, creating an awareness about the need, allowing the customers to experience the ‘need’, developing a product in alignment to Honeywell’s product lines and growth road map, executing it and finally implementing and maintaining it.
www.honeywell.com /sites/portal?smap=htsl&page=newproduct&theme=T8   (213 words)

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