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Topic: NewNet

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Hosting South Africa, DSL, Dialup's, WebReboot, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Firewall Proxy Servers,Branded ISP, Kaspersky, ...
Newnet offers the choice of two ADSL backbone providers namely Saix ADSL and ISDSL where Saix ADSL is provided by Telkom and ISDSL is provided by Internet Solutions.
Newnet provides a managed, scaleable and cost effective Firewall/Proxy System for the small to medium sized business that secures the network from external risks, provides managed internet and network usage, and saves internet bandwidth costs by managing or limiting internet usage per user.
Newnet's PBX is a complete scaleable PBX that runs on Linux and provides all of the features you would expect from a large proprietary PBX system such as Digital Receptionist, Voicemail, Conference Bridging, Call Queuing, and Call Detail Records.
www.newnet.co.za   (387 words)

 NEWNET Stations by Location
The following stations, operated by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and station managers in many of the communities are part of the NEWNET system to provide public access to radiological and meteorological data.
Click on the station location to access a data plot for the week, or for a listing of the data or station comments.
Data is also available for historic Newnet stations.
newnet.lanl.gov /stabyloc.asp   (116 words)

  Los Alamos announces NEWNET changes: Los Alamos National Laboratory
The NEWNET stations on pueblo lands will be operated for educational purposes by a collaboration of the pueblo environment departments and participants in the Northern New Mexico Community College Certificate in Environmental Monitoring program.
The NEWNET system consists of 20 stations: 14 located in Los Alamos County, four in neighboring pueblos, one at Northern New Mexico Community College in Española and one at the New Mexico School for the Deaf in Santa Fe.
Although NEWNET is not a key element of the Laboratory's environmental surveillance program, it is an important element of the pueblo environmental technical certification program as a training tool for environmental radiation measurements.
www.lanl.gov /news/index.php/fuseaction/nb.story/story_id/5178   (737 words)

  Newnet - The true story behind dud hitscan shots
Newnet was designed to simulate as accurately as possible a ping-free environment in which you could shoot players where they are on your screen instead of leading them.
If newnet checks the server's record of player locations at the tick when you fired your shot and your shot was a miss, it will not do damage, regardless of whether or not your client calculated the shot to be a hit or a miss.
Since when newnet is off, the game does not draw any effects client side, all player location and effect data is received from the server and the server fully decides if your shot was a hit or a miss.
raffi.beyondunreal.com /newnet.html   (1739 words)

 Foistware: New Net, Inc. (NewDotNet) DLL
New.net is one of many ventures spun off by Idealab!, a famous (or perhaps infamous) venture-capital incubator that has become a household name in certain circles.
Unfortunately, due to their prominent legal warning against linking to it, as well as New.net's demonstrated alacrity toward legal threats and lawsuits, we are unable to link you directly to it as this would put cexx.org in a legally actionable position.
In addition, we have received complaints from New.net customers asserting that they were not aware that New.net keywords were substantially different from domain names and that a large percentage of their customers would not be able to reach their sites using the New.net name.
www.cexx.org /newnet.htm   (3473 words)

 Direction under section 106(3) of the Act applying the Electronic Communications Code in the case of NewNet | Ofcom
NewNet intends to provide an electronic communications network in the Portsmouth, Fareham and Southampton urban areas using fibre as the means of access in order to offer Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications solutions, such as broadband Internet connections and services.
NewNet is willing to work closely with the relevant departments of the local authorities to present its network plan and discuss the processes for maintaining public highways and pedestrian access routes when street works take place.
OFCOM are of the view that NewNet in whose case it is proposed to apply the Code has provided sufficient evidence of its ability and willingness to meet potential liabilities.
www.ofcom.org.uk /telecoms/ioi/e_c_c/106_dirs/actual/grants/106_dir_newnet/?view=Welsh   (1180 words)

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