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Topic: Newsgroup

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  BNHS Newsgroup
The BNHS has its own Newsgroup where you can join others interested in Bedfordshire's wildlife by sharing news and contributing to discussions.
Anyone may read messages sent to the newsgroup, but in order to send messages to the group it is first necessary to have subscribed to it.
Alternatively subscribe via the newsgroup's homepage through which your personal settings can also be controlled.
homepage.ntlworld.com /keith.balmer/BNHS/main/html/newsgroup.htm   (127 words)

  Newsgroup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some newsgroups allow the posting of messages on a wide variety of themes, regarding anything a member chooses to discuss as on-topic, while others keep more strictly to their particular subject, frowning on off-topic postings.
Newsgroups frequently become cliquish and are subject to sporadic flame wars and trolling, but they can also be a valuable source of information, support and friendship, bringing people who are interested in specific subjects together from around the world.
For newsgroups that are not widely carried, sometimes a carrier group is used as a crosspost to aid distribution.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Newsgroup   (1480 words)

 AOL NetFind | Newsgroup Etiquette
Newsgroups are like self-governing communities; there are no "Newsgroup Cops." Instead, posters regulate themselves.
Below are some simple rules of newsgroup etiquette to understand before you venture into a newsgroup.
Think of newsgroup etiquette as a set of guidelines that will keep you from making mistakes and make you look and sound like a veteran newsgroup poster.
www.aol.com /netfind/scoop/newsgroup_etiquette.html   (356 words)

 Guidelines for Big Eight Newsgroup Creation
A valid RFD must contain a rationale for the proposal, charters for all newsgroups which would be created or changed, and moderator information sections for all created or changed groups that are proposed to be moderated.
The RFD must be crossposted to news.groups, should be crossposted to groups likely to be affected by the proposal, and may be crossposted to other related newsgroups.
Crossposts to poorly propagated or regional newsgroups may be disallowed at the discretion of the n.a.n moderation team.
www.eyrie.org /~eagle/faqs/big-eight.html   (1977 words)

 Newsgroup reader
Newsgroup Commander Pro is a news reader program which simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives.
Newsgroup Commander Pro is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives.
The availability of newsgroups for viewing is determined by the owner of the ISP you are dealing with.
www.internet-soft.com /nntpcom.htm   (658 words)

 AOL NetFind | Newsgroup Scoop Glossary
An official description of what a newsgroup is all about, whether it's moderated, and what kinds of topics the group will discuss.
Newsgroup articles are stored for a limited time, after which they are deleted to make room for new articles.
Newsgroups that have lots of flame wars and spam have a low signal-to-noise ratio.
site.aol.com /netfind/newsgroup/glossary.html   (1471 words)

 Iran search, Iranian search Persian Search iran find Persian web site online culture art weblog iranians books site ...
Newsgroup articles (messages) look like e-mail, but they can be read potentially by millions of people all over the world.
Newsgroup articles are distributed via "news servers", which contain databases of articles, and are operated by Internet service providers, schools, universities, and companies.
SCI is most busy Iranian newsgroup in www, also one of most busy newsgroup of all time.
www.iranian.ws /newsgroup.htm   (203 words)

 Define newsgroup - a definition from Whatis.com
A newsgroup is a discussion about a particular subject consisting of notes written to a central Internet site and redistributed through Usenet, a worldwide network of news discussion groups.
Newsgroups are organized into subject hierarchies, with the first few letters of the newsgroup name indicating the major subject category and sub-categories represented by a subtopic name.
Newcomers to newsgroups are requested to learn basic Usenet netiquette and to get familiar with a newsgroup before posting to it.
searchwebservices.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid26_gci212650,00.html   (238 words)

 LEARN THE NET: All About Newsgroups
Newsgroups revolve around specific topics, such as wireless technology or organic gardening.
There are literally thousands of newsgroups covering every topic imaginable--from computers, social issues, literature and science, to recreation, entertainment, hobbies and current affairs.
Newsgroups provide a way to quickly communicate with people from all over the world who share your interests, without ever having to leave your keyboard.
www.learnthenet.com /english/html/26nwsgrp.htm   (233 words)

 Newsgroups: Usenet & Newsgroup Access
You must have a newsfeed from your service provider to connect to the newsgroups.
CyberFiber is not responsible for content found within the newsgroups and bears no responsibility for the direct or indirect result of their use.
To access over 120,00 newsgroup /s - Be sure to visit newsgroups - usenet - and binaries
www.cyberfiber.com   (618 words)

 Finding the Appropriate Newsgroup
This text is for internet users, who want to learn how to find the correct newsgroup.
A newsgroup is part of the Usenet news system.
Newsgroup is a discussion that takes place online, devoted to a particular topic.
www.geocities.com /findnewsgroup   (184 words)

 FAQ: The Newsgroup Care Cancel Cookbook
Exempted from cancellation in non-binary newsgroups are only ‘tiny binaries’ of totally negligible size, such as PGP signatures.
These are cancels by an official moderator of a moderated newsgroup of articles in that newsgroup that they themselves, another official moderator, or their robo-moderation software had approved earlier.
If you want to practice a little before canceling on a ‘real’ newsgroup (or just plain want to try it), cancel away on alt.sex.cancel; that is a spam trap newsgroup chartered with a ‘retromoderation clause’ stating any and all articles in it – presumed spam –; to be cancelable.
www.xs4all.nl /~rosalind/faq-care.html   (7553 words)

 Newsgroup Etiquette
As a companion to the Borland Newsgroup Guidelines, these points of general newsgroup conduct are provided.
One such circumstance is quoting a message that is subsequently determined to be in violation of the newsgroup rules; when the message in violation is cancelled, your message quoting it will also be cancelled.
Communication in a pure text medium, such as a newsgroup, is prone to misunderstanding, often due to the lack of non-verbal cues such as inflections, facial expression and body language.
info.borland.com /newsgroups/netiquette.html   (631 words)

 Newsgroup Explorer
Newsgroup Explorer is a news reader program which simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives.
Newsgroup Explorer is the fastest way to find any information you're looking for in news group archives.
Newsgroup Explorer extracts information from newsgroups using multiple include/exclude keyword filters based on article contents and subjects.
www.esalesbiz.com /web/nntp.htm   (150 words)

 LEARN THE NET: Glossary: Newsgroup
A newsgroup is an electronic discussion group consisting of collections of related postings (also called articles) on a particular topic that are posted to a news server which then distributes them to other participating servers.
There are thousands of newsgroups covering a wide range of subjects.
You must subscribe to a newsgroup in order to participate in it or to track the discussion on an on-going basis.
www.learnthenet.com /english/glossary/nwsgroup.htm   (80 words)

 Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation
Remember, a Usenet newsgroup is going to last for years.) Past experience shows both that finding moderators is the hardest part of this and that groups with one moderator are very prone to dying off.
Moderating a newsgroup that gets more than a few articles a day requires either some level of programming, at least to the degree of writing procmail scripts, or a lot of free time to spend on moderating the group.
This involves special issues of its own; the newsgroup tends to generate more spam than mailing lists get, contributors to the mailing list may be worried about their addresses being harvested from the newsgroup, and people contributing to the mailing list may be using software that doesn't generate things like References that news software wants.
www.eyrie.org /~eagle/faqs/mod-pitfalls.html   (2369 words)

Explains what free newsgroups are and what their advantages and disadvantages are.
Each newsgroup that is created is the sole responsibility of the person who created it.
Our servers are classified as a "transitory network." A newsgroup name in and of itself does not mean that what is posted to that group corresponds to the name of the newsgroup.
www.usenet.com /articles   (733 words)

 Urban Dictionary: newsgroup
An individual area of Usenet containing text posting vaguely related to the defined subject for the newsgroup.
In other words, you gotta be careful about what you post to a newsgroup, otherwise, you may end up getting flamed.
wow, that newsgroup has a picture of a sodomized baby on it.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=newsgroup&r=d   (183 words)

 So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Basically, every component of the newsgroup name corresponds to a directory or subdirectory of the same name, and that subdirectory typically takes up 512 or more bytes on the machine all by itself.
Newsgroup names which have components that are composed of the characters other than the letters 'a' through 'z', plus the characters '-' and '+' are considered non-standard and not encouraged.
While this isn't expressly against the rules of newsgroup naming today, there is a proposal in the works that intends to make significant changes and more strict specification of news, and this restriction is in place in the new proposal.
www.visi.com /~barr/alt-creation-guide.html   (3141 words)

 Newsgroup Guidelines
Borland is pleased that you are using these newsgroups, and hopes that you find them to be a useful and interesting place to exchange ideas and information.
Messages found in violation of the Newsgroup Guidelines are subject to cancellation without notice, however we will make a reasonable effort to notify a newsgroup user if their message has been cancelled.
We would like our newsgroups to be a place where people of all ages and cultures may participate so we ask you to please refrain from using coarse language in your posts as it could be considered grounds for cancellation.
info.borland.com /newsgroups/guide.html   (402 words)

 Slyck's Guide to The Newsgroups - Intro
A short time passed and the users of certain newsgroups thought that this system would be ideal to share files with each other.
Distribute that text message through the newsgroup and then whoever wants the file can download that message and convert it back (decode it) into the original binary file.
Additional newsgroup confusion arises from the listing of groups that can be hard to distinguish which messages are the files you need amongst all the other messages that are not files but actual text messages.
www.slyck.com /ng.php   (624 words)

 BetaNews | AOL Pulls Plug on Newsgroup Service
In early 1994, seasoned newsgroup participants complained of the sudden influx of AOL newbies, who appeared to know little of Usenet etiquette.
Others compared the stream of AOL users to freshmen arriving at college in autumn, and described the resulting decline of newsgroup discourse as the Eternal September.
All their newsgroups were so censored, they were useless.
www.betanews.com /article/AOL_Pulls_Plug_on_Newsgroup_Service/1106664611   (1250 words)

 k12.ed.math newsgroup website   (Site not responding. Last check: )
k12.ed.math is a newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of mathematics instruction in the kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms.
You might also be interested in the k12groups.org site, about all the newsgroups in the k12.* hierarchy.
The newsgroup charter: explains the origin of the newgroup, its purpose and how to participate.
www.thinkspot.net /k12math   (117 words)

 The Usenet Mass Spectrometry Newsgroup
Attached documents or mass spectra pictures can not be posted directly to the newsgroup, but will be sent to our ftp site with a link added to the message.
Short commercial announcements are allowed, but the newsgroup is not meant to be a substitute for the normal announcements, and long, detailed descriptions of new or improved equipment should not be submitted.
Information from the newsgroup can be passed on to those who cannot read Netnews, for whatever reason, but do have access to e-mail.
web.chemistry.gatech.edu /~bostwick/stms   (211 words)

 Eclipse Newsgroups   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The objective of the Buckminster Project is to leverage and extend the Eclipse platform to bring mixed-component development comparable to Eclipse plug-in development in terms of efficiency and ease of use, as well as to extend the Eclipse component dependency model to allow component materialization based on match rules.
Come to this newsgroup to discuss about technical or general issues, and different use cases to the AMW tool.
This newsgroup is for discussions about the formation, scope, and direction of the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project.
www.eclipse.org /newsgroups/main.html   (2975 words)

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