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Topic: Nicholas Gilman

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Nicholas Gilman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gilman's father was both a prosperous local merchant and the commander of the town's militia regiment.
Gilman's father, along with Nathaniel Folsom and Enoch Poor, emerged as a leader of the Patriot cause in Exeter.
In the spring of 1777 Gilman and the rest of the officers and men of the 3d New Hampshire marched to Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain to participate in an attempt by American forces to halt the advance of a powerful army of British and German regulars and Indian auxiliaries under General John Burgoyne.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nicholas_Gilman   (10772 words)

 SeacoastNH.com - The Gilmans of Exeter
Nicholas (he never was referred to as Nicholas, Jr.), like his father and brother, quickly became one of the leaders of this era.
Gilman was one of the youngest of the 39 signers of the federal Constitution.
Nicholas Gilman's diligence and interest in politics were rewarded when he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1789.
www.seacoastnh.com /framers/gilman.html   (1733 words)

 Gi Notes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nicholas married Mary Gilman, daughter of Edward Gilman and Mary Hawes (1561-9 Mar 1618), in England.
GILMAN, EDWARD, probably came from the county of Norfolk, England, where some of his friends resided, and settled at Hingham; was admitted freeman in 1638; removed early to Ipswich, where he lived in 1647; thence to Exeter before 1652, and there died.
Nicholas b 26 Dec 1672 who m Sarah Clark 10 June 1697; and had 7 sons of whom were Daniel born 28 June 1702, the father of Hon.
www.packrat-pro.com /gin.htm   (1033 words)

 Gilman, Nicholas
Gilman, Nicholas (1755-1814) Signer of the Constitution: Nicholas Gilman was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, on August 3, 1755.
From 1786 to 1788, Gilman served in the Continental Congress, and was a delegate to the 1787 Convention in Philadelphia.
Gilman was a popular man, considered graceful, elegant, action-oriented, kindly and generous.
www.multied.com /Bio/nn/Gilman.html   (180 words)

Nicholas Gilman, New Hampshire Patriot and Revolutionary War veteran, was among those assembled in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to devise a new instrument of government for the independent American states.
But Gilman was among the Constitution's most ardent supporters, believing that there was no alternative to the strong, viable union created by such a Constitution except a drift into political and economic chaos.
In November 1776 a committee of the state legislature appointed young Nicholas Gilman to serve as adjutant, or administrative officer, of the 3d New Hampshire Regiment.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/RevWar/ss/gilman.htm   (1867 words)

 My Family
Lawrence Gilman was born in 1626 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng..
Margaret Gilman was born on 1 Aug 1602 in Hingham, Norfolk, Eng.
Mary Gilman was born in 1605 in Of Hingham, Norf., Eng..
www.fortunecity.com /millennium/hindmarsh/384/d392.htm   (1176 words)

 National Park Service - Signers of the Constitution (Ladd-Gilman House)
In 1752 Nicholas Gilman, Sr., substantially enlarged and altered the house.
Among the portraits on display are one of George Washington, attributed to Gilbert Stuart, and one of Gilman.
The Society of the Cincinnati in New Hampshire, of which Nicholas Gilman, Jr., was one of the first members, has owned and maintained the house since 1902.
www.cr.nps.gov /history/online_books/constitution/site13.htm   (648 words)

 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention: New Hampshire
Member of a distinguished New Hampshire family and second son in a family of eight, Nicholas Gilman was born at Exeter in 1755.
Gilman returned home, again helped his father in the store, and immersed himself in politics.
Langdon was forced to pay his own expenses and those of Nicholas Gilman to the Constitutional Convention because New Hampshire was unable or unwilling to pay them.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/marrynewhamp.html   (880 words)

 Winter Street Cemetery, Exeter New Hampshire (NH) - John Taylor Gilman
A wooden statue was created in honor of him to be a part of Timothy Dexter's museum, a collection of historical figures carved in wood, placed on pedestals in his yard.
GILMAN, John Taylor, governor of New Hampshire, was born in Exeter, N.H., Dec. 19, 1753; son of Nicholas and Ann (Taylor) Gilman; and fourth in descent from the Hon.
His father, Nicholas Gilman, inherited the Ladd-Gilman house in Exeter in 1779.
www.gravematter.com /gilman-johnt.asp   (247 words)

 The American Independence Museum
Nicholas Gilman, Sr., New Hampshire state treasurer during the American Revolution.
Gilman’s son, John Taylor Gilman, who read the Declaration of Independence to the citizens of Exeter and later was governor of New Hampshire.
Nicholas Gilman, Jr., a signer of the U.S. Constitution.
www.independencemuseum.org /aim_about.asp   (315 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Gilman,
Gilman, Daniel Coit GILMAN, DANIEL COIT [Gilman, Daniel Coit] 1831-1908, American educator, first president of Johns Hopkins Univ., b.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins GILMAN, CHARLOTTE PERKINS [Gilman, Charlotte Perkins] 1860-1935, American feminist and reformer, b.
Prominent as a lecturer and writer on the labor movement and feminism, she edited the Forerunner, a liberal journal.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Gilman,   (630 words)

 My Family
She was married to John Gilman on 30 Jun 1657 in Exter, Rockingham, NH.
Children were: Mary Gilman, James Gilman, Elizabeth Gilman, John Gilman, Catherine Gilman, Sarah Gilman, Lydia Gilman, Samuel Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Abigail Gilman, John Gilman, Deborah Gilman, Joanna Gilman, Joseph Gilman, Catherine Gilman, Gilman, Alice Gilman.
Nicholas Treworgye was born in 1628 in Kingsweare, Brixham, Devonshire, England.
www.fortunecity.com /millennium/hindmarsh/384/d983.htm   (892 words)

 Nicholas Gilman (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nicholas Gilman Nicholas Gilman (August 3, 1755–May 2, 1814) was a soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, a delegate to the Continental Congress, and a signer of the U.S. Constitution, representing New Hampshire.
Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Nicholas Gilman, Nicholas
On the fourth floor a smell of glue and quite certain there was a card nailed to the door with "Plumet, Frame- who came to Boule's office.
nicholas-gilman.kiwiki.homeip.net.cob-web.org:8888   (1870 words)

 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention - National Constitution Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Born in Exeter, New Hampshire, Gilman was the second son of a distinguished New Hampshire merchant.
The junior member of the two-man New Hampshire delegation, thirty-two-year-old Gilman was a person of ordinary abilities, a fact that he tacitly acknowledged by keeping a respectful silence during the convention debates.
Gilman became a leading Federalist, supporting his party’s policies in the House of Representatives from 1789 until 1797.
www.constitutioncenter.org /explore/FoundingFathers/NewHampshire.shtml   (430 words)

 Ladd-Gilman House - Its History
In 1747 Elias deeded a portion of the house to Col. Daniel Gilman and relocated to Stratham.
According to his probate inventory, Nicholas Gilman owned, or held "his time" a "Negro Boy nam’d Bob" who was valued at 15 pounds in 1779.
One of the Society’s original twelve members was Nicholas Gilman, Jr., who served on Washington’s staff and was, along with John Langdon, delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~ladd/laddgilman.htm   (895 words)

 Nicholas Gilman, Signer of the U.S. Constitution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nicholas Gilman is regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
Nicholas Gilman was also a U.S. Representative in the First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791).
Gilman's career ranged from clerking in a store to long tours of duty in the U.S. House of Representatives...
www.adherents.com /people/pg/Nicholas_Gilman.html   (305 words)

 Nicholas Gilman, painter in San Miguel de Allende
Nicholas Gilman offers 5 day course "Still-life painting in the Mexican Tradition" in San Miguel.
Nicholas Gilman was born and raised in New York City to parents who took an active role in the cultural life of Greenwich village in its golden age, and who traveled extensively in Europe and Mexico.
His mother was the late Esther Gilman whose work as a painter and illustrator was greatly influenced by the Mexican modernists, and his father,writer Richard Gilman, was theatre critic for Newsweek,The New Republic, The Nation, as well as professor at the Yale drama school for over 30 years.
www.nicholasgilman.com   (344 words)

 [No title]
In 1958 her only child, Nicholas, was born and in 1964 she separated permanently from Richard Gilman.
Also, around 1963, she began work on a series of monumental collage/constructions using found objects, mostly culled from her travels in Mexico; few of these pieces, unfortunately, survive, although one was shown in an exhibition in Germany in the 1990's.
Her son Nicholas, an artist who now lives in Mexico, organized a retrospective exhibition in San Miguel de Allende in 1998.
www.esther.dreamhost.com /biography.htm   (1199 words)

 The Ladd-Gilman House
Trace the lives of the Gilmans and the course of early New Hampshire history through key events such as Colonial rebellion against the British, the move of New Hampshire's capital to Exeter during the Revolution, the colony's declaration of independence, and the founding of a new nation.
Displayed are artifacts belonging to the Gilman family, residents of the Ladd-Gilman House until the late 19th century.
The history of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire is explored in further detail in the Treat Room.
www.independencemuseum.org /aim_laddgilman.asp   (398 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Gilman
Grandnephew of John Taylor Gilman and Nicholas Gilman.
Nathaniel Folsom; brother of Nicholas Gilman; granduncle of Charles Jervis Gilman.
Nathaniel Folsom; brother of John Taylor Gilman; granduncle of Charles Jervis Gilman.
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/gilman.html   (516 words)

 Gilman Family Genealogy Forum (All Messages)
GILMAN, ELISHA AND ELIPHALET - Claire Cantrell 11/23/03
Re: Gilmans of Richmond,VA - Bonnie Haufe 8/20/02
Re: Gilmans of Richmond,VA - Bonnie Haufe 8/21/02
genforum.genealogy.com /gilman/all.html   (5720 words)

 The Nicholas Brothers Biography (Dancers/Actors) — Infoplease.com
The Nicholas Brothers were a tremendously acrobatic tap dancing team of the mid-20th century.
The sons of vaudeville musicians, the brothers began singing and dancing as youngsters.
Nicholas GILMAN - GILMAN, Nicholas (1755—1814) Senate Years of Service: 1805-1814 Party: Democratic Republican...
www.infoplease.com /biography/var/nicholasbrothers.html   (274 words)

 A rough draft of my family tree (Q2 2006 Edition) - Person Page 13   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Elizabeth Treworgye was born in 1631 at Kingsweare, Brixham, Devon, England.
He was the son of John Gilman and Elizabeth Treworgye.
John Gilman died on 1 December 1748 at Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, at age 71.
www.robweir.com /genealogy/mytree/p13.htm   (3692 words)

 Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Nicholas died at Exeter, NH, on 10 Mar 1748/9.
Nicholas and Sarah (Clark) Gilman had seven sons including Daniel (b.
On 11 Mar 1742 Nicholas second married Judith Coffin, daughter of James Coffin (22 Apr 1659-4 Mar 1735/6) and Florence Hooke (ca 1666-6 Jun 1712).
aleph0.clarku.edu /~djoyce/gen/report/rr05/rr05_282.html   (634 words)

 New Hampshire Magazine
Nicholas Gilman Sr., the first treasurer of New Hampshire, and his wife, Ann Taylor, raised their family here.
But the house fulfilled political needs as well as domestic: It served as the state treasury during the American Revolution, when Exeter became the state capital, and became the governor’s mansion when Nicholas’s son, John Taylor Gilman, was governor of New Hampshire from 1794—1805 and from 1813—1816.
Gilman Garrison house: Across the street from The Chocolatier, it was specially constructed as a fortified house, in the hopes of withstanding an Indian attack.
www.nh.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060701/NHM01/60628007   (1463 words)

 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Nicholas Gilman (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention: Nicholas Gilman (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)
Served as Representative (1789 - 1797) for New Hampshire.
Biography from the National Archives: Member of a distinguished New Hampshire family and second son in a family of eight, Nicholas Gilman was born at Exeter in 1755.
www.teachingamericanhistory.com.cob-web.org:8888 /convention/delegates/gilman.html   (438 words)

 GILMAN, Nicholas (1755-1814) Guide to Research Papers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Hanover, NH Papers: 2 items (1790-1791) in the Bartlett papers; 1 item (1791) in the Archives Division; and in the Daniel Gilman and Co. correspondence, 1790-1802.
Boston, MA Papers: Letters (1784-1814) to Gilman in the Gilman family papers, 1737-1910.
Exeter, NH Papers: Letters (1810-1814) concerning War of 1812 and family genealogies in Gilman family papers, 1774-1827.
bioguide.congress.gov /scripts/guidedisplay.pl?index=G000215   (118 words)

 Nicholas Gilman, painter in San Miguel de Allende (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Nicholas Gilman, painter in San Miguel de Allende (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)
Nicholas Gilman, painter in San Miguel de Allende
Workshops will be given at Calzada de la Luz, San Miguel de Allende.
www.nicholasgilman.com.cob-web.org:8888   (347 words)

 SINCLAIR HISTORY AND GENEALOGY: The History of Exeter, New Hampshire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
The lower falls of the Squamscott River were harnessed shortly after 1638 for a grist mill; sawmills were established at the upper falls in the late 1640s by Edward Gilman and others.
In 1803 Nicholas Gilman built a carding mill to comb wool fibers for yarn at the upper falls in the village.
At about the same time, John Ward Gilman worked as a silversmith; his younger brother, Benjamin Clark Gilman, became equally skilled as a maker of clocks and surveyor’s instruments.
kingcrest.com /sinclair/exeter.html-ssi   (1791 words)

 Exeter Revolutional War Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Historic role-players, representing the larger-than-life personas of General George Washington, New Hampshire Governor John Taylor Gilman and others, tell these stories in AIM's Ladd-Gilman House and Folsom Tavern.
Tour the Ladd-Gilman House and learn about the prominent Gilman family, whose members were active in 18th century politics.
Two drafts of this historic document and a Dunlap Broadside of the Declaration of Independence are owned by the museum.
www.thedowneaster.com /ExeterRevolutionalWarFestival.htm   (359 words)

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