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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  The Internet Classics Archive | Nicias by Plutarch
Nicias was a younger man, yet was in some reputation even whilst Pericles lived; so much so as to have been his colleague in the office of general, and to have held command by himself more than once.
Nicias, because of his experience, was looked upon as the fitter for the employment, and his wariness with the bravery of Alcibiades, and the easy temper of Lamachus, all compounded together, promised such security, that he did but confirm the resolution.
Nicias had no wish for a sea-fight, but said it was mere folly for them, when Demosthenes was coming in all haste with so great a fleet and fresh forces to their succour, to engage the enemy with a less number of ships and ill provided.
classics.mit.edu /Plutarch/nicias.html   (6837 words)

 Nicias - The Slave of Fear
Nicias thought that this show of force might win some allies, but all it did was dishearten the Athenians still more, and delay changed the attitude of the enemy from dread to contempt.
Nicias argued that Syracuse would soon give in because the Syracusans would be deserted by their allies and the food and water in the city would run out.
Nicias did his share of the labor and tried in all ways he could think of to raise the spirits of his men by showing them a good example of a man undaunted by misfortune.
www.e-classics.com /nicias.htm   (4564 words)

 The Baldwin Project: Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition by Alfred J. Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nicias further commemorated the occasion by consecrating a brazen palm-tree to Apollo, and by buying, at the cost of 10,000 drachmæ, a piece of land, the rent of which was to be expended in sacrifices and feasts, on the condition that prayers should [6] be offered up for the founder.
Nicias now devised and put in practice a sufficiently ingenious stratagem, which would not, however, have been possible but for the discreditable fact that there was scarcely a Greek community in which some citizens might not be found who were ready to play [54] the traitor to serve a party end.
Nicias was no Napoleon, and was wholly unequal to the conduct of the great enterprise which was forced upon him, but there were occasions on which he would not have failed so disastrously as he did if he had had full command of his mental and bodily energies.
www.mainlesson.com /display.php?author=church&book=nicias&story=statesman   (22371 words)

 Nicias on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Alcibiades was soon recalled, and Lamachus died, leaving the expedition in Nicias's care.
Nicias vacillated in his policies in the siege.
The Athenian fleet and expedition were shortly overwhelmed by the Syracusans, and Nicias was captured in a hasty retreat on land and subsequently executed.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/N/Nicias.asp   (311 words)

 NICIAS - LoveToKnow Article on NICIAS
In 421 he took a prominent part in the arrangement of the " Peace of Nicias," which terminated the iirst decade of the Peloponnesian War (q.v.).
He now entered with varying success upon a period of rivalry with Alcibiades, the details of which are largely matters of conjecture.
NICIAS, son of Nicomedes, an Attic painter of the 4th century B.C. Pliny (xxxv.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /N/NI/NICIAS.htm   (446 words)

 Peace of Nicias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Peace of Nicias was a peace treaty that was signed between the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta in 421 BC, ending the first half of the Peloponnesian War.
The negotiations were begun by Pleistoanax, King of Sparta, and the Athenian general Nicias.
The Athenian representatives were Lampon, Isthmonicus, Nicias, Laches, Euthydemus, Procles, Pythodorus, Hagnon, Myrtilus, Thrasycles, Theagenes, Aristocrates, Iolcius, Timocrates, Leon,, and Demosthenes.
www.lexington-fayette.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Peace_of_Nicias   (403 words)

 The Baldwin Project: Our Young Folks' Plutarch by Rosalie Kaufman
Nicias worked for peace even after the decree for war was passed, but he worked in vain, and he was appointed to command with Lamachus and Alcibiades.
Of course Nicias obeyed, because he was too pious and superstitious to do otherwise, so he gave up all thought of war, and passed his time in prayer and sacrifices, while the enemy took possession of the walls and forts, and filled the harbor with their vessels.
Nicias was more to be pitied than any one, for not only was he ill and suffering bodily, but he had to bear the disgrace of defeat after having hoped for honor and success.
www.mainlesson.com /display.php?author=kaufman&book=plutarch&story=nicias   (2401 words)

 Nicias   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the first 10 years of the conflict, Nicias proved his ability as a leader of offensive expeditions and in 421 negotiated the Peace of Nicias and an alliance with Sparta.
The recall of Alcibiades and the death of Lamachus left Nicias, although ill, in sole charge of the siege of Syracuse.
Nicias asked to be relieved of his command, but instead reinforcements under Demosthenes arrived early in 413.
www.kat.gr /kat/history/Greek/Gn/Nicias.htm   (226 words)

 Laches or Courage Plato 380 BC Part One Translated by Benjamin Jowett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Laches: Certainly, Nicias; and I quite approve of the remark which Lysimachus made about his own father and the father of Melesias, and which is applicable, not only to them, but to us, and to every one who is occupied with public affairs.
Nicias: I have no objection, Socrates; and my opinion is that the acquirement of this art is in many ways useful to young men.
Nicias: I see very clearly, Lysimachus, that you have only known Socrates' father, and have no acquaintance with Socrates himself: at least, you can only have known him when he was a child, and may have met him among his fellow wardsmen, in company with his father, at a sacrifice, or at some other gathering.
uncouplingthecopula.freewebspace.com /plato_lachescourage01.htm   (3629 words)

 SparkNotes: Laches: Part Two (181d–184c)
Nicias argues that it is to the advantage of youth to practice any art that gives them bodily exercise rather than rest.
In this section, Laches and Nicias each gives his own expert opinion on what he thinks is the right thing for Lysimachus and Melesias to do with their children.
Furthermore, Nicias re-emphasizes the connection between knowledge and experience by insisting that his knowledge of the men who practice the art of fighting in armor is based on his own experience of such men in battle.
www.sparknotes.com /philosophy/laches/section2.rhtml   (858 words)

 Plato : Laches : Laches, or Courage.
NICIAS: I have been thinking, Socrates, that you and Laches are not defining courage in the right way; for you have forgotten an excellent saying which I have heard from your own lips.
NICIAS: I mean to say, Laches, that courage is the knowledge of that which inspires fear or confidence in war, or in anything.
And I hope, Nicias, that you will tell us whether these animals, which we all admit to be courageous, are really wiser than mankind; or whether you will have the boldness, in the face of universal opinion, to deny their courage.
www.classicreader.com /read.php/sid./bookid.2084/sec.2   (6807 words)

 Leaders and Battles: Nicias,
In 421 B.C. desiring peace with Sparta, he was vital in the Peace of Nicias that terminated the first decade of the Peloponnesian War.
When Alcibiades urged the expedition to Syracuse, although Nicias discouraged it, he was appointed co-commander along with Alcibiades and Lamachus.
Nicias soon found himself sole commander after Alcibiades was recalled and Lamachus died.
www.lbdb.com /TMDisplayLeader.cfm?PID=5374   (113 words)

 Nicias - Plutarch's Lives
Nicias, in opposing the voting of this expedition, and neither being puffed up with hopes, nor transported with the honor of his high command so as to modify his judgment, showed himself a man of virtue and constancy.
Nicias had no wish for a sea-fight, but said it was mere folly for them, when Demosthenes was coming in all haste with so great a fleet and fresh forces to their succor, to engage the enemy with a less number of ships and ill provided.
At these words, and at the sight of Nicias, Gylippus was somewhat troubled, for he was sensible that the Lacedæmonians had received good offices from Nicias in the late treaty; and he thought it would be a great and glorious thing for him to carry off the chief commanders of the Athenians alive.
www.constitution.org /rom/plutarch/nicias.htm   (6827 words)

 Schola Great Books 1 Class Forum
Nicias’ awe of the gods can be seen in the way that he sponsored and ran a religious event at Delos.
Plutarch says that “the ceremonies which Nicias organized at Delos have gone down in history both as acts of devotion to the god and as demonstrations of lavish public generosity.” Nicias probably had secondary motives to running the ceremony so lavishly; he wanted public opinion in favor of himself.
Nicias and his men were shaken by the eclipse and regarded it as a sign from the gods.
www.network54.com /Forum/post?forumid=108873&messageid=1111196952   (620 words)

 Nicias   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nicias may be a puzzle as a leader, but even he has his moments to shine; and this passage tells of one of those times.
Luckily for Nicias, this time he ends up on the right side of their favor...but as the beginning of this passage warns, he is also about to come up against a problem named Alcibiades.
Nicias, at first, is not in a hurry to return to Athens where he will face scorn and probably punishment; but increasing illness among his men and fresh support for the Syracusans change his mind as well.
www.amblesideonline.org /Nicias.shtml   (3902 words)

 Plato: Laches (excerpt)
NICIAS: Well, for some time I have been thinking, Socrates, that you two are not defining courage in the right way; for you are not acting upon an admirable remark which I have formerly heard you make.
NICIAS: No, it seems to me, Socrates, that Laches wants to have it proved that I am talking nonsense, because he was proved [195b] a moment ago to be in the same case himself.
NICIAS: I am not referring to you, Laches, so do not be fiightened: for I grant that you, and Lamachus also, are wise, since you are courageous, and I say the same of numerous other Athenians.
praxeology.net /laches.htm   (3745 words)

 King Nicias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rev: King in armour, holding a palm of victory in his left hand, and making a gesture of benediction with his right hand, similar to the Buddhist vitarka mudra.
Kharoshti legend MAHARAJA TRATARASA NIKIASA "Saviour King Nicias".
Nicias (reigned c.90-85 BCE) was an Indo-Greek king who ruled in the Paropamisadae.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/King_Niciuas   (164 words)

 Plutarch, Nicias   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
(2) In the meantime Nicias was briskly attacked, both by sea and land; in the beginning he had the disadvantage on the water, but in the end repulsed and sunk many galleys of the enemy.
(4) Nicias had no wish for a sea-fight, but said it was mere folly for them, when Demosthenes was coming in all haste with so great a fleet and fresh forces to their succour, to engage the enemy with a less number of ships and ill provided.
But Hermocrates, of his own head, put a trick upon Nicias, and sent some of his companions to him, (2) who pretended they came from those that were wont to hold secret intelligence with him, and advised him not to stir that night, the Syracusans having laid ambushes and beset the ways.
www.ucalgary.ca /~vandersp/Courses/texts/plutarch/plutnici.html   (7032 words)

 Classical Period - Politics - Nicias
Nicias, a moderate, opposed the policies of the radical democrats.
He was opposed to the ambitious plans of Alcibiades to send an expeditionary corps to Sicily, but despite his objections, he was elected alongside Alcibiades and Lamachus general of the expedition.
Thucydides, despite partially defending Nicias’ policies and underlining his dedication to the city, imputed the Athenian disaster to a great extent onto the inadequacy of his military leadership.
www.fhw.gr /chronos/05/en/politics/440nicias.html   (205 words)

 [No title]
Available online at http://classics.mit.edu//Plutarch/nicias.html Nicias By Plutarch (legendary, died 413 B.C.E.) Translated by John Dryden CRASSUS, in my opinion, may most properly be set against Nicias, and the Parthian disaster compared with that in Sicily.
However, all these may be merely other instances of the same happy taste that makes him correct the diction of Philistus, and abuse Plato and Aristotle.
However, at this time he had good-fortune, and in conjunction with Demosthenes, conducted the enterprise so well that, within the time he had limited, he carried captive to Athens all the Spartans that had not fallen in battle.
etext.library.adelaide.edu.au /mirror/classics.mit.edu/Plutarch/nicias.1b.txt   (6431 words)

 The Internet Classics Archive | The Comparison of Crassus with Nicias by Plutarch
But Crassus is very generally blamed for his changeableness in his friendships and enmities, for his unfaithfulness, and his mean and underhand proceedings; since he himself could not deny that to compass the consulship he hired men to lay violent hands upon Domitius and Cato.
Yet Nicias, by his connivance, raised Cleon, a fellow remarkable for nothing but his loud voice and brazen face, to the command of an army.
He frequently defeated the enemy in battle, and was on the very point of capturing Syracuse; nor should he bear the whole blame of the disaster, which may fairly be ascribed in part to his want of health and to the jealousy entertained of him at home.
classics.mit.edu /Plutarch/crasus_n.html   (1020 words)

 [No title]
NICIAS The best thing we can do for the moment is to throw ourselves at the feet of the statue of some god.
NICIAS There's nothing wrong with that, and we might ask them to show us by their manner, whether our facts and actions are to their liking.
NICIAS Bless me! I fear this Good Genius will be but a very Bad Genius for me. (He goes into the house.) DEMOSTHENES And I'll set the flagon near me, that I may moisten my wit to invent some brilliant notion.
history.boisestate.edu /westciv/grecult/knights.txt   (10894 words)

 After the Peace of Nicias
Although the Peace of Nicias had been signed, it comes as no surprise that the years after 421 witnessed a continuation of the war with diplomatic means.
In fact, it would be easy for them to make the coalition fall to pieces: if they attacked one of its Peloponnesian members, the Athenians were forced to choose between either their Spartan alliance (which meant abandoning its allies), or supporting Argos, Mantinea, and Elis, and risking an open war with Sparta in the Peloponnese.
As it turned out, Athens, frustrated by the Spartan unwillingness to carry out the terms of the Peace of Nicias, preferred the second alternative, and when the young Spartan king Agis II marched to the north, the Athenians supported their fellow-democrats.
www.livius.org /pb-pem/peloponnesian_war/intermezzo.html   (565 words)

 The Peace of Nicias
In March 421, the Peace of Nicias was signed, which marked the end of the Archidamian War.
Sparta had gone to war to put an end to Athenian supremacy but the Delian League was still alive; moreover, at Sphacteria it had become clear that Sparta was not invincible.
For the Athenians: Lampon, Isthmonicus, Nicias, Laches, Euthydemus, Procles, Pythodorus, Hagnon, Myrtilus, Thrasycles, Theagenes, Aristocrates, Iolcius, Timocrates, Leon, Lamachus, and Demosthenes.
www.livius.org /pb-pem/peloponnesian_war/war_t04.html   (1733 words)

 Nicias: A Card-based Encryption Algorithm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In Nicias, the deck is always made up of alternating red and fl cards, with a red card on top.
Probably it would be best to have two decks each, one for encryption and one for decryption, since if both parties try to encrypt simultaneously with the same deck, it would be a pain to sort it out.
Nicias (the algorithm) may not help you out of any philosophical difficulties, but it may be able to make plaintext out of your ciphertext.
abridgegame.org /personal/Nicias.html   (2338 words)

But two clever and mischievous slaves (Demosthenes and Nicias) have hatched a plot to put their own man in power, and thus to run the city, themselves, by using him as their front.
NICIAS enters the house and returns almost immediately with a bottle.
NICIAS enters the house and returns at once.
www.sammustafa.com /WorldReadings/knights.html   (1488 words)

 NICIAS (SON OF NICOMEDES) - LoveToKnow Article on NICIAS (SON OF NICOMEDES)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
To properly cite this NICIAS (SON OF NICOMEDES) article in your work, copy the complete reference below:
"NICIAS (SON OF NICOMEDES)." LoveToKnow 1911 Online Encyclopedia.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /N/NI/NICIAS_SON_OF_NICOMEDES_.htm   (1145 words)

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