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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Cyprus Island - Information - Areas - Nicosia
Nicosia lies roughly at the center of the island, with a rich history that can be traced back to the Bronze Age.
Nicosia though, has a history dating long before that period, and has been the capital of the island since 1192, when a French Royal family, the Lusignans, made it their capital.
Nicosia today, has nothing really left of the French period, except the churches, and what one still sees is the structure of the town after the Venetians.
www.cyprusisland.com /01_Information/nicosia.htm   (1495 words)

 Nicosia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nicosia is the seat of the University of Cyprus (UCY) and of all the colleges and institutes of Republic of Cyprus.
According to the constitution of Cyprus Nicosia Municipality was divided into a Greek and Turkish sector with two Mayors a representative of the Greek Community which was the majority and a second one representing the Turkish community.
The Mayor of Nicosia is the President of the Union and the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nicosia   (2416 words)

 The Antiquities of Turkish Nicosia
In Nicosia, the work was done by local flsm iths who were very skillful, but today, their workshops have become garages for repairs; the artistic craftsmanship has gone for ever.
Nicosia lies in the geographical centre of a vast plain called the Mesaoria, meaning between the mountains, i.e.
Descriptions of Nicosia by a traveler in I2I 1 A.D. reveal that the city was a great religious centre, the seat of an archbishopric, had a strongly built castle, many palaces, and, most surprising of all, the walls had a circuit of seven miles.
www.stwing.upenn.edu /~durduran/drnic1.html   (9577 words)

 Nicosia - Cyprus - Mark Moxon, Travel Writer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The fascination of Nicosia is not only the physical division of the city into South Nicosia (in Cyprus) and North Nicosia (in the Turkey-occupied northern part of the island), but the fact that locals can't cross the borders.
Nicosia is a genuinely divided city, and while it's easy to see that the two halves are a part of the same city, they feel remarkably different from each other.
Nicosia is a city that's had a tough time, and the constant reminders of conflict have a funny effect on the mind.
www.moxon.net /cyprus/nicosia.html   (3909 words)

 Nicosia v. De Rooy (Part 3)
Nicosia argues that accusing him of presenting a "heartless" eulogy is or implies an assertion of fact.
Nicosia responds that his allegations and evidence regarding malice are sufficient, and to the extent they are not, he requests an opportunity to conduct discovery on this limited issue.
Nicosia requests, if it is concluded that he has failed to present a prima facie case, that the Court afford him the opportunity to conduct limited discovery on the issue of actual malice.
www.casp.net /derooy3.html   (2811 words)

 NICOSIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, a status it has enjoyed for 1000 years since the 10th century, though its beginnings date back 5000 years to the Bronze Age.
Built in I872 this used to be the largest church in Nicosia.
The skull and a bone from the hand of the saint are kept in a silver gilt case, in the church which is decorated with fine frescoes and icons.
www.kypros.org /Cyprus/nicosia.html   (1473 words)

 Nicosia Study Abroad, Cyprus
Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, a Mediterranean island-nation that is a member of the European Union.
Nicosia is a city of contrasts between a Westernized and developed New city and an old walled Venetian old city.
Nicosia is one of the oldest cities in the Western world - "rich in history and culture, and combines its historic past with the amenities of a modern city.
www.studyabroad.com /nicosia.html   (505 words)

 AUEAGLES.COM: Ina Nicosia - Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Ina Nicosia begins her first season at AU after serving as the interim head coach at Central Michigan University since December 2000.
Nicosia is a 1995 graduate of the University of Richmond where she was a standout on the basketball court, with Hart as an assistant coach, and on the track.
Nicosia earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications while at Richmond and went on to earn her master's degree in athletic administration at CMU.
www.american.edu /athletics/wbb/alltime_roster/6-20_Nicosia_Ina.htm   (331 words)

 Nicosia Dead at 34 | bloodhorse.com
Nicosia, Alice Chandler's mare of 34 years, was euthanized last week at Mill Ridge Farm near Lexington.
Nicosia equaled Tom Rolfe's track-record of 2:00 3/5 for 1 1/4 miles in the Sheridan.
Nicosia, a daughter of Gallant Romeo, began her racing career as a 3-year-old in 1975 for trainer J.S. Dunn.
www.bloodhorse.com /articleindex/article.asp?id=31899   (201 words)

 Nicosia travel guide - Wikitravel
Nicosia [1] (Lefkosia (Λευκωσία) in Greek, Lefkoşa (Lefkosha) in Turkish) is the centrally located capital of Cyprus and by far the largest city on the island.
Nicosia is developing a more extensive network of bus services [3] that connect the ever expanding sprawl.
Nicosia's sights are concentrated in and around the Old City, surrounded by a picturesque star-shaped city wall whose moat has been converted into a pleasant park.
wikitravel.org /en/Nicosia   (3368 words)

 Nicosia, North Cyprus
Since the seventh century A.D., Nicosia has been the capital of Cyprus (except for a brief period during the Venetian period) because the Arab raids made so many coastal settlements unsafe.
"Nicosia is not divided into districts in the usual sense of the word; the only divisions that could be drawn would be by the different populations of the town.
In the old city of Nicosia, beautiful examples of Gothic and Ottoman architecture abound - the Selimiye Mosque, the Bedestan, the Arab Ahmet Mosque, and the Great Inn, to name but a few.
www.cypnet.co.uk /ncyprus/city/nicosia   (432 words)

 Nicosia :: Cyprus
Apart from the unique places of interest left from the ancient times with memories of many generations, the present Nicosia is a dynamic metropolitan city with highly developed infrastructure and an attractive modern look.
One of the world's oldest cities, Nicosia was the center of an independent kingdom as early as the 7th century BC.
The Lusignan kings held Nicosia until it was captured in 1489 by the Venetians.
www.cyprusnicosia.com   (409 words)

 Nicosia v. De Rooy Order
Nicosia responds that the challenged statements are unprotected assertions of fact or at least imply assertions of fact, and that he has sufficiently pled actual malice.
Nicosia argues that, despite the controversial subject matter of the debate, the general tenor of De Rooy’s articles suggests that her statements are assertions of fact..
Nicosia does not argue that De Rooy’s difference of opinion on this matter is actionable, nor would such an argument be fruitful, considering that the issue appears to be one of great controversy inviting reasonable minds to differ.
legal.web.aol.com /decisions/dldefam/nicosia.html   (8243 words)

 MetroActive Books | Gerald Nicosia
It's here that Nicosia wrote Home to War (Crown; $30), a big, heartfelt book that chronicles the battles veterans had to fight--for peace, for health care, for their own dignity--when they returned to the states from the jungles of Southeast Asia.
You might say that Nicosia began his journey in 1965, when he was a bright high school student in Berwyn, Ill.--"a redneck, racist place" he calls it--where boys were raised to fight and die for their country.
In 1967, when he turned 18 and became eligible for the draft, Nicosia followed the dictates of his own conscience and joined the ranks of the anti-war movement at the University of Illinois in Chicago, though he never became a visible leader or a spokesman.
www.metroactive.com /papers/sonoma/05.17.01/nicosia-0120.html   (1386 words)

 Cyprus, Larnaka, Nicosia, Famagusta, Limassol, Kyrenia, Paphos
Nicosia, known locally as Lefkosia (Greek) or Lefkosa (Turkish), population 177,410 (1992), 200,686 (2001), is the capital of Cyprus and of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognised only by Turkey.
Nicosia is the seat of the University of Cyprus (UCY).
As of 2005, Mihalis Zambelas is the mayor of Nicosia, however in the north part of the town, in the sector of the de facto TRNC, the mayor is Kutlay Erk.
cyprus.world-guide.info   (4372 words)

 Virtual Tour of Cyprus, Nicosia
Lying in the center of the island, Nicosia has been the capital of Cyprus since the twelfth century.
The 'Old' part of Nicosia is surrounded by walls which were constructed by the Venetians to protect the city against invaders.
Nicosia is the only divided capital city in the world since the invasion of Turkey in 1974.
www.angelfire.com /nj/kypros/nicosia.html   (244 words)

It was certainly subsequent to the eighth century that Leucosia or Nicosia replaced Constantia as the metropolis of Cyprus, for at the (Ecumenical Council of 787 one Constantine signed as Bishop of Constantia; in any case at the conquest of the island in 1191 by Richard Coeur de Lion Nicosia was the capital.
Previously Nicosia was the residence of the Mutessarif of the sandjak which depended on the vilayet of the Archipelago.
Since the Turkish occupation of 1571 Nicosia has been the permanent residence of the Greek archbishop who governs the autonomous church of Cyprus.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11071c.htm   (501 words)

 Nicosia Master Plan
Nicosia was broken in two through its historic and cultural heart - the ancient inner Walled City.
Despite the growth of Greater Nicosia, the historic c ore of its Walled City is dying.
Restoration of the 16th centul-y walls and bastions encircling Nicosia and the development and landscaping of the bastion and moat areas.
www.stwing.upenn.edu /~durduran/master.html   (2521 words)

 Nicosia Transportation - Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
Car is a great way to get around in Nicosia, the drivers there are very well mannered and if you are British, they even considerately drive on the left too (a hangup from the days when Britain controlled Cyprus).
I would go so far as to say that Nicosia is by far the easiest Capital city I have ever driven in, although parking can be a little difficult sometimes if you don't know where you are going.
Nicosia is connected to all the major towns by highway and it's a small country, so distances are short.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Cyprus/Nicosia_District/Nicosia-394344/Transportation-Nicosia-R-1.html   (921 words)

 Nicosia District - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nicosia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus.
Its main town is the Cypriot capital, Nicosia.
The northern part of the district has been occupied by the Turkish army at 1974, at this moment controlled by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which is not recognized internationally.See Cyprus dispute.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nicosia_District   (151 words)

Nicosia became the capital of Cyprus under the Lusignans.
On the eve of the Turkish invasion in 1570 the Venetians redesigned Nicosia by building new walls and laying waste to all the buildings outside them.
On September 9 the Turks overwhelmed the small garrison of Nicosia and sacked the town.
members.tripod.com /romeartlover/Cipro3.html   (270 words)

 Nicosia-Northern Cyprus
Nicosia is the Frankish name of the city and is thought to have appeared first in connection with a revolt of the local population against the Knights Templar in 1192.
From this date onwards Nicosia remained the capital city of Cyprus.
Nicosia flourished during the lusignan era and churches and palaces were built.
www.hotelsempati.com /Nicosia_Northern_Cyprus.html   (602 words)

 Felix of Nicosia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Felix of Nicosia, OFM Cap., (1715-1787) was canonized on Sunday, October 23, 2005, together with four other blesseds.
Upon his profession, a year later, he was recalled to Nicosia to assist the questing brother in his mendicant rounds.
Three years later his remains were transferred to the Cathedral of Nicosia.
www.capuchin.com /Charism/Nicosia/felix_of_nicosia.htm   (490 words)

 Nicosia, Cyprus
The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia (officially Lefkosía; Turkish Lefkoqa; pop.
It was selected as the administrative center of Cyprus when the coastal towns became increasingly unsafe as a result of continual raiding and plunder.
The Venetians took control of Nicosia in 1489 and built up the city walls, which are a central part of the character of the city.
www.planetware.com /cyprus/nicosia-cy-nic-nic.htm   (308 words)

 Civil, Criminal, Real Estate, Business and Personal Legal Representation by Nicosia & Associates, P.C., Attorneys ...
Nicosia and Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law is a general practice law firm with attorneys admitted to practice law in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.
With clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, Nicosia and Associates, P.C. is truly regional in its practice.
Nicosia and Associates, P.C. is dedicated to achieving the objectives of its clients through excellent judgment, advice and legal representation.
www.nicosia-associates.com /index.html   (248 words)

 Nicosia Hotels. Nicosia Accommodation Hotel in Cyprus Discounts
Hilton Park Hotel Nicosia is only 10 minutes' drive from the city centre and 50 minutes from Larnaca International Airport.
The Holiday Inn Nicosia City Centre is conveniently located in the heart of the city, only minutes away from the Internations Conference Center, the State Fair Exhibition grounds, commercial and historic districts.
Cleopatra Hotel Nicosia is situated near the business centre of the town being within walking distance of government offices and banks also the main shopping area.
www.holidaycityeurope.com /nicosiahotels/index.html   (208 words)

 Nicosia News
The Financial Mirror 26th of November 2006 Armenian President expresses sorrow over division of Nicosia It is very sad to see Nicosia divided and know that this is happening in Europe, President of Armenia...
Lebanese bury Gemayel, not grief NICOSIA, Cyprus They grieved for Pierre Gemayel to the pealing of Christian church bells and Muslim shouts of "God is Great" in Lebanon, which is their country but not their...
EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Almunia arrives in Cyprus on Wednesday to address a conference titled ''EMU Governance and Euro Changeover: Cyprus on the Path to the Adoption of the...
www.topix.net /cy/nicosia   (809 words)

 Nicosia travel guide
Nicosia travel guide - The best resource for sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, what to do and what to see
Nicosia Shopping The main shopping areas in Nicosia are Arch.
Laiki Yitonia - A Brief History The oldest documentation we have concerning Nicosia within the walls, dates back to 1567, when the Venetians took over the island, and built the fortification with the eleven bastions, that one can still see today.
www.world66.com /asia/middleeast/cyprus/nicosia   (1543 words)

 Discover Nicosia - Your online Nicosia Guide
We are proud to present the Fresh Look and Updated Nicosia Guide which assists tourists and residents in Cyprus to obtain the latest news, general information, places of interest, business, events and much more… about Nicosia Cyprus.
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and also the last divided capital of Europe.
Today Nicosia is a stylish and cosmopolitan city in the Eastern Mediterranean, wealthy in history and culture.
www.discovernicosia.com   (98 words)

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