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Topic: Nigel Scullion

  PM - Govt makes way for NT nuclear waste plans
NIGEL SCULLION: Well look, I have to say a number of Australians can remember very well when Commonwealth law overrode the Franklin Dam issue, and there didn't seem to be quite the same focus on state rights at that time, because it was all a pretty sexy issue to support.
NIGEL SCULLION: Well, I'm not sure whether I'd have got more votes or not, but it's continued to be put to me that if somehow if you cross the floor and take on Government you're an overnight hero and everybody supports you.
NIGEL SCULLION: Indeed I am, but I don't believe it's going to go on their land, and I don't believe they should tell the Northern Land Council and Aboriginals from the northern end of north Australia how they should run their business, and how they should use their land.
www.abc.net.au /pm/content/2005/s1527072.htm   (1012 words)

 Northern Territory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party then chose Jodeen Carney as the new Opposition Leader.
The territory is represented in the Commonwealth parliament by two members in the House of Representatives, currently Warren Snowdon for the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and David Tollner for the Country Liberal Party (CLP), and two members in the Senate, currently Trish Crossin for the ALP and Nigel Scullion for the CLP.
At the local government level, there are 6 incorporated municipalities (3 town councils, 1 shire and 2 cities), 30 'community government councils' and 26 other bodies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Northern_Territory   (1376 words)

 Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program (ADFPP) 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
From left, Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion and Federal Member for Swan Mr Kim Wilkie with Captain Tim Warner outside Battalion Head Quarters of the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) Commando (Cdo) prior to participating with Australian Commandos during Exercise Red Moon 04.
Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion was given the opportunity to experiance the skills required for close-quarter battle shooting by members from the Tactical Assault Group East (TAG East) based with 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) Commando (Cdo).
Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion talks with a member from the Tactical Assault Group East (TAG East) who is based with 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) Commando (Cdo).
www.defence.gov.au /adfpp2004/gallery/250504a.htm   (673 words)

 PM - NT politician's future in doubt
The Northern Territory's Country Liberal Party Senator, Nigel Scullion's future as a politician is in doubt.
Senator Scullion has confirmed the company Barefoot Marine, which he was director of, has a contract with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority in Darwin.
Senator Scullion has provided details of his business affairs to the President of the Senate and will find out about his future when the Upper House sits next week.
www.abc.net.au /pm/stories/s552078.htm   (156 words)

 Alice Springs News, October 19, 2005
Senator Scullion says his take on the situation is that the Democrats are not certain to be against the Bill.
Senator Scullion says he expects Senator Fielding to vote for the Government: no dump means no new reactor and an end to the production in Australia of nuclear pharmaceuticals used for, among other things, the early detection of breast cancer ­ no doubt a major issue for Family First.
Senator Scullion says Australia would need to "stand in line" with a number of countries if radio-isotopes were obtained from abroad, coupled with unacceptable uncertainties and delays.
www.alicespringsnews.com.au /1242.html   (6674 words)

 [No title]
But Senator Scullion says while he won't support high level radioactive material coming to the Territory, he has less concern about low and intermediate level waste.
NIGEL SCULLION: Low level waste — more than 90 per cent of it is radioactive poo.
EDMOND ROY: Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion, speaking with Anne Barker.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2005nn/0507nn/050716nn.txt   (8076 words)

 Senator Trish Crossin : Media Release 2002
Labor Senator for the Northern Territory Trish Crossin said comments made yesterday by CLP Senator Nigel Scullion raised serious doubts about the independence of the Commonwealth’s decision regarding the disposal process for two historic houses at Myilly Point.
Senator Scullion said yesterday that he would meet with the Minister for Finance later this week to discuss proposals for purchasing and managing the heritage houses which were lodged during an Expression of Interest (EOI) period.
Senator Crossin said Senator Scullion’s plans to discuss the proposals with the Minister also raised grave concerns about the integrity of the process detailed in the EOI documents, where weighted evaluation to guide the final decision are clearly laid out.
www.trishcrossin.com.au /html/media_2002_07_23.html   (264 words)

 Major investment in weather services for the NT Joint Media Release 11 February 2005
Greg Hunt MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage and Senator Nigel Scullion today announced upgrades to Bureau of Meteorology infrastructure across the Northern Territory over the next two years.
Mr Hunt who has ministerial responsibility for the Bureau of Meteorology said major components of the upgrades were part of a $62 million federal commitment to ongoing weather service improvement for the Australian community and will be conducted over the next three years.
Senator Scullion said the investment in weather infrastructure demonstrated the Federal Government's commitment to delivering quality meteorological services to all Australians including regional Australia.
www.deh.gov.au /minister/ps/2005/psmr11feb205.html   (422 words)

 Scullion - OneLook Dictionary Search
scullion : Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]
Scullion : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include Scullion: david scullion, nigel scullion
www.onelook.com /?w=Scullion&ls=a   (219 words)

 Warren Snowdon MP - media releases
Statements today by CLP Senator Nigel Scullion on the proposed NT nuclear waste contradict the announcement of the dump sites by Science Minister Brendan Nelson, Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon said today.
‘And now Nigel Scullion is trying to tell us that, and I quote again, ‘…a decision to store radioactive waste in the Northern Territory is not necessarily set in stone…’.
Mr Snowdon said Senator Scullion was evading the real issue by talking about misinformation on nuclear waste.
www.warrensnowdon.com /media/050725.htm   (205 words)

 urg::: NT senator denies nuclear fuel rods destined for dump   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Country Liberal Party Senator Nigel Scullion says radioactive waste produced by the processing of spent fuel rods from the Lucas Heights reactor could be stored in the Northern Territory.
Since the Federal Government announced plans for the dump various groups from Friends of the Earth to the South Australian Government have predicted that the fuel rods will be stored at the facility.
Senator Scullion admits the resulting material, of a lower radioactive level, will be returned to Australia and could end up in the Territory.
lists.myspinach.org /pipermail/urg/2005-July/001826.html   (246 words)

 Senator Bob Brown : Media
Scullion bombs Senate inquiry into Opal fuel roll-out
Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion has bombed the terms of reference of the Greens Senate move for an inquiry into the benefits of a roll-out of non-sniffable Opal petrol throughout Central Australia.
“The Scullion amendment guts my motion by removing all reference to the call for the Howard Government to fund the full roll-out of Opal fuel.
www.bobbrown.org.au /600_media_sub.php?deptItemID=1770   (139 words)

 KENBI - NT - Blaming the victims of racist invasion for fun and profit.
Northern Territory Country Liberal Party Senator Nigel Scullion is concerned about any future arrangements that could see visitors to the Cox Peninsula, west of Darwin, requiring a permit.
The Territory Government has dropped an appeal against the Kenbi land claim and claimants are refusing to rule out a permit system for fishing or camping in some areas of the peninsula.
Senator Nigel Scullion says the Labor Government should not have dropped the appeal and any permit system would affect residents' lifestyle.
www.country-liberal-party.com /pages/Kenbi-Claim-shell-game.htm   (1391 words)

 Kakadu on track for early dry season openings Joint Media Release 24 April 2005
Greg Hunt MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dave Tollner MP, Federal Member for Solomon and Senator Nigel Scullion, Senator for the Northern Territory, today announced that some of the most popular tourist attractions in Kakadu look like opening earlier this year.
Dave Tollner and Senator Scullion said the prospect of early openings would be good news for tourist operators and visitors.
Early openings encourage new opportunities for jobs and tourism investment for the future of this park and help to reposition Kakadu as the international icon that it is," Senator Scullion said.
www.deh.gov.au /minister/ps/2005/psmr24apr05.html   (540 words)

 80 East Timorese refugees told to leave Australia
The CLP Senator for the Northern Territory, Nigel Scullion, says it is not true that 80 East Timorese refugees living in Darwin for the past seven years will have to leave the country within 28 days.
But Senator Scullion says it is only the first decision in a many-tiered process.
He says they will be able to appeal to the Refugee Review Tribunal and if that fails, the Federal Immigration Minister is able to consider their cases on humanitarian grounds.
pariahnt.tripod.com /pages/Australian-betrayal.htm   (1772 words)

 Alice Springs News, August 3, 2005
CLP Senator Nigel Scullion says he will "do whatever is necessary" to influence government decisions about a nuclear waste dump in the Territory, in accordance with the wishes of the majority of his constituents.
Sen Scullion says he will now attend meetings, speak to people and take on board the hundreds of emails and other messages on the subject, and conduct surveys to gauge public opinion.
Mr Brisbin says Sen Scullion may not have a chance of crossing the floor as there may be no need for new legislation to be voted on in Parliament.
www.alicespringsnews.com.au /1231.html   (10601 words)

 urg::: Senator misses nuclear protest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
I only counted two of us outside scullion's office, but this is how ntnews reported it : Senator misses nuclear protest By SUELLEN HINDE, NT News, 27jul05 About 150 people attended a government information session at Alice Springs on the proposed nuclear waste dump yesterday.
The information session _ organised by Territory CLP Senator Nigel Scullion _ was attended by four representatives from the federal Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).
In a statement to the press, Senator Scullion said he had received a letter from Education, Science and Training Minister Brendan Nelson that no high-level radioactive waste would be stored in the Northern Territory.
lists.myspinach.org /pipermail/urg/2005-July/001835.html   (407 words)

 [No title]
They were joined by non-government politicians in presenting Senator Scullion, a member of the Country Liberal Party, with a petition of 9000 signatures opposing the proposed dump.
Their protest came as Senator Scullion confirmed the federal government would allow a two-day Senate inquiry into the nuclear dump on November 21 and 22.
Senator Scullion said although he had expressed concerns about the dump previously, information revealed during the Senate inquiry was unlikely to make him cross the floor and vote against the government's plans.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2005nn/0511nn/051107nn.txt   (19586 words)

 Australian News Online
Senator Lightfoot admits he swore at the Green Senators and provoked them by his aggressive behaviour.
The Greens politicians tried to deliver a letter and photograph to the President, but Senators Ross Lightfoot and Nigel Scullion stopped them.
When Senator Nettle tried to walk over to the President Senator Lightfoot told her that she should go and go quickly.
www.geocities.com /gregskables/archive3/2003b90.html   (939 words)

 Alice anti- dump residents confront senator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Coalition Senator Nigel Scullion was given a cool reception at an “information session” he held in Alice Springs on July 26 in an attempt to sell the Coalition government's proposal to build a nuclear-waste dump near the town.
Throughout last year's federal election campaign, Scullion had said that a nuclear waste dump would not be built in the NT on his watch.
Following the federal science minister's announcement on July 15 that such a dump would be built, Scullion has changed his tune.
www.greenleft.org.au /back/2005/636/636p11c.htm   (305 words)

 Nelson Steamrolls Territory on Nuclear Waste Dump : Melbourne Indymedia
The seven senior men and women from the Harts Range and Mount Everard areas near Alice Springs called on the Territory's CLP Senator Nigel Scullion to cross the floor and vote against the dump legislation in the Senate.
Now is the time for Senator Scullion to stand up for his constituents in Central Australia and cross the floor,” Mr Tilmouth said.
Senator Scullion has stated that he would support the legislation.
melbourne.indymedia.org /news/2005/11/98647.php   (1130 words)

 philosophy.com: Anti-terrorism legislation: goodbye liberalism?
Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said he would not agree to the Senate committee's recommendation to remove sedition offences from the bill.
What then will the liberal Members (Petro Georgiou given this speech), and Senators Marise Payne, Brett Mason and Nigel Scullion do?
The Government members so far are not even bothering to address the Senate's concerns about sedition reflected in Schedule 7 in their speeches, nor those raised by others about preventative detention or control orders.
www.sauer-thompson.com /archives/philosophy/2005/11/antiterrrorism.html   (426 words)

 Immigration Bill to Lower House | | The Australian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
But the legislation's journey through the Senate - where the Government has a one seat majority - is less certain after a government dominated committee recommended the Bill be scrapped.
Liberal Judith Troeth and rebel Queensland National Barnaby Joyce have expressed concerns with the Bill, while Liberals Marise Payne and Brett Mason, and Country Liberal Nigel Scullion put their name to the report which found an array of problems with the legislation.
Prime Minister John Howard said he and Senator Vanstone were working through "areas of difference" between the Government and some backbenchers.
www.theaustralian.news.com.au /story/0,20867,19478073-1702,00.html   (291 words)

 Jenny Macklin Federal Member for Jagajaga
New figures released today show the number of New Apprentices completing their training is continuing to fall.
Is Nigel Scullion Senator for the Northern Territory?
Today’s Senate Committee report on the nuclear waste dump legislation shows that Senator Nigel Scullion is missing in action while his Coalition colleagues ride roughshod over the wishes of the Northern Territory.
jennymacklin.net.au /infocentre.asp?data=03010E024D4C5E50505C56454B4D4C   (294 words)

 Senator Nigel Scullion website launched - Datasearch
Datasearch is pleased to announce that the website Senator Nigel Scullion has been launched.
Nigel Scullion is the Country Liberal Party Senator representing the people of the Northern Territory and all adjacent islands, as well as the Indian ocean Island Territories of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
To view the website for Senator Nigel Scullion please click here
www.datasearch.com.au /news/article.aspx?ID=13   (102 words)

 Alternative News Network, Cairns, tropical north Queensland, Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Greens senator Kerry Nettle sat on the 2002 senate enquiry into the monitoring of Australia's uranium mines.
This enquiry, which also included the NT senators, Trish Crossin and Nigel Scullion, scrutinised numerous environmental incidents, including a similar mis-direction of process water from the mine in 1983.
ERA, the company running the mine, have yet to implement the inquiry's recommendations.
us.altnews.com.au /nuke/article.php?sid=6948   (473 words)

 AustralAsia Railway Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Clare Martin, Senator Nigel Scullion and SA Tourism Minister Jane Lomax-Smith after igniting Thermit Weld - December 2002
Senator Nigel Scullion, SA Minister for Tourism - Hon Jane Lomax-Smith and NT Chief Minister
For text based navigation please use the sitemap
www.aarc.com.au /aarc/news/final_thermit_weld.htm   (98 words)

 No nuke waste dump campaign under way   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
NWDC spokesperson Justin Tutty said the meeting will be both an information forum and a demonstration against the dump.
Tutty contrasted the meeting to the pro-dump “information sessions” organised by Senator Nigel Scullion around the NT a fortnight earlier, which were all well attended by opponents of the dump.
The only information presented in those sessions came from “people who want to build a new reactor in Sydney that would generate more long-lived radioactive waste”, he said.
www.greenleft.org.au /back/2005/639/639p2b.htm   (341 words)

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