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Topic: Nineteenth Dynasty

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 Imperial Ethiopia - The Ethiopian Dynasty
Ethiopia's earliest dynasties reigned when the pharoahs ruled Egypt, but few of these early kings and queens are known to us by name today.
The royal families of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have dynastic laws very similar to those of the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia (though certain of their principles are based on medieval practices influenced to some extent by Koranic law).
Awarded for merit, most were established in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on the model of the honours conferred by European monarchies.
www.imperialethiopia.org /dynasty.htm   (1104 words)

  Your Gate to the land of history - allaboutluxor
Rulers of the Eleventh Dynasty: Intef I (2134 - 2117 BC), Intef II 2117 - 2069 BC), Intef III (2069 - 2060 BC), Mentuhotep I (2060 - 2010 (BC), Mentuhotep II (2010 - 1998 BC) and Mentuhotep III (1997 - 1991 BC).
Rulers of the Nineteenth Dynasty: Ramesses I (1291 - 1291 BC), Seti I (1291 1278 BC), Ramesses II (1279 - 1212 BC), Merneptah (1212 - 1202 BC), Amenmesses (1202 - 1199 BC), Seti II (1199 - 1193 BC), Siptah (1193 - 1187 BC) and Queen Twosret (1187 - 1185 BC).
Ruler of the Twenty-second Dynasty: Sheshonk I (Libyan dynasty)
www.aboutluxor.com /history.php   (1403 words)

  CONK! Encyclopedia: 2nd_millennium_BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Pharaoh Ramesses I of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt (reigned 1293 BC - 1291 BC).
Pharaoh Seti I of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt (reigned 1291 BC - 1278 BC).
Pharaoh Merneptah of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt (reigned 1212 BC - 1202 BC).
www.conk.com /search/encyclopedia.cgi?q=2nd_millennium_BC   (904 words)

 Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties of ancient Egypt are often combined under the group title, New Kingdom.
The Nineteenth Dynasty was founded by Vizier Ramesses I, whom Pharaoh Horemheb chose as his successor to the throne.
This dynasty came to an end due to internal fighting between the heirs of Merneptah for the throne.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nineteenth_dynasty_of_Egypt   (447 words)

 Pharaoh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The XI Dynasty was a local group with roots in Lower Egypt.
The XV Dynasty arose from among the Hyskos people: desert Bedouins who emerged out of the Fertile Crescent to establish a short-lived governance over much of the Nile region.
The XVI Dynasty was a local group based on the north coast of the Sinai (Pelusium).
www.1-free-software.com /en/wikipedia/p/ph/pharaoh.html   (589 words)

 Encyclopedia: Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Middle Kingdom is a period in the history of ancient Egypt stretching from the establishment of the Eleventh dynasty to the end of the Fourteenth dynasty, roughly between 1986 BC and 1633 BC.
The Twenty-eighth dynasty of Egypt had one ruler, Amyrtaeus, who was a descendant of the Saite kings of the Twenty-sixth dynasty, and led a successful revolt against the Persians on the death of Darius II.
Shabti of Seti, from his tomb in the Valley of the Kings nomen or birth name Seti I was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt), the son of Rameses I and Queen Sitre and, later, the father of Rameses II.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Nineteenth-dynasty-of-Egypt   (3264 words)

 Encyclopedia: Merneptah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
History of Ancient Egypt, Nineteenth Dynasty The Nineteenth Dynasty was founded by Vizier Ramesses I, whom Pharaoh Horemheb chose as his successor to the throne.
Amenmesses was the 5th ruler of the 19th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, possibly the son of Merneptah and queen Takhat.
Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt Ramesses II, Abu Simbel Ramesses II (also known as Ramesses the Great and alternatively transcribed as Ramses and Rameses) was an Egyptian pharaoh.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Merneptah   (994 words)

 Twentieth dynasty of Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Twentieth Dynasty was founded by Setnakhte, but its only important member was Ramesses III, who modelled his career after Ramesses II the Great.
This dynasty is notable for the beginning of the systematic robbing of the Royal Tombs.
This dynasty is considered the last one of the New Kingdom of Egypt, and is followed by the Third Intermediate Period.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Twentieth_dynasty_of_Egypt   (191 words)

 Ramses II - 19th Dynasty
The nineteenth dynasty was part of the New Kingdom in Egypt and was the nineteenth overall family to rule the Egyptian lands.
The last ruler of the nineteenth dynasty is the queen Tausert who is now known as the wife of Seti II.
Queen Tausert was one of few queens who was actually buried in the Valley of the Kings, which was a huge privilege, but was probably moved by her son Ramses III to a different area later.
ramsesii.freeservers.com /19dyn.htm   (372 words)

 CalendarHome.com - - Calendar Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
From the Twelfth Dynasty onwards the word appears in a wish formula 'Great Home, may it live, prosper, and be in health', but only with reference to the buildings of the court rather than the king himself.
During the eighteenth dynasty (sixteenth to fourteenth centuries B. C.) the title Pharaoh was employed as a reverential designation of the king.
The Pharaoh with whom Hadad of Edom sought refuge during King David's reign (1 Kings 11:17) was a king of the twenty-first dynasty of Egypt.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /cgi-bin/encyclopedia.pl?p=Pharaoh   (1625 words)

 Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Nineteenth Dynasty was founded by the soldier Ramesses I, to whom Pharaoh Horemheb willed the throne.
At least as early as Josephus, it was believed that Moses lived during the reign of Ramesses II (though, the time of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt has been suggested).
At one point his chief wife Twosret ruled, but she proved unable to control the internal fighting.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Nineteenth_Dynasty   (148 words)

At the period of the eighteenth dynasty (sixteenth to fourteenth cent.
The same is true of the use of the title Pharao for kings earlier than the eighteenth dynasty, which is quite in keeping with Egyptian usage at the time of the nineteenth dynasty.
The first king mentioned by name is Sesac (Sheshonk I), the founder of the twenty-second dynasty and contemporary of Roboam and Jeroboam (III Kings, xi, 40; II Par., xii, 2 sqq.).
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/p/pharao.html   (944 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Façade of Fourth Dynasty house, sarcophagus of Khûfû Poskhû 26.
However this may be, the fortress is extremely ancient, for in the Fifth Dynasty, the nobles of Abydos took possession of the interior, and, ultimately, so piled it up with their graves as to deprive it of all strategic value.
From the beginning of the Nineteenth Dynasty, the eastern frontier of the Delta (always the weakest) was protected by a line of forts constructed after the Canaanite model.
www.ibiblio.org /pub/docs/books/gutenberg/1/4/4/0/14400/14400-8.txt   (20753 words)

 History of Ancient Egypt Information
The Thirteenth Dynasty is often considered part of the Middle Kingdom, although the period seems to be a time of confusion and of migration into Lower Egypt by Semitic tribes from Western Asia.
The Nineteenth Dynasty was founded by general Ramesses I, appointed heir by Horemhab.
Egypt has long had ties with Libya, and the first king of the new dynasty, Shoshenq I, was a Meshwesh Libyan, who served as the commander of the armies under the last ruler of the Twenty-First Dynasty, Psusennes II.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/History_of_Ancient_Egypt   (3852 words)

 Table of Contents and Excerpt, Strudwick, Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt
The following dynasty continued to rule from Lisht, effectively as an extension of the Twelfth, but there is a noticeable decline in the number of monuments and an increase in the number of kings with very short reigns, a sure sign of a less stable era.
By the end of the dynasty, the king was ruling primarily in the north, and the religious capital of Thebes had become largely self-governing, ruled by the high priest of Amun.
This dynasty maintained stronger connections with Thebes, but the Delta became increasingly fragmented, with a number of local rulers, some of whom are possibly the Twenty-third Dynasty; the Twenty-fourth Dynasty consisted of kings in Sais.
www.utexas.edu /utpress/excerpts/exstrmas.html   (5426 words)

 Search Results for "Dynasty"
The Qing Dynasty MANCHU (QING) DYNASTY (1644-1796)Peasant rebellion and ethnic strife erupted at the end of the Ming dynasty, and an impoverished central government...
...Ch in, dynasty of China (221–206 B.C.), (chin) (KEY), dynasty of China, which ruled from 221 B.C. to 206 B.C. The word China is derived from Ch'in, the first dynasty...
It was founded by Li Yuan and his son Li Shih-min, with the aid of Turkish allies....
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=Dynasty   (301 words)

 Dynasty 19: Ramesses I, Seti I, Ramesses II
Ramesses II was the first ruler of the 19th Dynasty who, at the time he chose his principle queen, was already destined to rule Egypt.
Later still, the weak dynasty of Tanite kings who only had a tenuous grip on Upper Egypt also attempted to recapture some of the lost brilliance of Egypt's golden age by choosing to use Ramesses II's throne name, Usermaatre, as their own.
Therefore, they exerted considerable efforts to build monuments and grand statues in order to re-enforce their role as a living god, as well as to defeat the enemies of Egypt in battle and in each case, they ensured that their name and titles were celebrated in connection with these deeds.
www.crystalinks.com /dynasty19.html   (4431 words)

 Bible Study Notes > Resources > Easton's Bible Dictionary (BibleStudyNotes.org)
The Fayyum was rescued for agriculture by the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty; and two obelisks were erected in front of the temple of the sun-god at On or Heliopolis (near Cairo), one of which is still standing.
The national triumph was marked by the rise of the Nineteenth Dynasty, in the founder of which, Rameses I., we must see the "new king, who knew not Joseph." His grandson, Rameses II., reigned sixty-seven years (B.C. 1348-1281), and was an indefatigable builder.
The Nineteenth Dynasty soon afterwards came to an end; Egypt was distracted by civil war; and for a short time a Canaanite, Arisu, ruled over it.
biblestudynotes.org /redirect/dictionary.php?DICT=Egypt   (1564 words)

 Untitled Document
The Eighteenth Dynasty saw several reigns devoted to the stabilization of the state's control over the Nile Valley (including that of Queen Hatshepsut) and then burst forth in a wave of imperial conquests under the leadership of Tuthmosis III (circa 1450 AD).
Under the leadership of its greatest kings, Seti I (circa 1300) and his son Rameses 11 (circa 1275), the Nineteenth Dynasty regained some of the territories won a century-and-a-half earlier by Tuthmosis lilt But Egypt's hold on its Eastern empire was precarious.
Since the Luxor area was the origin-point of the New Kingdom state, the kings of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties turned it into the ritual and ceremonial heart of the state.
www.mc.maricopa.edu /~reffland/anthropology/anthro2003/legacy/egypt/new_kingdom.html   (864 words)

Pharao for kings earlier than the eighteenth dynasty, which is quite in keeping with Egyptian usage at the time of the nineteenth dynasty.
Osee, King of Israel (2 Kings 17:4), is commonly identified with Shabaka, the founder of the twenty-fifth dynasty, but he was probably an otherwise unknown local dynast prior to Shabaka's reign.
Abraham's journey to Egypt would have to be referred to the reign of one of the Mentuhoteps of the eleventh dynasty, or to that of either Usertesen (Sesotris) III, or Amenemhet III of the twelfth.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11788c.htm   (842 words)

 The Sequence of Dynasties
The conventional scheme assigns the Amarna period to the earlier part of the fourteenth century and has the Nineteenth Dynasty, that of Seti and Ramses II, and the Twentieth Dynasty, that of Ramses III, the last great emperor of Egypt, succeed before the Libyans and Ethiopians ruled Egypt.
The circumstances under which the Nineteenth Dynasty was established are said to be unknown.
Since the pharaohs of these dynasties waged wars and maintained peaceful relations with the kingdoms and peoples of the north, the transfer of these Egyptian dynasties to a time much more recent carries an enormous tide into the histories of the entire ancient East, including Asia Minor and Greece.
www.varchive.org /tac/seqdyn.htm   (612 words)

 Chapter One of Manetho's Chronology Restored
The present practice of dividing Egyptian dynastic history into a period of 30 or 31 dynasties, from the start of the first dynasty down to Alexander’s conquest of Egypt, is known as the Manetho or Manethonian Model.
For example, should the Nineteenth Dynasty begin with Ramesses I, as generally accepted, or with his predecessor, Horemheb, with whom he shared a coregency.
It should be noted that while the term First Intermediate Period encompasses Dynasties VII-X, it may be more accurate to say that it should include part of the Sixth Dynasty and also include that part of the Eleventh Dynasty that preceded the unification of Egypt during the latter part of the Eleventh Dynasty.
ggreenberg.tripod.com /Manetho/w-man-chap1.htm   (3948 words)

 Manetho Study in Egyptian Chronology How Ancient Scribes Garbled an Accurate Chronology of Dynastic Egypt Marco Polo ...
THE EIGHTEENTH AND NINETEENTH DYNASTIES For the Eighteenth Dynasty we have three key astronomically determined dates that define the debate about the correct chronology for this dynasty, but there is some argument over what these three dates should be.
A Neutral Chronological Model for Eighteenth Dynasty We have seen that for the Eighteenth Dynasty there are three chronological anchor dates, with the high and low chronologies differing as to which set of dates to use.
According to Josephus, the expulsion of the Hyksos at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty was the true Exodus, and he mustered a variety of arguments to refute Manetho and quoted extensively from Manetho’s text to marshal his evidence.
www.shangrilapublications.org /mpm/mpm8.html   (11094 words)

 The Libyans and Ethiopians: Cultural Aspects
On the other hand, the comparison of language, art, and religion of the Eighteenth Dynasty with examples from the same three fields under the Nineteenth Dynasty exhibits a veritable gulf, or break in tradition.
Erman’s position was disputed by another equally eminent Egyptologist, W. Spiegelberg, who presented the argument that the “late style and spelling” are actually not late and that, furthermore, the texts of the Saitic period are conspicuous for their classical style; additionally, no marked difference is evident between the texts of these two periods.
The arguments presented in 1918 for a late Eighteenth Dynasty date for some of the chalices were at first accepted by most scholars; and when Sotheby, the renowned art dealer, listed them in his 1921 catalog, he also labeled them as such.
www.varchive.org /tac/tleca.htm   (3177 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
During the Eighteenth Dynasty Nubia was subdued and its wealth of gold, ivory, gemstones and ebony flowed into Egypt.
The Nineteenth Dynasty (1320-1200BC) was established by the Horemheb's wazir, or minister, Ramses I who reigned for two years.
The Twentieth Dynasty (1200-1085BC) was to be the last of the New Kingdom and was first established by Sethnakhte.
www.arab.net /egypt/et_newkingdom.htm   (641 words)

 Nineteenth Dynasty Of Egypt Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Looking For nineteenth dynasty of egypt - Find nineteenth dynasty of egypt and more at Lycos Search.
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Look for nineteenth dynasty of egypt - Find nineteenth dynasty of egypt at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
www.greatartworks.com /search/encyclopedia/Nineteenth_dynasty_of_Egypt   (673 words)

 Myth and Legend ch. 27
THE Nineteenth Dynasty opens with Rameses I, but no record survives to throw light on his origin, or the political movement which brought him to the throne.
It may be that the queen was favoured by the Ra section of the Amon-ra cult, and that her rival was the chosen of the Amon section.
That the kings of the Nineteenth Dynasty were supported by the foreign element in Egypt is suggested by their close association with Tanis, which had become a city of great political importance and the chief residence of the Pharaohs.
www.earth-history.com /Egypt/Myth/eml27.htm   (4188 words)

 Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt - Cambridge University Press
Representation of the royal granaries and storehouses of Amarna (Eighteenth Dynasty) from the tomb of Meryra (courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society).
Sketches of a subterranean tomb, from the tomb of Senenmut (Eighteenth Dynasty).
Plan on a wooden board (Eighteenth Dynasty), (courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts); reconstructions of the plan by Badawy and by Davies (courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts).
www.cambridge.org /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521829542&ss=fro   (3778 words)

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