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 comedy: The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia : The Ultimate Knucklehead's Guide to Stoogedom--from Amalgamated Association of Morons to Ziller...
The Three Stooges are undoubtedly the most famous comedy team in all history, and today Stoogemania is everywhere.
The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia : The Ultimate Knucklehead's Guide to Stoogedom--from Amalgamated Association of Morons to Ziller...
comedy: The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia : The Ultimate Knucklehead's Guide to Stoogedom--from Amalgamated Association of Morons to Ziller... /n_0809225808.htm

 Three Volume Encyclopedia of Television Unveiled at BEA Convention
For the past three years in his role at Editor of the Encyclopedia, Dr. Newcomb, the F.J. Heyne Centennial Professor of Communications in the Dept. of Radio, Television Film at the University of Texas, Austin, drew on advice from an international advisory board that included many of the world's leading experts in the television studies.
Three Volume Encyclopedia of Television Unveiled at BEA Convention
The Museum of Broadcast Communications at the Chicago Cultural Center is a not-for-profit museum which celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 13th of this year. /97news/encyclo.html

 Electric Motor Sales - DC and AC single and three phase: Leeson, (GE) General Electric, WEG, Lincoln, Baldor Motors
Tower Electric Motor Company has experience selling and maintaining electrical motors and manufacturing single to three phase converters over the years since 1968.
Whether your application is for a tool shop such as a power buffer, lath, grinder, milling machine, bandsaw, wide belt sander, car lift, or for an industrial application such as pump, lift, elevator, conveyor, farming irrigation or most any other application call TEMCo to choose the right motor.
All our electrical products are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by industry standard warrantees.

 TEMCo Series 7000CNC pro phase converter - three phase power for computer controlled equipment, cnc mills, etc.
TEMCo Series 7000CNC pro phase converter - three phase power for computer controlled equipment, cnc mills, etc.
Our Phase Converters are AC, single to three phase, 208v, 220v, 240v, 440v, 460v and 480v converters.
has experience producing single to three phase converters since 1968. /cncpro.html

 Unusual and Unexplained
Brad and Sherry's massive three volume encyclopedia opus hot off the press for libraries and schools.
Information is arranged in an objective manner, presenting varying viewpoints when appropriate, and is written at a level that younger students and researchers can understand.
Sidebars highlighting unusual facts, features, and people, as well as related books, films, Web sites, and other sources of relevant information /unusualandunexplained.htm

 Three Kings (1999)
Discuss this movie with other users on IMDb message board for Three Kings (1999)
One of the best lines in film history...
I have seen this movie and would like to comment on it /Title?0120188

 Three Comrades (novel)
Three Comrades is a novel written in 1938 by the German author Erich Maria Remarque. /en/wikipedia/t/th/three_comrades__novel_.html

 Three Bridges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Bridges is not the most complex name for a place and there are many other places referred to as 'Three Bridges'.
Three Bridges is a neighbourhood within the town of Crawley, located near London Gatwick Airport in the county of
Three Bridges was one of the first group of neighbourhoods to be built. /wiki/Three_Bridges

 BBC Three - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC Three was launched on February 9, 2003, eleven months after its originally planned launch date (and that of BBC Four).
BBC Three, the successor of the similar BBC Choice, is a British television channel from the BBC broadcasting only on digital cable, terrestrial and satellite.
It has been noted though that the BBC Three blobs are basically another form of the blob-like characters that are the main feature of both CBeebies and CBBC. /wiki/BBC_Three   (1099 words)

 Three Kingdoms - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Three Kingdoms period is one of the bloodiest in Chinese history.
The Three Kingdoms period (Simplified Chinese: 三国; Traditional Chinese:三國; Pinyin Sānguó) is a period in the history of China, part of an era of disunity called the Six Dynasties.
The term "Three Kingdoms" itself is somewhat of a mistranslation, since each state was eventually headed by an Emperor who claimed legitimate succession from the Han Dynasty, not by kings. /wiki/Three_Kingdoms   (3119 words)

 Three Kingdoms of Korea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Three Kingdoms period in Korea is usually considered to run from the 1st century BCE until Silla's triumph over Goguryeo in 668, which marked the beginning of the North and South States period(남북국시대) of Unified Silla in the South and Balhae in the North.
The Three Kingdoms of Korea were Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, which dominated the Korean peninsula and parts of Manchuria for much of the 1st millennium CE.
In the 4th century, Buddhism was introduced to the peninsula and spread rapidly, briefly becoming the official religion of all three kingdoms. /wiki/Three_Kingdoms_of_Korea   (907 words)

 Three-phase electric power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This allows for 240 V three phase as well as three different single phase voltages (120 V between two of the phases and the neutral, 208 V between the third phase (known as a wild leg) and neutral and 240 V between any two phases) to be made available from the same supply.
Generally three phase power either does not enter domestic houses at all, or where it does, it is split out at the main distribution board.
This article deals with where, how and why "three phase" is used. /wiki/Three-phase_electric_power   (1848 words)

 Three Crowns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Crowns, or Tre Kronor, is a national emblem of Sweden.
Another theory is that the three crowns simply represented the three old kingdoms that joined to later form Sweden, Three crowns one kingdom.
Another theory is that the three crowns was leftovers after yet another failed attempt at creating a Scandinavian union and that the crowns represent the royal families of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. /wiki/Three_Crowns   (271 words)

 Formula Three - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Formula Three was in abeyance from the late 1950s to 1963; both it and (eventually) Formula Two were replaced by Formula Junior for 1000 or 1100cc cars (on a sliding scale of weights).
Formula Three, also called Formula 3 or, in abbreviated form, F3, is a type of formula racing and a class of open-wheeler motor racing.
The formula was the usual route into motor racing through the early and mid 1950s (and stars like Stirling Moss continued to race in selected F3 races even during their GP careers) although started to decline in the UK when small sports cars powered by Coventry-Climax and Ford engines became more important. /wiki/Formula_Three   (1032 words)

 Three Gorges Dam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Three Gorges Dam (Simplified Chinese: 三峡大坝; Traditional Chinese:三峽大壩; Pinyin: Sānxiá Dàbà) spans the Yangtze River at Sandouping, Yichang, Hubei province, China.
Officials from the Three Gorges Resettlement Bureau were caught embezzling funds from resettlement programs in January 2000.
The Three Gorges dam lies around 1,500km (932 miles) from Taiwan, while most of Taiwan's military aircraft have a combat radius of between 900 and 1,200km. /wiki/Three_Gorges_Dam   (2791 words)

 Three strikes law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three strikes laws are a category of statutes enacted by state governments in the United States, beginning in the 1990s, to mandate long periods of imprisonment for persons convicted of a felony on three (or more) separate occasions.
Some states require all three felony convictions to be for violent crimes in order for the mandatory sentence to be pronounced, while others — most notably California — mandate the enhanced sentence for any third felony conviction so long as the first two felonies were deemed to be either "violent" or "serious," or both.
The first true "three strikes" law, with virtually no exceptions provided, was not enacted until 1993, when Washington voters approved Initiative 593. /wiki/Three_strikes_law   (925 words)

 Mr. Three - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three rolls double 3's then he is instantaneously unassigned and then reassigned the title, and must assign 3 drinks to other players.
Three rolls another single 3 on one of his rolls, the title is up for grabs again.
Three must drink (if they are the same person then they must drink twice). /wiki/Mr._Three   (446 words)

 Portable Three Phase Electric Power Generator Sales 3.
Portable Three Phase Electric Power Generator Sales 3.
TEMCo carries thousands of models and brands of single and three phase electric motors and drives such as Baldor, WEG, GE, Franklin etc., at wholesale prices!
Quality single and three phase electric power generators at wholesale prices. /threephase.html   (446 words)

 Three Taverns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Taverns - a place on the great "Appian Way," about 11 miles from Rome, designed for the reception of travellers, as the name indicates.
Here Paul, on his way to Rome, was met by a band of Roman Christians (Acts 28:15). /wiki/Three_Taverns   (313 words)

Jesus' Birth - Three Kings - Herod - Holy Family - Childhood, Chinese Bible Paintings.
Adoration of the Magi, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1753.
The Adoration of the Magi, Hans Multscher, 1437. /art/magi.htm   (1273 words)

 Steve Reich - Three Tales
Three Tales is a collaboration between contemporary composer Steve Reich and his wife, the videographer Beryl Korot.
I wouldn't put it right up there with Reich's accomplished scores such as Variations or Six Pianos, but I would say Three Tales carries the greatest impact of any of his works, and asks the most pertinent questions of human nature.
The Tales are presented chronologically on DVD, so to begin with we see images of the construction of the German airship, with Reich rather aptly converting a theme from Wagner's Ring for his own use. /albums/steve-reich.htm   (1273 words)

 Three Lions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was subsequently re-recorded with different lyrics (under the title '"Three Lions '98") as an unofficial anthem for England's World Cup campaign in 1998 and landed the number one spot in the singles chart for a second time.
"Three Lions" was the official song of the England football team for the 1996 European Championships, which were held in England.
The title is for the nickname of the England football team Three Lions because is the emblem of the team. /wiki/Three_Lions   (528 words)

 Page Three girl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Page Three is considered sexist, demeaning and exploititive by many, and Clare Short, the MP from Birmingham Ladywood, led a failed campaign against Page Three girls in 1986.
The Page Three girl was topless for the first time on November 17, 1970, when editor Larry Lamb unveiled the change while Murdoch was out of the country.
A Page Three girl is a woman who models for topless photographs published in UK tabloid The Sun. /wiki/Page_Three_girl   (528 words)

 Three Oaks Township, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three Oaks Township is a township located in south-central portion of Berrien County in the U.S. state of Michigan on the border with the state of Indiana.
The Village of Three Oaks is the only incorporated community within the township. /wiki/Three_Oaks_Township,_Michigan   (427 words)

 The Three Graces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The three goddesses are shown nude, huddled close together in embrace, their heads almost touching in what many have referred to as an ‘erotically charged’ piece.
In the version of the piece commissioned by Countess Josephine, the Graces are stood on a sacrificial altar adorned with three wreathes of flowers and a garland symbolizing their fragile, close ties.
Antonio Canova’s statue The Three Graces is a Neo-Classical sculpture, in marble, of the mythological three charites – daughters of Zeus– who were said to represent joy, charm and beauty. /wiki/The_Three_Graces   (1196 words)

 Charites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Again, at Athens, before the entrance to the Acropolis, the Graces are three in number; by their side are celebrated mysteries which must not be divulged to the many.
Although the Graces usually numbered three, according to the Spartans, Cleta, not Thalia, was the third, and other Graces are sometimes mentioned, including Auxo, Charis, Hegemone, Phaenna, and Pasithea.
The Three Graces, from Sandro Botticelli's painting Primavera in the Uffizi Gallery. /wiki/Charites   (836 words)

 Three Forks, Montana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Three forks is named because it lies near the point, in Missouri Headwaters Sate Park, where the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers form the Missouri.
Three Forks is a city located in Gallatin County, Montana.
In 1800, she was captured by the Mennetaree tribe near the present site of Three Forks. /wiki/Three_Forks,_Montana   (836 words)

 Three Stooges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Three Stooges were an American comedy act in the 20th century.
Stooges folklore has it that the Soviet government asked permission for the aging Stooges shorts to be shown on Soviet TV, and that the Stooges declined, their theory being that the Soviets planned to use the Stooges as Cold War propaganda, i.e., evidence that the American people were pathologically violent and/or stupid.
The Stooges got their name and their start from a vaudeville act called Ted Healy and His Stooges (originally called "Ted Healy and His Southern Gentlemen"), which was founded in 1922. /wiki/Three_Stooges   (4652 words)


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