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Topic: Nissan Skyline

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  nissan skyline
Nissan Skyline.6te.net is designed to provide you with the specifications for the latest models of the most popular Japanese sports car the Nissan Skyline.
The handling and speed of the skyline has caused many motor magazines compare it to cars like the Porsche 911, and Ferrari, but the cost of the Nissan is significantly less.
Nissan Skyline Conversions table and guide has been added, there are now more turbos in the turbo section, and a I added a camshaft section.
nissanskyline.6te.net   (580 words)

  Nissan Skyline GT-R - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Skyline model continued through into the 90s when it became popular largely because it remained rear wheel drive, while most other manufacturers' models were front wheel drive (which has certain inherent deficiencies in handling compared to rear-wheel drive).
GT-R Skylines of the 1990s progressed from the R32 (1989), through to the R34 (2000) Production of the GT-R ceased in August, 2002 with the release of the V35 Skyline platform (sold as the Infiniti G35 in the United States) which includes only non-GT-R models.
Before the final R34 Skyline GT-R was sold, various packages and special editions such as the V-Spec, containing additional performance-enhancing modifications, were released by Nissan and the performance division of Nissan, Nismo.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Nissan_Skyline_GT-R   (830 words)

 Nissan Skyline - A View of the Skyline - Sport Compact Car Magazine:
The C110 series Skylines came in four configurations: the 1600 and 1800 series, the 2000 GT and the 2000 GT-R. Of these, the GT-R was the most powerful, of course, retaining the same 160-hp powerplant of the previous generations.
In 1978, the C211 series Skylines were introduced, available in four slightly different configurations from the C110 series: the 1600TI, the 1800TI, the 2000 GT and the 2000 GT-ES.
This marked another important milestone for the Skyline, as it was the first year to introduce the HICAS steering system, an all-wheel steering technology that allowed the car to handle tremendously out of proportion to its size, weight and chassis configuration.
www.sportcompactcarweb.com /features/0302scc_nissan_skyline   (3303 words)

 2008 Nissan GT-R - Sport Compact Car Magazine
Because the plumbing of the turbos made conversion to lefthand drive impractical, the Skyline was never available in the U.S. To own one in America has taken dedication, foolhardiness, and money, in correspondingly generous portions.
Nissan knows it must be right from the word go.
At the peak of his cost reduction campaign in 2001, CEO Carlos Ghosn reinvigorated Nissan and the industry by announcing a new GT-R would be coming and that this time, it would be available to the world.
www.sportcompactcarweb.com /features/0608sccp_2008_nissan_gtr   (874 words)

 Nissan Skyline GTR R34
The Nissan Skyline is one of those Japanese import cars seen on the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie.
The Nissan Skyline GTR R34 is a street racing machine, well known for is speed and road handling capabilities.
The 11th generation Skyline series is sold as the Infiniti G35 in the States.
www.rccartips.com /nissan-skyline.htm   (509 words)

 FreshAlloy.com: Nissan Skyline   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Skylines during this era are known as the R32 (early 90s), R33 (mid 90s), and the recently released R34.
Nissan went overboard and added braces for different parts of the car including the front and rear strut towers.
Nissan for the new R34 added aerodynamic aids underneath the car to cool the brakes even more for better stopping and less fade.
www.freshalloy.com /site/cars/nissan/skyline/home.shtml   (632 words)

 Dream Cars - Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline R33 and Nissan Skyline R34's are available on the second hand market for as little as £4000 which is not a lot to pay for a machine with the performance and reliability of a Skyline.
Of course in order to enjoy the performance of the Nissan Syline GTR models you will have to fork out between £10,000 and £20,000 but this is still an achievable goal for the average Joe.
The fact is that the skylines are always going to be costly to insure whether they are the GTS or GTR model because of the performance that they give the driver.
www.4youngdrivers.com /pages/information/articles/dream-cars-nissan-skyline.asp   (621 words)

 2007 Nissan Skyline - Top Speed
In the development of the new Skyline, Nissan’s engineers focused on three key areas – accommodating increased engine power, superior balance of driving performance and comfort, as well as safety and environmental friendliness.
Skyline offer agility and comfort for city driving, stability and smoothness for open highways, and precision handling for sinuous mountain road conditions.
One of Skyline’s unique features is the world’s first four-wheel active steering system, which adjusts the steering angles of the front and rear wheels in accordance with driving speeds and steering operation, allowing for greater control at low and medium speeds, and smooth effortless cruising at higher speeds.
www.topspeed.com /cars/nissan/nissan-skyline-ar16282.html   (805 words)

 J-Car - Nissan Skyline, Pictures, Video and GTR Specs
One thing is for sure, the Nissan Skyline does not fail to entertain and will still cause those oncoming drivers and pedestrians to look in amazement.
In 1989 the Nissan Skyline R32 was introduced and was followed in 1995 by the Nissan Skyline R33 and then to the most recent model the Nissan Skyline R34 in 1999.
Following the success of the Nissan Skyline over the years the attention has now also turned to the expected Nissan Skyline R35, for which there is currently not much detail.
www.j-car.co.uk /skyline.html   (376 words)

 Skyline GT-R "Godzilla"
In 1989 Nissan debuted the GT-R to compete in the JTC (Japan Touring Car) Group A racing series.
Because of its dominance, the Skyline was given its own series in 1994 the JGTC, (Japan GT car) series.
Nissan never produced a Skyline GT-R to comply with the United States FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).
www.skylinegtr.com   (176 words)

 Nissan Skyline   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Nissan Skyline is one of the worlds most sought after automobiles.
Graced with an authentic Meguires body kit, the skyline's bodylines are fully accentuated and dropped down low to the ground.
The R 34 Skyline made its way into the U.S. for sale in 2001 but only in special order purposes.
www.georgiasouthern.edu /~sdreyfus/nissan.html   (349 words)

 How to Buy a Nissan Skyline GT-R in America
Nissan built the first Skyline GT-R way back in 1969, but it didn't ascend to its throne until the eighth-generation Skyline ("R32") debuted in 1989 and the GT-R was endowed with a spectacular straight-six engine and world-beating chassis.
Nissan never exported any Skylines to the United States, so a few had to be sacrificed to prove their crashworthiness to the Department of Transportation (DOT), and it's Motorex that did that testing.
In Japan, the current Skyline two-door is the car known as the Infiniti G35 Coupe in America, and there is a GT-R version coming.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Features/articleId=105699   (1964 words)

 Engine swapping Nissan 240 SX and Nissan Skyline GT-S - Features - Sport Compact Car Magazine
The Skyline's transmission crossmember is nearly identical to the one on the 240SX, but the transmission is longer, so it won't line up with the holes in the car.
If the Skyline's driveshaft yoke was included in your clip, slide it into the transmission and shove it all the way forward.
If you use the Skyline harness, it'll have to be rearranged somewhat to put the ECU on the passenger's side.
www.sportcompactcarweb.com /tech/0309scc_hybrid   (3646 words)

 2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Road Test & Review - Automobile Magazine
In Japan, the Skyline is gearhead manna, so the car had been written about, talked about, and fantasized about for months leading up to the show.
It will also be the first time that Nissan has officially imported the Skyline into the United States, so the company needs the car to live up to the hype that has been built around it.
The Skyline GT-R, as well as being a star of video games, was hugely successful in racing and was a one-time holder of the Nrburgring Nordschleife lap record for production cars, a feat which has become a sort of holy grail for performance-car manufacturers.
www.automobilemag.com /reviews/coupes/0601_nissan_skyline   (772 words)

 Brand Names: Nissan Skyline.
Nissan never produced a Skyline GT-R to comply with the United States standards.
Nissan - the seventh month of the civil year; the first month of the ecclesiastic year Nisan Hebrew calendar, Jewish calendar - the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC ; a Nissan Skyline - Nissan.
Nissan Skyline, Skyline GTR, Nissan Skyline GTR, Nissan Skyline....
mywebpage.netscape.com /Preved9/b/nissan-skyline.html   (1317 words)

 Nissan Skyline & Infiniti G35
The Skyline has not only been built for over 40 years now (see History), but can also look back on a racing heritage that even Porsche's 911 can hardly match.
It is the american Skyline version, and as such can look back on a long line of legendary cars.
With this homepage, we hope to convey our love for the Nissan Skyline and its derivative, the Infiniti G35, by presenting you the important historic milestones on the Skyline's path of becoming a legend.
www.jbskyline.net   (696 words)

 Nissan Skyline GT-R - A closer look - Motorshow - Motoring - theage.com.au
This requirement is designed to stop cars such as the GT-R becoming a reality but such was Nissan's determination that it threw everything at the GT-R. The result is one hell of a road car, even by today's standards.
Nissan Australia imported one batch of GT-Rs (in the first, R32 form) in 1991.
Figuring it could easily move that number, Nissan was surprised when the car was slow to sell.
www.theage.com.au /news/a-closer-look/nissan-skyline-gtr/2006/12/18/1166290468626.html   (936 words)

 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, Skyline GT-R R35 Concept, Skyline GT-R R34 M-Spec Nur - RSportsCars.com
Nissan will continue building the Skyline GT-R in the 21st Century, providing the ultimate driving pleasure to even more people worldwide.
In its next generation Nissan is looking to introducing the Skyline GT-R in other markets worldwide.
Nissan is developing a new generation of GT-R for the 21st Century with the aim of placing it in the spotlight of the global stage, beyond the borders of the Japanese market.
www.rsportscars.com /eng/cars/nissan_skyline.asp   (488 words)

 Nissan Skyline Gt R33 Video
Please comment with responsibility and sensitivity, Metacafe will not be held responsible for users' comments and will not hesitate to make the IP addresses of commenters posting defamatory, racist or obscene comments available to the authorities.
This skyline's RB26DETT engine could've seen more horsepower crankin out of it, i've seen supra's with 1200 HP and more and skylines can do better.
I was talking about the mclaren f1 but still it would beat the slr mclaren skyline does 0-60 in 2.8sec and 0-190 in 12sec top end 234mph that would beat both of them in a strait line and round a track.
www.metacafe.com /watch/166220/nissan_skyline_gt_r33   (970 words)

 Search: Nissan Skyline GTR in UK
Search: Nissan Skyline GTR in UK Search: Nissan Skyline GTR in UK: Love lasts all year long at Valentine.com.
Skyline Owners Club UK - The largest Nissan Skyline club in the...
Nissan Skyline GTR R34 vs Porsche 911 Turbo (Drag Race) 00:21
www.valentine.com /webmkt.valent/search/web/Nissan%2BSkyline%2BGTR%2Bin%2BUK/-/-/1/-/-/-/1/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/302349/right   (262 words)

 SUPERCARS.NET - Comprehensive Specifications, Galleries & Forums since 1996
Every aspect of the Skyline GT-R, from the aerodynamics to body rigidity, has been fine-tuned through competitive racing and 11 years of intense testing, producing one of the best race-bred coupés on the market.
Stretching back to the mid-60s, the history of the Nissan Skyline GT-R began in earnest on 3 May 1965, when Prince, a Japanese car maker taken over by Nissan in 1967, entered a Skyline saloon in the second-ever Japanese Grand Prix.
In addition, the shape of the Skyline's rear diffuser is designed to produce downforce and it also helps to cool the differential.
www.supercars.net /cars/1397.html   (956 words)

 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R --- MotorBar Road Test
Nissan also throw in a set of good-looking 5-spoke 17-inch alloy rims wearing gumball 245/45 low-profile rubber.
To be precise, it’s paid for the racing-inspired and mega-smart computer-controlled 4WD system (with four-wheel steering for ultra-accurate cornering) that switches automatically between four- and rear-wheel drive to provide focused and unbelievable grip in all conditions.
The Skyline GT-R —; a cult supercar for the head, as well as for the heart.
www.motorbar.co.uk /sky33gtr.htm   (490 words)

 Spy Shots: 2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Scheduled for a debut at the 2007 Tokyo auto show, the next-generation Nissan Skyline will be the first version of Nissan's supercar to make its way to the U.S. With as much as 450 horsepower and all-wheel drive, Nissan's high-powered sports car will slot well above the current 350Z.
Nissan also considered using rear-wheel drive given recent advancements in traction control technology, but has since settled on a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system.
Initial speculation suggested that because this Skyline could cost as much as $70K-$80K it would be sold under the Infiniti nameplate in the U.S. Those rumors have since been dispelled as Carlos Ghosn himself told dealers that it would be sold as a Nissan worldwide.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/GeneralFuture/articleId=117074   (480 words)

 Search: Nissan Skyline Wallpaper
Crack lensman Tim Andrew captures the Nissan Skyline GT-R Proto concept car in Tokyo.
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, Skyline GT-R R35 Concept, Skyline GT-R R34 M-Spec Nur - R...
Nissan is looking to introducing the Skyline GT...
www.valentine.com /webmkt.valent/search/web/Nissan%2BSkyline%2BWallpaper/-/-/1/-/-/-/1/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/302349/right   (202 words)

 Elsevier.nl - Auto & Reizen - Nissan Skyline eindelijk officieel naar Europa
Tot nu toe gebeurde dat niet, omdat Nissan de sportauto alleen met het stuur rechts produceerde.
Ook interessant: de nieuwe Skyline is naar alle waarschijnlijkheid de eerste Nissan die breekt met de herenafspraak van de Japanse automobielindustrie.
Van de oude Nissan Skyline rijdt een klein aantal exemplaren in Nederland rond. Deze auto's zijn via grijze import in ons land gekomen.
www.elsevier.nl /persoonlijk/auto_en_reizen/nieuwsbericht/asp/artnr/69271   (498 words)

 Spied: 2009 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Car News - Car and Driver October 2006
Nissan president Carlos Ghosn announced at the 2006 New York International Auto Show that the next-generation Skyline GT-R will indeed be coming to the United States as a Nissan, not an Infiniti as was once rumored.
While past prototypes sported modified Infiniti G35 bodies, these shots clearly show a car that is a virtual twin to the Nissan GT-R Proto concept from the 2005 Tokyo Motor show, with the same aggressive front fender vents, sharply creased body, and the same roofline plunging into a wide, blocky c-pillar.
Nissan considered a V-8 for the next GT-R but has opted instead for a twin-turbo V-6, due to its lower weight and explosive power potential.
www.caranddriver.com /carnews/11851/spied-2009-nissan-skyline-gt-r.html   (407 words)

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