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Topic: Nizhnevartovsk

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  Town of Nizhnevartovsk
In January of 1924 the Soviet of the Nizhnevartovsk settlement was formed.
On March 9, 1972, the workers’ village of Nizhnevartovsk gained the status of the town by Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.
At present the Nizhnevartovsk aerodrome is among the 20 largest in the country, connected with 50 towns and obtaining an important significance on the sky-ways East-West.
www.hmao.wsnet.ru /english/powerE/common/cnizne/index.htm   (1489 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Nizhnevartovsk   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On March 9, 1972, the workers’ village of Nizhnevartovsk gained the status of the town by Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.
Nizhnevartovsk is the eighth port in the region behind the Urals with the runway adjusted to take up the liner IL-86.
Now Nizhnevartovsk is a modern city with a well-developed infrastructure and entertainment facilities with the population over 250 thousand people.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Nizhnevartovsk   (496 words)

 Nizhnevartovsk Airport - Airport Fact Sheet
Nizhnevartovsk Airport has 10 medium sized aircraft departing each week.
Kogalymavia has 1 daily flights from Nizhnevartovsk to Kiev, for a total of 166 seats daily.
Airlines of Kuban has 1 daily flights from Nizhnevartovsk to Ufa, for a total of 100 seats daily.
www.farecompare.com /flights/Nizhnevartovsk_Airport-NJC/airport.html   (281 words)

 Welcome to AdoptionPros   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nizhnevartovsk is a very young city, located in the western part of Siberia, on the banks of Ob River.
In 1970 Nizhnevartovsk had only 17.000 inhabitants and now the number has increased to 300.000 people living and working there.
Nizhnevartovsk also has a modern international airport, a railway station and a riverport, which is third-biggest subordinate to the Ob-Irtysh shipping office.
www.adoptionpros.com /nizhne.htm   (396 words)

 Planet Ark
Nizhnevartovsk stands on the river Ob, one of the great rivers of Siberia which rises in the Altai mountains near the border with China and flows north across Siberia to the Arctic Ocean.
Nizhnevartovsk, amazingly enough, is endowed with a hotel, the Samotlor, run by the Tyumen Oil Company, which serves magnificent food and would be considered excellent in Western Europe or the United States.
But in Nizhnevartovsk the comfort of the hotel, the majesty of the landscape, and the fortuitous mix of harsh winter cold and brilliant sun can combine to create a far kinder impression of Siberia than the misery of popular imagination.
www.planetark.com /avantgo/dailynewsstory.cfm?newsid=203   (872 words)

 SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Nizhnevartovsk
NIZHNEVARTOVSK, Russia -- On a snowy morning last week, Oleg Chukcheyev, an engineer with BP PLC's $7 billion joint venture here, bounced over the rough roads of the vast Samotlor oil field, climbing out of his Toyota Land Cruiser at well 5689...
Vladimir Ramazanov, 43, from the Siberian town of Nizhnevartovsk, is the head of the maintenance brigade and works out here at -35C for 12 hours a day, 15 days on and 15 days off.
The "threatening situation" surround Yukos is "unacceptable", Kasyanov said during a visit to the city of Nizhnevartovsk in the center of the oil-rich western Siberian region.
news.surfwax.com /worldcities/files/Nizhnevartovsk_Russia.html   (863 words)

 Belly of the Beast
As a result, because it is easier to open up new fields then it is to properly work existing ones, as much as 50% of the oil has been left untapped in many pre-existing wells.
Nizhnevartovsk is an energy-related industrial city where 16-story apartment blocks are common.
Nizhnevartovsk, which was non-existent prior to 1965, now boasts a population of 241,000.
www.aliciapatterson.org /APF2003/Warren/Warren.html   (1190 words)

 Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Production Unit
Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Producing Enterprise develops six oil deposits – the Khokhriakov, Permiakov, Koshil, Kolik-Egan, Ershov, and the Soromin (the Soromin and West Soromin areas) deposit.
On top of that, the enterprise provides operator services for Tyumenneftegaz OJSC in oil and gas production and development of the Orekhov Ermakov area of the Ermakov deposit, West Ermakov and Chekhlonei oil deposits.
Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Producing Enterprise makes part of Vostok business unit.
www.tnk-bp.com /operations/enterprises/nnp   (115 words)

 Nizhnevartovsk   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nizhnevartovsk, a centre of the district in the Khanty-Mansiysk region, is located on the right bank of the Ob river.
It was raised into the status of a city in 1972.
The modern Nizhnevartovsk is a centre of the large oil-producing region.
www.tourintel.ru /online/GetTownDescription.asp?Id=116   (81 words)

 Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, Pictures
Nizhnevartovsk, city in northeastern Russia, in western Siberia.
Nizhnevartovsk is part of Khantia-Mansia, an autonomous okrug within Tyumen' Oblast, and is located along the Ob' River.
The population of the city is currently declining, most likely due to economic difficulties in the oil industry.
www.greatestcities.com /Europe/Russia/Nizhnevartovsk_city.html   (277 words)

 The Nizhnevartovsk hacker has remained unpunished
The Nizhnevartovsk Office of Public Prosecutor (Russia) has stopped investigation of the criminal case of "hacking" an official site of the city newspaper "Varta".
It was the first case of cybercrime investigation in Nizhnevartovsk.
The criminal case has been dismissed in connection with the absence of suspected persons.
www.crime-research.org /news/2003/06/Mess1705.html   (179 words)

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