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 Designated hitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, the absence of a designated hitter has led to better pitching statistics in the National League, as each team's pitcher is often a weak hitter with a poor batting average.
1985, the designated hitter rule was used in all World Series games played even-numbered years, with pitchers batting in odd numbered years.) Thus, when a National League team plays in American League ballparks, the team receives the benefit of a stronger hitter in its lineup instead of the pitcher.
This changed the game in several ways; pitchers went deeper into games because they didn't need to be lifted for a pinch hitter, the double switch became unnecessary, and older players whose careers and skills were on the wane had a chance to play for an extra year or two. /wiki/Designated_hitter

 Encyclopedia: Pinch hitter
In the National League of North America 's Major League Baseball, the pitcher is often pinch hit for in the middle or late innings because pitchers are often poor hitters.
Pinch hitters are often used to replace a starting player when a substitute is thought to have a better chance of reaching base or helping other runners to score.
Nearly all other leagues use the designated hitter rule; thus, pitchers seldom bat, removing one situation where a pinch hitter may be desired. /encyclopedia/Pinch-hitter

 Hitter Communications :: Agent Programs
Hitter Communications's Vdial pricing is designed to make it as simple and as cost effective as possible for you to expand your dial-up service footprint.
Hitter Communications Agents are independent sales representatives who market Hitter Communications dial-up Internet services to consumer or commerical markets.
Vdial is Hitter Communications fast and affordable wholesale dial-up network solution for ISP's looking to expand their national footprint, or companies who need to provide remote network access to a large number of employees. /agent-programs.htm

 CBA- Designated Hitter Referendum
It is not mandatory that a club designate a hitter for the pitcher, but failure to do so prior to the game precludes the use of a Designated Hitter for that game.
The Designated Hitter may be used defensively, continuing to bat in the same position in the batting order, but the pitcher must then bat in the place of the substituted defensive player, unless more than one substitution is made, and the manager then must designate their spots in the batting order.
A hitter may be designated to bat for the starting pitcher and all subsequent pitchers in any game without otherwise affecting the status of the pitcher(s) in the game. /dhref.html

 Common Hitting Faults  In teaching hitting mechanics to youth
Another method that can be used to reinforce the concept of balance in one's hitters is to speak in terms of "body eyes" There are seven body eyes on a hitter.
In an inside-out swing, the hitter will strive to take the knob of the bat to the inside of the baseball.
Using the body eye concept, when a hitter is facing a pitcher, to have good vision and balance in order to hit the approaching pitch, the hitter must have five body eyes facing the pitcher. /coachcorner/comhitfaults.htm

 Baseball Batting Tips and Drills
The hitter sets up at the plate with a bat, strides at the proper time, follows the ball with his head into the catcher's glove, and calls "ball" or "strike" as the ball hits the glove.
The goal is for the hitter to strike the much heavier ball without having the bat decelerate at the impact point.
The most valuable advice that I can give a young hitter is to think about hitting the ball up the middle. /battingtips.asp

 Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Practice Pads
Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Laminates can be added to the Stockpad or Slimpad for a greater articulation and better simulation of the response and feel of a marching drum.
The Heavy Hitter Exactopad is the perfect teaching tool for the player who is conscientious about stick angles and bead placement on the drum.
Vic Firth Heavy Hitter LAMINATES are heavy duty, 14 ply MYLAR discs that rid the player of the “side to side drag” that occurs when playing “scrapes” on rubber. /products/hhpads.html

 WebBall: Scouting and Recruiting: Hitter Qualities
A hitter with a high strikeout and low walk total is swinging at too many bad pitches, for instance, and unless that's corrected he'll never hit at a consistent level.
A hitter with major league power will regularly hit the ball over the fence in batting practice and should be able to drive the ball over 400 feet.
A hitter should be able to turn on a good fastball on the inside part of the pate. /scout/hitting.html

 PECOTA Hitting Forecast Glossary and Reference
In the case of very old or very young hitters, there may not be a significant number of hitters who played at that age, and so the results of their forecast may be less reliable.
In addition to the probability distribution for a given hitter, which appears in blue, the chart also includes a normal distribution on EQA for all hitters in the league ("Norm"), and a dashed line representing the performance of a replacement level hitter ("Replace") at his position.
In some cases, this is the result of a comparable player not yet having appeared in the comparable year in question; for example, a hitter with a comparable year of 2001 will not yet have completed all five seasons that would be used in the evaluation. /pecota/glossary/hitter.html

 Debunking the Myths of MLM, Part I: The Myth of the Heavy-Hitter
The point here is that these statements imply that there is a state of being in this business, a position one reaches when one becomes a heavy-hitter, and that being a heavy- hitter or having a heavy-hitter in our organization is necessary to succeed.
Online, some of the people who are thought of as heavy hitters have opt-in lists that are very large.
The only way spillover works is if youÂ’re under a heavy- hitter. /mlm-myths.htm

 The Pitcher is a Pinch Hitter -- The Hardball Times
After Criss, the next notable Pitcher as Pinch Hitter (or PAPH) was George "The Bull" Uhle, who was a fine pitcher and hitter in the 1920's.
As a pinch hitter, he was 8 for 21 with two home runs, and he also played a few games as the DH and in left field.
Going back in time, the first pinch hitter to record more than one pinch hit in a season was a pitcher-- Baltimore's Kid Gleason in 1894. /main/article/the-pitcher-is-a-pinch-hitter

 Designated-hitter rule in baseball simply giving more offense to game
At least it used to be that way until Ron Blomberg became the major league's first designated hitter in 1973.
maintain credibility when Terry Pendleton is still in the majors by virtue of the designated hitter rule.
Designated-hitter rule in baseball simply giving more offense to game /issues/v102/sp/n129/sports/spt-col-vogel.html

 Abolish the Designated Hitter from Major League Baseball
In an age where baseball scores are as inflated as a hot air balloon and players salaries are greater than the Gross National Product of some nations, it is becoming increasingly clear that the extra offense and increasing player cost that the Designated Hitter position helps provides is not needed.
The intricate chess match that is a baseball game has been absent in parks around the American League for 28 years and some people wouldn't mind the National League adding the Designated Hitter to it's repertoire of heavy hitters...
Note - these areticles should not be short emails with your baseball perspective but thought out pieces sent in Word format as an attachment to Abolish the DH.

 Hit 2 Win Is proud to offer The Direct Protect THE TOP PROS IN BASEBALL DON'T HIT WITHOUT IT!
What this means is that the hitter visually concentrates on an object or spot on the pitcher's body such as the letter on his cap.
The hitter sets up to start the drill one step behind where he should be when he hits the ball.
If the batter is too long to the ball or has that "A to B to C" swing that is considered a slow-pitch softball swing, drills can be used to make the hitter shorten up. /6drills.html

 American League Designated Hitter History
was the first designated hitter in American League history and Glenallen Hill was the first non-Series designated history in National League history.
B aseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive look at every American League team and their first designated hitter, the date of the game, links to box scores and more.
was the first designated hitter to hit a home run in National League history. /firsts/teamdh.shtml

 Baseball softball coaching tips practice drills defensive and offensive practice plans from pro coaches
The hitter says the word "ball" when he first sees the ball, which should be when the ball is about to leave the coach's hand.
Behind the pitcher or the hitter is the best angle for seeing the flight of the bat and for observing how well the hitter stays "inside" the ball.
Too often hitters and coaches are overly concerned with mechanics; the most important ingredients of hitting are when, how well and how long the ball is seen. /preview/baseball_training/coachtocoach

 LSD and the No-Hitter
Ellis, now co-ordinator of an anti drug program in Los Angeles, said he didn't know until six hours before his June 12, 1970 no hitter that he was going to pitch.
Los Angeles, April 8, 1984- Former Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher Dock Ellis says he was under the influence of LSD when he pitched a 1970 no-hitter against the San Diego Padres.
Sometimes I tried to stare the hitter down and throw while I was looking at him. /4membersonly/docellis.htm Books: Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams
"Hitter" is one of those books that tells you too much about Ted Williams' life as a child.
Ed Linn says that Williams was the greatest hitter of all-time, he should have won 5 MVP awards, and his 1941 season was more impressive than DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak.
HITTER is like a triple off the Green Monster... /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0156000911?v=glance

 NIGHT OWL MK. II -- Philosophy/Designated Hitter
Why not let the pitcher do his job and have a real hitter substitute for him in the offensive role?
The major advantage is obvious and well-documented: it gets a real hitter into the lineup in place of the pitcher.
The pitcher's job is purely defensive in nature - as opposed to the rest of his team, who must contribute both in the field and at the plate. /dh.htm

Just as a million dollars is not a static number that never changes it's value,.325 and 29 home runs are dependent upon other factors.
So I always know what these numbers mean in terms of their value in just a glance.
Here come some others, beginning with the 10 hitters who have made the most outs over the last 10 years: 1. /endorsements.htm

 eBay - Book: Hitter
Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams by Ed Lin  
Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams 
If your eBay pages are appearing in text-only format due to these changes, please upgrade your Web browser. /Hitter_W0QQfvcsZ1388QQsoprZ60451

 WIAC Women's Volleyball Athletes of the Week
The senior middle hitter pounded out 71 kills in 18 games, an average of nearly four kills per game, a.444 hitting percentage, 37 total blocks, 30 block assists, 18 digs and 16 service aces.
Carstensen earned All-Tournament accolades and led the UW-Eau Claire to the championship of the 2004 Lisa Siegenthaler Memorial Tournament, in which the Blugolds topped No. 14-ranked UW-River Falls in the championship match.
Wagner was named to the UW-Platteville All-Tournament Team after UW-La Crosse finished 3-1 in the tournament. /wiac/volyball/athweek.htm, a publication of The Bryan-College Station Eagle
State semifinalists Iola and Milano placed hitters Kristy Coneley and Rebekah Melton, respectively, on the Class A team.
Brenham hitter Leslie Ward was named to the 4A team.
She was 53 of 53 in playoff serves and averaged four digs and 1.3 blocks per game. /volleyball/120203allstate.htm

 Practical Power Volleyball Strategy
These hitters will now have to swing at generic high ball sets, which are very blockable.
If blocking outside (their Strong-Side hitter), face the hitter and stay centered on the hitter's hitting (right) shoulder, moving along the net as necessary to stay lined up with that shoulder; stopping and planting as it is clear this hitter is hitting.
The hitters are supposed to be getting focused on the opposing server or the opposing hitter and shouldn't feel the need to turn around to make sure the setter has seen the signal. /public/vbstrtgy.html

 Moravian College Volleyball - 2004 Quick Recaps
Freshman outside hitter Rachel Radocha had 13 kills for the Greyhounds while sophomore outside hitter Kelly Bauer, who was named to the All-Tournament Team, contributed four kills and eight digs.
Freshman middle hitter Jenna Wallace added nine kills and six blocks in her first collegiate match while sophomore outside hitter Kelly Bauer had had ten digs, three kills, two service aces and two blocks in her first match for the Greyhounds.
Sophomore outside hitter Kelly Bauer had a team high 14 kills with 11 digs and a block while senior outside hitter Christina Wallace had eight kills and four service aces. /athletics/volleyball/recaps.htm

 heavy hitter
But no matter how dearly adored it was for its stability, security, and usefulness in the layout and design professions, it didn't have the appeal that came with heavy hitter Microsoft and Windows OS.
Heavy Hitter is an official licensee of the Major League Baseball and the Baseball Players Association.
When you're hitting balls with the Gary Player Heavy Hitter on the range, muscle memory will teach you to swing... /traffichurricane/work-at-home/heavy-hitter.htm

On the court, Jaime is extremely competitive.''Middle hitter Kate Haggerty says, "I've always looked up to Jaime as a player.
Jaime Kenworthy, a 5-9 senior outside hitter, established a career record of 749 kills while leading Cardinal O'Hara to the Catholic League volleyball championship.
She is determined to win every time and she is a vocal leader. /delawarecountysports/id35.htm

 The Straight Dope: What is the designated hitter rule in baseball (And why)?
Moral Hazard and the Effects of the Designated Hitter Rule on Hit Batsmen" (July 1997) is someone you want to pay attention to.
I understand that the designated hitter bats for a pitcher, but that's about it.
What is the "designated hitter" rule in baseball? /columns/030905.html

 Heavy Hitter Day
The ability to mix and mingle with these Heavy Hitters, all in one place, on one day, may make the difference between your business "making do" and "hitting a home run".
Heavy Hitter Day is tax deductible as a business expense and offers a money back guarantee.
Why is Heavy Hitter Day the Business World Series? /resources/Heavyhitter.htm

 Most Valuable Network - Behind the Ivy
He was one of the hottest hitters on the Cubs before he got injured, and he brings a much needed power lefty to the middle of the Cubs order.
Things are looking up for the Cubs (knocking on wood) as Todd Walker looks to make an impact on the team shortly.
The two hitters went back-to-back in the 6th with NEIFI!

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