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Topic: Noise music

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Digital Noise: Music & Tech - CNET Blogs
This month's Wired feature on Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris--which was posted online--has received a lot of commentary, most of it damning Morris as representative of a clueless and mortally wounded industry.
This was the era in which everybody learned about a musical act at the same time--the fabled Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan moment--and it wasn't uncommon for active bands consisting of young people to sell out 20,000-seat arenas.
When's the last time a young, non-nostalgia-act rock and roll band had that many fans?) Brooks argues the explosion of musical genres in the last 20 years has eliminated this common bond, and helped contribute to (or perhaps is symptomatic of) a disintegration of shared culture.
blogs.cnet.com /8300-13526_1-27.html   (2809 words)

  Music & Noise
Musical intervals are cyclic over an octave, so the sequence repeats as you go up to the next octave or down to the lower octave.
Pink noise is a random noise source characterized by a flat amplitude response per octave band of frequency (or any constant percentage bandwidth), i.e., it has equal energy, or constant power, per octave.
Since pink noise has the same energy in each 1/3-octave band, it is the preferred sound source for many acoustical measurements due to the critical band concept of human hearing.
hypertextbook.com /physics/waves/music   (2393 words)

  Science Fair Projects - Noise music
Secondly, as famous noise musician Masami Akita said, "If by noise you mean uncomfortable sound, then pop music is noise to me." Noise music is not necessarily "noise" to the listeners, although it is certainly "noisy" in the more general sense of the term.
Noise music is loosely related to industrial, sharing its DIY ethos, independence and ethic of using "non-musical" sources.
Noise music is not particularly more popular in Japan than in Europe or America, although there is perhaps a higher level of recognition from crossover with "mainstream" genres and events, such as fashion shows or dance performances with music by "Japanoise" artists.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Noise_music   (1252 words)

 Noise music Information
"Noise" music is regarded by some as a contradiction in terms, because "noise" is generally defined as unwanted and undesigned or unintentional sound and music as the opposite (see Definition of music).
Noise music is loosely related to industrial music, sharing its DIY ethos, independence and ethic of using "non-musical" sources.
Noise music's often grating characteristics may be used by its listeners to punish themselves, in much the same way as when people induce other forms of pain in search of pleasure.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Noise_music   (2962 words)

  U B U W E B :: The Aesthetics of Noise
Noises are sounds that are impure and irregular, neither tones nor rhythm - roaring, pealing, blurry sounds with a lot of simultaneous frequencies, as opposed to a rounded sound with a basic frequency and its related overtones.
Merzbow's music is an ear-splitting assault on the body, at least, that is, until the nervous system is allowed to gradually relax from the state of alarm and enter the world of sensing extreme noise as music.
The ecstasy of noise is predominantly aggressive and vehement, as the maelstrom of noise in Sonic Youth.
www.ubu.com /papers/noise.html   (5150 words)

 Noise Poster Boys | Music | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
To the naysayer, noise is just another nail in the coffin of an already diluted music community, where hard-working songwriters and instrumentalists are forced to tread in the same waters as any talentless geek with an oscillator.
Noise music, along with most other modern art movements worth their salt, had its inception with the Italian futurist movement of the early 20th century, chiefly with a painter and composer by the name of Luigi Russolo.
These ideas were picked over by the academics (90 percent of early electronic music is for all intents and purposes noise music), and much later were embraced by outcasts of the burgeoning punk movement such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire.
www.thestranger.com /seattle/Content?oid=101497   (673 words)

 JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning - Torben Sangild - Noise - Three Musical Gestures
Noise in music is usually an element in an overall musical gesture and takes its meaning in relation to this gesture.
Noise is like an eruption within the material out of which language is shaped...This is why noise and horror go hand in hand - because madness and violence are senseless and arbitrary (violence is the refusal to argue) and the only response is wordless - to scream.
Noise is not always extrovert, outwardly directed, and climax-oriented – even though this is by far the most common employment of noise, especially in rock music.
www.musicandmeaning.net /issues/showArticle.php?artID=2.4   (4134 words)

 Deconstruction, Music, and Noise Aesthetics :: Ephilosopher :: Philosophy News, Research and Philosophical Discussion
Musical instruments provide the output for the primitive vibrations so that the frequencies are processed by the instruments to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.
Noise frequencies are like the constantans in the alphabet, because of their quick and harsh nature, so when there are too many of them together in one word, like in the Germanic languages, the inexperienced person will find it vexating to understand and appreciate.
Noise is just as important, as organized sound, because without knowing profound ugliness and chaos, we will not have a background of which to appreciate beautiful compositions of the highest talent.
www.ephilosopher.com /article356.html   (2214 words)

But the code does not directly address the residential use of musical instruments, except to imply that if it bothers someone else it is unnecessary noise and therefore a violation.
Part of every residential lease is a covenant by the landlord to the tenant guaranteeing the quiet, peaceful enjoyment of his or her rented space.
If, however, a musician is conducting extensive music lessons within his or her apartment, the courts may construe this as an unreasonable use of a residential space as intended by the landlord.
www.tenant.net /Rights/Noise/noise2.html   (1562 words)

 noise music links directory : noise music artists, noise music labels, noise music clubs, noise music festivals, noise ...
The noise music links directory is a growing collection of links to noise artists, noise labels, and resources related to the broader noise music genre.
The term "noise," for the purpose of this information base, implies compositions created with unusual and/or unconventional sounds, as well as compositions created with conventional sounds applied in unusual and/or unconventional ways.
The directory includes artists and labels that produce heavy industrial, rhythmic noise, harsh noise, noisecore, breakcore, mash-ups, glitch, IDM, illbient, dark ambient, death industrial, drone, atmospheric soundscapes, abrasive textures, distorted rhythms, feedback manipulation and/or various other contemporary and avante garde styles.
noise.alphamanbeast.com   (448 words)

 Haabaa Music Blogs
Traditional music programmes which highlighted an assortment of music styles such as  Top Of The Pops are long since gone, satellite T.V. channels struggle to attract large audiences possibly down to showcasing benign rubbish most of the day with too many distracting adverts interrupting programmes too frequently.
The recorded music industry is struggling in the early stages of a transition to digital formats, such as MP3, from the dominant CD format.
The dance music industry still uses vinyl as a reliable format and the current trend in funk 45 reissues help to keep turntable manufacturers from the bread line but even this is a tiny fraction of even 15 years ago.
music.haabaa.com /music   (915 words)

 Baby sleep lullabies and white noise music CDs - Free MP3 downloads!
Examples of white noise include the sound of ocean waves gently caressing the shore, a rain shower, a waterfall, or the wind blowing through the trees.
If your baby or toddler is startled by, or is afraid of, loud noises such as thunder, the soothing blended sounds of lullaby music and white noise can help mask those sounds while at the same time calm your child down.
Music can thus be considered a pre-linguistic language which is nourishing and stimulating to the whole human being, affecting body, emotions, intellect, and developing an internal sense of beauty, sustaining and awakening the qualities in us that are wordless and otherwise inexpressible."
www.sleeplullabies.com /faq.html   (1692 words)

 What is Noise Music (Noize)?
Where "music" is structured, organized, preplanned sound, "noise" is chaotic and random sound that serves no purpose.
So "noise" is relative; as an extreme point of reference, when one refers to today's noise music, there is typically the association to some insane Japanese sound sculptor screaming and pounding sound through endless feedback loops of overdriven distortion pedals and short wave radios, producing waveforms in chaotic and unpredictable shapes.
But in it's creation, however random, however chaotic, "noise music" has a beginning and an end; it has a defined set of instrumentation and a set of controls; there are actions required to produce the sound.
www.staticsignals.com /static/music-noise.shtml   (204 words)

 League for the Hard of Hearing
Whether the music is at a rock concert, from a classical orchestra, a school band, your personal stereo system with headphones, your home stereo or car stereo, or if you are a sound engineer, if the music is played too loud for too long, hearing damage is inevitable.
Exposure to loud music is somewhat different from industrial noise, however, due to the "intermittent" nature of the music - that is, music is filled with both quiet and intense passages.
Certain musical instruments carry specific risk: the left ear is typically worse for violists, violinists and drummers while the right ear is typically worse for flute and piccolo players.
www.lhh.org /noise/facts/music.html   (699 words)

 Industrial Prehistory: Anti-Music
None of the people involved in industrial music seems to have thought much in a theoretical way about their use of noise elements, which is in keeping with the groups' general ignorance of musical matters.
Another key element is that the new music will operate outside the mainstream musical industry, but the most important component is that the new music will rediscover noise and violence as crucial for its expression (he cites John Cage and free jazz as prototypes of this new musical stage).
Edgar Varèse, lauded by John Cage as the "father of noise" in twentieth century music composed much that was radical by conventional classical musical standards, but little that matches the noise music of recent years.
media.hyperreal.org /zines/est/articles/prehist5.html   (2668 words)

 Father's example led to White Noise music festival - sacbee.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The musician and musical educator came to music as a child through his family, most specifically his father, Harley Sr., a jazz bassist, longtime music educator and youth band leader.
He has also taught music from the elementary school to the university level throughout the Bay Area for over 35 years.
Though his dad never pushed music on him, there was always an assumption he would end up playing something.
www.sacbee.com /122/v-print/story/19102.html   (712 words)

 Noise: The San Francisco Bay Guardian's Music Blog
You’d think he was younger than his bandmates, none of whom appeared to have passed the 25-year mark.
But back to that "saddest music in the world" tag: the first thing you're bound to be hit by on a Robert Wyatt record is his voice.
It's the sound of a disappointed angel, perhaps - still capable of shining a bright light upon all that is worthy of wonderment, but tempered by a sense of world-weariness and frustration with how we mortals never seem to get it right for too long before messing it up all over again.
www.sfbg.com /blogs/music   (2782 words)

 Noise Activated Warning Signs and Music Noise Controller
The controllers can be used to remove power from a music amplifier when the noise levels are too high.
The Noise Warning Signs are popular in hospitals, particularly neonatal units, where they are an excellent reminder for visitors (and staff!) to keep their voices down.
Cuts the power to the amplifier when the noise levels are too high and warnings ignored.
www.noisemeters.co.uk /signs.asp   (182 words)

 NOISE POP 2006 ||| SAN FRANCISCO'S MOST AWESOMEST ANNUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Noise Pop is teaming up with JDub Records to throw Vodka Latka, a different kind of Hannakah celebration at The Independent, December 14th.
Artist Thomas Campbell created the 2006 Noise Pop Festival poster which included numerous elements that were utilized to create this year's t-shirts, buttons and even the Noise Pop website.
Noise Pop 2007 will be held February 27 to March 4, 2007 marking a return to a familiar spot on the calendar with six nights of live music, film screenings and special events.
www.noisepop.com /2006   (965 words)

 Joyful Noise Music School
Joyful Noise Music School is dedicated to providing comprehensive, high quality music education to all interested students regardless of age, ability and means.
Just as music lessons make a difference in the life of a child, it makes a difference who the music teacher is, their ability to teach, inspire and be a role model for youngsters.
She has Bachelor of Music Degrees for both church music and piano and has a Master of Music Degree in piano.
www.holytrinitynewrochelle.org /joyfulnoise.html   (351 words)

 White noise cd, tape, white noise music, free white noise samples
Whether you purchase one or all of these ear-pleasing white noise albums, you'll enjoy their calming and sound masking benefits, the ability to control the sound volume and a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you find white noise machines or white noise generator sounds too harsh, then this CD may be the perfect solution.
Listen to the music of ten instrumental lullabies set to the sounds of the forest as it magically transports you and your child to a place of inner peace and relaxation.
www.purewhitenoise.com /whitenoisecd.html   (3956 words)

 Art of Noise, MP3 Music Download at eMusic
The Art of Noise took material from a variety of sources: hip-hop, rock, jazz, R&B, traditional pop, found sounds, and noise all worked their way into the group's distinctly postmodern soundscapes.
Re-works of the Art of Noise, an album of remixes and live tracks, was released that same year.
The next year, the Art of Noise released a greatest-hits collection, The Best of the Art of Noise, which featured their collaboration with Tom Jones on Prince's "Kiss." Below the Waste (1990) captured the band experimenting with world music; it received a lukewarm critical and commercial reception.
www.emusic.com /artist/11684/11684263.html   (404 words)

 Stick It In Your Ear : 'Noise Music Beach' by Curt Cloninger : Pif No. 32 - January 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Outside the boundary of music lies random noise, and within the boundary of music random noise is excluded.
To call someone's music noise is usually a great insult.
Maybe these musicians got tired of growing grain on the farm (making ordered music), and maybe they got tired of deep sea fishing (the random noises of life), so they packed up their cane poles and metal detectors and headed on down to Noise Music Beach.
www.pifmagazine.com /vol32/m_clon.shtml   (675 words)

 Metro Times - Your Noise Music Toolkit
“But while the noise scene definitely has its proponents of the extreme, that doesn’t mean there’s only darkness at its core, or that all noise is meant to breed fear alone.
But noise can definitely excite on a visceral level, and lately it’s been offering some of the most creative music in Detroit.
There’s a sense in all of it, from the critics to the diehard fans, that noise is some of the most real music being made today, especially in a culture that increasingly celebrates “reality” as something to be manipulated and codified for mass consumption.”
www.metrotimes.com /blahg/journal_item.asp?journalid=27   (506 words)

 Turning urban noise into music
This kind of Walkman allows one to synthesize music from environmental sound and creates a sonic space in which the listener remains connected with the surroundings, while being cushioned from the most harsh and arrhythmic incursions and maybe also drawn to appreciate more subtle ones.
The design of the device is quite peculiar as the listener's ears are visible through the headphones, suggesting that s/he is not in his/her own world, but able to hear and respond to those around him/her.
Related: Sonic City enables people to compose music in real time by walking through the streets; TUNA, the walkman as a social experience; Mapamp uses the architecture of a city, navigation and radio systems to layer an artificial acoustic space over the original one; Sonic interface, etc.
www.we-make-money-not-art.com /archives/008975.php   (549 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Sound of White Noise: Music: Anthrax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sound Of White Noise is the 1st album with John Bush on vocals and sadly, Dan Spitz's last album with the band.
The music is not as brainless and monotone as 'normal' heavy metal, and the singer is much more of a singer than a shouter, he's not like Sepultura or Pantera, more like Therapy and Metallica.
Music for Humans (1-25): A list by Mr.
www.amazon.co.uk /o/ASIN/B000002HC3/202-4424692-0647800?SubscriptionId=0EF2ZJ3PPA096NSM0M82   (1111 words)

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