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Topic: Nomenklatura

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  RealClearPolitics - Articles - The New Nomenklatura
One of the bitter ironies of the 20th century was that communism, which began as an egalitarian doctrine accusing capitalism of selfishness and calloused sacrifices of others, became in power a system whose selfishness and callousness toward others made the sins of capitalism pale.
The ruling elites of the Soviet Union, called the "nomenklatura," had their own separate and superior stores where ordinary citizens were not allowed to shop, their own separate and superior medical facilities, as well as their own separate and superior living quarters, all off-limits to the masses.
Where the new nomenklatura enjoy a particular lifestyle in a particular community, then the power of government is used to preserve that lifestyle and freeze that community where it is, even if that means freezing out other people who may not have the same money or the same lifestyle preferences.
www.realclearpolitics.com /articles/2006/09/the_new_nomenklatura.html   (713 words)

 LAWSO 160 Keywords: Nomenklatura (23)
Nomenklatura as defined in Russia and the Commonwealth is, “Technically the list of candidates suitable to fill posts within the control of the party”(Bachkatov and Wilson pg 156).
The use and meaning of the term nomenklatura is one shrouded in denial and secrecy.
The nomenklatura is a group of bureaucratic administrators who have the functions of “…administration and the exercise of power”(Voslensky pg 70).
home.earthlink.net /~garrickl/KEY_23.htm   (555 words)

 Rhetoric and Rationality: A Study of Democratization in the Soviet Union
When we use the word "nomenklatura" to refer generally to officials who opposed reforms, we remain aware that some members of the nomenklatura at all levels welcomed reform even though it would reduce the existing powers and privileges of the nomenklatura as a whole.
In any case, if we suppose that opponents in the nomenklatura were few or uninfluential, we have difficulty understanding why Politburo conservatives went to the trouble of signaling their opposition to reform or why Gorbachev engaged in issue packaging.
Thus G is an issue package attractive to both the nomenklatura and its popular opposition (the neformaly and cooperatives) by bundling the diverse issue dimensions into a single all-or-nothing choice which all actors prefer to their available alternatives.
www.sscnet.ucla.edu /polisci/faculty/anderson/new89ers.htm   (7269 words)

 Matonyte, Irmina: Elites in Soviet and post-Soviet societies
Nomenklatura was a list, nominative and confidential, of framework positions, from the top to bottom, of the social and political life, as the highest Party authorities established them.
Nomenklatura occupied the nerve- center administrative positions in the State apparatus for which only members and activists of the Communist Party could be appointed after being selected and accredited.
Study of nomenklatura in the Baltic States is even more complicated because of the fact that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania belonged to the USSR: it means their nomenklatura was a part of the integrated nomenklatura of the USSR.
www.anthrobase.com /Txt/M/Matonyte_I_01.htm   (9335 words)

 Project Syndicate
According to a former leading politician in Romania, 80% of new Romanian millionaires were part of the nomenklatura; many had been in the arms industry and have since built their fortunes on arms trading (skirting the arms embargo on Croatia and Serbia being a particular boon).
The penultimate chapter of the nomenklatura rediviva is the return to political power of the by-now-former communists -- this time no longer as the "vanguard of the proletariat," but rather as a tail wagged the nomenklatura-capitalist dog.
For shortly after its consummation, privatization began to place uncontainable pressures on the nomenklatura, as first the unity of the kleptoklatura and the old central bosses began to crumble and then the interests of those who managed to lay their hands on genuinely viable businesses began to diverge from those who need continuous state support.
www.project-syndicate.org /survey/nomen   (4199 words)

 The Strategy of Technology - Chapter 1
The nomenklatura were the true owners of the U.S.S.R., for not only was the population at large excluded from the political process (except for ritualistic purposes), but also the rank and file of the Communist Party, some 18 million in number, were reduced to executors of the nomenklatura's will.
nomenklatura has two meanings: a list of the most important offices, appointment to which requires approval by the Secretariat; and the roster of the personnel who either hold those offices or are eligible for promotion to them.
Although the nomenklatura exists within the Soviet Union, it is independent of the nation in that it owes no allegiance to the country or the people; its major goal, like that of many oligarchies, is to retain its power and privileges.
www.jerrypournelle.com /sot/sot_1.htm   (9562 words)

 Civil Service Systems in Comparative Perspective
The norms of the nomenklatura administrative subculture were a) an autocratic management style, b) inadequate concern for efficiency, c) partiality and partisanship, d) propensity to use public office for private gain, and e) secretiveness (e.g.
The reasons for it were varied and many but most related to the need to hide external realities, such as the far superior standard of life in democracies, as well as some internal ones, such as the inefficiency and venality of the Soviet administrative-command oligarchy.
As mentioned earlier, on the "demand" side of public service, the unfortunate legacy of the nomenklatura administration to the Baltics is the deep seated cynicism of their people toward public servants, a major inhibition to civil service reform.
www.indiana.edu /~csrc/vanag3.html   (4062 words)

The nomenklatura was created by Communists as a deep-rooted system of selection, education, reservation and arrangement of personnel for every sphere of the state's life, from the very top executives to the lowest level of team leaders.
Adaptability is the main characteristic of the nomenklatura.
The nomenklatura keeps a tight hold on the Ukrainian nation, and in the near future there is no reason to hope for improvement of the social environment.
www.ukrweekly.com /Archive/1997/119716.shtml   (829 words)

 Cooption and Repression in the Soviet Union: Publications: The Independent Institute
Loyalty was critical both in defusing internal opposition to the rule of the nomenklatura and in either deterring or defeating foreign enemies of the Soviet Union.
The cost of coopting people into the communist party was a decrease in the standard of living of members of the nomenklatura, whereas the cost of political repression was the danger that members of the nomenklatura would themselves be victimized.
We assume that the nomenklatura determined the extent of cooption and the intensity of political repression by equating perceived marginal benefits and marginal costs.
www.independent.org /publications/working_papers/article.asp?id=728   (176 words)

 Zviad Gamsakhurdia, The Nomenklatura Revanche in Georgia
I demand from the US Administration that it should cease its [open] support of state terrorism in Georgia, and that it should establish contacts only with the legal authorities of Georgia, who are now in exile'.
The rest of the new parliamentary lists were published after a long delay, due to the fact that there erupted a great struggle among 'candidates' for inclusion within the favored Nomenklatura 'parliament', and a burning desire among their number for the opportunity of proving by their words (and deeds) their undying fidelity to the 'Speaker'.
Privatization in favor of the Nomenklatura, is implemented on the orders of the junta members Ioseliani and Kitovani, and by others - with all national property and sources of valuable production distributed among the Nomenklatura/Mafia bosses.
www.geocities.com /shavlego/zg_1d.html   (6367 words)

 Janzteam Easteurope and Russia
To get ahead, one must pass through what New York Times correspondent David Shipler describes as "hidden apertures that slide mysteriously open to those armed with the proper rank of favour." The term nomenklatura refers both to the Soviet Union's uppercrust elite, and to the system which guarantees their power and privilege.
In spite of their privileged lifestyle - and some would say because of it - many members of the nomenklatura are visited by fear, guilt and loneliness.
Especially feared, however, is the Christian Church, which challenges the nomenklatura's monopoly on truth, and daims a private domain in individuals that the state cannot reach.
www.janzteam.com /OSTEUROPE/en/nomenklatura1.htm   (548 words)

 The Strait Scoop
This Quisling Nomenklatura’s raison d’être, its prime directive, its niche in the malignant political ecology of Taiwan independence, is to act as willing puppets, proxies, "front men," for Samurai Fascists in Tokyo and Benevolent Global Hegemonists in Washington, both of whom need pretexts for the revival of naked gunboat diplomacy against China.
The problem is Taiwan’s arrogant separatist nomenklatura, which cares more about converting 23 million citizens of the Republic of China into citizens of a "Republic of Taiwan" against their will, from the top down, than it does about protecting their lives and livelihood.
This, naturally, is not the objection Taipei’s Quisling Nomenklatura will cop to when western observers wonder why they continue to drag their feet, when German reunification has already made history, and Korean reunification is about to.
www.antiwar.com /chu/pf/p-c081700.html   (4283 words)

 Transition under Eltsin: the Nomenklatura and Political Elite Circulation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
It is contended that study of `the nomenklatura' is a poor indicator of elite change in post-communist society; that current analysis of the `nomenklatura as political elite' is inconclusive and methodologically unsound; that neither a `circulation' nor a `reproduction' of political elites can be determined from the reproduction of the `old nomenklatura'.
While the nomenklatura was not unitary, not monolithic and not a political elite, it is considered-following Mosca-to be a political class with different political constituencies.
Based on original interview research with members of the Gorbachev and Eltsin political elites, it is shown that the elite structure is unstable and divided and political outcomes are likely to be authoritarian.
www.psa.ac.uk /journals/post/Vol45-5/lane.htm   (168 words)

 Green Left - Social Democracy in Russia: a nomenklatura mirage
This topic then began to be floated at almost every gathering of Duma deputies, sometime activists in the “informal” movement, failed politicians and veterans of the nomenklatura.
At that time, it was used as a disguise by the party-state nomenklatura, that was trying to free itself painlessly from its past and from the obligations connected with communist ideology.
Power lies with a narrow circle of members of the old and new nomenklaturas, who have no intention of sharing it with the masses.
www.greenleft.org.au /1994/157/8983   (1201 words)

 Bessarion Gugushvili, Transnational Nomenklaturist Corporation 0
The plan called for the regulated 'surrender' of political power by the CPSU, accompanied, and at certain stages anticipated, by the organisation of a CPSU economy in the former Soviet Union and the transfer of hard currency looted by the CPSU to the West.
It is clear that these mythological events amount to a collective metaphor for the contemporary revenge of die nomenklatura, complete with the sacred dollar treasure of the Communist Party, the wars and putsches against the cursed land, and a hellish conspiracy: all the ingredients of the Greek myth seemed, Mr.
Colchis is unafraid of the curse of the nomenklatura, while the ‘Greek’ leader is not young enough to abduct the proud Medea and must content himself with an elderly lady of generous proportions.
www.geocities.com /shavlego/sa/bg-sa0.html   (6413 words)

 Looking To The Future
within Russia and around it a process of all-embracing, widespread, and very aggressive nomenklatura revanche is in train which has as its goal the restoration and consolidation of a nomenklatura-totalitarian regime not only in Russia but also in all the Commonwealth republics.
Lobov and A. Volskiy of the "Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs" may become a unique kind of "officers' assembly" for the nomenklatura economy, an organizational base to insure coordinated measures of nomenklatura revanche in the economy, sabotage, and a virtual rolling back of the economic reforms.
And when we analyze the data, we are forced to note with great regret that in the majority of regions, and in the center as well, the party-state nomenklatura constitutes up to 70-80 percent, and in some regions, even more.
intellit.muskingum.edu /russia_folder/pcw_era/sect_13c.htm   (1080 words)

 [Mpls] Minneapolis Nomenklatura
Sometimes called the "Nomenklatura," many members retained power after the fall of communism in eastern Europe because they were more practiced in the ways of power and its retention than in actually helping the supposed beneficiaries of socialism.
Djilas' basic point became part of the critique of the system by dissidents across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and it generated such later studies as Michael Voslensky's 1980 classic, "Nomenklatura," which described in greater detail the nature of the new and ever less ideologically committed power elite in the USSR.
Because Djilas understood the nature of communist regimes so well and was not blinded by their ideological protestations, he recognized that the ruling classes of these countries would ultimately understand that to survive and prosper they would have to shed their ideological shackles.
www.mnforum.org /pipermail/mpls/2001-September/005605.html   (901 words)

 TIME.com: The -- Feb. 11, 1985 -- Page 1
Nomenklatura is a caste system that applies only to the elite class.
They live far removed from the common man and, indeed, have to go out of their way if they wish to rub elbows with the less exalted.
The highest group in the nomenklatura is separated from most citizens by a barrier as psychologically imposing as the Great Wall of China.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,960302,00.html   (535 words)

 Nomenklatura page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Those who could be appointed were on the list of names approved by the party.
This list was usually known by the Russian term of Nomenklatura which also applied to the ruling group.
Many of the former nomenklatura are now the heads of the new privatized industries.
www.angelfire.com /mac/egmatthews/worldinfo/glossary/nomenklatura.html   (102 words)

 From Soviet nomenklatura to Russian elite Europe-Asia Studies - Find Articles
We need to know if the elite has been changing in terms of age and gender, in terms of its social and geographical origin, in its national composition, and in its levels of education.
Above all, we need to know the extent to which the Russian elite has recruited its membership from the Soviet nomenklatura of the past, and from which of its constituent groups.
In the discussion that follows we consider, first, some of the operating principles of the former nomenklatura, and then examine the ways in which the nomenklatura attempted to protect their position - mostly through privileged access to the market - in the late 1980s.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3955/is_n5_v48/ai_18678005   (713 words)

 Parrty gone but nomenklatura stays in CIS 29 Dec 97   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
nomenklatura are likely to dominate much of their
nomenklatura works is its efforts to find and promote
old nomenklatura is giving it are yet another reminder that
plato.acadiau.ca /COURSES/POLS/grieve/3593/CIS/nomenklatura.htm   (707 words)

 languagehat.com: NOMENKLATURA?
That's where [Oxford lexicographer Erin] McKean has found words like farb (not authentic, badly done), nomenklatura (non-literally; by analogy), drabble (a short story of 100 words or fewer), haxie (a hack for the Macintosh operating system) and swancho (a combination poncho/sweater).
Drabble is fairly common in the writing communities and groups, because it is a short snippet or scene that comes to mind, and writing them well, capturing the moment in less than 100 words, is a challenge.
Another nomenklatura blend, appearing in a post-9/11 column in the Guardian: "It is business as usual among the commentklatura."
www.languagehat.com /archives/002154.php   (750 words)

 Stripping Darwin Down: Science or Ideology?
Abiogenesis, without any backing up from the scientific method (Redi and Pasteur already have demonstrated [by their scientific experiments] that this hypothesis does not work) is accepted as having produced the first simple living being from a non-living basis which transformed into a very complex living being.
Galileo Galilei was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church but with approval and consent of the scientific Nomenklatura of his days, which almost unanimously believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe...
As it was expected, the Nomenklatura reacted, and still continues to react to Dr. Denton's objections.
www.rae.org /sci-ideo.html   (3983 words)

 The new nomenklatura - Commentary - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Everyone in communist societies addressed one another with the egalitarian term "comrade." But some comrades had the arbitrary power of life and death over others.
Where the new nomenklatura enjoys a particular lifestyle in a particular community, the power of government is used to preserve that lifestyle and freeze that community where it is, even if that means freezing out other people who may not have the same money or the same lifestyle preferences.
But the new nomenklatura feel good about themselves while leaving havoc in their wake.
www.washtimes.com /commentary/20060906-095954-3504r.htm   (740 words)

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