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Topic: Non sequitur

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Non Sequitur: Bio
Non Sequitur defies definition, bringing disparate musics together in adventurous programs that are strangely coherent.
Known for their fierce virtuosity and uncanny chamber music interaction, Non Sequitur infuses its performances with diverse experience in contemporary music, improvisation, theater, and non-western music.
Non Sequitur is directed by Ha-Yang Kim and Nathan Davis.
www.nonseq.org /bio.htm   (160 words)

  Non sequitur - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
A non sequitur is a statement which is out of context compared to the current topic of discussion.
Non sequiturs are often used in debates to distract the opponent, although this is seen as a crude tactic and often
The first non sequitur was used by Julius Caesar, in a debate in the Roman Senate.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Non_sequitur   (656 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Non sequitur   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow." An argument is called non sequitur if the conclusion does not follow from the premises.
Non sequitur can also be used to mean a seemingly disconnected or random comment that is not particularly relevant to the discussion, such as a random subject change.
Non sequiturs are often used in debates to distract the opponent, although this is seen as a crude tactic and often
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Non-sequitur   (807 words)

  My Associates Store - Non Sequitur's Sunday Color Treasury (Non Sequitur Books)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Non Sequitur's characters are not central to the plot; the humor is.
Non Sequitur's readers are steadfast and dedicated-they even began a letter-writing campaign in 2004 to rerun several strips that had proved to be prophetic.
Non Sequitur is the only cartoon to win National Cartoonists Society awards in both the comic strip and comic panel categories, and Wiley Miller is the only cartoonist to win a Reuben in his first year of syndication.
astore.amazon.com /ucomicscom/detail/0740754483   (367 words)

 Democrats' Dangerous Non Sequitur - Politics - A Wikia Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A non sequitur is an inference that is not supported by the underlying facts.
The most dangerous non sequitur of the past six years is that, because we have found no WMD in Iraq, that President Bush must have lied and intentionally misled the public.
Non sequiturs are the grist of partisan politics.
www.politics.wikia.com /index.php?title=Democrats'_Dangerous_Non_Sequitur   (687 words)

 Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Non sequitur   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow." To say that an argument is a non sequitur is simply to say that the conclusion does not follow from the premises.
This sort of non sequitur is also called affirming the consequent.
This sort of non sequitur is called denying the antecedent.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/no/Non_sequitur   (216 words)

 Appendix E -- The Secret of Non Sequiturs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The bully TV host dishonestly uses a non sequitur in asking her where the good, loving mother within her is. On another network that same night, an honest value-producing toy manufacturer heroically refutes the dishonest, non-sequitur attacks on the toy industry.
...Non sequiturs are the disguises worn by all professional mystics and neocheaters.
But once non sequiturs are understood, examples of political dishonesty become so clearly obvious and plentiful that further illustration is as unnecessary as pointing out patches of sand on the Sahara Desert.
www.neo-tech.com /discovery/appendixe.html   (1716 words)

 Non Sequitur
The phrase "non sequitur" is latin for "it does not follow." If an inference is made that does not logically follow from the premises of the preceding argument, then the inference is a non sequitur.
Though the term "non sequitur" can be used broadly as an informal fallacy to describe any unwarranted conclusion, it is most often used when a statement openly contradicts itself and makes no sense.
Here are some examples of some obvious non sequiturs.
www.iscid.org /encyclopedia/Non_Sequitur   (131 words)

 Non sequitur - Conservapedia
Non sequitur (Latin, "It does not follow") is a logical fallacy that involves arguing from a premise to a conclusion with insufficient or no connection between the two.
The most common example of non sequitur is any attempt to infer causation from correlation alone.
Definition of non sequitur in The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th.
www.conservapedia.com /Non_sequitur   (238 words)

 Universal Press Syndicate: Feature Detail
NON SEQUITUR is Wiley Miller's wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
NON SEQUITUR has received four National Cartoonists Society divisional awards, the most prestigious in cartooning.
It is the only comic strip to win the coveted award in its first year of syndication and the only one to ever win in both the best comic strip and best comic panel categories.
www.amuniversal.com /ups/features/non_sequitur/index.htm   (79 words)

 Halfbakery: Total Non Sequitur
Though the tone of the annotations is tending listwards and it looks like they could slide, at a moments provocation, into as tiresome a cavalcade of repetitous mock oddness as can be seen over at Use Bizarre Metaphors, the idea is not a game to be played in the annotations.
Unless, of course, the bakery gestalt is making, through these non sequiturs, some such point about the overall readability of Total Non Sequitur.
If this is the case, I should take this moment to point out to the gestalt that it has, until now, been drawing its non sequiturs from the more non sequiturial end of the continuum and perhaps has overlooked the use of the word partial in the idea text.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Total_20Non_20Sequitur   (1338 words)

 Presentation Zen: The non sequitur and dealing with tough questions
Non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow." By definition, a non sequitur appears to be a disconnected or random comment, or a random change in subject.
Rumsfeld slips to a couple of non sequiturs when McGovern claims again that Rumsfeld clearly stated before the war that there was "bullet-proof evidence" of ties between al-Qaeda and Iraq.
Yet, even if the question had been on WMD, the troops being issued protective suits is also a non sequitur and is evidence only that the top leadership believed there to be WMD, not proof that the Secretary did not "lie" or mislead (which was the original question).
presentationzen.blogs.com /presentationzen/2006/05/the_non_sequitu.html   (1999 words)

 Tim Lynch's Review of "Non Sequitur"
This time, "Non Sequitur" strikes me as a reworking of "Parallels" (alias "Schrodinger's Klingon"), which saw Worf jumping between alternate realities as a result of a shuttle accident.
"Non Sequitur" was entertaining enough in spots, but it suffers greatly in comparison to "Parallels", for two strong reasons.
"Non Sequitur" was fun, and I enjoyed it -- but these sort of stories are starting to run a little too often for my tastes.
www.dcs.gla.ac.uk /~hwloidl/TL/voy2/nonsequitur.html   (1210 words)

 Non Sequitur Art Stamps
Non Sequitur has been in business since 1996, and sells unmounted rubber stamp plates, made of the finest quality red rubber, deeply etched for maximum rendering of detail.
Copyright Notice -- We have both original designs, for which we have an exclusive copyright, and designs which are adapted from works in the public domain.
You may use Non Sequitur designs to create items for sale as long as the images are stamped BY HAND.
www.nonsequiturstamps.com   (301 words)

 Atheism: Logic & Fallacies
This is an example of an ad hoc change being used to shore up an assertion, combined with an attempt to shift the meaning of the words used original assertion; you might call it a combination of fallacies.
Two specific forms of non causa pro causa fallacy are the cum hoc ergo propter hoc and post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies.
A non sequitur is an argument where the conclusion is drawn from premises which aren't logically connected with it.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/mathew/logic.html   (5813 words)

 Non Sequitur
Thus you have it: a non sequitur argument is an unnecessary conclusion from a given premise.
Members of the Lord's church have not altogether "observed the Passover" with regards to the fallacious and erroneous non sequitur line of argumentation.
The above erroneous, fallacious, non sequitur conclusion precludes the immediate sympathetic action of all present concerned, active and benevolently disposed Christians.
www.truthmagazine.com /archives/volume15/TM015679.htm   (769 words)

 Non Sequitur
Non sequitur — a conclusion that has no apparent connection to the premises or reasons.
Non sequiturs occur when writers omit a step in an otherwise logical chain of sequential reasoning, assuming that readers agree with the highly contestable claims of others.
Non sequiturs are often found in advertising campaigns.
ksuweb.kennesaw.edu /~shagin/logfal-pbc-nonsequitur.htm   (397 words)

 Non Sequitur, comics, editorial cartoons, email comics, political cartoons
NON SEQUITUR is Wiley Miller’s wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
NON SEQUITUR has received four National Cartoonists Society divisional awards, the most prestigious in cartooning.
Non Sequitur will have you laughing at the controversy of everyday life.
www.gocomics.com /nonsequitur   (201 words)

 Non Sequitur
Creator of Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller is the gifted cartoonist who has earned four prestigious Reuben Awards for his satirical look at the world around us.
He is an innovator in comics creation and has made his mark on the cartooning field by creating a process of colouring comics, generating strips that are vivid and rich.
non sequitur • wiley miller • cartoonist • cartooning • drawing
www.suite101.com /reference/non_sequitur   (273 words)

 The NonSequitur » Blog Archive » Null sequitur
And that is that if you’re saying let’s turn back the clock, and Saddam Hussein had opened up his country to IAEA inspectors, and they’d come in and they’d found that there were no weapons of mass destruction, had Saddam Hussein, therefore, not violated United Nations resolutions, we wouldn’t be in the conflict we’re in.
A non sequitur would be “We have lost 3400 troops so far in Iraq.
Those were legitimate arguments then, that is to say, worthy of consideration, and so it’s legitimate to say now that given the disaster we have brought upon ourselves whether we would consider doing it again.
thenonsequitur.com /?p=398   (725 words)

 Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller @ Comic Alert!
Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller @ Comic Alert!
If you already have an account, please log in.
If you like non sequitur (which I do very much) you should also check out Candorville which is not as well known but really good.
www.comicalert.com /comics/7712-non-sequitur   (293 words)

 Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate
For these reasons, it is generally bad form to scream "non sequitur" just because your opposition has failed to anticipate every counterargument you might make.
The best time to point out a non sequitur is when your opposition is trying to construct a chain of causation (A leads to B leads to C, etc.) without justifying each step in the chain.
For each step in the chain they fail to justify, point out the non sequitur, so that it is obvious by the end that the alleged chain of causation is tenuous and implausible.
www.csun.edu /~dgw61315/fallacies.html   (5262 words)

 Non Sequitur logical fallacies
"Non sequitur" means literally "it does not follow".
My personal use of this term is to refer to fallacies in which one or more premises are irrelevant to an inference, and the inference is in fact arbitrary.
Most but not all other sources recognize Non Sequitur as a logical fallacy, and most are likely to describe it somewhat differently.
www.sierrafoot.org /soapbox/fallacies/non_sequitur.html   (474 words)

 SoYouWanna avoid common logical errors? | SoYouWanna.com
When we talk about arguments, we mean a premise or series of premises that is or are intended to lead to a conclusion.
A "non sequitur" is when such good intentions fail.
The speaker could be in all kinds of other places in Italy, worrying way less about pickpockets and having a great time.
www.soyouwanna.com /site/syws/logic/logic.html   (425 words)

 Star Trek: Voyager: Non Sequitur - TV.com
As the footage of the Runabout Yellowstone was mostly comprised of reused shots of the USS Rio Grande and USS Ganges from Deep Space Nine, the Yellowstone was shown to have a roll bar several times.
The title of this episode, Non Sequitur, is a term used in propositional logic.
While in France, Paris tell Kim that he went to DS9 where he got into a bar fight with a Ferengi and was thrown into the brig by "a very unfriendly shapeshifter." This is a reference to Quark and Odo on another Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine.
www.tv.com /star-trek-voyager/non-sequitur/episode/10660/summary.html   (663 words)

 Wiley Miller, Creator of Non Sequitur
In a moment of genius in 1991, (and that moment has continued for more than two decades) Miller created Non Sequitur, his hugely popular comic strip with a theme of, um, well, no theme.
The title gives away the secret of the strip - according to the Gage Dictionary the definition of non sequitur is "a statement or reply that has no direct relationship with what has just been said."
Today's cartoon has nothing to do with tomorrow's." *(3) Non Sequitur met with immediate success, and now has grown to an audience of almost 500 newspapers worldwide through Universal Syndicate.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/cartoonists/100098/1   (427 words)

 Amazon.com: Non Sequitur 2007 Wall Calendar: Books: Wiley Miller
Non Sequitur's Sunday Color Treasury (Non Sequitur Books) by Wiley Miller
Smarter than The Far Side, Non Sequitur is the greatest comic out there.
Non Sequitur Collections: A list by Corey Clawson "noswalc"
www.amazon.com /Non-Sequitur-2007-Wall-Calendar/dp/0740758756   (488 words)

 Non sequitur » Neptunus Lex
There are currently 16 responses to “Non sequitur”
“Non Sequitur” is one of my try-to-reads in our comic section out here, along with “Mr.
You are here : Home » 2006 » 11 » Non sequitur
www.neptunuslex.com /2006/11/20/non-sequitur   (2198 words)

 MilkandCookies - Non Sequitur
Non sequitur is Latin for "it does not follow." In formal logic, an argument is a non sequitur if its conclusion does not follow from its premises.
In art and literature, it can be used to highlight the absurd or the comical.
There is a bit of laser rot at the beginning, but it decreases afterwards.
www.milkandcookies.com /keywords/nonsequitur   (1002 words)

 The Corner on National Review Online
ROMNEY: Well, the question is kind of a non sequitur, if you will, and what I mean by that — or a null set.
ROMNEY: Well, I answered the question by saying it's a — it's a non sequitur, it's a null set kind of question...
I'd like to congratulate Mitt Romney on being the first to introduce a term from mathematical set theory into a presidential campaign...
corner.nationalreview.com /post/?q=NWQ3M2Q4ZThkY2I1MWU3MmU1YzY5MDVhYmMxMTM5YWM=   (191 words)

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