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Topic: Non-partisan democracy

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

 Multi-party system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike a single-party system (or a non-partisan democracy), it encourages the general constituency to form multiple distinct, officially recognized groups, generally called political parties.
A multi-party system is essential for representative democracies, because it prevents the leadership of a single party from setting policy without challenge.
If the government includes an elected congress or parliament, the parties may share power according to Proportional Representation or the First-past-the-post system. /wiki/Multi-party_system   (313 words)

 Democracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word democracy originates from the Greek "demos" meaning "the people" and "kratein" meaning "to rule" or "the people to rule" which meant literally: "Rule by the People." The term is also sometimes used as a measurement of how much influence a people has over their government, as in how much democracy exists.
One critique of indirect democracy is that it centralizes power into the hands of a few, thereby increasing the likelihood of corruption in and abuse of power by the government.
A direct democracy is a political system in which all citizens are allowed to influence policy by means of a direct vote, or referendum, on any particular issue. /keyword/Democracy.php   (2920 words)

 Index2000 - Open Directory
Foundation for Democracy in Africa - A Washington based non-profit, nonpartisan organization focused on strengthening and enhancing the fundamental principles of democracy, and freedom in Africa.
International Republican Institute - Non-partisan Washington, DC-based group which conducts programs outside the United States to promote democracy and strengthen free markets and the rule of law.
World Movement for Democracy - Nongovernmental effort to strengthen democracy where it is weak, to reform and invigorate democracy even where it is longstanding, and to bolster pro-democracy groups in countries that have not yet entered into a process of democratic transition. /cgi-bin/odp/odpnew.cgi?search=/Society/Politics/Democracy   (1427 words) Non-partisan democracy Article
Non-partisan democracy (or no-party democracy) is a system of representative government or organization whereby universal and periodic elections (by secret ballot) take place without reference to political parties or even the speeches, campaigns, nominations, or other apparatus commonly associated with democracy.
Non-partisan democracy is a system of representative government or organization whereby universal and periodic elections take place without reference to political parties or even the speeches, campaig...
A no-party democracy might take root in sovereign nations, such as occurred in Uganda in 1986, whereby political parties are restricted by a constitutional referendum endorsed by the people of the country (this system does not have all of the features described above). /non_partisan_democracy.html   (418 words)

 Democracy Matters - Press Release Library
Democracy Matters member Brian Alexander explained that the difference is in the parties' fund-raising styles.
Upcoming events for Democracy Matters include a Faculty Tea where students can talk with like-minded faculty members, a lobbying day in Albany scheduled for April 16, and a debate between John Samples of the Kato Institute and John Moyers of
One of the main goals of Cornell's Democracy Matters chapter is to help push campaign finance reform through the state legislature. /PressRoom/DemocracyMattersArchive/press_032702_Ithaca_Times.php   (641 words)

 Representative democracy Article, Representativedemocracy Information
Representative democracy comprises a form of democracy andtheory of civics wherein voters choose (in free, secret, multi-party elections) representatives to act in their interests, butnot as their proxies —i.e., not necessarilyas directed but with enough authority to exercise initiative in the face of changing circumstances.
Representative democracy came into particular general favour in post- industrial revolution nation states where largenumbers of subjects or (latterly) citizens evinced interest in politics, but wheretechnology and population figures remained unsuited to direct democracy.
A representative democracy may provide for recall of electedrepresentatives that voters become dissatisfied with. /monarchy/representatives/representative_democracy.html   (424 words)

 JS Online: Tax break tally is $1,200 a year
The study, in the works since last summer, is the most ambitious of the non-partisan Democracy Campaign.
The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report tallies a $4.6 billion annual cost for some mostly big-ticket state spending items and attempts to trace their roots to donations made by manufacturers, developers, road builders and other interests.
Democracy Campaign says state wouldn't have deficit without tit for tat /news/metro/jan03/110415.asp?format=print   (604 words)

Democracy in Action is designed to benefit not only participating elementary school students, but their young student-instructors as well by providing the latter with an opportunity to review and augment their knowledge of democratic theory and practice in preparation for their role as instructors.
The purpose of Democracy in Action is to begin familiarizing students with the meaning of citizenship and the mechanics of voting at an early age.
Democracy in Action entails four lessons addressing key aspects of American citizenship and a fifth session devoted to a voting simulation with real voting equipment. /dia.asp   (518 words)

 JS Online: Gore's 'reform' going nowhere
Vice President Al Gore is smart enough to know that his proposal to create a non-partisan Democracy Endowment to finance general election campaigns for the House and Senate has almost no chance of being enacted.
But Congress has stubbornly and selfishly refused to pass the McCain-Feingold bill, and there is little reason to believe it would act more kindly in behalf of Gore's Democracy Endowment plan.
The Republican front-runner, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, was quick to point out that, in proclaiming himself the champion of finance reform, Gore has credibility problems. /news/editorials/mar00/camp-edit032800.asp?format=print   (406 words)

 Participatory democracy - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia
Bioregional democracy often is, but that is not necessary to its definition.
Participatory democracy is a broadly inclusive term for many kinds of consultative decision making in a democracy.
Grassroots democracy is an alternative term that has actually been used to imply almost any combination of the above. /p/pa/participatory_democracy.html   (91 words)

 [Mpls] non-partisan?
Lots of confusion about what is or is not a partisan and non-partisan primary election.
Though I am a candidate seeking third party endorsements, I really like the idea of the non-partisan election.
On the list you can see a lot of partisan shots taken by people very committed to the parties they support, but sometimes in that debate the actual residents that those parties are trying to serve get lost in the whole discussion. /pipermail/mpls/2001-March/001097.html   (743 words)

 Gill Foundation - Special Projects
The Gill Foundation's Democracy Project is a non-partisan, non-ideological effort to help organizations serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies raise more money, lobby more effectively, strengthen relationships with supporters and build alliances with other organizations.
The Democracy Project was started in 2002 to build civic participation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied people.
This is achieved by providing organizations with updated and enhanced data on their list of supporters, which in turn allows them to be more strategic and targeted with their outreach. /sp_projects/sp_projects_list.htm?attrib_id=4325   (124 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Politics: Democracy: Direct Democracy
Democracy and the personal representative - A proposal to reform Canadian government institutions, making all legislation subject to a Direct Democratic Parliament of 100 percent of the people of Canada aged over 18 who choose to participate.
Direct Access Democracy - Proposes a form of direct democracy in which voting is done in small groups, the results of which are binding upon elected representatives.
Democracy - Details aspects of democracy that are anathema to modern day politicians. /Society/Politics/Democracy/Direct_Democracy   (800 words)

 Political Reform
According to an analysis by the Center for Voting and Democracy, districts in most states which are not truly fair to the state's political makeup.
The basic approach of proportional representation is simple: legislators are elected in multimember districts instead of single-member districts, and the number of seats that a party wins in an election is proportional to the amount of its support among voters.
Nevertheless, Democrats are as dependent on the current money-based system as are Republicans and the emergence of the independent candidacy of Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004 was based on the belief that Democrats were hopelessly beholden to the special interests who finance their candidacies. /politicalreform.htm   (4811 words)

 Zimbabwe Democracy Trust
The Zimbabwe Democracy Trust (ZDT) is a non-partisan pro-democracy group set up to campaign internationally for the rights of Zimbabweans to live in civic peace and freedom.
The work of the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust (ZDT) is intended to give hope to the people of Zimbabwe; to raise awareness of the crisis in the wider world; to support the cause of good governance and democracy; to expose corruption and to assist in safeguarding the mechanisms of an open and democratic society.
The ZDT particularly looks to find ways in which the democracies of the world can act in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe to stand up for the universal humanitarian principles and respect for human rights that their international treaties and conventions oblige them to uphold.   (204 words)

 Gore speeches
Let me be clear: this is a non-partisan endowment for our common democracy.
"So I propose the creation of a non-partisan Democracy Endowment-to follow up on the urgent reform of our campaign finance laws by McCain-Feingold with a revolutionary change to further safeguard our self-government in the 21st Century.
The Democracy Endowment will raise more than $7 billion over seven years, and then, with the interest and the returns on investment, finance Senate and House general election campaigns-with no other contributions allowed to candidates who accept the funding. /goretothecore/gorespeeches   (1164 words)

 LWV Home
The League has called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the partisan gerrymander imposed on the citizens of Texas in 2003.
The LWVUS and LWVTX filed an amicus curiae brief in the case LULAC v.
Thanks in large part to activists like you, the Senate upheld its rules and refused to allow the opening of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Department of Defense Appropriations (DOD) bill.   (139 words)

 Hellblazer: Surprise
The study, by the non-partisan group Democracy North Carolina, found that 96% are white and 67% are men.
The most recent evidence of the influence of the political money elite comes from a North Carolina study that identified by race and gender all 1,436 people in the state who gave $200 or more to presidential candidates during the first Azaelf of this year.
It's obvious that whatever mechanism is a work is not doing its job and something has to be done to fix it. /archives/2003/08/surprise_1.html   (536 words)

 A Real Democracy
Democracy is about the reverse; reducing delegations of power.
It would be foolhardy to attempt to resolve the problems of our parliamentary democracy by creating a presidency with an uncertain executive power or influence.
Also, excluding an executive role for the president and retaining the parliament's executive role, our democracy will outshine that of the USA. /~basils/chapter8.htm   (5306 words)

 Democracy Matters - Getting private money out of politics and people back in.
I started Democracy Matters to help students fight for progressive change by standing up to big money...
Register now for the 5th Annual Democracy Matters National Student Summit February 17-19 in Albany, New York.
Democracy Matters - Getting private money out of politics and people back in.   (124 words)

 Non-partisan Policy
-Board members may not engage in any partisan, political activities, which will cause them to be publicly identified as supporting any candidate for office or any political party.
The League of Women Voters, since its inception in 1920, is committed to educate citizens, to empower voters, to keep government open, to put laws on the books, to keep democracy strong.
While the League respects their right to participate in the democratic process, their public partisanship disqualified them from representing the organization’s governing body. /non-partisan.htm   (1411 words)

 CEv5#2 (3/15/98): State Lines
So, the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC), which is posting the data with the Center for Responsive Politics’ help at
Politicians of all partisan persuasions like to talk about the need for greater campaign finance disclosure — except, apparently, when they’re running for reelection.
However, the board was not equipped to accept the reports on disks in time for the Feb. 2, 1998, reports. /newsletter/ce52/52text/03state.htm   (861 words)

 Center for Voting and Democracy
Since 1992, FairVote, a non-profit, non-partisan electoral reform organization has studied the consequences and problems associated with partisan gerrymandering and the redistricting process, through its groundbreaking Monopoly Politics and Dubious Democracy reports and its 50-state Public Interest Redistricting guide.
His plan seeks to minimize partisan rigging of district lines, a critical first step to restoring integrity to the process - but it does not address the continuing problem of stagnant representation of women and communities of color.
Independent redistricting commissions are a good first step to eliminating partisan gerrymanders, but for fair and full representation and competitive elections you need more. /redistricting/arnoldplan.htm   (504 words)

 The Washington Monthly
Another partisan move by the WH is to declassify documents, or parts of them for purely political purposes.
The 9/11 Commission should generate exactly such a conflict among liberals because the more partisan the Commission becomes, the less likely they are to find the truth and the less likely the Commission's final report will have legitimacy in the eyes of the public.
Furthermore, if it were to become a partisan affair, that still doesn't preclude that truth cannot be found, or that the public won't find that truth legitimate. /archives/individual/2004_04/003704.php   (14409 words)

 Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Indirect Democracy
A next stage in direct democracy cannot be reached without policy and tools to build trust with leaders, socialize issues and the chance to participate in process equal to the lobby and those who hire them.
Speaking of direct democracy, I'd thought for a long time that California's extreme use of voter propositions and initiatives was a case of voting themselves "bread and circuses".
The founders got it right that representative democracy should give elected officials an opportunity to be representative through their terms. /blog/2003/10/indirect_democr.html   (1391 words)

 Al Gore: In His Own Words
The Democracy Endowment will raise more than $7 billion over seven years, and then, with the interest and the returns on investment, finance Senate and House general election campaigns with no other contributions allowed to candidates who accept the funding.
This movement has been carried forward by working men and women, housewives, ministers and factory hands -- ordinary people who insisted on making real the promise of our democracy and insisted on making those at the highest levels of power respect the premise that in a democracy, all people are politically and morally equal.
It is time for a new approach to achieve the fundamental goal of freeing our democracy from the coils of special-interest cash. /library/politics/camp/032800wh-gore-text.html   (2857 words)

 Center for Justice & Democracy
The Center for Justice and Democracy is a tax-exempt non-profit, non-partisan public interest organization that works to educate the public about the importance of the civil justice system and the dangers of so-called "tort reforms."
The Center for Justice and Democracy is a non-profit, tax-exempt group, founded by consumer advocates to protect the civil justice system. /about   (94 words)

 Coalition for Democracy in Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone Web
The Coalition for Democracy in Sierra Leone has always maintained, as we do now, that the constitutionally elected government of Sierra Leone must be restored.
Both the government, and Sierra Leoneans who have been the direct victims of actions perpetrated by criminal elements of the various combatant groups should be allowed to seek redress against the culprits.
But we are constantly reminded of the late John F. Kennedy's warning that although we should never fear to negotiate in times of crisis, we should never negotiate out of fear. /codisal1197.html   (1068 words)

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