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Topic: Non-recognized nations

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

 Non-recognized nations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Non-recognized nations are states that have declared their independence, but not been acknowledged as such by the international community at large.
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (1983, Cyprus, recognized by Turkey)
Western Sahara (1976, recognized by over 50 states, see also Morocco, Spanish Sahara) /wiki/Non-recognized_nations

Nationality is no more than an artificial concept that can be changed to include or exclude different groups of people by legal reform.
Until 1984 only a child whose father had Japanese nationality could acquire nationality in turn; but the reform of that year extended the right of nationality to the offspring of mothers with Japanese nationality.
Strictly speaking, however, these people have not quite kept their names unchanged: the Japanese government insists that names of Japanese nationals be written in Chinese characters that are in general use, as defined and listed by itself, or in one of the two Japanese syllabaries, hiragana and katakana. /~fukuoka/non-jap.html

One participant recognized that part of the reason some of the existing processes are not being used is because many of those who would push the envelope do not know what exists out there.
Many participants recognized that the first avenue of defence that an employer uses is "we can't afford it".
They recognized that this is a challenge to define clearly, but arbitrary injustice encountered in the workplace needs to be addressed. /chra/en/ngort1.html

 Non-Coercive Sanctions in the United Nations Charter:
The use of force by the Security Council is the only international police action recognized by the United Nations Charter.
At the San Francisco Conference a few states proposed that Security Council decisions, like other major resolutions of the United Nations, should be made subject to verification of legitimacy by the International Court of Justice; a proposal rejected by the majority of governments.
Much attention was paid in particular to the question whether the Gulf War was a real war, or merely an international police action under UN auspices and whether, accordingly, countries intending to take action against Iraq ought to follow constitutional procedures governing the proclamation of a state of war. /journal/Vol2/No2/art5.html

During the second half of this century, these movements generated new states in all the imperial exclaves, and now we are witnessing the rise of ethnonational movements in most of the world's enclaves, scattered within both the old and the new states.
The emergence of ethnic nationalism as a wide-spread phenomenon is a direct consequence of this transformation.
Moreover, when state nations were willing to integrate minorities and accept them as full-fledged nationals, movements for the nation-ization of aliens and racial minorities probably served a useful purpose. /~fredr/clave.htm

 Relationships between international non-governmental organizations and the United Nations.
Fifty years after the founding of the United Nations, transnational associations -- commonly referred to as international non-governmental organizations or INGOs -- have become major players on the international scene.
Relationships between international non-governmental organizations and the United Nations.
International non-governmental organizations have a constantly growing role in national and international life, whether in promoting democracy, guaranteeing freedoms and rights, saving the environment, promoting sustainable development, setting technical and professional standards, galvanizing educational and cultural renewal, advancing the boundaries of science and research, or ensuring the survival of victims of man-made and natural disasters. /uiadocs/unngos.htm

 UN Chronicle: Civilizing Markets - role of United Nations in international non-governmental standards for business
The world needs the United Nations to become involved in innovative ways of improving and regulating corporate behaviour, but this must be done in a transparent and accountable manner.
The United Nations could help promote civil regulation by supporting the standards development and review processes of the respective schemes, and by securing recognition of them in international fora, such as the World Trade Organization.
This support will only be forthcoming if the United Nations maintains its credibility. /p/articles/mi_m1309/is_2_37/ai_66579847 - 116 Non-Aligned Nations express support for Venezuela's democracy
Heads of State from 116 countries in the Non-Aligned Group of Nations meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have expressed their support for the democratic government of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias.
116 Non-Aligned Nations express support for the democratic government of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias
Chaderton Matos says that the Heads of State of Non-Aligned governments recognize the international initiatives that have been taken to find a solution to the Venezuelan situation and that dialogue between the government and the democratic opposition is of fundamental importance to find ways out of the dilemma that the country is currently facing. /readnews.asp?id=3505

As long as America, the most democratic nation in the world, supports, defends and conducts business with the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, the most undemocratic of nations, the world is not flat.
As long as long as tribes in India kill female children and rape women as punishment for the crimes of their male relatives, the world is not flat.
As a consequence, in the three days between November 8 and the end of the war on November 11th, 6800 soldiers of all nationalities died and an additional 15,000 were injured. /non-fict.htm

 United Nations
This was the League of Nations, the scarlet-colored wild beast that went into the abyss, or ceased to exist as a world-peace organization, when World War II erupted.
Whereas we see all the nations of this doomed world marching under superhuman demon influence, it is our resolution to remain immovable on the side of the established Messianic kingdom of Jehovah God, ever praying that he will give us more and more of his spirit.
One of the greatest orators ever at the United Nations, Professor Belaunde from Peru, meditated on his speeches in St. Patrick Cathedral. /united_nations.htm

 The Six Nations: Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth
Using a combination of documentary sources, solar eclipse data, and Iroquois oral history, Mann and Fields assert that the Iroquois Confederacy's body of law was adopted by the Senecas (the last of the five nations to ratify it) August 31, 1142.
The original United States representative democracy, fashioned by such central authors as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, drew much inspiration from this confederacy of nations.
Indian Magna Carta Writ In Wampum Belts, Six Nations Shows Treaty Granting Them Independent Sovereignty as Long as Sun Shines, pp. /many_worlds/6Nations

The General Assembly, in its resolution 13 (I), instructed DPI and its branch offices to: “...actively assist and encourage national information services, educational institutions and other governmental and non-governmental organizations of all kinds interested in spreading information about the United Nations.
Since the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945, NGOs have made valuable contributions to the international community by drawing attention to key issues, promoting initiatives and programmes, disseminating information and mobilizing public opinion in support of the United Nations and its specialized agencies.
A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a not-for-profit, voluntary citizens’ group, which is organized on a local, national or international level to address issues in support of the public good. /dpi/ngosection/brochure.htm

 ATTAC-United Nations Non Governmental Liaison Service
This edition of NGLS Roundup was prepared by the United Nations Non Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS).
He said the principle of non retrogression means that state parties have a duty not to take measures that would cause a reversal of existing social achievements.
However, they said that judging from the “watered down” G 7 communiqué adopted in 1998, the need for bold reform was still not shared by all G 7 nations, particularly not by the United States. /fra/orga/doc/unngls.htm

 UN Chronicle The United Nations: Formally Recognized and Recognized by Association
Elected to the Office of United Nations Commissioner for Namibia by the UN General Assembly, MacBride served as Commissioner, with rank of Assistant Secretary-General, from 1973 to 1977.
In the period between the two world wars, many of the laureates were closely associated with the League of Nations.
A long-time member of English Parliament, he participated in the formation, administration and legislative deliberations of the League of Nations and the United Nations. /Pubs/chronicle/2003/issue3/0303p35.asp

 American Indian History Resources
Federally Recognized U.S. Indian Tribes-Index by State (About 556 American Indian Nations federally recognized by the U.S. government)
Native American Constitution and Law Digitalization Project Tribal constitutions and codes are the heart of self-government for over 500 federally recognized tribes, and are the lifeblood of Indian sovereignty.
Baxoje Ukich'e (The Ioway Nation) and The Iowa (Oklahoma) and The Iowa (Kansas Nebraska) /~krkvls/history.html

 Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring - Chapter 3
In addition to treaties, the United Nations has overseen the development and adoption of dozens of declarations, codes, rules, guidelines, principles, resolutions, and other instruments that serve to interpret and expand on the general human rights obligations of Member States under Articles 55 and 56 of the UN Charter and may reflect customary international law.
The United Nations is not the only global organization which has issued or facilitated the issuance of worldwide human rights standards.
A third example of the usefulness of non-UN human rights standards might be found in a country where the constitution, national law, or practice is even more protective of human rights than international law. /humanrts/monitoring/chapter3.html

 [No title]
VAN LIERDE'S intercession, that "Mary's Army" was first officially recognized in 1975 by a canonical decree of Archbishop Roy of Quebec.
The "Lady of All Nations" is pictured standing on a globe in front of the Cross, thus taking the place of the God-man Jesus.
Among other things, it is said the "Lady of All Nations" made a movement suggesting she would undress herself (October 7, 1945). /jloughnan/nations.htm

 Eagle Staff Fund
First Nations defines Native American to include federal, state, and non-recognized Indian tribes; Alaska Native tribes, villages, or groups; Native Hawaiian groups, a reservation or rural Native community, and Indigenous groups from U.S. territories and possessions.
In addition, First Nations provides a wide range of technical assistance to its grantees through site visits, one-on-one conversations, regional workshops and a national conference, issue-specific convenings, First Nations newsletters, referrals to other resource providers, and periodic informational mailings.
First Nations Development Institute is a Native American economic development organization whose mission is to /grants/eagle_staff/eagle_faq_page.htm

These are the 17 Arab nations which Project 17 is focused on.
Jordan is a good hub for orientation and travelling to many Middle East nations particularly to Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestinian areas, and the Gulf.
Growing the narcotic ‘qat’ accounts for 40% of the national economy, and means much of the population spends much of their life “spaced out”. /nations.htm

 Tribal Sites  Both Recognized and Non-Recognized
Both Recognized and Non-Recognized - provides you with information on tribal sites throughout the United States
Provides a state by state listing of all non-federally recognized American Indian tribes in the United
The People’s Center – Confederated Salish, Kootenai and Pend d’Oreille Tribal Nations of /llewis/Links/tribal_sites__.htm

 Canku Ota - NA Reference Links
500 NATIONS is named for the 556 American Indian tribes recognized by the U.S. government, the non-recognized tribes, the state recognized tribes, and the 663 First Nation communities of Canada.
Tribal constitutions and codes are the heart of self-government for over 500 federally recognized tribes, and are the lifeblood of Indian sovereignty.
Their resource center is organized by subject, nations, and geography. /Links/CO_NAReferenceLinks.htm

 Pravda.RU:President of non-recognized republic elected for a new term
Arkady Gukasian, the current President of the non-recognized republic of Nagorny Karabakh, has won the republican presidential election by collecting 88.4% votes in his favour and will remain the President of Nagorny Karabakh for the next five years, reported Leonid Martirosian of the republic's Central Electoral Commission.
The presidential election in Nagorny Karabakh has triggered a sharp protest from Azerbaijani President Geidar Aliyev, who told Iran's deputy Foreign Minister Mohsen Amin Zadeh during a meeting held on August 6th that the United Nations, the European Union, and the Council of Europe all refused to recognize the election.
In a special statement released on August 2nd, the European Union spoke in favour of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity by saying it refused to recognize Nagorny Karabakh as an independent republic. /cis/2002/08/12/34293_.html

 Coins of Micro Nations
You may have trouble locating these coin issuing nations on the map - that is because these nations have yet to be recognized by most of the worlds major or minor powers - however that has not stopped them from issuing their own coins!
That is because it is a self-declared nation located on an abandoned 10,000 square foot W.W.II era radar platform approximately 6 miles off the coast of England.
The Royal Bank of Avram is the only issuer of coins for the Grand Duchy of Avram, a self-declared nation located in the town of Sorell, Tasmania in Australia. /nationsnon.htm

 Maps of Native American Nations, History, Info
Below, Tribes-by-state text index will find existing recognized and non-recognized tribes still surviving within this cultural area.
Native Nations -- U.S. and Canada with official or sponsored sites of sovereign nations separated from informal ones by friends, tourist agencies, individual tribal members.
Mini-histories of many can be found at Compact Histories compiled by Lee Sulzman. /isk/maps/historical.html

The devotion to the Lady of All Nations can help us, in my sincere conviction, in guiding us on the right path during the present serious drama of our times, the path to a new and special outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Who alone can heel the great wounds of our times.
Secondly, with regards to private revelation, the Franciscans of the Immaculate endorses publicly only those which are officially recognized as authentic by the teaching Magisterium of the Church.
I have also requested the judgment of a number of brother bishops concerning the fruits and development of the devotion, who within their own dioceses have experienced a strong devotion of Mary as the Mother and Lady of All Nations. /forum/Coredemptrix/9.html

 Native American Home Pages - Nations
The Treaty held with the Indians of the Six Nations at Philadelphia, in July 1742 [microform] : to which is prefix'd an account of the first confederacy of the Six Nations, their present tributaries, dependents and allies.
There are dozens of North American Nations that speak Algonquian languages all across the United States and Canada, but the languages and their speakers are as different from each other as French and Spanish and Italian are.
listing of tribes, both federally and state recognized, as well as those with no formal governmental recognition at all. /nations.html

Eligibility : First Nations defines Native American to include federal, state, and non-recognized Indian tribes; Alaska Native tribes, villages, or groups; Native Hawaiian groups, and indigenous groups from U.S. territories and possessions.
Eligibility : Proposals are sought from public and private educational institutions, museums, federally recognized Indian tribes, private nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, and private industry.
The ESF will not fund organizational core support; scholarships; construction and renovation activities; capital or endowment campaigns; major equipment; media campaigns or programs except as part of an overall project; lobbying activities; research activities without practical development application; litigation; and, activities that have already taken place. /unit/nai/grants.htm

 National Model United Nations
The NMUN is a program of the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA), a non-governmental organization of the United Nations as well as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of the United States.
The National Model United Nations conference (NMUN) is the world’s largest university-level simulation of the United Nations.
NMUN annually educates more than 3,200 students (50% from outside the United States) about the United Nations and other contemporary international issues.

 Nations that recognized Biafra--Friends of Biafra
We resist the temptation to excerpt or summarize the thinking of the leadership and citizens of these countries who showed courage and vision in recognizing the right of the people of Biafra to self-determinism.
Sovereign National Conference (with Honesty) --a three-part essay.
So, we take you back 34 years or so, and let you read and decide for yourself what it was really all about, through the eyes and words of Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Zambia. /nations_that_recognized_biafra.htm

 American Indian Studies
Non-Federally Recognized Indian Tribes Provides a state by state listing of all non-federally recognized American Indian tribes in the United States.
Indian Circle is a ring connecting the internet web pages of federally recognized Indian Tribe.
The history of the Taino Nation of the Caribbean from October 11, 1492 to the present. /projects/ais

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