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Topic: Norman Lamont

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  EMU Norman Lamont William Cash
Lamont explained that he had perceived no benefit to Britain from monetary union, that political union will deprive the country of its independence, and that the European Parliament is an expensive and pernicious talking shop whose ultitnate aim is the destruction of national parliamentary democracy.
Lamont was said to be embittered, angry, finished.
Norman Lamont was the first senior politician to speak the unspeakable: If Britain is getting nothing out of its membership in the EU, if the future is dire economically, if it imperils the very essence of democracy, then we must think seriously about the possibility of leaving.
www.internetional.se /emunorla.html   (968 words)

  Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont was Conservative MP for Kingston upon Thames from 1972 until 1997.
Lamont was born in the Shetland Islands in 1942 and was educated at Loretto School and Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.
Lamont came to the view that Major had sought his survival in office as a firebreak against the criticism of the ERM policy rebounding on himself.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/no/Norman_Lamont.html   (594 words)

 Norman Lamont - One Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, Baron Lamont of Lerwick, PC, was Conservative MP for Kingston upon Thames from 1972 until 1997.
Lamont was born in the Shetland Islands in 1942 and was educated at Loretto School and Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, where he was President of the Cambridge Union Society in 1964.
In boundary changes enacted for the 1997 General Election Lamont's constituency of Kingston upon Thames was merged with the larger Surbiton and Lamont lost the contest for the candidacy for the new seat to the incumbant Surbiton MP.
www.onelang.com /encyclopedia/index.php/Norman_Lamont   (796 words)

 Clan Lamont
It is an old and accredited tradition in the Highlands, that the Lamonds or Lamonts were the most ancient proprietors of Cowal, and that the Stewarts, Maclauchlans, and Campbells obtained possession of their property in that district by marriage with daughters of the family.
Lamont had not forgotten him, and he took him in, gave him a home for years, and when he died, buried him with all the honour due to his rank in the little graveyard about the chapel of St. Mary on the farm of Toward-an-Uilt, where his resting place was long pointed out.
Colonel Lamont is the author of a brochure on the Lamont tartan, which has attracted wide notice among students of these things, and is of the deepest interest to the clan.
www.electricscotland.com /webclans/htol/lamont2.html   (3000 words)

 New Statesman - The New Statesman Profile - The Major/Lamont relationship
Lamont, then chief secretary to the Treasury, was meant to be tucked up in his room at the Tory conference in Bournemouth, conducting bilaterals with the spending ministers.
Lamont flirted with the Bow Group when it was still a vaguely "left-wing" organisation within the Tory hierarchy, but he was always on the right of the party.
Lamont, for his part, thought that Major was excessively optimistic and he told Major's biographer Anthony Seldon - or at least gave him the impression - that he felt that he, Lamont, was not trusted.
www.newstatesman.com /199910040012   (1544 words)

 BBC Online - On The Record - Interviews
NORMAN LAMONT: I accept that confidence is a vital ingredient for the progress of the economy.
LAMONT: Don't underestimate the change that has occurred in monetary policy, that takes time to have an effect, but to describe that as peanuts would be grotesque, it is hugely significant.
LAMONT: Well, you're quite right to say that borrowing is a worrying feature of the present situation and any Chancellor must always have an eye on what borrowing is doing to the stock of debt, the national debt, of the country and the longer a recession goes on, that adds to borrowing.
www.bbc.co.uk /otr/intext92-93/Lamont15.11.92.html   (4012 words)

 Who's Who in Glasgow in 1909: NORMAN LAMONT [ebook chapter] / George Eyre-Todd, 1909   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
James Lamont of Knockdow, a branch of the Lamonts of Cowal.
On the elevation of the latter, in 1905, to be Lord-President of the Court of Session, Mr.
Lamont tried again, and won the seat against the Solicitor-General (now Lord Salvesen); and once more, in 1906, he kept the seat against the attack of the Unionist, Mr.
gdl.cdlr.strath.ac.uk /eyrwho/eyrwho1106.htm   (216 words)

 Amazon.fr : Sovereign Britain: Livres en anglais: Norman Lamont   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Norman Lamont was the Chancellor of the Exchequer who fought in 1991-92 to keep Britain inside the European monetary system, and who in 1995 is now its most vociferous critic.
In this book Lamont reveals how, in his view, Britain had lost control of her own economic policy, and how Europe had convinced him from the inside that never again must Britain allow its affairs to be run by France, Germany or anyone but itself.
Lamont is the leading Conservative to think the unthinkable - that Britain may yet have to come out of the European Union.
www.amazon.fr /Sovereign-Britain-Norman-Lamont/dp/0715627007   (382 words)

 Sean Lamont's Homepage
Clan Lamont is one of the oldest of Scottish clans, with an oral tradition of descent stretching back to the Kings of Ireland.
Colin Lamont (1754-1851) a famous Astronomer, Major General John Lamont, (1773-1829) 19th Chief, Thomas W. Lamont Wall Street financier, John Swainson (1926-1994) Governor of Michigan 1960's, and Norman Lamont British Chancellor of the Exchequer in the early 1990's are just a few examples.
Mary Lamont was able to flee with her sons to Northern Ireland, changing her and her sons' surnames as they hid from Campbell retribution.
slamont.tripod.com /index.html   (2470 words)

 Lamont Faces Tories: Which Way Now?
Norman Lamont, the chancellor of the Exchequer, faces the biggest trial of his already tumultuous career on Thursday as he attempts to reassure the Conservative Party faithful at their annual conference that he does at last have an economic policy.
Lamont had two basic choices: The chancellor can try to preserve the ground gained in the battle against inflation, cutting interest rates only cautiously, or he can make a headlong dash for growth, slashing the cost of borrowing and letting the pound settle - or sink - where it may.
Lamont is also immersed in crucial battles to keep public-sector spending within strict limits, intricate battles which any successor would be ill-equipped to advance.
www.iht.com /articles/1992/10/08/lamo.php   (832 words)

 Lord Lamont | GCMT
Norman Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) from l990-l993 and introduced three Budgets.
Currently Lord Lamont, as well as being a working Peer, is a director of, and a consultant to a number of companies in the financial sector.
Prior to becoming a MP Norman Lamont was an Investment Banker with N M Rothschild and Sons.
www.gcmt2006.com /lamont   (426 words)

 Amazon.de: In Office: English Books: Norman Lamont   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Norman Lamont had good reason to describe his time in office.
Through the eyes of Norman Lamont, John Major's Chancellor of the Exchequer, this volume recounts the events leading up to the drama of Black Wednesday - the day the Bank of England lost billions unsuccessfully defending the pound - and reveals what really happened that day.
Norman Lamont addresses these and other questions in his account of the Major years.
www.amazon.de /Office-Norman-Lamont/dp/0751530581   (588 words)

 CD Baby: NORMAN LAMONT: The Wolf Who Snared the Moon - from jammindave
Norman Lamont, hailing originally from Ayr (the West Coast Sound is in his blood), has been living in Edinburgh since 1990.
Norman Lamont and the Innocents continue to appear regularly at various Edinburgh songwriter' venues.
Norman's eclectic songs have a dark side yet his lyrics are clever ranging from straightforward to mysterious.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/nlamont/from/jammindave   (456 words)

 History of the Lamont Clan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The seat of the chiefs of the clan (styled the Lamont of Lamont) was at Castle Toward, opposite Rothesay Bay, south of Dunoon.
Some Lamonts, however, moved to Aberdeenshire and John Lamont from Braemar became professor of astronomy in Munich in the middle of the 19th century.
In more recent times, Norman Lamont was a Chancellor of the Exhequer in Margaret Thatcher's government and famously took the UK out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.
www.rampantscotland.com /clans/blclanlamont.htm   (462 words)

 Norman Lamont
Lord Lamont of Lerwick was an MP for 25 years, serving Kingston upon Thames.
Lord Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1990 - 1993 and prior to that held the post of Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
From the right wing of the Conservative Party, Lord Lamont advocated free enterprise and is an acknowledged expert on European Monetary Union and global trade.
www.cmmol.net /norman_lamont.htm   (92 words)

A second-tier Russian bank has appointed former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Norman Lamont, as head of its supervisory board to spearhead efforts to help fine-tune the bank's management style ahead of a possible flotation.
Lamont, who served as British chancellor from 1990 to 1993, is infamous for his role in the Black Wednesday crisis of September 1992.
Lamont's political connections remain strong, as the new head of Britain's Conservative Party, David Cameron, who is referred to as "Lamont's young protege," served under him in Prime Minister John Major's government.
www.bhhrg.org /mediaDetails.asp?ArticleID=829   (394 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: In Office: Books: Norman Lamont   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Norman Lamont had good reason to describe his time in office.
Naturally, the crucial and most interesting period is the period immediately before and after Black Wednesday, where he provides a fascinating account of a day of interest rate rises that ended with the pound coming out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism and in the humiliation of the Government and of Norman Lamont.
Whether Norman Lamont will so swiftly win back his own reputation is another matter.
www.amazon.co.uk /Office-Norman-Lamont/dp/0751530581   (773 words)

 WebWire® | Lord Lamont joins Uniastrum
Lord Norman Lamont has agreed to chair advisory board of Uniastrum - one of the most dynamic retail banks in Russia.
The Right Honourable Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, Baron Lamont of Lerwick, PC was Conservative MP for Kingston upon Thames from 1972 until 1997, and was in the Cabinets of Margaret Thatcher and John Major.
I am delighted by Lord Lamont’s decision to join Uniastrum in advisory capacity — his vast experience in corporate governance is an invaluable asset to us — says George Piskov, chairman of the board at Uniastrum.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=8046   (287 words)

 Out of the Bedroom: Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont With a new CD to plug he launched into "Call Back, Fall Back" that had a traditional sounding guitar backing which showed his immense playing talent off fantastically.
Norman's witty repartee introduced the next song "This Horse", again accompanied by Lynsey playing a bass part on a guitar (by this point we were wondering if she'd ever leave the stage).
Norman Lamont, losing his Innocents (ouch!), was the only performer this evening who played at the 1st OOTB show last November.
www.outofthebedroom.co.uk /newootb/performers/norman_lamont.htm   (809 words)

 Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont marks the release of his highly anticipated debut album 'The Wolf Who Snared The Moon'.
Lamont, a considerable force on the Edinburgh acoustic music scene, offers a fine selection of well crafted and intricate compositions.
Drawing a wide range of audiences, Norman Lamont's songs are quirky but instantly memorable, bearing lyrics that are by turns funny, articulate and spiritual.
www.unsignedbandweb.com /music/bands/972   (152 words)

 Norman Lamont at Independent Artists Company (IAC)
Edinburgh songwriter Norman Lamont has just released his debut album The Wolf Who Snared the Moon on his own Habibi label – a collection of witty and reflective songs with quirky, genre-hopping arrangements.
Lamont puts its style-hopping nature down to the early influence of the Incredible String Band at one extreme and Fripp and Eno's sonic experiments on the other.
Lamont has been well-known on the Edinburgh songwriter scene for a number of years.
iacmusic.com /artist.aspx?ID=12844   (368 words)

 Amazon.com: "Norman Lamont": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
(In his lecture Norman Lamont explains why he took a different view after ster- ling's departure from the ERM twenty-five years later.) Callaghan was replaced...
Norman Lamonts Chancellorship was memorable for the onset of the severe recession of 1990 to 1992 ^ the second major recession under...
Against this operating code, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont, was judged a failure and liability, not least by his own Whitehall officials.
www.amazon.com /phrase/Norman-Lamont   (472 words)

 LRB | R.W. Johnson : Nerds, Rabbits and a General Lack of Testosterone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Norman Lamont, who served continuously at the Treasury from 1986 to 1993 - a period when first Lawson and then Major consistently argued for the ERM - tries hard to pretend that he was too busy dealing with the fairies at the bottom of the garden to notice any of it.
Major and Lamont had spent two years telling everyone - you might just about guess this if you read Major but you'd never suspect from Lamont's account - that ERM membership was roughly as necessary as oxygen and as inevitable as gravity.
Mortally offended by Lamont, he told a room full of people that he wanted Britain out of the ERM because he no longer wanted to be in any arrangement which brought him into contact with the Brits and, more specifically, with Norman Lamont.
www.londonreviewofbooks.com /v21/n24/john01_.html   (2706 words)

 After dinner speakers, public speakers UK, after dinner speakers UK, UK after dinner speakers
Norman Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1990-1993 and introduced three Budgets.
Today Norman Lamont is a strong vocal opponent of further European integration and of Britain joining the Euro.
He is a director of RAB Capital (a hedge fund company), Scottish Re (a reinvestment company quoted on the New York Stock Exchange), Balli plc (a commodities trading house), and he is an adviser to Rotch Property.
www.krugercowne.com /lord_lamont.html   (468 words)

 Dhimmi Watch: Dhimmitude from Lord Norman Lamont
The former British chancellor of the exchequer, Lord Norman Lamont, has criticized the French headscarf ban in a speech in Pakistan.
Lamont talked some sense about Islamic terrorism, but then lapsed into nonsense.
Lord Norman should look again at the history of dhimmitude, as I outline it in Onward Muslim Soldiers and as has been amply documented by the renowned historian Bat Ye'or in her books The Dhimmi, The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam, and Islam and Dhimmitude.
www.jihadwatch.org /dhimmiwatch/archives/000910.php   (711 words)

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