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Topic: North Ayrshire

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Ayrshire & West Golf Vacation Packages and Golf Holidays
Ayrshire offers a chance for visitors to contrast island life with that of the mainland.
Ayrshire has historic castles and country parks, award winning museums and heritage centres, plus forty-four golf courses.
Ayrshire and the town of Ayr is particularly associated with Robert Burns and you can visit his birthplace - the Burns' Cottage and Museum - situated in nearby Alloway.
www.golfsmithtravel.com /-pl-13-dest-SLAY-.htm   (0 words)

 [No title]
People's Network Learning Centres in North Ayrshire Libraries
Books and Reading in North Ayrshire Libraries and on the Web,
North Ayrshire Library online computer guides and courses
www.ers.north-ayrshire.gov.uk /Onlinesitemap.htm   (85 words)

  Largs and North Ayrshire FHS - Largs & North Ayrshire
It lies opposite the North end of Great Cumbrae island on the River Clyde.
The town is famed for a battle in 1263 when the Vikings, attempting to land from a fleet of longboats, were repulsed by the army of Alexander III.
North Ayshire comprises the area of Scotland corresponding to that of the former District of Cunningham in Strathclyde Region, together with the islands of Arran and the two Cumbraes.
www.largsnafhs.org.uk /largsna.htm   (106 words)

  North Ayrshire Business Locations Relocation Statistics
North Ayrshire's economic performance has proved an attractive option for inward investment - as a business location it provides quality infrastructure access to the European market and a highly educated and skilled workforce.
Investing in North Ayrshire has proved to be a successful inward investment decision for many of our existing companies, please select from the drop down box to find out some interesting statistics on North Ayrshire.
• The Ayrshire trend is upwards from 46% in 1992/93 to 49% in 1997/98.
www.northayrshire.com /stats.htm   (725 words)

  North Ayrshire - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
North Ayrshire, unitary authority, west-central Scotland, bordered on the west and north-west by Argyll and Bute unitary authority, on the north by...
Ayrshire North and Arran, United Kingdom parliamentary constituency in western-central Scotland, newly created at the 2005 general election owing to...
Troon, town in South Ayrshire, on the south-western coast of Scotland.
uk.encarta.msn.com /North_Ayrshire.html   (108 words)

 Ayrshire Paths - history, golf, walking, cycling and Robert Burns all in Ayrshire, Scotland
Ayrshire is located on the picturesque West Coast of Scotland, just half an hour from the City of Glasgow.
Ayrshire is managed by three local authorities: North Ayrshire Council, East Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council.
Together with Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire and Scottish Natural Heritage these partners in the Ayrshire Paths initiative are each committed to developing and maintaining the pathways throughout Ayrshire for the benefit of tourists and residents.
www.ayrshirepaths.org.uk /about.htm   (756 words)

 New Homes: New North Ayrshire property developments.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Finding new North Ayrshire homes for sale by property developers, and in other parts of the UK, is quick and simple with our easy-to-use search facility.
North Ayrshire property developers will often sell all or part of their development before it is completed.
It also means you avoid North Ayrshire estate agents and their advertising costs, and you can move quickly without any hassle or delay.
www.newhomes.co.uk /North_Ayrshire   (1245 words)

 North Ayrshire definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
North Ayrshire definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
North Ayr·shire council area in west-central Scotland that includes the Isle of Arran.
Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © and (P)2007 Microsoft Corporation.
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_561505782/North_Ayrshire.html   (77 words)

 North Ayrshire and Arran
This District covers the north-west corner of Ayrshire with a variety of industries ranging from fishing on the coast to heavy engineering and chemicals and the Isle of Arran.
Covering the towns of Skelmorlie in the North of the County to Irvine in the south and including Largs, West Kilbride, Seamill, Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Kilwinning, Beith, Dalry.
The furthest north of the Ayrshire Groups is based in Skelmorlie and has a Beaver Scout Colony, 2 Cub Scout packs, a Scout Troop.
www.mcintyre.demon.co.uk /naandarran.htm   (434 words)

 Disclaimer & Privacy Statement :: Information :: North Ayrshire Council
Both the user and The North Ayrshire Council undertake to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and all other relevant legislation, guidelines and codes of practice as may be developed from time to time.
Completion of any application or form obtained from this website, or the return of such to The North Ayrshire Council shall not imply the grant of any consent of license by the Council, nor shall it be deemed to create contractual relationships in every case.
Such material may be viewed, or copied and distributed to third parties provided that the source of the material is clearly acknowledged.
www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk /na/Information.nsf/index/F2B2EF2EF522AABB80256F0F0041CF1C?OpenDocument   (451 words)

 Business Directory North Ayrshire - UK
This is a North Ayrshire directory provided by FreeIndex.co.uk, your free UK Business Directory.
North Ayrshire Commercials is a UK company that specialises in light commercial vehicle sales, van valeting and...
Ayrshire Hypnosis and Therapy Clinic is a hypnotherapy practice specialising in smoking cessation.
www.freeindex.co.uk /Scotland/North_Ayrshire   (281 words)

 North Ayrshire & Arran   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He has stood for election to North Ayrshire council on four occasions, latterly losing by just 24 votes whilst forcing the Labour incumbents into third place.
In 2003 he held the position of Chairman for the North Paisley Conservative Association and he led the 2001 General Election campaign in the Anniesland area of Glasgow.
Colin has lived on the Isle Of Arran for the past 17 years and as a social worker for 25 years is accutely aware of housing shortages, poverty and deprivation.
www.alba.org.uk /nextge/northayrshire.html   (485 words)

 North ayrshire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The ayrshire is over pounds of milk records of the ayrshire history website.
Breed characteristics ayrshires only produce at a how to improved the north ayrshire details of the authors.
In two ayrshire is held by lette farms bettys.
ayrshire.lipostem.org /north-ayrshire.html   (359 words)

 North Ayrshire Accommodation in Largs, Irvine, Seamill, Kilwinning, Beith, Dalry, Saltcoats
This North Ayrshire Accommodation section will list every North Ayrshire Accommodation on each relevant section.
You can contact each North Ayrshire Accommodation reception direct via online enquiry form or by phone call.
We hope that you have found our North Ayrshire accommodation guide interesting and informative.
www.ga-taxis.co.uk /northayrshire.html   (225 words)

 North Ayrshire Map, Map of North Ayrshire | infohub.com
Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of North Ayrshire as well as a wealth of information on the subject of North Ayrshire maps.
This "maps of North Ayrshire" page will be updated frequently, so visit early and visit often.
A fine, comprehensive map illustrating the borders of the district and its major cities.
www.infohub.com /Maps/north_ayrshire_map_3695.html   (117 words)

 South Ayrshire Child Protection - Information Sharing Protocol   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Information sharing between the Ayrshire partner agencies is vital to the provision of co-ordinated and seamless health and social care services.
This Protocol exists to ensure that information can be shared in a way which satisfies both the legal and professional obligations of the Parties and their respective staff, and the legitimate expectations of service users.
It should be noted that staff within NHS Ayrshire and Arran must adhere to the principles and recommendations within the Caldicott Review and that patient identifiable information may only be shared on a strict ‘need to know’ basis.
www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk /childprotection/sharing.htm   (5140 words)

 North Ayrshire Commercials   (Site not responding. Last check: )
North Ayrshire Commercials sell high quality vehicles at competitive prices throughout the United Kingdom.
North Ayrshire Commercials specialise in one-owner vehicles, ensuring that you get a well cared-for vehicle that will give years of good service.
North Ayrshire Commercials also offers this service for your existing vehicles.
northayrshirecommercials.co.uk /index.html   (166 words)

 NORTH AYRSHIRE TABLE TENNIS CLUB -- sponsored by Bribar Table Tennis and North Ayrshire Leisure   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NORTH AYRSHIRE TABLE TENNIS CLUB -- sponsored by Bribar Table Tennis and North Ayrshire Leisure
NATTC set this website up to let the members and table tennis players in the Ayrshire area know about the progress and players of the club.
The club was formed in March 2004 and has now got over 60 members.
www.freewebs.com /northayrshiretabletennisclub   (152 words)

 North Ayrshire Libraries Junior Book Groups   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On Monday 10 July members of North Ayrshire’s Junior Book Groups met at the new Irvine Library.
The intention was to allow the youngsters from the four groups – Ardrossan, Beith, Kilbirnie and Saltcoats – to meet each other and share their views about the books they had read during the previous year.
The afternoon was a great success and all of the children were impressed with the Children’s section of the new Irvine Library.
www.learning-north-ayrshire.com /bookspacebookgroupshome.htm   (171 words)

 North Ayrshire Commercials
Your privacy is important to North Ayrshire Commercials.
North Ayrshire Commercials therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy and will not be held to any prices listed on this site.
If you are unsure, contact North Ayrshire Commercials on 01505 850 049.
www.northayrshirecommercials.co.uk /contact.html   (126 words)

 AA NHS: NHS Ayrshire & Arran Addiction Services & East, North & South Ayrshire Councils launch research project with ...
NHS Ayrshire & Arran Addiction Services in collaboration with East, North and South Ayrshire Councils are launching an 18-month study investigating the relationships between single homelessness, alcohol, substance misuse and mental health.
During 2004/2005 more than 3,900 homeless applications were made in Ayrshire & Arran, of which more than 2,500 were applications as single homeless adults.
Olga Clayton, Head of Housing at North Ayrshire Council, added: "Tackling homelessness means tackling its underlying causes.
www.nhsayrshireandarran.com /view_item.aspx?item_id=2711   (452 words)

 Ayrshire North and Arran - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ayrshire North and Arran - Search Results - MSN Encarta
See all search results in Encarta Multimedia (92)
Get more results for "Ayrshire North and Arran"
uk.encarta.msn.com /Ayrshire_North_and_Arran.html   (119 words)

 James Watt College, Scotland. Maps & Directions - North Ayrshire Campus, Kilwinning.
For detailed directions visit the AA Route Planner or enter your postcode below to get directions to the North Ayrshire campus from the Google Maps website.
Kilwinning railway station is within easy walking distance of the North Ayrshire Campus.
The nearest airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport, is a mere 15 minute drive from Kilwinning, allowing easy access for both domestic and international flights.
www.jameswatt.ac.uk /info/maps-nac.asp   (284 words)

 North Ayrshire hotels or guest houses, North Ayrshire bed & breakfasts or Farmhouses - North Ayrshire, UK
North Ayrshire hotels, North Ayrshire guest houses, North Ayrshire bed and breakfasts, North Ayrshire self catering - look no further than this site!
With every conceivable type of landscape, from rolling hills to dramatic coastlines, mountains, forests and woodlands to moorlands, from green fields to long sandy beaches, why not experience Ayrshires great outdoors.
For the keen outdoors enthusiast and for those seeking more passive activities, Ayrshire offers almost every type of activity one can think of.
www.placestostayintheuk.co.uk /docs/counties/northayrshire.asp   (149 words)

 Forestry Commission - Arran (Scotland - North Ayrshire)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Forestry Commission - Arran (Scotland - North Ayrshire)
Varied levels of walks provide the perfect background to enjoy the scenery, wildlife and history of "Scotland in miniature".
Ferries from Ardrossan (Ayrshire) to Brodick and Claonaig (Argyll) to Lochranza.
www.forestry.gov.uk /website/recreati.nsf/LUWebDocsByKey/ScotlandNorthAyrshireArran   (168 words)

 North Ayrshire Gaelic Forum: Promoting gaelic language and culture in north ayrshire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
North Ayrshire Gaelic Forum: Promoting gaelic language and culture in north ayrshire
Promoting Gaelic language and culture in North Ayrshire.
Gaelic is alive and in good heart in North Ayrshire!
www.e-ayrshire.co.uk /local/nagf   (53 words)

 Hillwalking in Goat Fell,Isle of Arran,North Ayrshire nr village of Brodick
Hillwalking in Goat Fell,Isle of Arran,North Ayrshire nr village of Brodick
Goat Fell - Isle of Arran, North Ayrshire
Well, Another one day trip with a spot of exercise included is a trip to the Isle of Arran.
www.conneryscottishwalks.co.uk /goatfell.html   (159 words)

 Ayrshire JSU - Publications
Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan - Growing a Sustainable Ayrshire document
Ayrshire and Clyde Valley Windfarm Landscape Capacity Study (Summary)
Ayrshire and Clyde Valley Windfarm Landscape Capacity Study (Text)
www.ayrshire-jsu.gov.uk /publications.html   (212 words)

 North Ayrshire Hotels - Scotland Hotels
Located in the heart of Ayrshire, the Thistle Irvine is easily accessible by all major road and rail links.
Malcolm and Karen Simpson would like to introduce you to their new modern restaurant, bar and 40 bedroomed hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland.
Unwind amidst magnificent scenery ~ 'Scotland in Miniature'.
www.touruk.co.uk /hotels/hotels-north-ayrshire.htm   (139 words)

 Tutors in North Ayrshire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You can view the list of tutors in North Ayrshire and the rest of west Scotland without the navigation aids by clicking on the link.
North Ayrshire tutors cover subjects including Mathematics (Maths), Chemistry, and Physics.
Many students struggling in a large class respond much better in one to one situation.
www.aplustutors.co.uk /scotland/northayrshire   (51 words)

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