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Topic: North Carolina

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  North Carolina State University :: Welcome to North Carolina State University
North Carolina State University :: Welcome to North Carolina State University
North Carolina State University Website Quicklinks Navigation and Search:
North Carolina State University   Raleigh, NC 27695   Phone: (919) 515-2011
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It is bounded on the north by Virginia, east and south-east by the Atlantic Ocean, south by South Carolina and Georgia, and west and north-west by Tennessee.
The climate is generally equable, and North Carolina produces nearly all the crops grown in the United States with the exception of sub-tropical cane and fruits.
North Carolina was originally inhabited by various tribes of Indians, the three principal ones being the Tuscaroras in the east, the Catawbas in the centre, and the Cherokees in the west.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11108a.htm   (3218 words)

  North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
North Carolina is bordered by South Carolina on the south; Georgia on the southwest; Tennessee on the west; Virginia on the north; and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.
North Carolina consists of three main geographic sections: the coastal plain, which occupies the eastern 45% of the state; the Piedmont region, which contains the middle 35%; and the Appalachian Mountains and foothills, which take up the remaining 20% of the state in the west.
North Carolinians of Scots-Irish, Scottish and English ancestry are concentrated in the western mountains, coastal areas, and rural areas of the central Piedmont.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/North_Carolina   (4409 words)

 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also known as Carolina, North Carolina, UNC-CH, or simply UNC, the university is the oldest public institution of higher education in the United States and is part of the University of North Carolina System.
The University of North Carolina was chartered by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1789.
As a result, the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina was renamed the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and the University of North Carolina itself became the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_North_Carolina_at_Chapel_Hill   (3636 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
NORTH CAROLINA, one of the South Atlantic states of the U.S., bordered on the N by Virginia, on the E by the Atlantic Ocean, on the S by South Carolina and Georgia, and on the W by Tennessee.
North Carolina has some of the most striking contrasts in physical geography of any state in the E half of the U.S. It has an area of 139,397 sq km (53,821 sq mi), making it the 28th largest of the U.S. states; 7.1% of its land area is owned by the federal government.
North Carolina is one of the least urbanized states in the nation; in 1990 about 50% of all North Carolinians lived in areas defined as urban and the rest lived in rural areas.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/states/northcarolina.html   (4248 words)

 North Carolina
The first European settlement in North Carolina is the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke Island that vanished sometime after 1587.
North Carolina is the northern portion of the original 1629 land grant made by England's King Charles I, which was named in his honor (Carolus is Latin for Charles).
North Carolina joined the Union in 1789 and is the 12th of the original 13 states.
www.americaslibrary.gov /cgi-bin/page.cgi/es/nc   (93 words)

 Introduction to North Carolina - The United States of America
And with her mild winters and comfortable summers, North Carolina is a great place to live, and a very attractive place to visit again and again.
Carolina was named to honor Charles IX of France and then Charles I and Charles II of England.
North Carolina was the 12th state to enter the Union and the North Carolina Commemorative Quarter is the 12th to be released in the series.
www.netstate.com /states/intro/nc_intro.htm   (853 words)

 North Carolina Apartments
North Carolina welcomes newcomers and rewards residents with gorgeous scenery, comfortable weather, a reasonable cost of living and a strong sense of community.
North Carolina's overall cost of living is 4% below the national average, making this a fairly affordable state for people to consider when looking for apartments.
North Carolina's third largest city, Greensboro enjoys a lower cost of living and fewer big-city attributes than Charlotte and Raleigh, but there's no lack of cultural activities and interesting destinations for its 235,000 residents.
www.rent.com /rentals/north-carolina   (831 words)

 NorthCarolina.com - North Carolina Barbeque: A Primer
Perhaps North Carolina's finest contribution to international cuisine, the peculiar institution known as Barbecue is one of those Tarheel hotspots that is often misunderstood by folks outside our borders.
In an effort to clarify the subject, it is necessary to draw a distinction between the roast meat served in North Carolina and elsewhere.
The hog roast, or "pig pickin'", is perhaps the heart of North Carolina culinary culture.
www.northcarolina.com /stories/bbq.html   (1828 words)

 The North Carolina Quarter - The United States Mint
The North Carolina quarter, the 12th in the series and the second quarter to be released in the 2001 series, highlights the famous 1903 photograph of the "First Flight."
The North Carolina quarter commemorates the historic feat that took place on December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina with the first successful flight of a heavier-than-air, self-propelled flying machine.
The Department established the North Carolina Commemorative Coin Committee, which consisted of members from the State Department of Cultural Resources, the Division of Archives and History, as well as coin collectors.
www.usmint.gov /mint_programs/50sq_program/states/index.cfm?state=NC   (268 words)

 North Carolina Democratic Party
The collaborative effort was announced as exceptional drought, the worst level in the four-category system, spread to more than half of North Carolina’s 100 counties.
Without the increases in the bill, North Carolina will be short $61 million next year, the amount needed to cover 30,000 children, as federal money will run out.
North Carolina was the third state to pass this legislation.
www.ncdp.org   (1437 words)

 North Carolina Real Estate - Homes for Sale Listings, Realtors in North Carolina
In North Carolina Sir Walter Raliegh established the first English settlement, Fort Raleigh and the Wright Brothers flew the first controlled airplane in the town of Kitty Hawk.
North Carolina stretches east from Manteo to the western border Murphy and is 560 miles long, making it the longest state east of the Mississippi.
Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the East, Tennessee on the West, Virginia to the North and South Carolina and Georgia to the South, North Carolina is divided into three distinct geographic areas: the Mountains, the Heartland, often called the Piedmont, and the Coast.
www.househunt.com /north-carolina   (293 words)

 Licensure - Frequently Asked Questions
In some cases, North Carolina grade levels differ from those on the license you hold from a reciprocal state, and such a difference may be reflected on your license.
Certain requirements specific to North Carolina, such as the Praxis Series testing requirement, are not covered by reciprocity and must be met before a clear North Carolina license can be issued.
Out-of-state applicants who are eligible for a North Carolina license but not employed in a North Carolina school, are issued a 5-year license or a one-year temporary license to meet deficiencies, e.g., test scores or credits to establish a renewal cycle..
www.ncpublicschools.org /licensure/lifaq.htm   (1500 words)

 The Constitution of North Carolina
North Carolina has had three Constitutions in her history as a State: the Constitution of 1776, the Constitution of 1868, and the Constitution of 1971.
These amendments restored biennial sessions of the General Assembly, transferred control of the University of North Carolina from the State Board of Education to the General Assembly, abolished various new state offices, altered the double office-holding prohibition, and repealed the prohibition against repudiation of the state debt.
The former provisions dealing with The University of North Carolina were broadened into a statement of the General Assembly's duty to maintain a system of higher education.
statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us /nc/stgovt/preconst.htm   (6110 words)

 North Carolina Travel, Vacations, and Map of NC | GORP
North Carolina Travel, Vacations, and Map of NC
Ten perfect pitches in the hills, by the lakes, and on the coast of North and South Carolina.
Roundup of summer activities in North Carolina's mountains.
gorp.away.com /gorp/location/nc/nc.htm   (198 words)

 North Carolina Cooperative Extension: Home
North Carolina Cooperative Extension is based at North Carolina's two land-grant institutions, NC State University and NC AandT State University, in all 100 counties and on the Cherokee Reservation.
North Carolina Cooperative Extension gives our residents easy access to the resources and expertise of NC State University and NC A&T State University.
Information from North Carolina Cooperative Extension specialists and agents designed to help agricultural producers and others deal with drought conditions in North Carolina has been compiled and is now available online.
www.ces.ncsu.edu   (309 words)

 North Carolina Vacations - State Of North Carolina - North Carolina Hotels
North Carolina’s capital city has the largest research park in the United States, the Research Triangle Park.
Another popular city in North Carolina for visitors is Charlotte which has the famous Hearst Tower that includes Hearst Publishing and is one of the tallest buildings in the state of North Carolina.
The final popular city in North Carolina is Wilmington which has excellent scenery with an interesting history.
www.northcarolinahotelfinder.com   (632 words)

 University of North Carolina
The University of North Carolina has a rich heritage of academic excellence.
Chartered in 1789, UNC was the first public university in the United States and the only one to graduate students in the eighteenth century.
Today, UNC is a multi-campus university composed of all 16 of North Carolina's public institutions that grant baccalaureate degrees, as well as the NC School of Science and Mathematics, the nation's first public residential high school for gifted students.
www.northcarolina.edu   (133 words)

 North Carolina: History, Geography, Population, and State Facts — Infoplease.com
The region was established as an English proprietary colony in 1663–1665 and in its early history was the scene of Culpepper's Rebellion (1677), the Quaker-led Cary Rebellion (1708), the Tuscarora Indian War (1711–1713), and many pirate raids.
North Carolina is the nation's largest furniture, tobacco, brick, and textile producer.
North American urban history: the everyday politics and spatial logics of metropolitan life.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0108254.html   (362 words)

 ESPN.com: North Carolina Tar Heels Football Clubhouse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Two of Branden Ore's three touchdowns were set up by Virginia Tech's dominating defense and special teams in the 16th-ranked Hokies' 35-10 victory over North Carolina on Saturday.
Ray Rice rushed for 201 yards and a career-high three touchdowns, and Rutgers withstood a late scare from North Carolina and beat the Tar Heels 21-16 Saturday.
North Carolina's Jesse Holley (9) is tripped up by Virginia Tech's D.J. Parker during a football game Saturday,...
sports-att.espn.go.com /ncf/clubhouse?teamId=153   (262 words)

 North Carolina Lodging north carolina bed and breakfast north carolina cabins north carolina cabin rental north ...
North Carolina Bed and Breakfast, North Carolina cabins, and North Carolina cottages from The Hawkesdene House in Andrews, North Carolina.
North Carolina cabin rentals are not all the same.
This is truly one of the best places to rent a cabin or a cottage and don’t forget our North Carolina bed and breakfast offers a great time for the whole family.
www.hawkesdene.com   (371 words)

 North Carolina Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
North Carolina (base map) JPEG format (774K) County boundaries and names, county seats, rivers.
North Carolina (reference map) JPEG format (220K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways.
North Carolina (reference map) PDF format (223K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways.
www.lib.utexas.edu /maps/north_carolina.html   (395 words)

 North Carolina State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song
That the flag of North Carolinashall consist of a blue union, containing in the center thereof a white star with the letter N in gilt on the left and the letter C in gilt on the right of said star, the circle containing the same to be one-third the width of the union.
The fly of the flag shall consist of two equally proportioned bars; the upper bar to be red, the lower bar to be white; that the length of the bars horizontally shall be equal to the perpendicular length of the union, and the total length of the flag shall be one-third more than its width.
Topography: Image Coastal plains and tidewater in two-fifths of state, extending to the fall line of the rivers; piedmont plateau, another two-fifths, of gentle to rugged hills; southern Appalachian Mountains contain Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains.
www.50states.com /ncarolin.htm   (391 words)

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