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Topic: North Vietnam

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In the News (Thu 13 Jun 19)

  North Vietnam information - Search.com
North Vietnam's capital was Hanoi and it was ruled by a Communist government allied with the Soviet Union and China.
During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam largely controlled the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLF, also known as the Viet Cong) who were fighting against the government of South Vietnam, and the United States.
North Vietnam invaded and occupied portions of its neighbors Laos and Cambodia.
www.search.com /reference/North_Vietnam   (0 words)

  North Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Non-communist South Vietnam was established in the southern part of the country, with its capital at Saigon.
North Vietnam's capital was Hanoi and it was ruled by a Communist government allied with the Soviet Union and China.
North Vietnam invaded and occupied portions of its neighbors Laos and Cambodia out of a combination of military necessity and a paternalistic attitude toward both countries.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/North_Vietnam   (615 words)

 Vietnam War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
North Vietnamese pilots and other specialized members of the PAVN often received training in the USSR or in North Korea, as did many of their Southern counterparts in Arizona or Hawaii.
Vietnam was a largely Buddhist nation (two-thirds were Buddhist in the Southern half), while Diệm and much of his administration were Roman Catholic, and Diệm was criticized as being out of touch with his citizens.
Vietnam's Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs released figures on April 3, 1995, reporting that 1.1 million fighters—Viet Cong guerrillas and North Vietnamese soldiers—and nearly 2 million civilians in the north and the south were killed between 1954 and 1975.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vietnam_War   (12849 words)

 MSN Encarta - Vietnam
Vietnam is bordered on the north by China, on the west by Laos and Cambodia, and on the south and east by the South China Sea.
This region is a fertile area of marshy flatland that stretches from the southern edge of the Central Highlands in the north to the mangrove swamps of the Ca Mau peninsula in the south.
Vietnam’s two major rivers are the Red River in the north and the Mekong River in the south, both of which are navigable for their entire lengths within Vietnam.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761552648/Vietnam.html   (948 words)

 Vietnam - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is bound by the South China Sea to the east, Laos and Cambodia to the west and China to the north.
North Vietnam is mountainous especially in the north and northwestern sections while the lowlands consist of the Red River Delta and the coastal plains.
North Vietnam is characterized by a hot and humid wet season from mid May to mid September as well as a warm and humid dry season from mid October to mid March with two short transition periods.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/vietnam.htm   (1820 words)

 Vietnam War
To frustrate North Vietnamese and Viet Cong efforts, and in part to "contain" China, the United States eventually fielded an army of over 500,000 men and engaged in extensive air and naval warfare against North Vietnam.
Nixon resumed bombing of North Vietnam in response to the North Vietnamese 1972 Easter offensive, and mined North Vietnamese ports and bombed Hanoi and Haiphong in late 1972.
South Vietnam's military defeat tended to obscure the crucial inability of this massive military enterprise to compensate for Saigon's political shortcomings.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/ops/vietnam.htm   (4344 words)

 Ho Chi Minh hero file
The 1883 treaty establishing Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) as a French protectorate is revoked and Vietnam is declared independent under Japanese tutelage.
In June the NLF forms the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam (PRG), which is immediately recognised by the DRV as the legitimate government of the South.
Vietnam is officially reunified as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 2 July 1976.
www.moreorless.au.com /heroes/ho.html   (4646 words)

 AII POW-MIA - Senate Select Committee 3I
In North Vietnam, 13 camps were used for permanent detention, eight outside of Hanoi and five within the city.
The American POWS were released from North Vietnam in four increments: the first two from the Hanoi Hilton, the third from the Plantation, and the fourth from the Zoo.
North Vietnam: In addition to the POWs released during Operation Homecoming, the list of 457 U.S. POWs contained the names of 23 servicemen reported by the North Vietnamese to have died in captivity.
www.aiipowmia.com /ssc/ssc31.html   (6165 words)

 Vietnam Yesterday & Today: Chronology of U.S. Vietnam Relations, Timeline
The armies of the U.S. and South Vietnam invade Cambodia to roust North Vietnamese troops.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, "The Wall," is dedicated in Washington, D.C. Vietnam begins cooperation with United States to resolve fate of American servicemen missing in action (MIA).
Vietnam's Le Van Bang is confirmed as Vietnam's ambassador to the United States.
servercc.oakton.edu /~wittman/chronol.htm   (2770 words)

 Vietnam War   (Site not responding. Last check: )
North Vietnam wanted to end U.S. support of South Vietnam and to unite the north and south into a single nation.
In 1946 Vietnam was part of the colony of French Indochina and the Vietnamese fought for their independence.
Communists saw the Vietnam War as an extension of their struggle with France, as another attempt by a foreign power to rule Vietnam, and as a war of national liberation.
www.42explore2.com /vietnam.htm   (1343 words)

 Nixon White House Considered Nuclear Options Against North Vietnam
Among the files on the Vietnam War were two documents that explicitly raise the question of nuclear weapons use in connection with military operations against North Vietnam.
The nuclear alert failed to intimidate either the North Vietnamese or the Soviets before the November 1 deadline, but it did have an unintended consequence: it caused the Chinese to go on alert-either in reaction to the U.S. alert or to steps the Soviets might have taken in response to the U.S. alert.
(Note 9) Whether, as with Vietnam, elements of the historic nuclear taboo prevent the Bush administration from using nuclear weapons in a "preemptive" attack on a presumptive adversary remains to be seen.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB195/index.htm   (3168 words)

 The History Place - Vietnam War 1969-1975
Although an upbeat President Nixon declares after the battle that "Vietnamization has succeeded," the failed offensive indicates true Vietnamization of the war may be difficult to achieve.
North Vietnam's Communist leaders also hope a successful offensive will harm Richard Nixon politically during this presidential election year in America, much as President Lyndon Johnson had suffered as a result of the 1968 Tet Offensive.
South Vietnam is considered to be one country with two governments, one led by President Thieu, the other led by Viet Cong, pending future reconciliation.
www.historyplace.com /unitedstates/vietnam/index-1969.html   (0 words)

 A Special Supplement: In North Vietnam - The New York Review of Books
The Premier agreed that North Vietnam is stronger than its neighbors in Indochina, but he vehemently dismissed any possibility of its dominating the region and rejected any thought of federation in the foreseeable future.
To understand just how remarkable is the achievement of development in North Vietnam, it is useful to return to some of the forecasts made by the most knowledgeable experts at the end of the First Indochina War.
In a world whose basic problem is surely the backwardness and penury of two thirds of the planet, the United States government—whatever excuses it may invoke—has systematically destroyed the economic infrastructure of one of the three or four "underdeveloped" countries which have seriously laid the foundations for their own industrialization….
www.nybooks.com /articles/10869   (0 words)

 Moïse's Bibliography: North Vietnam
The articles can give you a good idea of how North Vietnam was seen in the West in 1962, though in hindsight some of them do not seem to have been very accurate.
Strongly pro-Communist; the author was in North Vietnam from 1963 to 1965 as a correspondent for the French Communist Party newspaper l'Humanité.
The land reform of 1953-56 in North Vietnam, which was supposed to distribute the land of rich landlords to the poor peasants as private property, was botched in an astonishingly stupid and brutal fashion.
www.clemson.edu /caah/history/facultypages/EdMoise/north.html   (0 words)

 The First Online Vietnam Stamp Shop, Vietbay.com - North Vietnam :: North VN Banknote & Coin
North Vietnam 50 dong P-39 (1952) NQ-064 082-OG
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www.vietbay.com /shop/index.php?target=categories&category_id=156   (163 words)

 WHKMLA : History of North Vietnam, 1954-1975
Only North Vietnam was to be a coommunist country, ruled by the VIET MINH.
Vietnam was partitioned at the 18th degree northern latitude.
The North Vietnamese were not willing to accept the situation; the VIET CONG, a communist resistance organization was founded in South Vietnam, stringly supported from the north.
www.zum.de /whkmla/region/seasia/nvietnam19541975.html   (389 words)

 Communist Propaganda from North Vietnam Project
Vietnam Memories Includes powerful fl and white images taken by Neal Ulevich, AP photographer assigned to Vietnam 1970-75.
Vietnam Interactive Portfolio E. Kenneth Hoffman was a photo detachment supervisor in Pleiku (Central Highlands).
The Archive of the Vietnam Conflict at Texas Tech An archive dedicated to collecting, housing and preserving material related to the nation's Vietnam experience.
www.library.wisc.edu /guides/SEAsia/vnimage/vnintro.htm   (701 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Military (Hanoi'd with Jane)
Fonda, he said, became a traitor during the Vietnam War — a war in which "gunny" had served two tours and for which he had received three Purple Hearts (which is why he enjoyed training Navy corpsmen to be Marine Corps combat corpsmen — they'd saved his life a time or two).
My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam, whom I later buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border.
Whether or not you agreed with the war in Vietnam, whether you're a Vietnam vet or a former member of the protest movement, or whether you're too old or too young to have been there, the behavior of Jane Fonda towards our own military men is reprehensible beyond belief.
www.snopes.com /military/fonda.asp   (3332 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Vietnam   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vietnam is a densely-populated, developing country that in the last 30 years has had to recover from the ravages of war, the loss of financial support from the old Soviet Bloc, and the rigidities of a centrally-planned economy.
Vietnam's membership in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and entry into force of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade in December 2001 have led to even more rapid changes in Vietnam's trade and economic regime.
Vietnam is working to promote job creation to keep up with the country's high population growth rate.
www.cia.gov /cia/publications/factbook/geos/vm.html   (1475 words)

 The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 3, Chapter 2, "Military Pressures Against North Vietnam, February ...
Ambassador Taylor had returned to South Vietnam on December 7 and immediately set about getting the GVN to undertake the reforms we desired, making clear to both the civilian and military leaders that the implementation of phase II was contingent on their efforts to revive the flagging war effort and morale in the South.
A thorough study on North Vietnamese infiltration as commissioned by the Principals is submitted to the NSC and later forwarded to Saigon.
The loss of South Vietnam would be somewhat more serious than stated in Section II of the draft paper, and it would be at least in the direction of the Joint Staff view as stated in the footnote to page 7 of the draft.
www.mtholyoke.edu /acad/intrel/pentagon3/pent3.htm   (0 words)

 30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War
The official story was that North Vietnamese torpedo boats launched an "unprovoked attack" against a U.S. destroyer on "routine patrol" in the Tonkin Gulf on Aug. 2 — and that North Vietnamese PT boats followed up with a "deliberate attack" on a pair of U.S. ships two days later.
Rather than being on a routine patrol Aug. 2, the U.S. destroyer Maddox was actually engaged in aggressive intelligence-gathering maneuvers — in sync with coordinated attacks on North Vietnam by the South Vietnamese navy and the Laotian air force.
On the night of Aug. 4, the Pentagon proclaimed that a second attack by North Vietnamese PT boats had occurred earlier that day in the Tonkin Gulf — a report cited by President Johnson as he went on national TV that evening to announce a momentous escalation in the war: air strikes against North Vietnam.
www.fair.org /index.php?page=2261   (0 words)

 Battlefield:Vietnam | Timeline
A specialized North Vietnamese Army unit, Group 559, is formed to create a supply route from North Vietnam to Vietcong forces in South Vietnam.
Though he later says that no attack took place, six hours after the initial report, a retaliation against North Vietnam is ordered by President Johnson.
China, North Vietnam's neighbor and ally, successfully tests an atomic bomb.
www.pbs.org /battlefieldvietnam/timeline/index.html   (0 words)

 Blog About Vietnam » North Vietnam
North Vietnam is a set of multiple moutains nearby to each other which renders that beautiful scenary, worth the photo.
Enjoy those beautiful pictures of North Vietnam, i took those pictures near Ninh Binh.
You are currently browsing the archives for the North Vietnam category.
www.blogaboutvietnam.com /cat/north-vietnam   (81 words)

 North Vietnam Packages, Tour Viet nam
This newly designed trip is packed full of variety covering the major sights in both the north and south of Vietnam in 16 days.
Adventure and challenging tours Vietnam, an elephant riding to the rain forest and enjoy the life and activities of hill tribe people in Central highland...
Adventure tours to Northern Vietnam, exploring the most splendid area of where concentrates various obstacles of limestone mountains ranges and incredible terraced paddy fields.
vp-travels.com /tour-list.asp?Title=+North+Vietnam+Packages&...   (1398 words)

 TheHistoryNet | Vietnam | North Vietnam's Master Plan
The North Vietnamese supply and infiltration route to South Vietnam, commonly called the Ho Chi Minh Trail, was still a small and ill-defined network of jungle paths passing largely through South Vietnamese territory in early 1961.
The supply trail to the southern half of South Vietnam was not completed until October 1960, when, according to the PAVN history, trail-building elements sent north by the Party Committee for South Vietnam (later designated as the Central Office for South Vietnam Headquarters) finally met trail-builders from Interzone 5.
Since South Vietnam was long and narrow (less than 50 miles wide at its northern extremity), the trail was also extremely vulnerable to interdiction by opposing forces.
www.historynet.com /magazines/vietnam/3038076.html   (1172 words)

 Vietnam War
Vietnam War - Vietnam War, conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government...
From combat to legacies: novels of the Vietnam war.
Reaction of Vietnam veterans to the Persian Gulf War.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0001292.html   (588 words)

 Salon Wanderlust | The new North Vietnam
Vietnam in particular has enjoyed a renaissance of relations with the West.
The Old Quarter is a place of cells, districts of enterprise where hyperspecific goods spill from open storefronts and crowd the sidewalks.
On the north shore of Hoan Kiem, emblazoned with candy-colored neon marquees, stands the Thanh Long Water Puppet Theater.
www.salon.com /wlust/feature/1999/03/10feature.html   (811 words)

 eBay - north vietnam, Paper Money World, Asia items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Drop LBJ on north Vietnam shape of bomb anti War
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=north+vietnam&newu=1&...   (474 words)

 Adding Pollution to the Bill: The Environmental Costs of Power Generation in North Vietnam: Centro Internacional de ...
Since coal is a major source of energy in the country, this has led to a rise in coal mining and coal-powered electricity generation.  This, in turn, has led to an increase in pollution and environmental destruction.
Thanks to their analysis they were able to advise on the most cost-effective technological investment option for pollution control - precipitators for old power stations and bag filters and limestone infection for new stations.
Vietnam Energy has, in fact, been planning to remove this subsidy, in line with the researchers’ recommendations.
www.idrc.ca /ecosalud/ev-8252-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html   (1270 words)

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