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Topic: Northern Cape Province

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  Safari areas: Northern Cape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Northern Cape, province in northwestern South Africa, bounded on the north by Namibia and Botswana, on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Western Cape, and on the east by Eastern Cape, Free State, and North-West Province.
Northern Cape was created in 1994 from a section of Cape Province, one of the four former South African provinces.
Rainfall in the province is normally limited to the summer months, from November to March, and amounts to only about 250 mm (about 10 in) annually.
www.travel-around.com /webs/budgetsafari/northerncape.html   (449 words)

 South Africa. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Cape Town is the legislative capital, Pretoria the administrative capital, and Bloemfontein the judicial capital.
In the north are the southern fringes of the Kalahari desert; and in the west is the semiarid Cape middleveld, which includes part of the Orange River and is situated at 2,500 to 4,000 ft (760–1,220 m).
In 1890, Cecil J. Rhodes, an ardent advocate of federation in S Africa, became prime minister of Cape Colony, and by 1894 he was encouraging the non-Afrikaner whites (known as the Uitlanders) in the Transvaal to overthrow Kruger.
www.bartleby.com /65/st/SthAfr.html   (4166 words)

 Encyclopedia: History of South Africa
The Eastern Cape is a province of South Africa.
The Cape of Good Hope headland seen from the north The Cape of Good Hope is a headland in South Africa, near Cape Town, traditionally— and incorrectly — regarded as marking the turning point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
In Vodun (Voodoo), Lemba is a loa worshipped in Brazil and Haiti.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/History-of-South-Africa   (4016 words)

 Northern Cape --  Encyclopædia Britannica
It is bordered on the north by Namibia and Botswana; on the east by North-West, Free State, and Eastern provinces; on the south and southwest by Western Cape province; and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.
Northern Cape was administratively created out of northern and central Cape of Good Hope province in 1994.
Cape Province comprised all of southern and western South Africa.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9002255?tocId=9002255   (932 words)

 Armoria patriæ - Northern Cape
Their combined flow is the dominant geographical feature of the province, especially at Prieskapoort, where the waters cut through a major rock stratum to escape from the plateau that characterises the eastern half of South Africa’s interior, and at Augrabies, near the Namibian border, where a second major stratum is breached.
The Northern Cape Province – one of four new provinces split from the Cape Province – formally came into being on 27 April 1994, when all-race elections were held for the first time in South Africa.
Instead it was decided to retain the name Northern Cape, even though it is a fairly empty name reflecting a geographical direction and an association with a promontary at the south-western extremity of the Western Cape.
uk.geocities.com /landswapen/NCape.html   (1815 words)

 Northern Cape at a Glance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
The Northern Cape is a place of vast arid plains with outcroppings of haphazard rock piles.
Apart from a narrow strip of winter-rainfall area along the coast, the Northern Cape is a semi-arid region with low summer rainfall.
The Northern Cape is sparsely populated and houses some 840 000 people on 361 830 km² of land.
www.touringsa.com /about_northern_cape.htm   (592 words)

 Cape Province on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Under the South African constitution of 1994 it was divided into Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, and part of a fourth province, North West.
Other cities in the former province included Kimberley (now in Northern Cape) and East London, Port Elizabeth, and Uitenhage (all now in Eastern Cape).
Characteristics of mothers of children with fetal alcohol syndrome in the Western Cape Province of South Africa: a case control study *.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/C/CapeP1rov.asp   (688 words)

 Complete Guide to South Africa - Northern Cape Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
This province is constituted of contrasting scenery such as Karoo plains in the south, the Kalahari desert to the north, and riverine vegetation along the banks of the mighty Orange River.
The Northern Cape is rich in mineral deposits and the area is legendary with tales of miners and prospectors searching for their elusive fortunes.
The White and Roaring Sands, lying to the west of Postmasburg, are one of the major tourist attractions in the Northern Cape.
www.southafricatraveler.com /northerncape/nctop20att.htm   (2998 words)

 Northern Cape Province, South Africa # fahnenversand.de - Fahnen Flaggen Fahne Flagge Nationalflaggen Nationalflagge ...
The Northern Cape province is situated in northwest South Africa, re-organized from the northern part of the former Cape Province - but excluding its northwestern most part, which was detached to North West so that the former western outline of Bophuthatswana is now the border between Northern Cape and the North-West province.
There is currently a debate in this country as to whether the provinces should have their own flags or not with the ruling ANC holding the view that the provinces should not have individual flags.
Phokwane is counted as being part of the Northern Cape, since most of it falls into that province, but a small part of Jan Kempdorp and the former location of Pampierstad fall into North West Province.
www.fahnenversand.de /fotw/flags/za-nc.html   (549 words)

 Cape Province -> History on Encyclopedia.com 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
At the time of Van Riebeeck's landing, Cape Province was inhabited by San (Bushmen) and Khoikhoi (Hottentots) in the southern and central areas, and by Bantu speakers on the northern and eastern fringes (see Bantu languages).
The British and the remaining Boers generally cooperated until the 1890s, when the British, and especially Cecil Rhodes (then prime minister of Cape Colony), sought to unite the Transvaal and the Orange Free State with the Cape and Natal.
In 1910 the Cape Colony joined with Natal, the Transvaal, and the Orange Free State to become a founding province of the Union (now Republic) of South Africa.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/capeprov_history.asp   (992 words)

 Cape Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under the Union of South Africa and after that under the Republic of South Africa, the old Cape Colony became the Cape of Good Hope Province (though it was commonly known as the Cape Province).
Since 1994, it has been broken up into three smaller administrative units: the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.
Parts of the Cape Province were also absorbed into the North West Province.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cape_Province   (102 words)

 Northern Cape Province - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
History of the Okiep copper district: Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province South Africa.
Infant mortality and child health in the Northern Cape Province: 1988/1992
Precambrian dolomite and limestone of the Northern Cape Province, (Geological Survey)
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /northern_cape_province.htm   (149 words)

 Northern Cape 4x4 Trails
A summary of various 4x4 trails in the Northern Cape.
They also have features unique to their area just as some are unique to this province, but that is where similarity ends.
The Northern Cape is largely a semi desert area with warm temperatures all year round and minimal rainfall.
www.places.co.za /html/intro_4x4.html   (340 words)

 **The Herald Online**
WHILE the Eastern Cape department of transport’s increased licensing and registration fees are only effective from November 1, a possible glitch in the computer system could be the reason why the Port Elizabeth traffic department is already charging the new fees.
Cape Town — The priority for the next decade as far as social security, health care and human development are concerned will be “strengthening and improving public health care and education”.
CAPE TOWN — The Eastern Cape’s equitable share of national revenue will increase from R22,3-billion in the current financial year to R24,6-billion next year and then to R27,1-billion and R30,1-billion in 2007/08 and 2008/09.
www.theherald.co.za   (899 words)

 Raptor conservation in the Northern Cape Province
The Northern Cape has undergone limited habitat transformation and extensive livestock farming practices have enabled raptors to persist, although the numbers are certainly lower than they were during historical times.
The Northern Cape’s many different vegetation and topographical types, from quartzite mountain ranges to the red dunes of the Kalahari desert to the vast plains of the Karoo, provide habitat for many raptor species.
In the Northern Cape an annual award is made to an individual, group of individuals or organisation who are making (have recently made) a significant contribution towards the conservation of raptors in the Province.
agric.ncape.gov.za /Ornithology/Raptor%20conservation%20in%20the%20NCP%20-%20booklet.htm   (4766 words)

 Northern Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Limpopo Province, South Africa, formerly named "Northern Transvaal"
Northern Cape Province, South Africa, in line with reference to the former Cape Province as simply The Province, particularly in rugby.
This is a disambiguation page, a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Northern_Province   (96 words)

 Northern Cape
The Northern Cape province lies to the south of its most important asset, the mighty Orange River, which provides the basis for a healthy agriculture.
Kimberley is 153 km northwest of Bloemfontein, 962 km from Cape Town, 472 from Johannesburg.
Loxton is situated on the border of the Northern Cape Province and is en-route to the West Coast area when travelling from Gauteng, Limpopo and the Free State via Kimberley.
www.bookabed.co.za /lisnca.htm   (1737 words)

 birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Western South Africa, comprising the Western and Northern Cape Provinces, is one of the world`s greatest biodiversity hotspots and is legendary among international and local birders alike for the remarkable variety of birds that are found here and nowhere else.
Local and international bird-watchers are inevitably drawn to the region by the tourism gem of Cape Town, the capital of the adjacent Western Cape Province, and by the region`s scenic and cultural diversity, well-developed infrastructure, high standard of accommodation, and excellent network of national parks and provincial and private nature reserves.
The Northern Cape Province has a wide diversity of birding habitats including the Arid Kalahari Savanna, Succulent and Nama Karoo (the majority of the Karoo lies in the Northern Cape) and wetlands and coastal habitats.
www.fatbirder.com /links_geo/africa/south_africa_northern_cape.html   (2315 words)

 Upington Property Northern Cape Real Estate
Upington is situated in the north-central part of the Northern Cape province.
Upington is a substantial, most pleasant town and a major road, rail and air centre that serves the farms and ranches of the vast Northern Cape interior.
Upington, named after a Cape colonial prime minister, lies on the banks of the Orange River, whose reaches and midstream islands are lush with irrigated vineyards and plantations of date-palms, cotton, lucerne and various fruits.
www.seeff.com /northern-cape/upington.html   (368 words)

 Northern Cape Accommodation | Northern Cape and Kimberley Hotels and Accommodation, South Africa
Northern Cape and Kimberley Hotels and Accommodation, South Africa
Tswalu Accommodation: Situated in the heart of the malaria-free Northern Cape Province, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is the ultimate safari experience.
Kuruman Accommodation: Kalahari Rangers Lodge is situated on a 10,000 ha private estate in the Savanna grasslands of the Northern Cape, on the border of Botswana approximately 600 km from Johannesburg.
www.northcape-venues.co.za   (658 words)

 Accommodate - Northern Cape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
In 1871, diamond deposits were found on a hillock dubbed Colesberg Kopje on the farm Vooruitzicht, owned by the De Beers brothers, led to the mad scramble for fame and fortune and the world’s largest, hand-dug excavation, the colossal Kimberley Mine or Big Hole.
In the remote northern and western parts of the province there are a few old people still speaking nearly extinct San and Khoekhoe languages such as N/u and Nama.
In the north eastern regions of the province Setswana cultural influences have predominated for perhaps a millennium, while Xhosa lived and traded in the Karoo frontier and along the !Garib (Orange River).
www.accommodate.co.za /NorthernCape.htm   (160 words)

 Northern Cape Relief Map | Northern Cape Province of South Africa Relief Map | The Northern Cape Atlas and Maps, South ...
western cape garden route eastern cape kwazulu natal mpumalanga gauteng limpopo north west free state northern cape
The Northern Cape South Africa: Northern Cape relief map, South Africa.
A low rainfall area, the Northern Cape is typically that of desert and semi-desert.
www.sa-venues.com /maps/northern-cape-relief.htm   (182 words)

As is apparent, a direct relationship can be observed: the higher the fluoride levels are in the water, the higher the goiter “crude risk”.
OBJECTIVE: The study was undertaken to investigate whether endemic goitre still exists in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa more than 55 years after it was reported and, if so, whether iodine deficiency, or fluoride in the drinking water, is linked to the goitres.
SUBJECTS: The 6-, 12- and 15-year-old children (n = 671) who had been lifetime residents in two Northern Cape towns with low levels, two towns with near optimal levels and two towns with high levels of fluoride in the drinking water were recruited through the schools as study participants.
www.bruha.com /pfpc/html/jooste.html   (403 words)

 Subprojects - Paleoproterozoic Mineralization Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Three research projects were initiated to investigate all three major districts of mineralization, namely the area around Griquatown, Northern Cape Province, the Pering deposit and the Zeerust District, both in the Northwestern Province of South Africa.
Ore petrology and geochemistry of complex Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag ores of the Aggeneys-Gamsberg District, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.
Sulphur isotope geochemistry of mineralogically complex Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag ores of the Aggeneys-Gamsberg District, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.
general.rau.ac.za /geology/PPM/Subprojects.html   (737 words)

 The Northern Cape, Northern Cape Province, South Africa: Accommodation, Activities
Home to the ancient San people, the Northern Cape is about wide-open spaces, an utterly beautiful coastline and a number of unique national parks offering the tourist a very different experience of the South African landscape.
This province boasts a colourful history and a variety of cultural tourist attractions and is particularly well known for its incredible annual floral display that takes place in Namaqualand.
The Northern Cape lies to the south of the mighty Orange River and comprises mostly desert and semi-desert.
www.eyesonafrica.net /south-african-safari/northern-cape.htm   (260 words)

 Untitled Document
South Africa is proposing the Northern Cape Province as a site for the central core of the SKA.
The Northern Cape Province in South Africa is the largest and least populated province in the country, and satisfies the remoteness criterion.
An RFI has recently assembled, tested and installed the measurement instrumentation to be used in the remote and arid Karoo region of the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
www.skatelescope.org /pages/location_nafr.htm   (281 words)

 Council for Geoscience: Mineral data extracted from SAMINDABA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
The Northern Cape Province is the largest of the nine provinces, with most of the mineral deposits concentrated along its northern sector, which has been stripped of its Karoo cover.
However, the Orange River traverses part of the mineral-rich area, whilst the infrastructure has been steadily developed since the 1950's, when the Sishen Iron Ore Mine came into production, and was further stimulated in the early 1970's, by the discovery of substantial base metal orebodies and the construction of the Sishen-Saldanha rail link.
The mineral potential of the Province is briefly discussed under three headings viz.
www.geoscience.org.za /samindaba/maps/northerncape.htm   (1004 words)

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