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Topic: Northern Caucasus

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Northern Caucasus travel guide - Wikitravel
Northern Caucasus is a region in Southern Russia bordering Georgia to the south and Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai, and Kalmykia to the north.
As throughout the history of the conflict between Russia and the people of the Northern Caucasus, members of other ethnic groups have joined the Chechen rebels under the umbrella of a proclaimed "jihad," in particular, the Ingush, and certain mountain groups in Dagestan.
The main portal cities to the Northern Caucasus are Stavropol and closer Mineralnye Vody in Stavropol Krai, Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia, and Makhachkala in Dagestan.
wikitravel.org /en/Northern_Caucasus   (0 words)

The strategic importance of the Caucasus for Russia is based on the fact that this region is a gateway between Europe and Central Asia with outlets to three seas: the Black, Azov, and Caspian Seas.
Presently, the Northern Caucasus (the Russian part of the Caucasian territories), is one of the most unstable regions of the Russian Federation.
Its output is estimated to be in the region of 1/6th of all agricultural output.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/usazerb/324.htm   (3155 words)

  MBG: Research: Rare, Endangered and Vulnerable Plants of the Republic of Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Northern Caucasus (Dagestania); Transcaucasus: Georgia (Imereti, Kartli), Azerbaijan.  Endemic to the Caucasus.
Northern Caucasus; Transcaucasus: Georgia (Abkhazia, Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara).  Endemic to the Caucasus.
Northern Caucasus; Transcaucasus: Georgia (Shiga Kartli, Mtiuleti, Kakheti), Azerbaijan.  Endemic to the Caucasus.
www.mobot.org /MOBOT/research/georgia/bfamily.shtml   (262 words)

  History of Northern Caucasus, Nabatchikov
The Northern Caucasus, which is separated from the centers of the world civilizations by steep offshoots of the Caucasus Mountains, the vastenesses of the Caspian and Black Seas and the Great Steppe, already at the early stage of the human history became one of the brightest seats of ancient culture.
Northern planes of Ciscaucasia became the bridgehead, wherefrom the military units of nomads, bringing along the local population, went on their predatory trips to the rich south.
The devastating punitive expeditions of Golden Horde khans and later the aggressive campaigns of Timur to the Northern Caucasus resulted in considerable ruin of Northern Caucasus territories, and as a consequence the ethnic borders established by the beginning of the 13th century changed.
www.circassianworld.com /V_Nabatchikov.html   (1707 words)

 RUSNET.NL :: Encyclopedia :: C :: Caucasus
The region is bisected by the Caucasus Mountains; the area north of the Greater Caucasus range is called Northern Caucasus (or Ciscaucasia) and the region to the south Transcaucasia.
Northern Caucasus, composed mainly of plain (steppe) areas, begins at the Manych Depression and rises to the south, where it runs into the main mountain range, the Caucasus Mts.
Northern Caucasus, part of Russia, includes the Adygeya Republic, Chechnya, the Dagestan Republic, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, the Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Krasnodar Territory, North Ossetia-Alania, Stavropol Territory, and parts of Kalmykia and the Rostov region.
www.rusnet.nl /encyclo/c/print/caucasus.shtml   (640 words)

 Molecular analysis of Neanderthal DNA from the northern Caucasus
The specimen is from one of the eastern-most Neanderthal populations, recovered from Mezmaiskaya Cave in the northern Caucasus
Phylogenetic analysis places the two Neanderthals from the Caucasus and western Germany together in a clade that is distinct from modern humans, suggesting that their mtDNA types have not contributed to the modern human mtDNA pool.
The Caucasus, which is located on the southeastern boundary between Europe and Asia, is one of the areas through which pre-modern humans and anatomically modern Homo sapiens may have entered Europe from the Near East and Africa.
www.2think.org /neanderthaldna.shtml   (0 words)

 Caucasus / Mountain.RU
The vegetation of Kolkhidskaya lowland, the Black Sea coast of Caucasus, Talyshskie mountains is subtropical; the vegetation of plateaus of Transcaucasia is steppe and semidesertic.
Elbrus is a two-peak cone of an extinct volcano.
Northern massif is a huge 15-kilometer horse-shoe from nine basic tops, five of which exceed a five-thousandth mark.
www.mountain.ru /eng/adventure/2003/Caucasus/index.shtml   (1006 words)

 Language Miniatures 94: Languages of the Caucasus   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ancient Arab geographers called the Caucasus "the mountain of tongues." Largely due to its remoteness and wildness (that's where the Ancient Greek gods chained Prometheus to punish him) the Caucasus is a dense patchwork of languages and cultures, and along with the mountainous interior of New Guinea the most linguistically complex area on the globe.
It is customarily divided into the 'Northern' Caucasus, with the republics part of present-day Russia to the north of this range, and the 'Southern' Caucasus to the south, including the republics Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan that were formerly part of the Soviet Union and recently became independent.
For speakers of other languages in the Caucasus, it is the standard language, and therefore the second language, of all the republics north of the range that were once part of the Soviet Union.
home.bluemarble.net /~langmin/miniatures/caucasus.htm   (879 words)

 Central Asia & the Caucasus
The Journal is published in Sweden by the Central Asia and The Caucasus Information and Analytical Center and edited by Dr. Murad Esenov.
Published in Russian since 1995 " Central Asia & The Caucasus" has established itself as one of the premier journals examining the regions of Central Asia and the Caucasus.
"Central Asia & The Caucasus" is a unique arena for discussion of the most urgent problems facing Central Asia, and the Southern and Northern Caucasus today.
www.civilsoc.org /print/region/centasia.htm   (192 words)

 Caucasus Media Institute » Welcome
On May 17-23, Professor Sergey Arutyunov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Caucasus Department at the Moscow-based Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, is teaching the CMI students a course on ethnology of the Caucasus.
The Caucasus Studies course, the first of its kind in Armenia, gave students an insight into the Caucasus from a number of aspects: political, ethnic, religious, economic etc. The students learned regional languages (Georgian or Turkish) and wrote essays on Caucasus Studies in the language of their choice (Armenian, Russian or English).
Caucasus Studies is a pilot course launched this year to cater to young civil servants, researchers and NGO actors wanting to understand the region better.
www.caucasusmedia.org   (3461 words)

 ISCA -- Islamic Supreme Council of America
The population of the northern Caucasus was killed or deported; woods and agricultural lands
In 1561, the Tsar Ivan the Terrible married Princess Maria Temriuk from the northern Caucasus region of Kabardino.
Russian encroachment on the northern Caucasus grew under direction of the ambitious Tsarina Catherine “The Great”, who had wrested power from her husband Peter the 3rd in 1762 and seen him killed.
www.islamicsupremecouncil.org /spirituality/caucasus.htm   (1526 words)

It is located in the Northern Caucasus in the middle regions of the Caucasus mountain chain.
It is an autonomous republic connected to the Russian Federation that is located in the Northern Caucasus and in the northern skirts of the Caucasus mountain chain.
Having settled on the shores of the Kuban River in the Northern Caucasus, these Turks had to retreat to the high peaks of the Great Caucasus mountain chain upon the attacks of Cenghiz Khan's armies in 1223.
www45.brinkster.com /karachaymalkar/karachaymalkarturks.htm   (1759 words)

 Caucasus Summary
The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region in Eurasia bordered on the south by Anatolia (Turkey) and Iran in Asia, on the west by the Black Sea, on the east by the Caspian Sea, and on the north by Russia.
The Caucasus Mountains are commonly reckoned as a dividing line between Asia and Europe, and territories in Caucasia are variably considered to be in one or both continents; for example, the Persian name for the region (harking of Asiatic links) is Qafqâz.
The northern portion of the Caucasus is known as the Ciscaucasus and the southern portion as the Transcaucasus.
www.bookrags.com /Caucasus   (1885 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The North Caucasus (sometimes referred to as Ciscaucasia or Ciscaucasus) is the northern part of the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia.
As part of the Russian Federation, the Northern Caucasus Region is included in the Southern Federal District and consists of Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai and the autonomous republics: Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Adygea, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan.
Geographically, the term North Caucasus comprises the northern slope and western extremity of the Caucasus Major mountain range, as well as a part of its southern slope to the West (until the Psou River).
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Northern_Caucasus   (254 words)

 Ecosystem Profile: Caucasus
Twenty-two of the 77 reptiles in the Caucasus are endemic to the region.
The Lesser Caucasus Mountain Chain rises to the south of this depression, with broadleaf and coniferous forests and alpine meadows and shrublands.
Forests in the Caucasus are highly diverse, consisting of broadleaf, dark coniferous, pine, arid open woodland and lowland forests, which are dispersed according to elevation, soil conditions and climate in the region.
www.cepf.net /xp/cepf/where_we_work/caucasus/full_strategy.xml   (17371 words)

 IslamOnline - Views Section   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Caucasus’ mosaic of ethno-religious groups, economic stagnation, widespread corruption, communal discontent, and rising militarism constitute a volatile recipe for widespread civil conflict and violent military activity in the region.
Despite the multitude of ethnic and religious groups in the Northern Caucasus and the implicit rivalry between Sufi brotherhoods and more fundamentalist Islamists, the continued presence of Russian forces in the region has managed, to a great extent, to unite all Islamic forces against a common enemy.
The Northern Caucasus is seen by Russia as its strategic backyard and by the United States as a critical staging area for the containment of any potential Russian expansion.
www.islamonline.net /English/Views/2004/11/article03.shtml   (3104 words)

The Adyge, who gave their name to the republic, are the oldest inhabitants of the Northwest Caucasus and were known in Europe and the East as Circassians (or Cherkessians) from the 13th century onward.
The Kipchaks (Polovtsy) took Tmutarakan from Rus, and the Slavic population of the Northwest Caucasus merged with the Adyge.
The Republic of Adygea is located on the scenic northern slopes of the Caucasus range descending to the fertile Kuban plain and covers an area of 7800 square kilometers.
www.circassianworld.com /Adygherep.html   (4612 words)

 Northern Caucasus: the security situation remains fragile
The ICRC remains active in the northern Caucasus to help residents and the internally displaced affected by armed violence.
In an official letter sent to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the ICRC president, Jakob Kellenberger, called for ICRC visits to persons detained in connection with the situation in the northern Caucasus to be resumed and conducted in accordance with the standard procedures used by the organization throughout the world.
The security situation in the Northern Caucasus was tense in 2005 and remained so in the first half of 2006.
www.cicr.org /web/eng/siteeng0.nsf/html/russia-interview-310706   (998 words)

 Mossad Agents Eliminated in the Northern Caucasus
Besides its unwillingness to spoil relations with Moscow, the reason is that Tehran is not interested in the destabilization of the Caucasus.
In the past he occupied a number of supervisory posts in the FSB structure in the Northern Caucasus, and in the spring of 2002, actively supported by the Kremlin, he headed one of the republics of this region.
In December 2005, the head of the local department of the FSB of the Stavropol territory (Northern Caucasus) Oleg Dukanov accused the agents of foreign special services of "kindling separatist moods among the inhabitants of the republics of Southern Russia, conducting terrorist acts, destruction of facilities of security bodies and armed forces".
www.axisglobe.com /article.asp?article=761   (2493 words)

 Caucasus Information.
The Caucasus form a chain of high, alpine mountains separating the Republic of Georgia from that of Russia to the north.
This is the most important and best developed valley in the Caucasus, partly because of the mineral wealth located near Tyrnyauz and partly on account of Elbrus and the hundreds of magnificent mountains which comprise it's watershed.
Unlike the Alps the snow in the Caucasus is virtually guaranteed, there is good powder to be found late into the season and the season is long.
www.ewpnet.com /caucasin.htm   (502 words)

 Press Releases: Russian Fed. - Chechnya, The crisis in Chechnya and the Northern Caucasus at a glance - 31 Jan 2006
The crisis in Chechnya and the Northern Caucasus at a glance - 31 Jan 2006
The Belsan siege in September 2004, large-scale attack in Nalchik in October 2005, and escalating daily violence in Dagestan all illustrate the unpredictability of extremist actions and political instability that continues to simmer throughout the entire region.
Reports by the Russian government's own envoy to the region estimate that 26% of the Northern Caucasus' economic activity is in the organized crime sector (twice the Russian average).
www.reliefweb.int /rw/RWB.NSF/db900SID/EKOI-6LM4SV?OpenDocument   (0 words)

 Caucasus - Wikinfo
The Caucasus is a region in western Asia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which includes the Caucasus mountains and surrounding lowlands.
The Caucasus is one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse places on earth.
Languages of the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus (Ibero-Caucasian peoples) are languages of the family of the Iberian-Caucasian languages.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Caucasus   (703 words)

 SummitPost - Caucasus -- Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
The Caucasus is known for the huge masses of snow which falls on the slopes of the mountains.
Sketch of routes on the northern massif of Bezengi
Shevshenko's "Kaskad", a 6A route is supposed to be one of the hardest in all Caucasus.
www.summitpost.org /area/range/170909/caucasus.html   (2184 words)

 Russian North Caucasus, Russia in Northern Caucasus on RussiansAbroad.com
The North Caucasus retains its historical reputation as a trouble spot, although the majority of the region's republics are relatively peaceful and undeveloped.
In 1944 the Balkars, like certain other North Caucasus groups, were deported to Central Asia because of their alleged collaboration with the Nazis, and the region was renamed the Kabardin Autonomous Oblast.
The Cherkess are the remnants of a once-dominant Circassian group of tribes that were dispersed, mostly to the Ottoman Empire, by the Russian conquest of the Caucasus region in the early nineteenth century.
www.russiansabroad.com /russian_history_118.html   (2481 words)

 CA&CC Press® AB
Political processes in the Northern Caucasus in the period 1999–2000 point to a deepening crisis of Russian statehood in the region.
One long-term destabilizing factor is the problem of migration and the change in the ethnic mix of the population living in the region, in particular, the mass influx of migrants to the Northern Caucasus, which has become a main centre of attraction, primarily for those fleeing from ethnic conflicts.
Another focus of the struggle for leadership is the Northern Caucasus Association, headed by Rostov Governor V. Chub, which is an informal de facto recognition of Rostov-on-Don as an administrative capital of the Northern Caucasus.
www.ca-c.org /dataeng/bk02.09.khoper.shtml   (5481 words)

 IRC | The IRC in the Northern Caucasus
The Northern Caucasus — a region on the southern border of the Russian Federation which includes the republics of Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan — was torn apart by the First and Second Chechen Wars between 1994 and 2001.
The IRC was active in the Northern Caucasus during the First Chechen War in 1994, and returned at the start of the Second Chechen War in December 1999, responding with shelter, water, sanitation and education for thousands displaced by the renewed conflict.
We are now assisting people re-building their lives after the conflict - supporting shelter, water and sanitation, community development, economic recovery and the growth of a strong and vibrant civil society.
www.theirc.org /caucasus_chechnya_and_ingushetia   (0 words)

 :::::::::::::USDA Forest Service: INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: AROUND THE GLOBE: EUROPE: Caucasus ...
Bordered by the Black Sea to the west and the Caspian Sea to the east, the Caucasus are characterized by variable climate and topography.
By percent area, Georgia is the most highly forested country in the Caucasus (nearly 40%), while Armenia's forests are concentrated in the north and south and occupy approximately 10% of the country's territory.
In addition to being ecologically diverse, the Caucasus region is a mosaic of cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, languages, and religions.
www.fs.fed.us /global/globe/europe/caucasus.htm   (676 words)

 The ICRC in Russia
The ICRC remains active in the northern Caucasus to help residents and the internally displaced affected by armed violence.
Northern Caucasus: Preserving a measure of humanity in the midst of conflict
In this region, and particularly in Chechnya, the ICRC is doing its utmost to provide vitally needed assistance and protection for a population hard hit by over 10 years of conflict.
www.icrc.org /Web/Eng/siteeng0.nsf/htmlall/russia   (0 words)

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