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Topic: Northern European

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  Legal Notice - Northern European Properties Ltd.
Northern European Properties Limited, LR Real Estate Asset Management AB and their affiliates will be free to use, for any purpose, any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques provided by a Site user to Northern European Properties Limited, LR Real Estate Asset Management AB or any of their affiliates through the Site.
These terms are effective until terminated by Northern European Properties Limited, provided that you may terminate these terms at any time only by destroying all information and materials obtained by you or on your behalf from the Site and all related documentation and all copies and installations thereof, whether made under these terms or otherwise.
Northern European Properties Limited reserves the right, at any time, for any reason not prohibited by law, to deny permission to anyone to link a website from or to the Site.
www.lrp.se /templates/Page____166.aspx?epslanguage=EN   (1254 words)

  The Northern Dimension - Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Northern Dimension in the external and cross-border policies of the European Union reflects the EU’s relations with Russia (and particularly North-west Russia) in the Baltic Sea region and Arctic Sea region.
The Northern Dimension addresses the specific challenges and opportunities arising in those regions and aims to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the EU and its member states, the northern countries associated with the EU under the EEA (Norway and Iceland) and the Russian Federation.
The Northern Dimension concept covers a broad and diverse geographic area, stretching from the Arctic and sub-Arctic to the southern shores of the Baltic, and from North-West Russia in the East to Iceland and Greenland in the West.
ec.europa.eu /comm/external_relations/north_dim/index.htm   (1329 words)

 Northern European Cruises — Cruises to Northern Europe
Circle the British Isles with Queen Elizabeth 2 or Cruise aboard Caronia to the North Cape.
A tapestry of history and myth is woven into the craggy shores of Northern Europe.
In Northern Europe you'll follow in the wake of Vikings through deep glistening waters framed by dramatic cliffs and rolling green hills.
www.directcruises.com /destinations/europe.asp   (841 words)

 Northern European Automotive - Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Alfa Romeo, ...
Northern European Automotive specialise in the service, repair and maintenance of all european and prestige vehicles.
If you have been dissatisfied with the high costs of a dealership servicing your car, try an independent service professional that cares about you and your prestige european vehicle.
If you own a prestige european car you really can not afford to take it anywhere else.
www.northerneuropeanautomotive.com.au   (163 words)

 NGA - Northern European Painting 15th-16th centuries
The 15th and 16th centuries saw the rise of capitalism and a burgeoning middle class, the creation of modern nation states, and the upheaval of the Protestant Reformation.
For artists, an innovation of equally far-reaching importance was the perfection of oil paints in the Low Countries, which allowed northern painters to depict the world with unprecedented precision.
His trips to Italy, where he became acquainted with Giovanni Bellini and with theories of perspective and proportion, were of inestimable importance for the history of northern European art.
www.nga.gov /collection/gallery/euro15.shtm   (570 words)

 The Norse
Expeditions to Norway and other northern European regions were a constant fact of Icelandic life—the most common reason was to fetch wood since no trees grew on Iceland.
While they retained much of their original culture, thus making them the least "European" of European cultures during the long period when cultural diversity was subsumed under a European culture, and although their social structure remained without any formalized structure, they produced some of the greatest cultural works of the human mind.
Unlike the European world view, it was relentlessly focussed on the human side of historical events, how history and violence are germinated in the human mind and in human emotions.
www.wsu.edu /~dee/MA/NORSE.HTM   (2846 words)

 Northern European FRIEND
European inland waters are used for a variety of purposes, including drinking water, irrigation, wastewater disposal, power generation, transportation, fishing and other recreational activities.
Northern European FRIEND is one of the initiatives being undertaken by European hydrologists to meet these challenges.
The first phase was completed in 1989 and led to the establishment of a hydrological database, the European Water Archive.
ne-friend.bafg.de /servlet/is/7398   (314 words)

 Northern European Warrior Cultures
The warrior cultures of the Celts and the Norse flourished in northern Europe during and prior to the Middle Ages.
The acts of defining the individual by his/her words and actions, the appreciation for daring, flamboyance, wit, and eloquence were and are not peculiar to northern European culture.
I believe that one learns more from the act of serving another than from being served, and I believe the validity of the statement: It is the journey that purifies the soul.
www.cauldronfarm.com /asphodel/articles/Northern_European_Warrior_Cultures.html   (714 words)

 Northern European Shamanism
I will be using material from many Northern European cultures, on the assumption that each one may have retained some element that the others have lost.
Ultimately, it is the Goddess, in the European tradition, who is the Initiator; the candidate meets Her, and his physical body or view of ordinary reality is destroyed utterly.
Northern Europe has its share of non-human spirits, too, whether helpful or hindering; dwellers in barrows, mines, lakes and streams, trees, stones, and the human household are all well-known.
www.elfhill.com /leighann/writings/eshamn.html   (7457 words)

 northern european cruises information.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
European cruises - Northern Europe cruise adventures on - Holland.
Northern European Cruises — Cruises to Northern Europe
Ecause of this difference, pay special attention to the ports of call for northern european cruises, as they are the main highlight of the cruise.
www.lawnet.com.au /n/northern_european_cruises.html   (200 words)

 The Origin of April Fool's Day
This holiday was held on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Phalguna (usually the end of February or the beginning of March).
Northern Europeans observed an ancient festival to honor Lud, a Celtic god of humor.
And there were also popular Northern European customs that made sport of the hierarchy of the Druids.
www.museumofhoaxes.com /aforigin.html   (1174 words)

 Northvegr - Northern European Studies
We have endeavored to do this not by presenting our own opinion but by simply presenting the works and letting anyone who cares to, form their own opinions.
The goal for the Northern European Studies section, is then, the free and unbiased dissemination of knowledge as it pertains to Northern Europe from prehistory up to the Middle Ages.
Various Maps from the early centuries of History up to the Middle Ages of Northern European and related areas.
www.northvegr.org /lore_main.php   (401 words)

 National Portrait Gallery | Research | Art of the Picture Frame | Northern European Frames
This conference, Frames: The Northern European Tradition, arranged by Lisa Koenigsberg through her organization Initiatives in Art and Culture, in association with New York University, was held in Dresden at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister and the Kulturrathaus from 20 to 22 October 2005.
The title of the conference, The Northern European Tradition, was justified by an extraordinarily varied and authoritative collection of papers which included those by Hubert Baija, Hélène Verougstraete and Elisabeth Bruyns on Flemish and Netherlandish frames, and work on seventeenth and eighteenth-century German frames by Christian Burchard, Katharina Walch-von Miller and Christoph Schölzel.
Swedish frames of the nineteenth century were very similar to other European styles of the period: heavy Neoclassical fluted frames, hollow frames with palmettes in the 1800s to 1820s, plain hollow frames and spandrel frames.
www.npg.org.uk /live/framenorthern.asp   (2060 words)

 Northern European Initiative - Johnson's Russia List 7-12-02 - Research & Analytical Supplement
The region is defined as comprising Scandinavia, the Baltic states, northwestern Russia, Poland, and northern Germany.
Relations are to be strengthened both among these states and between them and the US as well as the European Union (EU).
A large section of EU opinion resents too close an American involvement in northern Europe, perceiving regional cooperation as a matter primarily of Russian-EU bilateral relations.
www.cdi.org /russia/Johnson/6350-9.cfm   (511 words)

 The Northern Renaissance: Artists and their Works
The northern European tradition of Gothic Art was greatly affected by the technical and philosophical advancements of the Renaissance in Italy.
While less concerned with studies of anatomy and linear perspective, northern artists were masters of technique, and their works are marvels of exquisite detail.
The great artists who inspired the Northern Renaissance included Jan van Eyck (and his brother Hubert, about whom little is known), Robert Campin and Rogier van der Weyden.
www.artcyclopedia.com /history/northern-renaissance.html   (155 words)

 European cruises - Northern Europe cruise adventures on Holland America Line   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Discover the mystery and splendor of Northern Europe on itineraries such as Celtic Kingdoms, Scandinavian Capitals, Vikings and Czars and the Top of the World.
This canal was built prior to WWI by Germany as a shortcut to international waters.
View all Northern Europe Cruise Itineraries, or for other regional options click European Treasures or Mediterranean or Transatlantic.
www.hollandamerica.com /cruise-destinations/northerneurope   (707 words)

 [No title]
Around the end of the 15th century, the ideal Northern European male shape evolved from the inverted triangle to a more rectangular silhouette, converging with the Italian ideal shape.
Fillipo Vadi was a northern Italian master at arms of the late 15th century.
Figure C shows general variations between Northern European and Central/Northern Italian doublets.
www.lycos.com /info/15th-century--northern-european.html   (311 words)

 Herditary Hemachromatosis - European Genetic Footprint   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Unsurprisingly, HHC is most prevalent in northern Europe, and least prevalent in southern Europe – this once again tying in with the already discussed prevalence of the Black African originated prevalence of sickle cell syndrome in that part of Europe.
Hence the above quotes from the CDC show that the incidence of HHC in northern Europe varies from 24.8 percent to 9.2 percent, compared to 1 to 3 percent in south eastern Europe.
“Although the C282Y mutation in the HFE gene is the most common cause of disease among members of northern European communities with a possible Celtic origin, a survey of 40 populations demonstrates a distinct north-south gradient of decreasing frequency across the continent.
www.stormfront.org /whitehistory/hh.htm   (1287 words)

 Collections: European (Bowdoin Art Museum)
Bowdoin’s nearly 400 European art works (excluding prints and drawings) range from the medieval to the modern period and, uniquely in Maine, represent the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, as well as the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
In 1961 Bowdoin was one of 23 college museums to receive a group of Italian Renaissance paintings, many in period frames, from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.
A comprehensive survey of Italian, French, and other northern European material, it provides an overview of European history from 1450 to 1850 and a window to the world of classical history, architecture, myth, and epigraphy.
www.bowdoin.edu /art-museum/collections/european   (215 words)

 The Northern European Timber Trade in the Later Middle Ages
The northern timber trade can be traced through a variety of sources.
While many native European trees grow to a large size, only a few species are suitable for large-scale exploitation as building timber.
It is difficult to quantify the volume of the northern timber trade.
www.geocities.com /atlrespaper/northerneuropeantimbertrade.html   (3320 words)

 Welcome to AJC! | ajc.com
The disease can affect all racial groups, but the incidence is higher among people of Scandinavian or Northern European descent.
Risk factors include a family history of pernicious anemia, Scandinavian or Northern European descent, and a history of autoimmune endocrine disorders.
Pernicious anemia is seen in association with some autoimmune endocrine diseases such as type 1 diabetes, hypoparathyroidism, Addison's disease, hypopituitarism, testicular dysfunction, Graves disease, chronic thyroiditis, myasthenia gravis, secondary amenorrhea, and vitiligo.
www.ajc.com /health/healthfd/shared/health/adam/ency/article/000569.html   (479 words)

 Northern European Cruises
Northern European Cruises - Kristina Cruises - Löytöretkiä maailmalle
Omega northern european cruises World Travel Cruise on mail-and-supply ships to northern european cruises exotic destinations.
The Great Barrier Reef is one of northern european cruises the greatest natural wonders of the world.
bilibond.porkyhost.com /northern-european-cruises.html   (439 words)

 CRUISE.COM NORTHERN EUROPE - Northern European cruise discounts, Northern Europe cruise deals and Northern European ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The history of Northern Europe can be fully appreciated by taking an Northern European cruise.
Northern Europe is a glorious mix of experiences: soaring cathedrals and quiet bistros, classic works of art and stunning modern architecture, fancy gourmet cuisine and the simple pleasure of a glass of wine.
Visiting Northern Europe without taking a Northern European cruise is missing an important part of the Northern European experience.
www.cruise.com /sites_dest/europe_northern_39/default.asp   (211 words)

 Northern European Cruises   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Having luxury northern european cruises and tours is not bad at all
European cruises - Luxury, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, specials, d
Lake Worth agency offering Scandinavia and Northern European cruises, including the UK and Russia.
cruises.gmbrowsing.co.uk /northern+european+cruises.htm   (237 words)

 How to open the Northern European Market -- U.S. Commercial Service Denmark
As an original member of the European Economic Community (now European Union), Denmark plays a leadership role within the Union and on the world's political and economic stage.
Copenhagen is strategically placed in the center of the Northern region.
Its importance is emphasized by being the most densely populated area in northern Europe (3.5 million inhabitants within a 50-km radius.) Thus, it is considered an ideal location for international companies planning to establish regional headquarters for Scandinavia and the Baltic area.
www.buyusa.gov /denmark/en/nordic_market.html   (909 words)

 California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties
The WPA California Folk Music Project is a multi-format ethnographic field collection that includes sound recordings, still photographs, drawings, and written documents from a variety of European ethnic and English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Northern California.
Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, and cosponsored by the Archive of American Folk Song (now the Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center), this undertaking was one of the earliest ethnographic field projects to document European, Slavic, Middle Eastern, and English- and Spanish-language folk music in one region of the United States.
The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/afccchtml/cowhome.html   (258 words)

 Renaissance -- Focus on Florence
They sold the finished material in Italy, northern European cities, and even in eastern countries.
Other textile experts purchased inferior cloth from northern cities and refinished it to create a superior product.
Because Florence was not a port city like Venice, sea trade was not a primary source of its income.
www.learner.org /exhibits/renaissance/florence.html   (382 words)

 Last Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia
Synopsis: This first attempt at identifying boreal forest areas of minimal human disturbance (intact) using high-resolution satellite imagery reveals that only 14 percent or 32 million hectares of the boreal or northern forests of European Russia remain.
European Russia, including the Ural mountains, was systematically studied in order to map remaining large intact natural forest landscapes.
Large was defined as no smaller than 50,000 hectares in size and at least 10 kilometers in width.
forests.wri.org /pubs_description.cfm?PubID=3170   (449 words)

 Northern European Auto, Seattle Auto Parts (Lost in Seattle)
Be the first to add keywords to Northern European Auto.
Use this link to add or correct information about Northern European Auto.
1431 NW 49th St This listing for Northern European Auto is part of the Seattle Automotive category.
www.lostinseattle.com /LIS/autoparts/northerneuropeanauto.html   (151 words)

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